Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife
Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife Chapter 73 part 1

Chapter 73 part 1

Xu Bi Ying, who was lying on the hospital bed, had calmed down.

There were several policemen, standing beside them were Xu Bi Ying’s family members. Once they saw Ruan Jiu Jiu, several people were in tears, as if they would rather kneel and beg for mercy, and asked Ruan Jiu Jiu to forgive Xu Bi Ying. Being so troubled by them made it seem like Ruan Jiu Jiu was deceiving others and wanted to use power to bully others, and that Xu Bi Ying was the real victim.

Seeing Gu You rushing forward as if he had seen a loved one. Gu You was so busy that he persuaded them to leave with good words, but with red eyes, they said that they wouldn’t leave.

Xu Bi Ying was laying on the hospital bed, her face numb as if her family’s behavior had nothing to do with her.

The doctor began to stop them: “Don’t be noisy, the ward needs to be quiet. The patient has just been rescued, and it is not good for her health to continue making a noise like this.”

Gu You also said: “You better be calm down first, let’s go out and talk, and now we have to start making a statement.”

When they heard that they were going to make a statement, a middle-aged woman who was suspected to be Xu Bi Ying’s mother cried even more: “Our Ah Ying is a pure and kind child, Gu You, don’t misunderstand, she has a bad temper, but she absolutely can’t do anything to hurt others…”

“Get out.”

Cheng Jun’s voice was not loud, but very clear. As soon as his words came out, the room became quiet in an instant. Xu Bi Ying’s mother’s face showed a little embarrassment, but she still wanted to use the usual meekness and subservience act (prostrate) to dispel Jiacheng’s boss’ anger.

“I’m a mother of a child, and in my heart…”

Cheng Jun’s gaze turned in the direction of Xu Bi Ying’s mother, causing her to be silent for a few seconds.

Tu Nan took a step forward with a cold smile: “Auntie, you probably still don’t understand the seriousness of your daughter’s crimes. I advise you to go out to blow off some steam and calm down, so as not to let your daughter sit in jail for a few more years for nothing because of your words and actions, which is not very worthwhile, right?”

“I, I…” She had never seen such a scene, but after a few tosses and turns, facing their cold stare, she felt awkward for a while.

Gu You sighed: “Auntie if you keep making trouble, you will only harm Bi Ying.”

It didn’t take long for the room to return to silence.

Xu Bi Ying was lying quietly on the bed, her mental state at this time was quite good, but her eyes were full of hostility when she looked at anyone. Especially when she saw Ruan Jiu Jiu, she wanted to jump up and choke Ruan Jiu Jiu immediately.

“You’re here.” Xu Bi Ying said hoarsely.

Ruan Jiu Jiu stood in front of the hospital bed, looked down at her, and said, “You wanted to see me?”

“…Oh. There’s something I would like to talk to you alone later.”

When Xu Bi Ying dropped these words, she could clearly feel how Ruan Jiu Jiu was being protected by several people faintly, as if she, the person lying on the hospital bed, was a wolf and a leopard. She sneered angrily and said, “I’ve already confessed, what are you guys afraid of? I can’t eat her.”

Even though he already expected the outcome, Gu You still showed sadness: “Bi Ying, you shouldn’t have. You are so stupid.”

Xu Bi Ying’s eyes were also red.

After she woke up from a coma after failing to die, she was full of unwillingness and exhaustion when she learned that Ruan Jiu Jiu was only slightly injured. Immediately afterward, the doctor regretfully informed her that her child could not be saved, Xu Bi Ying’s first reaction was astonishment, she did not expect that she would be pregnant with a child. She had slept with Nangong Ao Tian only a handful of times, and each time was an unpleasant memory. Unexpectedly, she had been pregnant with a child, who had already died without her even knowing

Xu Bi Ying touched her lower abdomen and covered her cheek with one hand, not knowing if she wanted to cry or laugh.

Why was her fate so bleak?

She still can’t figure it out!

Nangong Ao Tian was being treated in another hospital and was in stable condition. The next time they will meet again, I’m afraid, it will be in court.

Xu Bi Ying said slowly in a hoarse voice, “I admit defeat. It was my bad luck, I was not careful enough, and I have to pay a huge price. No matter how you spectators torture me, I will accept it.”

“Don’t you understand?” Ruan Jiu Jiu sighed softly, “No one wants your life, and no one wants to hurt you on purpose.

“No one tried to hurt me on purpose, only to take away something that belongs to me.” Xu Bi Ying stared hard at Ruan Jiu Jiu, “You already have enough, don’t pretend to be a good person in front of me!”

“What did I take away from you?” Ruan Jiu Jiu asked.

“My Gu You! My Cheng Jun! You took them all away, take them away!” Xu Bi Ying screamed hoarsely, tears streaming down the corners of her eyes, “They should have been mine!”

As soon as she said that, except for Ruan Jiu Jiu, several people in the room agreed that Xu Bi Ying had gone crazy. Forget about Gu You, what’s going on with staring at someone else’s husband, and what kind of thing was related to Cheng Jun? Even Gu You’s expression became unsightly.

Gu You said: “Bi Ying, I belong to me, I am not your property. The same goes for others.”

“But! But before Ruan Jiu Jiu appeared, you loved me, didn’t you? It was her appearance that stole you away, right?”


Gu You was silent, unwilling to break her fantasy. In fact, from the very beginning, his feelings for Xu Bi Ying were only like a family affection and a responsibility that could not be shied away. Their previous relationship stemmed more from the burden of their parents, yet they had to make him responsible for the rest of his life.

Gu You’s silence caused Xu Bi Ying to feel uneasy. She waited for a reply, but saw Gu You’s expression, all the emotions on his face were not what she wanted to see, her blood gradually became cold, and the heat in her limbs gradually retreated, making her feel chills.

“Brother You, you liked me right?” Xu Bi Ying asked cautiously.

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