The Whole Entertainment Industry Thought I Was an Alpha
The Whole Entertainment Industry Thought I Was an Alpha Chapter 4

Chapter 4

 Liao Ji thought it was Duan Yang but didn’t think it would be Lu Wei.

“You met an Alpha on rut on your morning trip?” Lu Wei asked, “Or was it an Omega?”

Lu Wei’s voice was cold, but the speed of his speech was quite fast.

Liao Ji thought that Lu Wei was not worried about their itinerary, nor was he worried about Lin Si’s injury, but was eager to know if Lin Si, the Omega or the “Alpha” in eyes of the public, was in heat.

“President Lu is very quick in news. The Omega in heat was a fan, and the Alpha was a security guard, neither of which was Lin Si.” He straightforwardly answered.

Lin Si didn’t know whether he was awakened by Liao Ji’s voice or was awakened by the heat of the down jacket. He rubbed his shoulders with his hands in a daze, but his nails were caught by the zipper, which made him let out a very painful cry.

“What’s wrong?” Liao Ji asked him.

Lin Si didn’t open his eyes, turned sideways, rolled up his painful fingers, and muttered: “It hurts…”

His fingers were very soft, and his nails were also very thin. When he violently grabbed the security guard, his nails could not withstand the force and the edge of the nail was broken, involving his fingers.

He didn’t care about it that much at that time, but now he had woken up from his sleep, he was grunting and yelling in pain, coaxing Liao Ji to help him buy delicious ice cream for his fingers.

“All you know is eat,” Liao Ji glanced at him and then quickly said at the phone, “Mr. Lu, do you have anything else to say? If not, I will hang up the phone first.”

There was silence on the phone for about a second, then Lu Wei uttered a very dull sound: “Hmm.”

Then he hung up the phone.

Liao Ji glared fiercely at the phone. As if he could glare at Lu Wei through the screen. He turned off the phone and put it in his pocket, turned his head to look at Lin Si who was sleeping in a thick down jacket.

He guessed that the pain had already passed, and he fell asleep again.

Lin Si had very white skin. Occasionally, in order to copy an Alpha’s appearance, the makeup artist would apply dark foundation on him.

On his closed eyelids, the skin was so fair that fine blood could be seen. Lin Si slept very quietly, giving people the impression that he is sound asleep.

Such a good-looking person should not suffer and should be held up in the palm of his hand to grow up.

Liao Ji rubbed the corner of his forehead and, as always, scolded the surname Lu in his heart. He scolded Lu Shaoming before, but now he scolds Lu Shaoming and his dog son.

Shengshi Group.

Lu Wei hung up the phone, lowered his head, and turned off the video of the disorder in the shopping mall on his phone. The last image on the screen was Lin Si being rudely hugged around the waist.

On the phone just now, there was a small coquettish voice, and it was hard to imagine that Lin Si made it.

But then he thought, after all, he is an Omega, no matter how much he pretends to be an Alpha, he is still delicate at heart.

The first time they met, Lin Si was also so whiney.

Duan Yang waited by the side, making sure that Lu Wei finished the phone call, and said, “Mr. Lu, Le You said that the crash of Bubble had been fixed. You can log in to the software and try again.”

Lu Wei woke up.

“Tell Le You’s customer service department that if there is a similar situation, it must be repaired and give feedback to users within 24 hours.” Lu Wei said, “Afterwards, call and apologize and make sure that the user can use it normally.”

“Okay.” Duan Yang turned around and went out.

“Wait,” Lu Wei called to him, “Who registered the account?”

Duan Yang recalled: “It should be registered by the testers of the development department.”

Lu Wei logged in and said, “A fan of Lin Si?”

“Not sure, do you need me to check?” Duan Yang asked.

“No need, go out.” Lu Wei said.

He saw a row of bubbles on the left side of the chatbox.

Forgot to love: [Good evening]

Forgot to love: [Have you eaten yet?]

Forgot to love: [It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and it’s still not snowing in North City… Is what you said true about the news that the earth is about to leave the habitable zone?]

Forgot to love: [Are you offline, or did you found someone else to match?]

Forgot to love: [I also like Lin Si very much; we can chase stars together]

Lu Wei saw the last message, his expression became unclear, and his fingers typed in the input box: [I don’t chase stars.]

But this time “Forgot to love” didn’t reply to the message.

Lu Wei looked at the software for half a minute, then turned it off. He used the company’s system and sent an email to Duan Yang.

The content of the email was for Duan Yang to inform Liao Ji that he hoped that Lin Si could do a systematic physical examination, followed by having Duan Yang make an appointment for him to have a medical checkup too.

It was the first time Duan Yang saw Lu Wei doing something in a roundabout way.

It’s just a physical examination.

Later, Duan Yang received another email: [Tell Lin Si not to approach any Alpha and Omega who are in heat.]

Duan Yang: “……”

Lin Si was woken up by Liao Ji.

His vision was still hazy, he habitually put on a mask, hat, and sunglasses, and stumbled out of the car.

Liao Ji bought him a smoothie and added a small amount of skim milk to it. Lin Si, who was rewarded, was very happy. He completely forgot that his finger hurts. He lay on the sofa and read the script with his legs crossed.

He scooped the cream spoon by spoon sparingly and still eats it by licking it with the tip of his tongue before rolling it away.

“The day after tomorrow when you meet the group, do not be so casual in private” Liao Ji reminded him, “Tomorrow morning there will be another acting class, while there will be a party in the afternoon, your condition should be good, you cannot play games and stay up late tonight.” Liao Ji paused then said, “Especially don’t play those old-fashioned dead games.”

Lin Si can eat dessert so he can also promise Liao Ji everything: “Okay, okay.”


After Liao Ji left, Lin Si had no one to talk with, so he started to scroll through his phone without looking at it. The screen lit up and the bubble app notification alert appeared.

Half an hour ago.

44: [I don’t chase stars. 】

The moment Lin Si saw this message, he was very happy. He felt that 44 was a disobedient puppy who had left the house for half a month and suddenly came back to the garden and laid down obediently.

Although he had never kept any pets.

He opened the bubble app and immediately replied to 44: [You’re online!]

44 replied after five minutes: [Hmm.]

Lin Si: [Why have you been ignoring me for so long?]

44: [The software crashed; I just got my account back today.]

Lin Si took a big bite of the smoothie and was in a good mood: [I thought you didn’t want to talk to me]

44 was quiet and did not reply.

Lin Si was not very good at observing words and hidden meanings. He continued to type while lying down: [Can you say a few more words? At any rate, we are a one-in-a-million pair, at least we should get to know each other a little. I’m very curious.]

44: [What do you want to hear?]

Lin Si: [I peeked at your profile, are you from North City?]

44: [Yes.]

Lin Si: [I am also from North City, but are you really a programmer?]

44: [No.]

Lin Si: [Let’s just say, if you are a programmer, how can you repair your phone for half a month before you go online]

After half a minute, 44 finally took the initiative to speak: [Do you think this software is good?]

Lin Si blinked and rubbed 44 with his little white orb and waited for the alert to appear before typing: [It’s useless, but it feels so cute. I watched the video introduction and said that there was a love function and a virtual world. As long as you buy the virtual glasses produced by the company, you can enter the virtual world.]

44: [Have you tried it?]

Lin Si: [No, the first person I matched with was you, and you do not speak, how can I have the opportunity to open the dating function, that can only be opened if both parties agree, let alone the virtual world =w=]

44 haven’t replied for a long time.

Lin Si didn’t know if 44 was scared by his emoji or moved by Lin Si’s spirit of waiting for strangers.

Lin Si still didn’t know how to observe words.

44 did not speak, so he continued to say: [Do you want to try that function?]

Another minute passed, 44 asked him: [Which function?]

Lin Si’s index finger tapped on the screen of the phone and typed: [Love function]

After he typed the word “love”, two small balls on the chat page automatically turned pink, and they were stuck together to form a small heart, which took a while to separate.

“Ah ~ ~ muah”

Lin Si just did not see the animation effects, so he typed again: [Love Function]

Two small balls were stuck and formed a small heart and ‘muah’ twice.

Suddenly, 44’s message appeared under the small heart: [How old are you?]

Lin Si watched the two balls separate, and naturally replied: [19]

He didn’t know how many times 44 had been silent.

Lin Si finally realized that 44 had stopped speaking after five minutes.

Drowsiness was really unstoppable, but he couldn’t sleep in his consciousness. He yawned, and tears slipped from the corners of his eyes. He changed positions and lay down, slowly narrowed his eyes: [44, are you asleep?]

44: [At work.]

Lin Si: [You’re already working, how old are you?]

44: [You just remembered to ask about age now?

Lin Si: [We just officially chatted today]

44: [Assuming that I am more than twenty years older than you and have a family, do you still want to use the Love Function with me?]

Lin Si’s drowsiness dissipated. He felt that 44’s words were serious and touched on his ear: [But your profile said that you are 23.]

44: [It’s not necessarily true.]

Lin Si breath in: [44, are you really 20 years older me? Then, do I have to call you uncle?]

Lin Si: [I wouldn’t fall in love with an uncle who has a family. I am a good citizen and have won awards for being one.]

The screen was quiet for a while, and then a new message arrived.

44: [23 years old is true.]

Hearing him say he was 23-year-old, Lin Si exhaled very slowly and asked again: [Do you have a family? Is there an Omega?]

Y: [No.]

Lin Si lifted his eyes, suddenly found some differences in the page, surprised: [You changed your name?

Y: [44 was not chosen by me. 】

Lin Si was very sorry. 44 said that he was Lin Si’s fan. He must have been very heartbroken to change the name 44 [1] now.

He comforted him well: “Don’t change your name, I believed you when you said you are 23 years old. I don’t think you are in your 40s. 44 is very cute. I like it very much.]

Great, 44 was silent again.

No, it was “Y” who was silent.

Lin Si said again: [And you changed it into a letter, I don’t know how to call you anymore.]

Y: [Just call me Y, it doesn’t matter.]

Lin Si: [Crooked]

Y seemed to be choked by him, and it took him few minutes to reply: [I went to work.]

Lin Si wanted to say that this was too sudden. He just started chatting and then Y left. He subconsciously grabbed and asked, [Will you still reply to my message? You’re not going to disappear again for a long time, are you?]

Y: [I’ll reply when I have time.]


[1] 44 – the MC’s name is Lin Si, while 4 in Chinese is pronounced as “Si”. So “44” would also sound like “SiSi” which is also a nickname of the MC.

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