Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 33

This June seemed particularly hot, and during the college entrance examination, the sun was shining brightly.

The entrance of Fuzhong was packed to the point of being impassable. Most parents came together, anxiously waiting for their children to come out.

The hotels near Fuzhong had all been booked early, just to allow the examinees to rest for a while and avoid unnecessary travel.

Lu Nian was still on vacation at home.

When the exams officially began, she felt even more nervous than Qin Si.

She hadn’t contacted him these two days, but she had seen the current situation at the entrance of Fuzhong on the local TV station, and she felt uneasy.

After all, Qin Si had no parents or relatives, so naturally, there was no one at home to take care of him.

It was estimated that when he returned home after a day of exams, the house would still be deserted.

He might even have to cook for himself.

Last time he got sick, it was because of irregular eating habits that hurt his stomach.

Although she knew that Qin Si had been independent since he was young and was not a sentimental person, he might have been used to it long ago and didn’t need such care.

But she still wanted to help.

The Lu family had a dedicated chef and usually had dealings with some city-level star-rated restaurants.

Lu Nian asked Miao Miao casually and quickly got an internal phone number for one of the restaurants.

Afraid of being found out by Lu Zhihong, she didn’t reveal her identity to the restaurant.

After communicating with them, she anonymously ordered two days’ worth of meals for him, and she specifically instructed the restaurant to add a small card wishing him good luck in the college entrance examination.

Although she didn’t know if it would make a difference or if he would accept it, it still made her feel a little relieved.

Time passed quickly, and now she only had time at night to do things she wanted to do.

During these few days of vacation, she had been taking English classes at home during the day—reading and writing in the morning, and speaking in the afternoon.

The speaking teacher was British, and the class was relatively relaxed and enjoyable.

The reading and writing teacher was from a training institution, in her late twenties, and the pace of her classes was fast and strict.

Lu Nian was exhausted after each class.

On the second day of the college entrance examination, when the afternoon classes were about to end.

Tian Yue called her, “Nian Nian, the weather is so nice now. Do you want to go out and play?”

The weather was perfect.

Looking out from the study window, the sky was deep blue, and the temperature was just right.

There was a gentle and refreshing breeze blowing.

Lu Zhihong was chatting with Shu Hengping about Lu Nian’s situation. Hearing the little girl’s words on the phone, he frowned.

Lu Nian covered the phone and lowered her eyelashes.

She had always been very quiet in front of Lu Zhihong.

Shu Hengping glanced at her and said to Lu Zhihong, “Nian Nian has made a lot of progress recently. We have a high intensity of study usually, and a proper balance of work and rest is helpful for children’s learning.”

Indeed, there had been progress.

Lu Nian seemed a little out of sorts these past two days.

At this moment, she looked listless, her face pale and lacking color.

Lu Zhihong thought that she was not in good health, and these days must have been too hard for her.

“Are you going out with Tian Yue?”

Lu Nian nodded, “Yes.”

Lu Zhihong said slowly, “Then go, but be safe on the road. Xiao Yang is off today. Do you want him to accompany you?”

Lu Nian said softly, “We are both girls. We just want to go shopping…”

Lu Zhihong thought about it. It would be inconvenient for Lu Yang to follow them all the way.

The girls might also want to chat and shop, buying things that girls liked.

He said, “Then go, remember to answer the phone at home.”

Lu Nian felt relieved.

She happily changed her clothes and went out to meet Tian Yue.

They met at the central mall and went shopping together.

Lu Nian rarely had the idea of buying new clothes, but today she bought several dresses.

This summer, she would soon celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

Miao Miao said that the Lu family had already arranged a coming-of-age gift for her, including the dress she would wear at the birthday party.

Lu Nian didn’t like that kind of occasion.

She would rather wear the dress she chose herself and meet with friends outside freely.

They chatted about gossip and relaxed.

They sat in a cafe and rested.

The sun was gradually setting, and Lu Nian began to glance at the time frequently.

She hadn’t even touched the strawberry brownie in front of her.

Influenced by her, Tian Yue also looked down and said, “The college entrance examination should be over soon.”

The last exam is English, and it should end at 5:00 p.m.

Lu Nian: “Hmm.”

Tian Yue sighed, “They can go crazy tonight, while we have to endure for another year. We’re too miserable.”

Lu Nian: “How can they go crazy?”

“What else can they do? Confess their feelings, sing karaoke, drink, go on dates, just let their hormones run wild, do whatever they want,” Tian Yue said. “After all, it’s about releasing hormones, do whatever they want.”

Lu Nian pursed her lips, not sure what she was thinking, but she suddenly felt a bit unhappy.

As time passed, the two of them were getting tired from shopping.

They had been sitting here for a long time, and Lu Nian didn’t want to go home at all.

She looked out the window, where people were coming and going, and the sun was gradually setting.

A thought popped into her mind, and once it did, it grew stronger and stronger, no matter how much she tried to suppress it.

She called Zhao Yayuan.

“Coming to my house for dinner again?” Zhao Yayuan took off her earphones, smiling ambiguously. “How many times is this? I haven’t even seen Miss Lu once. This dinner is really saving you money.”

Lu Nian gritted her teeth, “Please, I have no other way.”

Her voice was very soft, with a chewy tone, soft and charming when asking for help.

“You’re using me as a shield again,” Zhao Yayuan said lazily, “and then you go out with other men. Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“I’m with classmates now,” Lu Nian emphasized, “Girls.”

She said this with no confidence.

Although he seemed indifferent, Zhao Yayuan was actually very shrewd and hard to fool.

Lu Nian had always thought he was very tricky, even more so than his brother.

It’s no wonder that in the original book, Zhao Tingyuan was always a puppet with no ability, and the Zhao family was finally controlled by Zhao Yayuan.

If it weren’t for the female lead’s interference in the end.

Sure enough, Zhao Yayuan didn’t believe it at all.

The boy spoke slowly, with a clear voice, but he sounded nonchalant, “Unless you give me something sweet, I won’t help you.”

Lu Nian hung up the phone directly.

It seemed like this wouldn’t work.

With this idea cut off, she was very worried.

How could she temporarily get away without being discovered by Lu Zhihong?

Coincidentally, she received a call from Lu Yang at this time. “Nian Nian, are you almost done shopping? The car from home is coming to pick you up soon. Give me an address.”

Lu Nian asked him, “Is Dad still at home?”

Lu Yang said, “Uncle has gone out for business. He won’t be back tonight.”

Lu Nian’s eyes lit up.

“Where are you now?” Lu Yang asked, “And who are you with?”

Normally, Lu Nian would be annoyed by this kind of check, and she rarely answered.

But this time, she surprisingly cooperated.

She sent Lu Yang a photo, taken by Tian Yue, of the two of them in the cafe, smiling sweetly at the camera, with no one else around.

“Brother, I’m in a cafe with my classmates now,” Lu Nian said, “Having a great time.”

Lu Nian rarely smiled like this, her eyes curved, the scattered sunlight casting a delicate shadow on her fair cheeks.

It was completely different from her introverted and quiet appearance at home, showing that she was indeed having a very enjoyable time.

Lu Nian tentatively said, “I don’t want to go back tonight. I want to eat out with my friends.”

Lu Yang had just looked away from the photo, and his first reaction was to refuse.

However… Lu Nian rarely seemed so happy. If he poured cold water on her now, she would definitely be unhappy.

Lu Yang hesitated for a long time, “Be safe, and you mustn’t stay out past nine o’clock. I’ll come pick you up then.”

“Brother, can you not tell Dad about this?” Lu Nian’s voice lowered, with a hint of suppressed grievance, “I’m afraid Dad will scold me when he finds out.”

Lu Yang was silent for a moment, “Come back early, and I won’t say anything.”

She hung up the phone, took a long breath, unable to hide her happiness.

Tian Yue had been watching the whole time from across the table.

She sighed, “You’re so good at acting cute.”

Which man could resist her acting cute like this? He was probably going to be soft-hearted.

How did she become like this?

Lu Nian didn’t even want to think about it, “There is.”

For example, Qin Si.

If she acted like this with him, Qin Si would probably just find it disgusting and coldly scold her to be normal.

A heartless man.

She snorted.

“So which friend are you going to have dinner with tonight?” Tian Yue’s tone was a bit sarcastic, “It’s so difficult to plan and arrange.”

Lu Nian: “…”

Tian Yue glanced at her, “Is there something going on with you?”

Lu Nian pursed her lips, “No.”

What could be going on? She wished there was, but others might not.

“We’ve always thought you and the Second Young Master Zhao were a couple.”

Lu Nian burst into laughter, her eyes curved, “How could you have such a strange idea?”

“It’s been widely spread,” Tian Yue murmured, “Do you want to hear the most widely spread one? It’s said that your two families have already arranged for you to study abroad together in the future, and then, after graduating from university, you’ll get married directly.”

“The second most widely spread one, there’s also a saying that you’re now hesitating between the Zhao brothers,”

Tian Yue said with a keen gaze, “The brothers of a wealthy family are at odds, all because of a beautiful woman…”

Lu Nian was stunned, thunderstruck by the rumors.

“Please stop,” she covered her ears, in unbearable pain, “Do Zhao Yayuan know about these rumors?”

Even if he knew, with his devilish character, if he didn’t expose those people, he would still be worried about her brothers’ discord.

Could they make it even more absurd?

Tian Yue laughed so hard she almost fell off her chair.

They left the cafe.

They left their purchases in storage.

Lu Nian took a taxi and headed towards the middle school.

“Today is the last exam of the college entrance examination, just finished.” The driver said, “It’s probably going to be very congested over there.”

Sure enough, as they approached the area near the middle school, the road was particularly congested, and the car was moving slowly, not moving at all for a while.

Seeing that they were not far from the school, a walk of less than ten minutes.

Lu Nian simply said, “Master, please stop here. I’ll walk the rest of the way.”

Walking under the Chinese parasol trees, the daylight of summer stretched out, showing no sign of dimming.

Lu Nian walked lightly.

There were crowds of people at the gate of the middle school, some had already dispersed, but there were still a terrifying number of people.

She took out her phone, intending to call Qin Si.

The call just went out.

She glanced casually into the distance and unexpectedly saw him.

The young man stood under the Chinese parasol tree, his back straight and tall.

He had an old backpack slung over one shoulder and wore a plain black short-sleeved t-shirt.

Although his outfit was very plain, it looked exceptionally good on him.

His features were as calm as usual, showing no signs of excitement or fatigue after the exam.

Lu Nian saw him take out his phone from his pocket.

She held her breath, tiptoed, and went around him from behind.

She wanted to sneak past him and give him a fright.

However, he reacted much faster than she expected.

Lu Nian was startled by his cold and beautiful black eyes staring down at her.

For some reason, her heart raced, and all she could do was give a dry laugh, hiding her hands behind her back.

Lu Nian: “I’m here with a friend.”

Qin Si’s steps paused for a moment, “Hmm.”

He habitually restrained himself from thinking about who her friend might be.

Lu Nian walked a bit behind him, tilting her head, “How was the exam?”

He replied, “Average.”

Lu Nian: “…”

She suddenly felt a bit flustered.

Although Qin Si’s grades were usually outstanding, the college entrance examination depended a lot on performance and state of mind.

No one had watched over him during those two days. Could it be…?

Only now did the young man finally glance at her, “Not your kind of average.”

Lu Nian: “…”

Was this contempt from the study god?

“Where are you planning to go tonight?” Walking on the tree-lined path, the girl’s hands were behind her back, her steps light.

She seemed nonchalant as she asked, “Are you going to a classmate gathering or to a bar to drink?”

Qin Si: “Neither. I’m going home.”

Except when necessary, he basically didn’t drink.

Thinking of Bai Xi, Lu Nian muttered, “Okay, going home for a date, right?”

The young man pursed his lips and didn’t answer in the end.

He had never made an appointment with anyone, let alone brought someone home.

Apart from her, only Ming Ge had been to his house once when it was still under renovation.

“Don’t forget, you gave me a key.” Lu Nian hummed, “If you’re doing anything at home, I might just come in directly. Don’t let me catch you doing anything out of line.”

He’d better be more restrained and not do anything inappropriate.

The girl’s clean, big eyes stared at him as if condemning him.

A strong sense of shame mixed with guilt surged up, his face turning crimson.

He looked very uncomfortable, his throat dry, and dared not look at her again.

The words he had wanted to say seemed to be blocked halfway, and his mind became unclear all of a sudden.

The young man walked faster and faster, tall with long legs.

Lu Nian couldn’t keep up at all, and she was left behind, unable to see his expression at all.

She was puzzled, “Hey, wait for me.”

After a long while, he finally calmed down a bit, and Lu Nian finally caught up, her small face flushed from running.

“Are you free later?”

“Yeah, I’m free,” Lu Nian replied crisply. “What’s up? Do you want to make plans with me?”

He could almost hear his own heartbeat, blood rushing, feeling embarrassed and awkward.

Finally, he said, “…It’s to return the dinner you gave me.”

Lu Nian understood.

Was he referring to the dinner she ordered for him during his two days of the college entrance exam?

Indeed, he settled the score without missing a penny, not wanting to owe her anything.

Last time, she didn’t agree to his invitation, and now it seemed he was reappearing because of this matter.

However, now that his college entrance exam was over, she was also looking for a way to get away from home.

She remembered the last time they had dinner together, which was during Chinese New Year.

He had taken her out of the Lu family late at night, and they had a happy hotpot meal together in that crowded yet warm little restaurant.

“So, is this an invitation from you?” The girl seemed to be pondering. “But, weren’t you not very fond of directly repaying money before?”

It sounded really cool and stylish to say, “I’ve already calculated it for you. I’ll transfer it to your account in a few days.”

Qin Si: “…”

His ears were burning red, forced into a corner, embarrassed and unable to say anything.

But Lu Nian was just teasing him a little bit out of impulse.

She really didn’t dare to tease him too much.

After saying these words, she already regretted it.

“I’ll go then,” she said. “Okay, I know you’re trying to repay the favor.”

With her big, bright eyes, the girl asked again, “Are you going with Ming Ge and Xiao Qu?”

Lu Nian didn’t mind much. Being with him was enough, and she quite liked Huang Mao Xiao Qu and Ming Ge.

The last time they had dinner together was very enjoyable.

Of course, among these “many people,” Bai Xi was excluded.

Hearing her mention those names, his fingers tightened, suddenly remembering her rejection last time.

“Just me,” he said, looking away, his voice cold. “If you don’t want to go, forget it.”

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