The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 67.1


67.1: Beautiful Women Smell Fragrant!

After saying the sentence of promised to meet his demands, Jiang Wenying was afraid that Lu Fei might misunderstand, so she quickly continued,

“What I mean is that I can marry you, but you must sign a prenuptial agreement with me!”

A hint of confusion flashed in Lu Fei’s eyes.

“What prenuptial agreement?”

At this point, Jiang Wenying’s face turned slightly red.

After stabilizing her pounding heart, Jiang Wenying continued,

“It’s like a set of rules. I can marry you, but we cannot have a real husband and wife-relationship. Of course, if necessary, I will fulfill my responsibility as your… as your wife in public!”

As she spoke, Jiang Wenying took out the already printed document from her bag.

On the large A4 paper, there were three sentences printed,

“After marriage, the man cannot engage in anything that goes against the woman’s will.”

“If necessary, the woman will do her best to play the role of a good wife.”

“The woman has the right to dissolve the marriage contract at any time.”

Upon hearing Jiang Wenying’s words, Lu Fei took the paper and glanced at it.

Suddenly, his gaze toward Jiang Wenying became somewhat strange.

You really are a clever little trickster.

You even came up with such a method.

If he agrees, then he would truly have the upper hand, and Jiang Wenying would have no choice but to passively accept.

Now he’s even suspecting whether the whiskey at the Hilton Hotel is fake.

If there’s a little IQ, Jiang Wenying wouldn’t have made such a flawed set of rules!

For example, the second clause, what does it mean for her to fulfill her duty as a wife in necessary situations?

What if he has needs?

Does that count as necessary?

Moreover, this set of rules is essentially based on the premise that both parties are willing to abide by the agreement for it to take effect.

If Lu Fei doesn’t agree, then this thing is just a useless piece of paper!

What about the third clause?

The right to dissolve the marriage contract at any time?

Is this piece of paper supposed to be the ultimate authority? 

That’s ridiculous!


As Lu Fei looked at these three clauses, the more he looked, the more he felt that he was being taken advantage of.

Marrying him and yet feeling sorry for herself?

If it weren’t for necessity, Lu Fei would rather live amidst a sea of flowers, untouched by a single leaf, than be hung up on one tree!

This set of rules is definitely a big loss for him!

As Lu Fei looked at the paper, his gaze became increasingly strange, and he casually tossed it aside.

Seeing Lu Fei discard the paper, Jiang Wenying furrowed her brows, thinking that Lu Fei disagreed. She looked at him and said,

“This is my bottom line. If you don’t agree, then let’s just go our separate ways!”

With her arms crossed, Jiang Wenying looked angry.

Thinking that Lu Fei disagreed because of the first clause of the set of rules. 

That’s why he was unwilling to sign the agreement.

In a calm voice, Lu Fei spoke up,

“Jiang, I don’t see any sincerity from you in this set of rules.”

“I put in effort and yet you still want to take advantage, greedily seeking more. That’s not how greed works! If you want to go our separate ways, then let’s go our separate ways. I don’t care!”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Jiang Wenying suddenly remembered the promises Lu Fei had made to her before and realized how unreasonable she had been with the set of rules she had prepared.

It seems she had gone too far.

Lu Fei could have easily chosen not to help her, or even just waited for her to come to him.

“But… but…”

Thinking about this, Jiang Wenying’s previously angry expression suddenly dissipated.

Feeling conflicted and unsure about what to say, she suddenly realized that besides her own identity, she had nothing substantial to offer Lu Fei.

Looking at Jiang Wenying’s bewildered state, it’s worth mentioning that despite being the talented daughter of the Jiang family and the vice president of a multi-billion-dollar company, she had never truly experienced a happy life like others.

As a result, Jiang Wenying had to maintain a distant and aloof attitude toward everyone.

This was not her true character; it was just a mask and a protective layer she had habitually put on since childhood.

In the eyes of outsiders, Jiang Wenying may be seen as a powerful businesswoman who dominates the business world. However, at this moment, she was nothing more than a sacrificial pawn used by the Jiang family to maintain their interests.

“Let’s add another clause then. Since both of us are forced into this marriage, it shouldn’t restrict me in any way!”

“What should we add?” 

Lu Fei pondered for a moment and then said, “In our daily lives, you shouldn’t interfere in my personal matters.”

“In other words, whatever private matters I engage in, I don’t need your permission, and you shouldn’t interfere!”

Lu Fei’s request was not unreasonable; it could be considered as an addition to the set of rules.

Subsequently, Jiang Wenying took out a pen from her bag once again and added the fourth clause, word by word.

Lu Fei took the agreement and without giving it much thought, signed his name. 

Two copies were made, with each party keeping one.

After signing his name, Lu Fei turned his gaze toward Jiang Wenying, who seemed somewhat dazed. 

He couldn’t understand what was going on. 

Wasn’t this the outcome she wanted?

Why did she still appear so lost?

After a brief moment of absentmindedness, Jiang Wenying casually stuffed her copy of the agreement into her bag. 

She then walked over to the table where the remaining half bottle of whiskey was placed and poured herself another full glass.

She downed it in one gulp.

Perhaps she drank too quickly, as halfway through, it irritated her throat, causing her to choke.

Upon seeing this, Lu Fei quickly stood up and snatched the remaining whiskey from Jiang Wenying’s hand. 

He pulled her into his embrace, with one hand gently patting her back to ease the discomfort caused by choking.

A significant amount of spilled alcohol stained Jiang Wenying’s chin, and some droplets landed on her pristine white neck, slowly trickling down to a deeper place…

The soft yellow light in the hotel room illuminated Jiang Wenying, and her cheeks, slightly flushed by the stimulating alcohol, became particularly alluring at that moment.

As Lu Fei held Jiang Wenying in his arms, he couldn’t help but notice the intoxicating scent emanating from her, filling his senses.

Unconsciously, his throat moved up and down.

If someone had claimed in front of Lu Fei before that women had a fragrant scent, he would have scornfully retorted, thinking it was just a result of wearing perfume!

Who the hell doesn’t smell good after wearing perfume?

But now, Lu Fei could only say… it smells amazing.

Damn, women really are fragrant.

Lu Fei could distinguish between the fragrance created by synthetic perfume and the natural scent emitted from a woman’s body.

The fragrance emanating from Jiang Wenying was subtle, evoking a desire to explore further.

Unlike perfume, which can be overpowering and disliked by those who don’t wear it, the natural scent of a person is generally appealing.

‘Cough… cough…’

Just as Jiang Wenying had finally recovered, she suddenly felt something.

Her cheeks flushed instantly, and Jiang Wenying exclaimed in a delicate voice, “What… what are you doing?”

Lu Fei, his hand still resting on Jiang Wenying’s waist, suddenly stopped the gentle patting motion.

With a slightly embarrassed expression, Lu Fei said, “Um… I saw that you were choking on the whiskey, so I was helping you recover.”

As Jiang Wenying looked into Lu Fei’s calm and composed eyes, she suddenly realized that he seemed to possess medical skills.

When she had accidentally choked on the whiskey earlier, Lu Fei had come forward to assist her, quickly helping her recover.

Could it be… he was genuinely helping her with a treatment?

The blush on Jiang Wenying’s cheeks refused to fade away.

In fact, the position of Lu Fei’s hand just now was almost…

This should be a treatment, right?

With this thought in mind, Jiang Wenying had to accept this explanation.

“I’m already fine, can you let go now?”

Jiang Wenying felt that the position they were in was a bit too intimate, making her feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Seeing Jiang Wenying’s shy expression, the coldness on Lu Fei’s face and the feeling of keeping everyone at a distance completely disappeared.

The sight of her being so easily flustered sparked a mischievous thought in Lu Fei’s mind.

A faint smile played on Lu Fei’s lips as he asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable now?”

“You still need more practice. If you accidentally reveal this in front of others, it won’t be my fault!”

As he spoke, Lu Fei tightened his grip around Jiang Wenying’s waist.

Their bodies drew even closer, and through their clothes, they could feel the warmth of each other’s skin.

This unfamiliar sensation made Jiang Wenying feel incredibly nervous and shy.

Throughout her life, she had never had such close contact with the opposite sex.

Let alone such intimate contact.

Through the occasional touch, Lu Fei could sense Jiang Wenying’s tension. Her whole body seemed to be tensed up, and she was trembling slightly.

Feeling nervous and uncomfortable, Jiang Wenying couldn’t help but squirm in Lu Fei’s embrace.

After all, Jiang Wenying was the first female lead.

She excelled in every aspect, including her appearance and figure.

Having her body fidgeting like this in his arms!

Who could bear it?!

“Don’t squirm, what are you so nervous about?” 

Lu Fei whispered in Jiang Wenying’s ear.

“If we have more of these kinds of interactions in the future, do you plan on squirming like this in front of others?”

The moist warmth of his breath against Jiang Wenying’s earlobe made her shiver all over. Her cheeks turned bright red, and she couldn’t bring herself to look up.

Hearing Lu Fei’s words, Jiang Wenying suddenly came to her senses.

That’s right.

With so many of these kinds of interactions ahead, if she couldn’t even handle this, how could she play the role of a good wife in front of others?

With this thought in mind, Jiang Wenying forcefully suppressed her nervousness and discomfort.

She tried her best to relax her body and avoid making any tense movements.

Sensing Jiang Wenying’s actions, Lu Fei nodded in satisfaction and suddenly released his grip.

He took two steps back and looked at Jiang Wenying, saying, “Very good, you did well. Keep it up!”

Hearing Lu Fei’s praise, Jiang Wenying’s cheeks flushed once again.

Just as she had finally regained her composure and returned to her usual coldness, she said indifferently, “Since the agreement has been signed, I have some things to attend to. I’ll go back first!”

After speaking, Jiang Wenying was about to turn around and leave.

But suddenly, Lu Fei’s voice came from behind, calling out to Jiang Wenying, saying, “Wait!”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s voice, Jiang Wenying’s figure involuntarily paused for a moment.

“You’ve had quite a bit to drink. Let me take you home. It’ll be safer that way,” Lu Fei said, not waiting for Jiang Wenying’s refusal.

He walked up to her and opened the door, extending his hand and tilting his head, signaling for Jiang Wenying to hold on.

“This…,” Jiang Wenying hesitated upon seeing Lu Fei’s gesture.

Letting out a sigh, Lu Fei said, “Jiang… Oh, no, that’s not right.”

“Wenying, what’s the matter with you? You’re hesitating so much. It’s not like you at all!” 

“Where is the decisive and swift you I know from the business world?” 

Seeing Lu Fei’s reaction, Jiang Wenying’s expression stiffened.

He was right!

She was the one playing the role, yet she needed Lu Fei to remind her.


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