Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 18.1

In this year of high school, there are two key classes, and the classrooms are directly facing each other.

Lu Nian entered one of the classes.

She had checked the class list online beforehand and almost half of the names were familiar to her.

Many students in the senior high school division of the affiliated middle school were direct admissions, some, like Lu Nian, had been at the affiliated middle school since primary school and had been promoted all the way, so they knew each other before.

It would take a while for students from other schools to integrate.

Several classmates who had a better relationship with Lu Nian before were also assigned to the same class.

When Lu Nian entered the classroom, most of the students were already there.

The seats were random, as they would be officially adjusted after the start of the school year.

She looked around but didn’t see Gu Yayan.

The classmates she knew in the classroom happened to be boys, so she quietly went in and found a seat to sit down.

“Would you like to sit here, classmate?” Seeing her looking for a seat, a boy stood up enthusiastically to make space for her. “I have a seat here. It’s a good spot with a clear view of the blackboard.”

He was a boy she didn’t know, tall and dark, very enthusiastic.

More enthusiastic than street vendors selling goods, he was only a step away from grabbing her school bag and pulling her in.

The new girl was dressed very simply, but her beauty was unstoppable.

She could be seen at a glance in the crowd and was probably the most beautiful girl in the new class.

They noticed her when she entered the classroom.

“I have better natural light here.” Another boy next to him also stood up.

He acted quickly and directly took Lu Nian’s school bag off. “Miss, would you like to sit here?”

“I wonder if there’s a rule about first come, first served?”

“Nonsense, she can sit wherever she likes.”

These boys were quite tall, and their voices were loud.

She was surrounded by them, and her head was almost dizzy from the noise.

She was only a bit more outgoing with familiar people.

She usually appeared very introverted on the outside and rarely spoke to strange boys.

Now, faced with this chaos, she was dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything for a while.

“What are you all doing? I saved her a seat,” Gu Yayan had just gone out to buy water and happened to come back.

She pushed all those boys away and finally dug her out of the crowd.

Lu Nian weakly slumped on the table. “The new classmates are so enthusiastic…”

Gu Yayan pulled her to look at her. “Nian Nian, you’ve become much more beautiful after your illness. I almost didn’t recognize you when you just entered the classroom.”

The childish look she had before had disappeared a lot.

She had grown taller, thinner, and her waist looked even more delicate.

Because she hadn’t seen much sun for a long time, her skin was almost transparent.

Her features were delicate and petite, except for a pair of clear eyes.

Therefore, she looked even more beautiful without any fireworks, delicate and charming, attracting attention.

She already looked completely like a girl.

Lu Nian herself was completely unaware. She sighed, “It’s good to be able to survive healthily.”

She really didn’t care what she looked like.

Gu Yayan, “?”

Lu Nian, “Just kidding.”

She couldn’t tell Gu Yayan about those complicated things.

She looked at the corner of the sky outside the window, silently thinking.

It’s all in the past.

High school was different from junior high school, and for Lu Nian, it was all new courses that required more effort.

The pace of classes at the affiliated middle school was fast, so before she knew it, a whole day could pass in the blink of an eye.

Lu Nian paused her violin lessons, but her drawing classes continued as usual, and she lived her life in an orderly manner.

Her streak of bad luck seemed to have finally passed, and everything seemed to be gradually returning to normal.

Zheng Miaoxuan is now in Class 2, just opposite Lu Nian.

She is the class representative for Chinese, while Lu Nian is the general class representative for Chinese.

The two classes share the same Chinese teacher, so they still see each other quite often.

After school that day, Lu Nian went to the office with her to deliver their composition books.

Zheng Miaoxuan seemed particularly excited today. “Nian Nian, can you accompany me later?”

Lu Nian smiled, “Sure.”

Zheng Miaoxuan said mysteriously, “I have some good news.”

Lu Nian smiled, “What good news?”

Zheng Miaoxuan led her through the U-shaped corridor but didn’t say anything.

That side was the teaching area for the higher grades, which Lu Nian rarely visited.

The higher grades finish school later, but it seemed like the last class for this class was self-study, as there was no teacher in the classroom.

A boy was coming out of the classroom.

He wasn’t wearing a school uniform jacket, just a plain black T-shirt and school uniform pants, but his figure was tall and slender, with a narrow waist and long legs.

The two girls hid behind a pillar. Lu Nian whispered to her, “The senior you have a crush on?”

Zheng Miaoxuan blinked, “You know this person too.”

Lu Nian, “?”

She suddenly had a bad premonition.

The boy had heard the sound from the corridor and turned to look.

His eyes were as cold as ice.

Lu Nian was completely stunned.

She never expected to meet Qin Si again in this situation.

She had thought of Qin Si from time to time over the past few years, but due to her illness and deliberately avoiding any information related to him, the reaction was even greater than she had imagined.

Qin Si had changed a lot.

He had grown to over 1.8 meters tall.

He wasn’t conventionally handsome, but his features combined together, especially when seen up close, had an indescribable charm.

His unique aura made him appear even more elegant and sharp.

He had jet-black phoenix eyes, with the corners of his eyes curving narrowly.

Originally seeming indifferent and ruthless, but when he lowered his eyes to look at someone, his slightly lowered eyelashes surprisingly gave people the illusion that he was very gentle.

Zheng Miaoxuan seemed quite fascinated by him.

Lu Nian knew that this person was actually far from gentle.

He could be infuriating with his words, cold-hearted, and sarcastic.

He was like an ice cube that never melted.

Pretending to be blind, Lu Nian acted as if she hadn’t seen Qin Si, turned her head, and smiled at Zheng Miaoxuan, giving off an encouraging “you can do it” vibe.

“My brother and his friends are waiting for me. We have plans tonight,” she pointed downstairs, fabricating, “I should go first.”

That wasn’t a lie.

Originally, Lu Yang and Zhao Tingyuan had plans with her tonight, and judging by the time, they should have already arrived.

Lu Nian gathered her books to leave.

As she walked past him, she was dignified and aloof, not giving Qin Si a second glance.

Anyway, he had already wanted to sever ties with her, returning everything to her.

Whether she lived or died, Qin Si didn’t care.

When she was nearly killed, lying unconscious in the hospital for so long, Qin Si didn’t even know.

After knowing each other for so many years, if she died, judging by his current attitude, not only would Qin Si not attend her funeral, he probably wouldn’t even send a wreath.

Last year’s experiences felt like a dream, all blurry when recalled now.

All Lu Nian knew was that Qin Si didn’t care whether she lived or died.

Lu Nian knew this feeling was completely baseless.

She was also part of the Lu family, and Qin Si never particularly liked her before.

If he didn’t hate her, that was already good enough. What could she expect from him in terms of affection and concern?

When a girl’s unhappy, she tends to pout.

Before, she would directly express her unhappiness to Qin Si.

Knowing Qin Si’s character and his lack of affection for her, whether she behaved well or not, he was always cold.

So Lu Nian didn’t bother hiding anything from him.

But now, they had both changed too much, and it was in this situation, plus the incident where he returned the money, Lu Nian couldn’t treat him as she did before.

…At least for now, her mindset was completely out of sync.

“Niannian,” Zheng Miaoxuan couldn’t help it and followed her out.

Unfortunately, as Lu Nian confidently passed by Qin Si, the corridor seemed to have just been mopped, making it slippery.

She slipped and almost fell flat on her face.

…This was bad.

If she fell flat on her face in front of him, she’d be so embarrassed.

At the last moment, Lu Nian’s thought was surprisingly about this.

The expected pain from the fall didn’t come.

A slender hand grabbed her arm and effortlessly pulled her up.

“Why do you care?” This sentence slipped out uncontrollably.

She was seven parts unreasonable, but also carried a hint of unspoken grievance.

Lu Nian felt like she should follow the script from TV dramas in these situations: the scumbag (??) tries to win back his ex-girlfriend, she plays the ex-girlfriend, turns around, firmly shakes off his hand, and delivers a strong and resolute “get lost.”

However, Qin Si was not that person to her at all, and he didn’t give her the opportunity to painlessly shake his hand and deliver that line.

He let go of her hand much quicker than she anticipated… just like before, as if she was some kind of strange creature he didn’t want to touch.

Qin Si was a few steps away from her, his voice coming from above, “Do you want to smash your head?”

His narrow phoenix eyes seemed a bit sharper than before, looking at her lightly, devoid of any discernible emotion.

Lu Nian: “…”

This was really something he would say, unchanged at all.

From the moment Lu Nian appeared, Qin Si’s attention was fully on her.

On the day Lu Nian was discharged from the hospital, he only watched from afar, knowing she was discharged and recovering well, but he hadn’t scrutinized her this closely before.

She had changed a lot.

Her face, once puffy like a bun, now looked particularly soft.

He couldn’t help but recall that day when she nestled in his arms, her cheek leaning against his chest.

He remembered the things he inexplicably said to her ear that day, feeling a heat rise behind his ears.

…Something he would definitely not do.

Fortunately, Lu Nian didn’t know it was him, and he wouldn’t let her know.

Lu Nian, feeling defensive, said, “I know you’re still the same, just enjoying watching me make a fool of myself.”

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