Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself
Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Ji Linqiu waited until Peng Xingwang went back to his room to do his homework before calling Jiang Wang over.

“Why did you send me a card too?”

Jiang Wang wanted to light a cigarette before answering him and then remembered that Ji Linqiu didn’t seem to like him smoking, so he put down his fumbling hand.

He had no choice but to face this question right now.

“Because… respect.” He said the first sentence very slowly, then followed with a second sentence quickly, “You’ve changed me a lot.”

Ji Linqiu looked at him suspiciously, as if doubtful of his explanation.

“It’s not because of Xingxing forcing you to write it, is it?” He asked him again: “If this is the case… I would think it’s a pity.”

“Why is it a pity?” Jiang Wang finally looked at the other.

“Because,” Ji Linqiu was also caught off guard by the question, and took a few seconds to answer, “I still hope you sincerely wanted to write a greeting card for me.”

Not because you just wanted to get it over with.

“Of course, I sincerely wanted to.”

Jiang Wang finished answering and quickly left as if he was afraid of being asked further questions.

He returned to his room and sat at the end of the bed for a while, not knowing what he was waiting for.

He didn’t understand much of what he was feeling, but he also realized he didn’t want to smoke at all.

Perhaps for a long time now, he had only smoked to temporarily avoid some of his problems.

He might not need to smoke at all.

Days passed in peace, and one night Peng Jiahui suddenly texted.

He didn’t seem to be in a good mood when he sent the message.

“Boss Jiang, do you have time to have a drink with your buddy?”

Jiang Wang was currently drinking beer while watching football. He neither liked to drink beer nor watch football at night, but still occasionally does so as he longed for his life twenty years later.

Looking at the watch showing it was 11:30 in the evening, he thought it really wasn’t a good time.

After thinking about it, he still didn’t refuse.

The meeting place was in a food stall. Jiang Wang had been here before. The owner liked to put garlic on the grilled skewers which made eating too much of it hurt your stomach.

But in fact, the craftsmanship was very good. They had mastered control of the fire and cooked the meat enough to be crispy and have just a little bit of burnt fragrance.

The wine glass in front of Peng Jiahui was already full, and the glass in front of the empty seat was also full.

When Jiang Wang sat in front of him, the middle-aged man had already drunk a little too much and belched before he could say anything.

Jiang Wang came here today with no intention of acting as a nanny for this bastard again. He just wanted to see what this guy was up to.

Perhaps it was also because he was called brother by his father in the middle of the night, so he could only bite the bullet and come.

“Got dumped again?” He said calmly, “You said it yourself, love isn’t a good thing.”

Peng Jiahui waved his hand and continued to drink.

The beer barrels in the barbecue shop were actually diluted with water, so the alcohol content was not as high as the one in the freezer. They were easier to drink.

After drinking a half glass more, Peng Jiahui spoke with a bitter face and a string of words. The content was nothing more than how much anger he had suffered in the company.

In the past two months, in order to get promoted and raise his salary, Peng Jiahui took the initiative to take on difficult and troublesome jobs to solve the company’s problems. He really put in a lot of effort to get things done.

However, the supervisor above him took credit for his performance and his achievements, he didn’t mention Peng Jiahui at all.

“F*ck, they’re all just helping their grandsons.”[1]Favoring themselves or their own interests.

Jiang Wang thought that this kind of boss might even make you wear small shoes in the future,[2]The boss will continue to intentionally make trouble and cause problems for you in the future. but he didn’t say anything, only occasionally drinking sips of malt beer and quietly listening.

As he watched his father not doing so well, his heart somehow felt secretly relieved, and his conscience didn’t hurt much.

After all, when he was a child, he was beaten so many times for no reason and cried in pain. Maybe this was just an act of retribution.

But on the surface, there was no need to add insult to injury and say anything negative. It was just right to drink as friends.

Peng Jiahui scolded so hard that he even scolded himself. He felt distressed for the money as he drank, so took a closer look and carefully sipped the splashes on the edge of the cup. After all, he didn’t get even a penny of the bonus.

After he was tired enough, he finally took a break for a while and looked over as if waiting for Jiang Wang to speak.

Jiang Wang held his head to look at him but didn’t speak.

He wasn’t Doraemon, able to solve everything and anything. He was just here to listen to the complaints, but not get too involved.

Peng Jiahui couldn’t look at Jiang Wang’s gaze for too long. He lowered his head and spoke irritably, but his voice was so low that he seemed to be talking to himself.

“What else can I do?”

The worst thing about becoming an adult was this.

As a junior high school student, you can ask the teacher if you encounter difficult questions, and you can ask your parents if you are in trouble.

But as an adult, whether it was a business operation failing or the workplace not going well, there was no one to ask for help or rely on.

Peng Jiahui’s expression became very bitter, as if he had finally begun to understand the world with his eyes after waking up, and passively accepting it.

“Should I resign now?” He murmured, “Or should I report the problem to my superiors or find a new job before leaving?”

Jiang Wang waved his hand, “Boss Lady, give us another five scallops, but this time with less garlic!”

The boss lady agreed, raised her hand, and added in even more garlic.

Jiang Wang, “…”

Peng Jiahui was exhausted, and finally chose the one that seemed the best, and asked Jiang Wang anxiously.

“What do you think, how about I change jobs to a better place?”

Jiang Wang didn’t give a clear answer, indicating that he was still listening.

“Yes, change jobs,” Peng Jiahui cheered himself up. “I have enough business ability. I can do this! I’ll do my best!”

He accompanied his father to drink until 1:00 in the morning.

When he returned home, the living room light was still on, and Ji Linqiu was writing his lesson plan.

Before entering the door, Jiang Wang sniffed himself to check if he still smelled of beer and garlic, and then walked in like a dog.[3]Walked in with a pretend obedient or submissive manner.

Ji Linqiu didn’t even lift his head, “Don’t ask, I just finished grading papers.”

“I wasn’t, I promise not to ask.” Jiang Wang raised his hands, wondering if he had made too many jokes about the teaching profession which made Ji Linqiu so tense.

However, in most occupations, people find ways to act like grandsons,[4]People often have to comply with or appease those in higher positions, even if it means acting subservient or obedient like grandsons. and he himself said a lot of nonsense when he bought goods from the publisher.

Ji Linqiu wrote while leaning against the back of his chair and rubbing his brows, sniffing casually.

“You specifically went out to eat skewers with friends, and didn’t bring me anything to eat?”

“No,“ Jiang Wang’s face remained unchanged, “Late-night snacks are bad for the stomach. I’m a considerate person.”

Ji Linqiu was too tired to quarrel with him. He slumped onto the table while sitting on his chair for a while, and then forcibly straightened up to write lesson plans.

Jiang Wang stood beside him and looked over for a while, helping to adjust the angle of the desk lamp.

“Tomorrow I will also put a desk lamp near this batch of documents to make the living room feel cozy.”

Jiang Wang did this the next day, and Peng Xingwang also clamored to write together on the desk when he saw this.

He really did move a stack of homework and extracurricular books to Teacher Ji’s side, and set up a third desk lamp like a professional.

The rustic wooden dining table used for high-end and gorgeous dinner parties was officially turned into a work desk. Two adults and a child got together to write and draw as if they were all working overtime.

Ji Linqiu looked up at them several times midway through, and couldn’t help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Jiang Wang said without raising his head, “We’re busy with work, don’t disturb us.”

Peng Xingwang nodded, and even after finishing his homework, he lingered and continued practicing writing and reading books.

At first, this arrangement was fine, but after a while, the two adults couldn’t take it anymore.

Peng Xingwang was okay in every other aspect, and he knew that he had to change some of the annoying habits that the two adults have nagged him about.

Like reading books like a menu.

He loved reading and because his family had opened a bookstore. He finished reading all the Chinese language textbooks made for the second grade to sixth grades of primary school.

Then he moved on to reading the long texts and recommended books of junior high school, and read them with relish.

As he read, he held the book up and read to his brother and teacher.

“–Their way of eating is exquisite. They hold the oysters with a small handkerchief, and stretch their heads slightly forward so as not to stain their robes; then their mouths move quickly, they suck in the juice and throw the shells into the sea.”

After finishing reading, the speaker blinked.

“Brother, have you ever had oysters?”

Ji Linqiu was still correcting English homework as he replied, “Oysters are also called mussels, you’ve eaten them before.”

“Not exactly, if you want the kind that is not cooked, squeeze a little lemon juice on top and then suck it.” Jiang Wang touched his chin and said, “If it’s fresh, it’s really delicious.”

Peng Xingwang was envious when he heard this and began to squirm suggestively again.

Jiang Wang fully understood what he meant and refused mercilessly. “It’s already ten o’clock in the evening, and if we were to eat oysters it should be on the weekend.”

Peng Xingwang tried to plead, “Brother, don’t you want to treat Teacher Ji to eating oysters?!”

Ji Linqiu didn’t give him a chance, “No need, Teacher Ji is trying to take care of his stomach at night so he doesn’t eat.”

The child groaned and deflated.

After a few days, Peng Xingwang finished reading a book again and then suddenly said that he wanted to eat salted duck eggs.

Jiang Wang knew that the child listened to the wind and took it as rain,[5]The child is easily influenced by rumors or gossip. so he decisively refused while pressing on his keyboard.

“It’s already 11:40, you should take a bath and go to bed now.”

Teacher Ji was burying his head in writing a report and nodded in agreement.

Peng Xingwang had a thief’s heart that would never die,[6]A cunning nature. Despite setbacks they continue to persist and are unlikely to change. so he continued to read it to them in a dragged-out voice.

“Gaoyou salted eggs are known for their fine texture and richness in oil. The egg white is soft and tender, unlike the dry and powdery texture in other places, it feels like chewing lime when consumed. The oil content is particularly unmatched by eggs from other regions.”

Ji Linqiu’s red pen paused for a moment but continued again as if he hadn’t heard it.

“When eaten normally, Gaoyou salted duck eggs are typically cracked open and eaten by using chopsticks to scoop them out. As soon as the chopsticks pierce through, a squeaking sound is made, and red oil emerges. The yolk of Gaoyou salted eggs is bright red.”

Jiang Wang was focusing on replying to emails, typing easily even with spaces and line breaks in between, basically unaffected.

Peng Xingwang persisted and read the whole article line by line, delivering it with vivid emotion with all his senses fully immersed.

Then it stopped abruptly at the end, looking around in the silence to see how the two adults would react.

Jiang Wang stood up with a dark face, “I’m going to the supermarket to buy salted duck eggs. There should still be a supermarket open at this hour.”

Ji Linqiu sighed and covered the red pen. “…I’ll go make porridge.”

They really made millet porridge late at night, stirring the golden millet thoroughly, making it bubble and boil.

When the scent of porridge drifted into the small yard, Jiang Wang came back and pushed the door open carrying a bag of salted duck eggs. He stood beside Ji Linqiu to wash and slice the eggs, taking out the golden egg yolks and arranging them like flower petals.

Peng Xingwang peered in through the kitchen door.

“Brother, did you really buy Gaoyou’s red duck eggs?”

“Grandpa Wang said that Beijing’s eggs are not authentic, and Beijing’s eggs are light yellow!”

Jiang Wang couldn’t bear it, “Yes yes yes! Hurry up and get chopsticks and bowls!!”

Ji Linqiu suppressed a smile and turned off the heat, scooping the porridge into the bowls.

Peng Xingwang looked to the side and waited, carefully watching Teacher Ji, “Teacher, are we really eating Gaoyou eggs?”

Ji Linqiu glanced at Jiang Wang, who made a gesture of wiping his neck.

“Yes,” Ji Linqiu kindly helped deceive the child, “It must be.”

Translator: asoc1a7 ꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡


1 Favoring themselves or their own interests.
2 The boss will continue to intentionally make trouble and cause problems for you in the future.
3 Walked in with a pretend obedient or submissive manner.
4 People often have to comply with or appease those in higher positions, even if it means acting subservient or obedient like grandsons.
5 The child is easily influenced by rumors or gossip.
6 A cunning nature. Despite setbacks they continue to persist and are unlikely to change.
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