The Whole Entertainment Industry Thought I Was an Alpha
The Whole Entertainment Industry Thought I Was an Alpha Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Lin Si arrived at the set half an hour earlier.

“Thinking of You Sixty-Six” was a simple comedy romance film with a cliché plot, but this kind of romance film would not be too bad for the box office.

Life was too tiring, and a large number of people tend to watch simple works that make them happy in their spare time.

In the story, Alpha Wei Qian was a university student at K University who was about to go abroad, and Omega Su Mingchen was an employee at the Volunteer Service Station with worker number 66.

K University and the Volunteer Service Station have joined forces to conduct activities to care for the socially incapacitated Omega, for which credits can be earned.

Wei Qian usually doesn’t study very well, and his credits were not enough to go abroad. So, he signed up for this activity.

That’s how Wei Qian and Su Mingchen met.

Lin Si would be acting as Wei Qian’s younger brother, Huo Li. A boy with good character. An Alpha, but a little old-fashioned who was not very flexible, and was grouped together with Wei Qian and Su Mingchen.

The main actors met during the script-reading. Lin Si has a good memory and can match everyone’s face and name when they saw each other.

Qin Xiao was acting as Wei Qian.

He was four years older than Lin Si and a TV drama star. He wanted to use this movie to successfully enter the film industry, so when Liao Ji went to fight for the role, he was at a stalemate with Qin Xiao’s team.

Now it was through Lu Wei’s hand that Qin Xiao got what he wanted.

The Omega who would be playing as Su Mingchen was called Xu Xiangyang.

Xu Xiangyang had been making movies but had not received awards so far. Fortunately, his acting skills were good, and his popularity was high, so many directors like to hire him.

Lin Si was not included in the first scene. He wore a black down jacket and stood beside the director watching Qin Xiao and Xu Xiangyang.

Director Chen Hao, in his early thirties, frowned at them that the wrinkles that shouldn’t be there piled up one after another.

Obviously, Qin Xiao couldn’t keep up with Xu Xiangyang’s performance.

His expression was exaggerated, and he looked so deliberate when he got in front of the camera. Chen Hao shouted “cut” and walked out from behind the viewfinder to talk to Qin Xiao about the scene. Lin Si followed and listened carefully.

In the end, Lin Si waited all morning without seeing his scene.

The lunch on the first day was a banquet. Qin Xiao kept apologizing, saying that the progress of the first scene had been delayed, and also made a special apology to Lin Si, causing him to freeze on the set all morning.

“It’s okay.” Lin Si replied lightly.

In fact, he wanted to say it doesn’t matter because he also learned a lot.

However, Qin Xiao kept adding Lin Si some hot tea while eating.

Lin Si’s indifference made Qin Xiao look a little inferior as if the status gap between a powerful actor and a popular star was presented before his eyes.

Lin Si couldn’t stand his hospitality and held his hand: “With Mr. Qin being like this, I guess he’s going to trick me to buy afternoon tea for the crew.”

After he said that, everyone in the room laughed. Lin Si moved his mouth slightly, stopped drinking, and let the tea cool off to prevent Qin Xiao from starting again.

After lunch, there was a half-hour break. Qin Xiao yelled at a few people to take a walk after eating. Lin Si was too cold, didn’t go with them and went back to the lounge.


The door of the intensive care unit of Xiaoshan Hospital closed gently. Lu Wei came out and stood in the corridor. Duan Yang went over and pulled the door handle tightly to make sure it was closed.

“Wait here.” There was unconcealable irritation in Lu Wei’s eyebrows, and his hands were placed farther away from his side than usual.

Duan Yang looked at his back, sat in a chair, and waited.

The Omega who had been away for about two hours came back sneakily, looked around in the ward for a while, and asked Duan Yang with his neck tilted: “Are you Mr. Lu’s secretary?”

“No,” Duan Yang said.

“Huh?” The Omega asked him, “But you obviously came with him.”

Duan Yang: “I just filled in, I’m a temporary worker.”

“Oh…” The Omega seemed to be weighing Duan Yang’s position in his mind, “I heard that Mr. Lu is now taking over all the work of Shengshi Group?”

Duan Yang didn’t look at him. He answered casually: “Maybe, didn’t they say that on the TV.”

The Omega shifted to the other stool, trying to get close to Duan Yang: “Mr. Lu’s health is getting worse and worse recently…”

The hallway clattered with the sound of two leather shoes, Lu Wei washed his hands very clean, because Lu Shaoming shook his hand just now.

And there was an unpleasant smell of Omega pheromone in that hand.

His nose reacted first, and Lu Wei stopped at a distance from Duan Yang.

The Omega felt his gaze, stunned, and stared at Lu Wei in awe.

Various media have uploaded photos and videos of Lu Wei, but seeing the real person was still heart thrilling experience.

The Omega felt that even if Lu Wei did not say a word, or even standing at the corner of a single staircase, or even if he was 100,000 miles away, just a glance would make all the pheromones in his body chase after him.

He walked quickly past Duan Yang, smiled brightly, and yelled sweetly: “Mr. Lu.”

Lu Wei looked down at him, his face was not upset.

The Omega smiled stiffly at Lu Wei, but still said in a very sweet voice, “Have you eaten? Would you like me to buy you some food?” When he saw that Lu Wei did not speak, he became bolder and said, “Mr. Lu, my name is Deng Tian.”

Lu Wei’s eyes narrowed. Duan Yang saw it first. He sweated up. He wanted to drag the Omega away but heard Lu Wei say: “Go away.”

Duan Yang followed Lu Wei, seeing that he (LW) was already very upset, he (DY) explained it seriously: “This…maybe he was someone the Old Lu had taken care of before and was called back by the Old man.”

Lu Wei said nothing, Duan Yang just felt the cold air coming from the back seat.

Half a minute later, Lu Wei said, “The Old man is getting older.”

Duan Yang swallowed, “But if you change it, Old Lu may be unhappy.”

Lu Wei was adamant, Duan Yang also understood, changed the topic into something lighter, and said: “Mr. Lu, the promotion of Bubble had been fully opened, and parallel virtual glasses have also been put on various platforms.”

“Promote the Spring Festival discounts, online members and offline members together, let the Department of Commerce take over the program.” Lu Wei said.

“Okay.” Duan Yang noted, “I will return the testing department account to Le You. When the next module test is over, I will also send you glasses to do the hyper-reality project again.”

Lu Wei subconsciously pressed the phone. He looked down at the screen, and his iris unlocked it successfully and jumped out of the screen.

The Bubble icon was blue with a white orb on top.

It reminds him of the one that will rub people in the chat interface, and the white orb that will shoot little red hearts when it hears about love.

The disgust that had spread throughout the morning seemed to dissipate, and even the inferior sweet pheromones brought by the Omega earlier faded away.

“It is not necessary, after the success of the project, send me the glasses directly.” Lu Wei heard himself say this.

After saying that, he reacted for a while, and then started another matter without any extra effort: “The artificial intelligence robot research project plan from the upper-class side will be delivered before we get off work.”

“Okay.” Duan Yang, who had been assigned the task, smoothly forgot the doubt in his heart about “Why Lu Wei didn’t return the test account”.

After lunch again, Lu Wei opened the Bubble app.

Just in time, the white orb on the page bounced in place, and “Forgot to Love” pushed up a message: [Have you eaten lunch?]

Lu Wei felt that it was too coincidental, doubted that “Forget to Love” was squatting [1]waiting for Lu Wei to go online.

He checked it again, and the Bubble did have an online alert function, but he didn’t turn it on.

Forgot to love must have it on.

Returning to the chat interface, Lu Wei replied: [Eaten.]

Forgot to love: [Wow! You replied fast today!]

Forgot to love: [Manually gives you thumbs up.jpg]

Lu Wei pondered on the efficiency of replying to the message, which caused him to not reply for a long time.

Forgot to love: [I noticed one thing, you would always put a punctuation mark at the end of your messages, like a serious old man]

Lu Wei: [Is that so?]

Forgot to love: [Look, isn’t it right?]

Lu Wei felt choked for a moment before saying: [Habits.]

Forgot to love: [You are only 23, wake up, boy [2]youth!]

Lu Wei: [After the differentiation, there is no such thing as a youth.]

Forgot to love: [Who decided that? I think I’m still a teenager, ah. Don’t think of me as old]

Lu Wei: [Oh.]

It was always boring to talk like this.

‘Forgot to Love’ paused for half a minute and chatted about the weather like he got nothing else to say: [Today is so cold, I have been freezing all morning, and I can only drink cold tea at noon[shivering.jpg]]

Lu Wei replied without emotion: [ Wear clothes and drink hot water.]

Forgot to love: [I’m wearing clothes, ah. You may not feel it indoors, but it’s cold outdoors, and Omega don’t have high cold-resistant as Alpha has]

Lu Wei: [I went out in the morning.]

Forgot to love: [Really! What a coincidence!]

Lu Wei put down the phone and thought that ‘Forgot to Love’ was getting more familiar with him as if he could do things casually. He can be very happy and can get together by himself.

For example, both of them being outdoors at the same time was a coincidence in his perspective, which was worth the excitement.

Forgot to love: [I have to go. I’ll talk to you again tonight!]

Lu Wei: [Go ahead.]

Forgot to love: [Will you be here tonight? I want to talk to you.]

Lu Wei had just been assigned a task, and there was a meeting in the afternoon. Unsurprisingly, he had to work overtime.

In fact, since Lu Shaoming entered the hospital, there was no night that he does not work overtime, it was just a matter of what time he worked overtime.

Lu Wei: [Not here.]

Forgot to love: [Oh… Then I’ll say good night to you before I go to bed]

The obvious disappointment made Lu Wei frown.

Forget to love always talks to himself in an unconstrained manner, making Lu Wei have an illusion of “we are very close”.

After he turned 7 years old, no one in this world was close to him.

This was something he had never had before, and he doesn’t want to have it with anyone in the future.

He had to ask him: [Do you use this software to find an Alpha?]

Suddenly switched from good night to another topic, forget to love seemed to take a few seconds to absorb the question, and said: [Yes… Everyone sign up for an account, isn’t it just for making friends?]

Lu Wei was speechless for a while.

Indeed, people who will be matched on the Bubble are probably scattered in the city, with different levels of loneliness and equal expectations.

Lu Wei: [Don’t give such a high trust value to a stranger.]

Forget to love came back quickly: [What do you mean by such a high trust value]

Lu Wei had a brief moment of confusion, not knowing why he wanted to persuade a stranger like a parent, but after thinking about it carefully, he just felt that his and forget to love’s relationship as netizens will not last long, and in order to make up for his coldness towards forget to love, he subconsciously said these words.

He hopes that forget to love would be a little more defensive when he matches to the next Alpha.

Lu Wei: [It’s nothing, you go and work.]

Forgot to Love didn’t mind his words very much, but was very persistent: [Will you send me ‘good night’ today?]

Lu Wei had a clear conscience based on his sense of self: [No time.]

The author has something to say:

Lu Wei: Forget to love is a fool [3]Original text: 陆厌:忘了爱是个笨蛋,搞不好会被人骗。In the original text “蛋, 搞” –is “dan, gao” in pinyin which also sounds the same with cake in pinyin “dangao”, he might be deceived.

Lin Si: Cake? Where is the cake?

Lu Wei, died.

The full text is over.

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1 waiting for Lu Wei to go online
2 youth
3 Original text: 陆厌:忘了爱是个笨蛋,搞不好会被人骗。In the original text “蛋, 搞” –is “dan, gao” in pinyin which also sounds the same with cake in pinyin “dangao”

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