Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 18.2

The boy lowered his eyes, silent.

Lu Nian suddenly calmed down, “Today was an accident. I won’t appear to bother you again in the future.”

The girl’s figure was very slender, walking without hesitation, without looking back.

She thought to herself dejectedly, as long as Qin Si didn’t go astray, it didn’t mean she had to have a good relationship with him.

After all, relationships between people also depend on fate; some people just don’t have that connection.

Zheng Miaoxuan, holding the gift in her hand, felt somewhat uneasy, “Senior? I, uh, this is for you…”

The boy looked back, his black eyes devoid of any emotion, “Take it, but don’t come looking for me again. Especially don’t bring Lu Nian with you.”

Zheng Miaoxuan, “I, I thought you two were close.”

Qin Si had already turned and walked away.

It could never be good.

Lu Nian couldn’t give him what he wanted, and he would never come looking for her to ask for it.

Not long after Lu Nian left, her phone buzzed in her pocket.

It was Lu Yang’s call, “Nian Nian, didn’t you say you wanted to meet that guy who helped you before? I called him out today. You can meet him first.”

Lu Nian’s spirits lifted a bit, “Then I plan to treat him to a meal.”

Lu Yang said, “We have plans tonight! Did you forget?”

Lu Nian, “…”

Indeed, it was an arrangement made by Lu Zhihong.

It’s said that Zhao Tingyuan’s younger brother has come to study at Ancheng High School.

Lu Zhihong said he would find a time for Lu Yang to take her and invite the Zhao siblings for a meal, so the younger generation could get to know each other.

Lu Zhihong seems to have a good impression of Zhao Tingyuan.

This kind of communication between children of wealthy families is actually very normal. It’s just that Lu Nian used to be too introverted, and now that she’s older, these things are hard to avoid.

She originally wanted to decline, but Lu Zhihong was very firm in his attitude.

Lu Nian could only console herself that it was just a meal, so she reluctantly agreed.

Zhao Tingyuan and Lu Yang were chatting under a tree, seeming quite happy.

Lu Nian had no idea when they met, but their relationship seemed surprisingly good.

When Lu Yang saw her coming, he waved to her. “Nian Nian.”

As Lu Nian approached, he nodded to the side. “This is your lifesaver.”

The boy’s face turned bright red. “Hello.”

He was a very ordinary boy, not tall, his looks barely passable, but very thin and weak, and a bit stuttering when he spoke, with a wandering look in his eyes.

Very different from what she had imagined.

Lu Nian was a bit disappointed.

Nothing was as she had imagined.

“Nian Nian.” Lu Yang knew she liked to daydream, so he nudged her.

Only then did Lu Nian come to her senses and said sincerely, “Thank you very much for your help before. I was in the hospital before and didn’t have time to prepare a better gift. I rushed here today and didn’t bring the gift with me. I’ll send it to you another day.”

“I… just did what I could.” The boy was very embarrassed, his face turning red. “It’s nothing, really.”

He looked at Lu Nian, humble in his words, but showing no intention of leaving.

Lu Nian said, “When the holiday comes, if you’re free and don’t mind, I’ll invite you to dinner again to thank you? And give you the gift?”

he boy’s eyes lit up, and he quickly replied, “Okay, okay, whenever you’re free.”

A girl as pretty as her, and she’s the young lady of the Lu family, inviting him to dinner alone.

This kind of opportunity, even if he’s busy, he wouldn’t refuse.

After the boy left, Zhao Tingyuan teased, “Sure enough, girls all think their savior is their true love, don’t they?”

Lu Yang shrugged, asking Lu Nian, “Are you satisfied with this true love?”

Lu Nian remained silent.

Lu Yang joked, “Do you think he’s not handsome enough?”

He firmly said, “Nian Nian, in the future, when you look for a boyfriend, you must not judge by appearance.”

He said to Zhao Tingyuan, “Of course, that doesn’t include you.”

Zhao Tingyuan chuckled, “Honored.”

Lu Nian said, “…Stop teasing me.”

She just felt a bit disheartened.

She muttered softly, “I don’t mind.”

She didn’t think that boy had to be very handsome.

It didn’t matter if he wasn’t handsome; it was just a mysterious feeling.

She missed the embrace, his scent, gentle, warm, and comforting.

It seems like she has never liked any boy in her whole life, but she inexplicably feels that she might have a good impression of that boy.

Lu Nian felt a little confused.

“It’s because you were so weak back then, of course, the feeling was different,” Lu Yang said. “Now that you’re better, you definitely wouldn’t be interested in him anymore.”

“In the evening at Xidun, I’ve already booked a meal,” Zhao Tingyuan sensed that Lu Yang didn’t want to continue this topic, so he changed the subject, “Let’s have a good meal to celebrate Nian Nian’s recovery and her high school enrollment.”

Lu Yang said, “And to welcome your brother.”

“My brother is the same age as Nian Nian,” Zhao Tingyuan said, hesitated for a moment, as if hesitating to say something, but then said nothing.

Lu Yang said, “It’s not easy being an older brother, but after all, he’s your brother, like you, so it must be easy to get along with him.”

Zhao Tingyuan smiled bitterly.

Lu Nian listened absentmindedly.

The three got into the car together, and Zhao Tingyuan answered a phone call in the car, “Ya Yuan?”

“We’re almost there…” he said, “Really, we’re almost there, just wait a little longer.”

Not sure what was said on the other end.

Zhao Tingyuan said, “Order whatever you want to eat.”

Lu Yang asked, “Are you so hungry that you can’t wait?”

Zhao Tingyuan said, “No.” A wry smile appeared on his face again.

Lu Nian was absent-minded all the way, until the car arrived at Xidun.

The three got out of the car together, and Lu Nian saw a bookstore sign next to her.

She suddenly remembered something, “I have a teaching material to buy. I forgot about it. Yang Ge, you guys go in first. I’ll come after I buy it.”

After school, she was hit by a series of setbacks and completely forgot about this matter.

Lu Yang was reluctant and wanted to accompany her, but considering that he was the oldest and the host, it wouldn’t be good if neither of the two from the Lu family were there.

So, he agreed, “Hurry up, private room number 1527. There will be someone at the door to show you the way. If you need anything, call me.”

Room 1527 was closed.

Xidun was a high-end Western restaurant, beautifully decorated with famous oil paintings hanging in the private rooms. The table and utensils for the four were already set.

There was already a teenager in the private room, playing with his phone, his posture… quite unruly.

“Hello.” Lu Yang smiled.

The teenager glanced at him, his gaze wandering aimlessly over his face.

The teenager had very attractive features, he was somewhat thin, but with rosy lips and white teeth, his facial features were exceptionally beautiful…

he could even be described as flamboyantly beautiful.

However, the rebellious look in his exquisite features was also unforgettable.

“Are you from the Lu family?” he asked. “Lu Zhihong’s son?”

Lu Yang tried to maintain his smile, enduring his direct address of Lu Zhihong’s name. “No, actually Uncle Hong is considered my grandfather’s… ” He explained the distant relationship between him and Lu Zhihong.

The teenager listened expressionlessly. “Then why are you here eating with us?”

Lu Yang’s smile froze on his face.

“Ya Yuan,” Zhao Tingyuan raised his voice.

The teenager didn’t say anything more, boredly returning to his phone, but also showing no sign of apology.

“Sorry about that,” Zhao Tingyuan whispered to Lu Yang.

He sent a WeChat message to Lu Yang, “Ya Yuan is a good kid, it’s just that he’s had health issues since he was young, so his personality is a bit off. I’ll talk to him when I get back. For now, let me apologize on his behalf.”

Lu Yang didn’t know what else to say.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly dropped to freezing point.

Finally, Lu Nian bought the teaching material. The waitress led her all the way up and took her to the door before leaving.

She carefully pushed open the door to the private room, peeked in, and took a quick look inside.

But the teenager happened to be sitting right by the door, and their eyes met directly.

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