Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 17

Ming Ge didn’t expect him to be so serious about this matter, but he did feel that Qin Si was usually too mature for his age, only now showing a bit of his youthful side.

But Ming Ge didn’t dare to provoke Qin Si.

“Okay, okay,” Ming Ge raised his hands in surrender, “I won’t joke about it anymore.”

Ming Ge glanced at his hand. “Do you need to bandage your hand again?”

His hand was bleeding, seemingly quite a lot, but he had only roughly bandaged it himself.

The boy shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I have something to do later.”

Such a minor injury would heal quickly on its own.

He was used to it since childhood and knew his limits. He wasn’t that fragile.

He silently looked at the girl on the hospital bed.

“It seems like the Lu family’s people have arrived,” Ming Ge heard the car horn and stood up, peeking downstairs.

Qin Si nodded.

He glanced at her one last time before turning and leaving the room.

Before the messy footsteps came up.

Lu Nian had a very long dream.

Various lights and shadows were chaotic.

She didn’t want to wake up, but it seemed like she was being forcibly dragged up by some kind of force, constantly rising.

“She’s awake.”

“She’s awake.”

“She’s finally awake. Quickly call Mr…”

It was the private hospital the Lu family often went to.

Lu Yang was sitting beside her, peeling an apple, looking delighted.

She seemed fine all over, just weak in her limbs.

She felt tired.

She raised her eyes and saw Zhang Qiuping, Miao Miao, Lu Yang… and some unfamiliar doctors and nurses, all looking very happy.

Lu Nian asked, “Where’s Dad?”

Zhang Qiuping seemed unsure how to respond. “Dad is busy with something…”

Lu Nian nodded. “I see.”

Lu Yang hurriedly said, “Uncle will come to see you as soon as he’s done. For now, we’ll stay with you.”

Lu Nian replied, “Thank you.”

Her mind was in turmoil, memories were particularly chaotic, but she still remembered those arms, the voice she heard, and the pleasant smell of the unfamiliar boy.

She asked Lu Yang, “Who saved me back then?”

Lu Yang was at a loss for words.

It was the owner of the small bar who called them over, and Lu Yang despised such unprincipled and insidious people the most.

No one else saw what happened during the accident.

But the police could find the person who made the report, and he secretly knew the relationship between that tavern and someone else.

But he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

He thought, if Nian Nian doesn’t like him and doesn’t want to see him, saving her should be expected, right?

But judging from their attitudes, they seemed to have no intention of letting this matter become public, and they didn’t seem inclined to tell Lu Nian about it, which was sensible.

“It was a little girl…”

Lu Nian shook her head. “I remember there was a boy.”

Although at that time her consciousness was already fuzzy, she could remember the strength of that arm and the faint pleasant smell on the collar, it should have been a strange boy.

Lu Yang said, “Oh, it was a little girl who called us over. There was a boy from your school who happened to pass by.

When the robber saw someone coming, he ran away. You fainted, and he called the police.

The police arrived quickly and caught the guy. Nian Nian, you really scared me this time…”

Lu Nian felt very tired.

She listened to Lu Yang’s chatter and muttered, “I really want to sleep…”

Her consciousness faded away again.

Lu Yang was studying at Ancheng Nian University, which was very close to the hospital.

So, apart from a few hired caregivers, he was the only one still at the hospital with Lu Nian.

Lu Zhihong was negotiating a contract out of town.

When he heard that his daughter had been attacked, he originally wanted to come back, but later he heard that there was no major problem, so he canceled his return trip.

He hired a few caregivers for Lu Nian and asked Lu Yang to visit her more often when he was free.

Lu Yang, of course, fulfilled this task very well.

Many people came to see Lu Nian.

Apart from the formalities of caring for the young lady of the Lu family, there was also a visit organized by her classmates, but unfortunately, Lu Nian was still in a coma.

She was not injured, but because of her weak body and some mental issues, she slept more and woke up less, in a daze every day.

The doctors didn’t dare to discharge her and said they needed to observe her for a while longer.

That day, when Lu Yang finished his classes and came to the hospital to see Lu Nian, he unexpectedly saw a familiar figure outside the ward, with a cold and indifferent profile, looking expressionlessly into the room.

He stood at the door, but didn’t go in, just silently watching.

Lu Yang’s tone was very bad, “What are you here for?”

The young man was already taller than him, tall and slender, like a small green pine.

Lu Yang looked at his handsome face, particularly displeased. “You left my uncle’s house without a word, and now you’re back out of nowhere? Trying to get close to Nian Nian because of what happened to her, right?”

Qin Si remained noncommittal.

He asked Lu Yang shortly, “Is she awake?”

Lu Yang naturally wouldn’t tell him.

Moreover, he just felt particularly irritated by Qin Si now and couldn’t help but say, “There’s something I’ve always wanted to ask you. Have you been supported by Nian Nian all these years?”

He had known about this for a long time. When Qin Si had just left the Lu family, he had specifically asked Uncle Xu about how he would manage his living expenses in the future.

Xu Ruhai had secretly told him that Lu Nian didn’t let them manage Qin Si’s account and said she would take care of everything.

Lu Yang was shocked at the time and remembered it until now.

Now that Qin Si was only in high school, with no parents to support him, things naturally wouldn’t change, and he must still be supported by Lu Nian.

“You, a man, are you going to be like this in the future? Will you always depend on others?” Lu Yang sneered, “Will you be a dog, a gigolo in the future?”

When he was young, he didn’t feel that way. At that time, Qin Si was beaten up all the time, and now it seemed that his face was quite good-looking, especially confusing to young girls, which made Lu Yang particularly unhappy.

He just wanted Qin Si to stay away from Lu Nian, preferably never to see her again.

He had never liked or respected Qin Si, thinking that he was just an orphan raised by the Lu family, with no qualifications to be on equal footing with them, always only worthy of looking up to them.

And Qin Si was too arrogant and stubborn. No matter how they tried to deal with him, even if they didn’t give him food and locked him outside in the cold, he never said a word of surrender.

His stubbornness was incomprehensible.

Qin Si remained calm and looked at him, “It doesn’t matter. I’m willing.”

The young man was very calm, his handsome face devoid of any expression. “As long as she’s willing, I’m willing to do anything she wants.”

Lu Yang was dumbfounded at his words, stuttering for a long time.

Was this the Qin Si he knew?

The one who valued dignity more than life?

The Qin Si who could say such things?

He had always thought Qin Si was strange and mysterious, but now that he was a bit older, he seemed even more mysterious and unfathomable.

He looked at Qin Si as if he were a monster, his face turning pale and then red, unable to say a word.

Seeing his expression, a scornful smile appeared at the corner of Qin Si’s lips.

Lu Yang suddenly understood and became furious. “You’re deliberately talking nonsense to provoke me, aren’t you?”

“I warn you, you’d better stay away from Nian Nian, or I won’t let you off. Our Lu family won’t let you off either.” Lu Yang’s tone was harsh, and he could only leave this threat hanging.

“Mr. Lu.” The nurse came out of the ward and pushed the door, “This is a hospital, please keep quiet.”

Lu Yang was just angry.

He glared at Qin Si and apologized to the nurse.

She said, “Your sister is awake now, and her condition is still good. Do you want to come in and see her?”

Lu Yang hurriedly got up.

He was afraid that Qin Si, who had no shame, would insist on going in to see Nian Nian with him.

However, the young man had already turned around and left cleanly.

“Was there someone outside just now?” Lu Nian’s voice was still weak. “I heard you talking to someone.”

Lu Yang mumbled, “It was the doctor.”

Lu Nian was wearing a hospital gown and seemed to have lost weight again.

Her black hair hung beside her snowy white cheeks. “Oh.”

As she said this, her gaze still looked out the window.

Lu Yang moved the chair a bit to block her line of sight. “Nian Nian, how do you feel now? Are you feeling more comfortable? Do you want to eat something?”

Lu Nian shook her head.

She always felt like something was missing, and her heart felt empty.

“Yang Ge, can you give me that boy’s contact information?” She asked weakly.

Lu Yang was a bit flustered. “Why do you want to ask for that?”

Lu Nian said, “Nothing, just want to thank him in person.”

Now that she had spoken so much, she felt exhausted and could only rest with her eyes closed.

She was deeply impressed by that boy, for some reason.

She remembered the smell on his clothes, warm and reassuring.

She remembered clearly when he said that sentence in her ear.

Lu Yang said, “Okay, when you’re fully recovered, I’ll give you his contact information.”

Lu Nian nodded with her eyes closed.

For many days in a row, she lived in a daze, spending every day in the hospital, getting IV drips, injections, and receiving psychological counseling, although she didn’t think she needed them.

She fell ill just before the high school entrance exam.

But, later on, she slowly recovered.

A classmate came to visit her and brought her notes.

In early spring, with the help of Miao Miao and Zhang Qiuping, Lu Nian got out of bed for the first time and started walking again.

She also began to eat slowly and normally. Finally, the doctor allowed her to leave the hospital, and Lu Nian finally returned to the Lu family’s home after a long absence.

Everything started to get better slowly.

She managed to pull through.

Fortunately, Lu Nian had always been excellent in her studies before, coupled with her talents in painting and music.

It’s unclear whether it was these factors or the financial and political power behind the Lu family that played a role, but Lu Nian had secured a direct admission to the senior high school division of the attached middle school very early on.

After that serious illness, Lu Nian, like a flower bud suppressed by frost and snow, fell behind others for so long but finally began to silently bloom.

In early autumn, Lu Nian, carrying her school bag, walked back into the campus.

As the summer heat receded and the autumn wind blew briskly, there was a faint fragrance of grass and trees in the campus, attracting many people’s attention along the way, and many people turned back to look.

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