Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 32.2

“Who are you calling an idiot? I’m quite clever.” Ming Ge had just finished drinking with a guest and couldn’t help but slap the straight spine of the boy in front of him, who was as beautiful as a flower and as precious as jade. “You little rascal.”

This was an old nickname that had been abandoned for a long time.

When Qin Si and Ming Ge first met, he was just over ten years old, with nothing to his name, ragged clothes, covered in wounds, but with a pair of big, bright, beautiful eyes.

Clearly still a child, his words and actions were so mature that it was unbelievable.

He was also incredibly cautious; when they first met, he tricked Ming Ge many times, and Ming Ge would often curse him as a little rascal, both openly and secretly.

And now he had grown so much.

“You still worry too much.” He looked at Qin Si. “Think more about yourself when you have nothing else to do.”

The boy’s thin lips pursed slightly. “Just take care of yourself.”

“I take care of myself very well.” Ming Ge patted his chest.

“You, go back and study your books well, pass the exam, and then work hard to win back Nian Nian.

Leave everything here to us.” Ming Ge grinned, “Time passed day by day, and June came late this year.

The temperature rose in May, and by June, the heat was already showing.

The seniors of Ancheng High School were about to graduate, with only three days left before the college entrance examination.

This was their last day at school, followed by a two-day holiday, and then directly to the college entrance examination.

There were many prayers for the college entrance examination arranged for the evening, and students could participate at home or at school, saying goodbye to their teachers and classmates.

Lu Nian sent him a text message, “Are you coming to school tonight?”

After all, this should be Qin Si’s last time at school.

Lu Nian was still in the second year of high school and would stay here for another year.

Ancheng High School was one of Ancheng’s major exam sites, so they had naturally been given a break to go home, and she had been at home for two days now.

Every day, she took out her phone, wanting to text him, but she resisted.

After all, time was precious now, and Qin Si had no time or energy for aimless chatting like this.

However, she didn’t have much hope for this text message, because with Qin Si’s personality, he wouldn’t participate in such activities at all.

He replied, “I’ll come.”

Lu Nian doubted her eyes, but she didn’t ask for a reason. “That’s great, I’ll go to school tonight to get my books.”

Just one meeting would be enough.

She smiled, jumped off the bed, and wanted to confirm his condition and whether he was completely healed.

The school was not very strict tonight, and many students from other schools could also come in.

Not to mention Lu Nian, a legitimate student of the attached high school, she had an unobstructed path and quickly arrived at the fountain square in the center of the school.

“I’m in the square.” She texted Qin Si with her head down.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she sent it, she turned around and saw him.

He was standing not far away under the wisteria pergola, wearing a simple school uniform shirt, his bones long and stretched, looking so simple yet so handsome.

Lu Nian hurried over.

It felt like it had been a long time since she had seen Qin Si since they parted last time.

She tilted her head, carefully examining him, and smiled, “You’ve been doing well during this time.”

Much better than before, at least not as pale.

Every time she looked at him like this, he would feel uneasy.

Especially when she came closer to him to talk.

The boy’s thin jawline was somewhat tense, his long phoenix eyes drooping, and his gaze not meeting hers.

Fortunately, the night covered his expression, and she couldn’t see his face.

“You guys are graduating.” Lu Nian walked with him on campus, muttering, “I still have to stay here for another year.”

“Right, Qin Si, did I ask you last time?” Lu Nian suddenly remembered, lowering her voice, “Where are you planning to apply?”

Qin Si, “I haven’t decided.”

Lu Nian, “You said the same last time, but you will definitely apply out of town, right?”

Ancheng had a good economy, but its education system had not kept pace with its economic development.

With Qin Si’s current grades, the best university in Ancheng was far from matching his scores.

Every year, outstanding students graduating from Ancheng High School would fly away like dandelions after graduation, leaving their hometown.

This had become an unwritten rule.

He didn’t answer.

He had a good memory and always remembered what she had said last time, that she might go abroad after high school.

Lu Nian continued to ask, “Are you going out of town?”

His voice seemed a bit colder, “It’s the same wherever I go.”

Lu Nian, “That’s true.”

Come to think of it, Qin Si had no parents, no relatives, and seemingly few friends. There was no such thing as being reluctant to leave.

That was also good, saving her the trouble.

She had thought… that she would need to comfort him and persuade him not to be sad when the time came, but now it seemed that he was quite open-minded.

Lu Nian fell silent too.

Tonight, the night breeze seemed to carry a hint of restlessness.

The two walked side by side in the vast campus, neither speaking, but the atmosphere was strangely not awkward.

Not far away, there were students writing wishes on paper strips, bending over to write their names and the university they wished to attend, and then earnestly pasting the paper on the wall of the wishing wall that was said to be effective.

The campus of the attached high school was large, with streetlights spaced apart, so most of it was covered in darkness, and nothing could be seen clearly.

Moreover, there were too many people, and it was almost impossible to see who was who.

This was why she could walk with Qin Si in the campus so confidently and legitimately this time.

Lu Nian helped him get a wish card, so there was nothing else she wanted to do.

They walked past the teaching building, and the surroundings became darker.

Lu Nian vaguely saw two figures not far away in the corner of her eye.

Seemed to be… talking?

Because she had been immersed in drawing recently, her eyesight had deteriorated a bit.

Lu Nian rubbed her eyes, and a streetlight that had originally dimmed for some reason suddenly flickered on, although the light was still dim.

Lu Nian finally saw one of them clearly, facing her.

With long hair down to her waist, a graceful and elegant appearance… wasn’t that Su Qingyou?

And the other person, seemed to be a boy? Taller than Su Qingyou by a head, his back view was also particularly familiar.

They seemed not to have noticed her and Qin Si.

Lu Nian hesitated whether to go around, but saw Su Qingyou suddenly smile, whisper something, and use her fingers to tuck a strand of black hair that had fallen on her cheek, leaning towards the boy, then…

Her vision went dark.

She had her eyes covered.

The boy’s fingers were long and cold, and he pulled her, forcibly pulling her away from that corner.


In an instant, his breath covered her overwhelmingly.

The difference in size between the boy and the girl was particularly obvious at this moment.

Lu Nian realized that if she shrank into his arms, she was just a tiny ball.

It was something she hadn’t felt when she accidentally fell at his house last time.

Unfortunately, this was not a gentle embrace.

The boy had already let go of her hand quickly after pulling her away from the corner.

She suddenly felt a little angry and asked, “What was that just now?”

Facing the girl’s clear gaze, she was fair-skinned with black hair, clean like snow, and clear as if without impurities.

Her skin was too delicate.

He hadn’t paid attention to controlling his strength just now.

She was unconsciously rubbing her left wrist.

Faint finger marks had already appeared on her snow-white slender wrist.

It was left by him.

The boy’s ears turned red, and he stiffly said, “There’s nothing to see.”

“I didn’t mean to look.” Lu Nian said, “I’m leaving, and they are not like us, just coming over here… you’re overreacting.”

She was starting to suspect that Qin Si might actually have a crush on Su Qingyou, otherwise why would he react so strongly.

Not the same.

It might never be the same.

He thought.

When the girl was unhappy, her lips would slightly curl up, watery and pink, clean and soft.

He forced himself to look away.

For the umpteenth time, he suppressed all those improper thoughts.

The evening breeze carried a sense of restlessness.

Because of the inexplicable encounter just now, the atmosphere between them seemed to have become somewhat strange.

Qin Si was originally a man of few words, and now he was even more so.

For some reason, Lu Nian didn’t want to speak anymore either.

It was getting late.

However, this time she came out to see him, and confirmed that everything was fine.

Lu Nian had no more regrets.

After circling around, Lu Nian checked the time and it was time for the Lu family, who had agreed to come and pick her up.

“Good luck with your exams,” she said finally.

She said, “My family is here.”

The boy remained silent.

In the evening breeze, the girl’s long black hair was lifted by the wind.

As she turned around, she smiled at him, her lips curved elegantly, and she crossed the road and got into the Lu family’s car.

In the evening breeze, the boy’s tall shadow stretched long.

He didn’t leave, standing quietly, watching the car disappear at the other end of the road.

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