Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself
Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself Chapter 20.1

Chapter 20.1

When the weather gets hot, you have to keep the air conditioner on when you go to bed at night, otherwise, even the mat will end up drenched in the morning.

Peng Xingwang often claimed he wanted to save many, so from time to time, he would sleep with Jiang Wang. The frequency was not too much to be too clingy, but sometimes he would act spoiled and come over to enjoy the air conditioning.

At first, he slept properly, but later on, like a puppy full of trust, he would fall asleep and collapse with limbs sprawled out and sometimes rolled around.

Sometimes when Jiang Wang woke up in the morning, he would see the child sprawled in all directions, with his back and legs twisted into awkward angles outside the quilt.

If this continued, sooner or later he could potentially develop a herniated disk

When Fang Quan called, the room was still dark, and similar muffled groans were coming from the adult and the child as if they could continue to sleep for a long time.

“…Hello.” Jiang Wang turned over, “What’s the matter?”

“Brother Jiang! It’s me, Xiaofang!” Fang Quan said energetically, “Is it convenient for you now? I have reserved a very good house for you. It’s the kind you said you wanted to buy last time!”

The man had been busy working until two o’clock in the morning yesterday, so his brain was empty at the moment.

“A house?”

“It’s a ten-minute walk from the top middle school and a fifteen-minute drive by bus or car to Hongshan Elementary School. The transportation is convenient and there is a big supermarket next to it. Moreover!! The landlord’s family is going abroad, so he is in a hurry to sell it. The price is very low, and you can negotiate to get the bottom line!”

“There are already two families looking at the house now, Bro, I’ll hold it for you here first. Can you come and see it later?”

Jiang Wang finally woke up a little bit and responded.

“Okay, I’ll come over later.”

Peng Xingwang lay flat on his belly while sleeping, and was poked coldly.

“Wake up and follow me to see the house.”

“… Do I have to go too?” The child lay in the bed, “The place where we’re living now is very good.”

“You’re going to summer camp tomorrow. You’re free today anyway. Get up.”

When they left, he looked at his watch and it was only half past twelve.

The two of them packed two cups of soy milk and fried dough sticks from downstairs, both without cilantro, slightly spicy with an egg and a sausage. The boss had memorized their preferences long ago.

The house was located in a quiet high-end residential area. The security guards patrol 24 hours a day and the greenery was comparable to a garden with large areas of lavender, ivy, roses, and other plants.

Peng Xingwang hadn’t fully woken up yet, and he was a little overwhelmed when he walked in.

“Brother… are you going to buy such a nice house?”

It was his first time entering such a place.

Jiang Wang was noncommittal, but followed the text messages of the designated house number, and then was taken aback.

A flat-headed guy was comforting the landlord, and when he saw Boss Jiang appearing at the door, he rushed over.

“Brother Jiang! Take a look!”

“The interior decoration style is also the one you like! Simple, low-key with a cool color scheme! ”

“Brother Jiang, let me tell you, this is the first high-end residential area in our city with its own fresh air system and central air conditioning. And the house has only been lived in for three years and has no smell. You can move in anytime as soon as you buy it!”

The man looked for a while.

“I did mention that I wanted to buy a house.” He cleared his throat with a gentle expression, “But I didn’t say I wanted to buy a small villa, right?”

What’s more, it was a standalone three-story villa.

Of course, this kind of house was very popular in first and second-tier cities, and its value increases every year like riding a rocket to the moon.

The problem is… this was City A, and the only people who would live here were him and Peng Xingwang.

“The house is indeed a bit bigger,” Fang Quan smiled awkwardly, “Five bedrooms and three living rooms, equipped with a small garden, but Brother Jiang, look at the price —the landlord is in a hurry to sell it. The price is very low, I treat you as a friend, that’s why I brought you here.”

That’s right, 350 square meters for less than one million, with a full set of interior decorations and solid wood furniture. If you buy it, you really won’t lose money.

“Don’t just look at the five rooms,” Fang Quan said with a serious expression, “You can set up a gym, a study room, and even a home theater. You can arrange it however you want.” 

“Of course, it is also quite convenient for you to bring your parents to take care of them, or invite friends over from time to time to spend the night!”

Jiang Wang was a little tempted by the cheap price that came along.

He inexplicably thought of a better option.

The house where Teacher Ji lives now was small and old, so it’s better to come here and rent a single room.

…But it seems too enthusiastic to invite him over now, he should get to know him better before suggesting it again.

Peng Xingwang followed Jiang Wang up and down, seeing the man was still thinking he asked questions cautiously.

“If there are too many rooms, can you rent one to my father?”

“It’s unlikely,” Jiang Wang shook his head and said, “Your dad will be very busy in the future, he will have to go to other provinces on business trips every three to five days.”


Since Peng Jiahui started selling cotton candy, the whole person looked like he’d been injected with chicken blood. Late at night, he made ambitious plans with Jiang Wang to buy a house by himself.

He seemed to have been in a muddle for 30 years and then suddenly figured it out, so he deliberately applied for a more difficult job assessment at the company, and took the initiative to run further business.

But he was too busy with work to take care of his child, so he had to reluctantly ask Jiang Wang to take care of him for a while.

Jiang Wang had no problem with this at all.

He never conceals things like this from children. He said as much as he knew, and the child’s eyes shone as he listened. 

“That’s great,” Peng Xingwang said, covering his face, “Dad has changed a lot, it’s like someone cast magic on him.”

Jiang Wang thought to himself, I feel like a fairy, so I’ll accept this praise for now.

“This house is indeed in a good location,” he and the child looked down from the balcony together. “You can set up a swing in the small garden. The balcony has good sunlight, we can put two reclining chairs for tea and reading.”

There were green bamboo and flowers everywhere, and the air smelled relaxing. No one was constantly burning coal stoves, making the corridor endlessly dirty.

Fang Quan stood in the small garden with the landlord, raising his head and shouting at Jiang Wang, “The landlord promised to make it 20,000 cheaper! Brother Jiang! Think about it!”

“I don’t need to think about it!!” Jiang Wang shouted back, “I’ll pay with my card directly!”

The next day, Xingwang reluctantly boarded the summer camp bus, still thinking of his new home covered with green vines like a fairy tale.

The elder brother said that he wanted to make a slide from the third floor to the living room, a slide!

He also said that they could hatch bird eggs and raise a few parrots in the garden, so there would be birds singing every morning!

“Have fun, and pay attention to safety!” Jiang Wang waved goodbye and turned around to leave when he saw the bus disappear on the corner of the street.

He handed over the renovation of the soft furnishings of his new home to a trusted friend and turned his attention to studying a new business opportunity.


There was a reason why Jiang Wang specifically ordered his subordinates to collect and organize the big data of the carnival, to see which projects made the most money and which goods were consumed the fastest.

He didn’t understand software programs and couldn’t easily invest in industries he was not familiar with. On the contrary, he paid extra attention to these down-to-earth matters.

Then he unexpectedly discovered that a wig shop had surpassed stationery and catering to become the second highest in sales. It was like a dark horse with thick hair sprouting in the business community.

Jiang Wang was a little suspicious of the authenticity of the data he received that day, so he personally went to the store to study it carefully and then laughed dumbfounded.

“Boss Jiang, don’t you know,” The little boss in the store is also happy to share his business experience, “The young people nowadays really like this… what do they call it again, Forget Love?”

It’s Forgetting Love, and also a non-mainstream trend.[1]忘了爱; TL/N: I don’t know which trend this is (;𖦹ㅁ𖦹) if anyone has an idea let me know please

Jiang Wang had a certain generation gap with the current cultural trend, but he quickly understood what was happening.

Quietly, a completely new wave was coming.

The trendiest language was Martian[2]“Martian language” is a term that refers to a type of internet language, which literally translates to “Martian script” it is used to describe a form of language used by young … Continue reading. Junior high school students secretly wore wigs and pouted for photos, and QQ became the new popular social platform.

If they really had their hair extended to 2.3 feet, dyed with a handful of fluorescent red and large patches of opium green, and then used hair gel to create a triangular flipped hairstyle, the ending result would most likely be a school demerit and work persuades them to withdraw.

A group of teenagers liked to compare themselves with each other, they secretly wore wigs after class and pretended to be cool. Today, they would be the Green-haired Brother on Chen’s Street, and tomorrow they would be the Melancholic Guy from No. 6, just one step away from getting a tattoo on their arms.

Jiang Wang smiled on the surface and moved on. He also tried selling a small batch of finished wigs with exaggerated styles in the bookstore.

It was sold out on the same day.

Everyone bought and wore them secretly, driven by curiosity despite their timidity.

After much contemplation, Boss Jiang contacted the wig factory again and decided to sell some wigs and clothes for cosplay along the way.

Be it a double ponytail extension, waist-length fake fur, and fox ears, as long as the student made a demand, he dared to purchase the goods.

As a result, the flow of people in the bookstore quietly increased once again.

Some students will go in mysteriously, acting like they were making underground transactions, paying in one hand and exchanging goods in the other.

“Do you have white hair? How about red contact lenses? Ahem, I want to cosplay as that character…”

“Feel the texture of the new product, see how it feels, buy two and get free hair gel, want some?”

The students walked out with their bags on their backs, and when they faced the aunts and uncles on the street, they maintained a serious expression, as if they had just finished an all-night review for the Mathematics Olympiad.

The frequency of bizarre and unconventional clothing appearing in parks and near historical buildings in the city increased, gradually becoming a unique sight.

Boss Jiang used the new perspective to expand the functions of the bookstore, but he still felt a little lonely.

How could it be this quiet just because the children left?

No one clamored for oranges at night, and the people who were supposed to keep an eye on the store turned into part-time students who dozed off occasionally.

No one watched TV at all, and even when a certain program played in the background, it felt unfamiliar.

He started to miss the children.

Although the summer camp was only two weeks, he inexplicably felt that something was off with the day.

As a tough guy, Jiang Wang didn’t allow himself to be too sentimental, but when he got home, he would clean up Xingwang’s room and open the windows for ventilation.

The child called using his IC card, and Jiang Wang pretended to be hard-mouthed.

“Miss you? I rarely get peace and quiet, and these days have finally been calm.”

Peng Xingwang hummed coquettishly, “Brother— I miss you~ do you miss me too?”

“Alright, alright, I miss you, I miss you. I really can’t do anything with you.”

The two of them playfully and affectionately talked on the phone for a while, until the assistant brought over a stack of documents.

“Boss Jiang, these are the contracts and mails for the past two days.”

Boss Jiang regained his expressionless cool image in one second, “Oh.”

The assistant held back his internal complaints and handed him the letters with stamps.

“There is a letter from Cizhou, and the recipient is Peng Xingwang.”

Jiang Wang took the thick letter and realized it was Du Wenjuan who wrote the hand-written letter.

He was stunned for a few seconds, and the assistant whispered again.

“There is also another one addressed to you.”

Jiang Wang stretched out his hand and pinched the letter with his fingers, he found that there were indeed two letters.

“…I have one too?” The man unconsciously smiled, “I see, let me take a look first.”

After the assistant left, Jiang Wang carefully opened the sealed envelope with a small knife and took out the carefully folded letter paper.

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1 忘了爱; TL/N: I don’t know which trend this is (;𖦹ㅁ𖦹) if anyone has an idea let me know please
2 “Martian language” is a term that refers to a type of internet language, which literally translates to “Martian script” it is used to describe a form of language used by young internet users for convenience or to express individuality. There is extensive use of homophonic words, words with similar sounds, and special symbols to represent the pronunciation of words
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