Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist
Transmigration: The Peasant Makeup Artist Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Seeing Song Dashan’s appearance, Boss Yue couldn’t help her eyes from turning red. She couldn’t help but say: “Dashan, don’t worry, I will go again. I will definitely find out about Li Mo’s news. You should go to the doctor first. Let the doctor look at your injuries. Don’t look for your wife. For now, you should lie down. “

Song Dashan was really miserable at this time. His entire face looked terrible, and his body was bleeding all over. It seemed that in the next second, he would fall down. He was unbearable to look at, and what was even more unbearable was the look in his eyes. It was too tragic, too sad, and uncomfortable to look at.

Boss Yue felt sad. After knowing the cause and effect, she knew in her heart that things were going bad this time.

The county magistrate had always wanted to be promoted, but after working on this case for several years, he hasn’t moved up. This time he must have sent his own daughter to please his boss, and the Ninth Miss needed Sister Li Mo’s makeup skills to win the high official’s favor. If this person was taken away, don’t even think of getting her back.

This time, nine out of ten, things will be going to be bad.

Why is Sister Li Mo so unlucky?

If Sister Li Mo was taken away, what could this family do? Just looking at the way Brother Dashan looked at this time, you would know that this person would go crazy without his wife.

At that moment, Song Dashan looked straight at the roof, motionless like a sculpture.

Just when Boss Yue was going to pat him, Song Dashan suddenly moved and jumped up from the chair. Regardless of how his whole body was in pain, he hurriedly threw a sentence at Boss Yue, “Sister Yue, I have to go think of a way, and go!”

After saying that, he scurried out and disappeared in a moment.

Boss Yue looked at the donkey cart, her eyebrows knitted fiercely, and after thinking about it, she decided that she couldn’t just wait. She had to go and find out the news again.

So she hurried out, leaving the shop to the shop assistant once more.

Boss Yue once again went to the magistrate’s residence to look for the governor’s wife, that is, her cousin’s sister-in-law.

This time, she was still invited to have tea in the hall, but no one came to see her.

But this time, no matter how the subordinates persuade her, the lady boss is determined not to see people and leave, and if they don’t come, she will wait until she dies.

This time, she waited until the evening and waited until it was time to go to bed.

But this time, Boss Yue was still waiting for someone.

The magistrate’s wife came to see her.

Boss Yue hurriedly stood up to give her salute. “I pay homage to the wife of the magistrate.”

The magistrate immediately helped Boss Yue, “Madame Yue, please get up. What are you being polite for? “

“Cousin, you must know why I came here today, so I beg you, just tell me that the makeup artist is my god-sister, and she is now doing makeup for my customers in my shop. Why are you taking her away? Can’t you let her go? Her husband is disabled, and her child was only four years old. If you take her away, the family really won’t be able to live anymore. “

The governor’s wife sighed, went to the side of the chair, and sat down, reaching out to hold her forehead.

Boss Yue was anxious and walked over again and grabbed the hand of the magistrate’s wife, “Sister-in-law, just tell me! You don’t know, now this makeup artist’s husband was not only hurt, but he was going crazy! Sister-in-law, you guys. What do you want to do? “

The magistrate’s wife closed her eyes, and after a long while, she said exhaustedly: “Madame Yue, I won’t hide it from you. This is what my master wants. He discussed it with the third aunt. He is now bent on relying on the ninth miss to give him a good word in front of the Lord and then be promoted. Now Ninth Miss wants that makeup artist. They must send it. I have objected to it, but it doesn’t work at all. What I’m saying now, I’m not even as good as the Third Aunt. “

The magistrate’s wife said and could not help but sigh, “My master has already informed me. As long as the makeup artist’s family came, he would ignore them and just beat them. When you came, I heard it was also about this matter. The master did not let me come out, so don’t blame me. “

Tears appeared in the eyes of Boss Yue, her hands trembled, and her voice trembled, “Then, why did you see me now?”

The magistrate closed her eyes and patted Boss Yue’s hand, “Miss Yue, it has been several hours now, and the makeup artist was already on her way to the capital.”

Upon hearing the words, Boss Yue fell to the ground. Her strength was taken away. Making her unable to stand up, and she could only mumble, “Sent to the capital? Sent? “

The magistrate’s wife stood up, helped Boss Yue on the ground, and said: “Madame Yue, this matter is not your business. Go back, leave it alone. You have done your best in this matter.”

Boss Yue stood up with the help of the magistrate’s wife. Her body stiffened, slowly turned around, and she walked out of the magistrate’s house.

What Boss Yue did not know was that a quarter of an hour after she walked out of the magistrate’s residence, a team of people also arrived at the magistrate’s residence and smashed the door with a “bang.”

And in half an hour, the group again went out of the magistrates’ house and ran towards the town.


At this time, on the official road leading to the capital, a carriage and several guards on horseback were galloping fast.

Li Mo’s hands and feet were bound with ropes, preventing her from moving, so she could only desperately lean against the carriage wall, contemplating what to do next.

In the carriage, besides Li Mo, there was also Steward Chu and an old woman who arrested her. The two guarded her together and escorted her to the capital.

The woman was holding a handkerchief in her hand and smilingly asked Housekeeper Chu, “Housekeeper Chu, this is just an ordinary village woman. Just ask a few guards to send her to the capital for the Ninth Miss. Why did the Lord ask you to send her personally? It’s simply too underwhelming. “

Steward Chu raised his eyelids when he heard the words and said casually: “This woman is very important to the Ninth Miss. There must be no mistakes on the way. I have to do this work myself. “

The old woman nodded quickly. “It turned out to be like this. No wonder the Lord wanted you to take this trip. “

But Steward Chu ignored his wife, and turned to Li Mo, touched his beard, and said earnestly, “Madame Song, don’t blame us. It’s because you had to refuse us that we had to do this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand now. When you get to the capital, you will know how prosperous the capital is and how comfortable you will be when you stay by the Ninth Miss. Then you only need to dress our Ninth Miss beautifully every day. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Unlike how you are following your husband to suffer and can’t show your face to the public. “

After Steward Chu finished speaking, seeing that Li Mo didn’t respond, he closed his eyes instead, and a trace of unhappiness flashed in his eyes., But remembering the instructions of the third aunt, she continued to persuade her in a good voice: “If you think about it, if you just go to the capital to put on makeup, your husband and son will get one hundred taels, and the days will not be so bitter. Now, your child will be able to live much better. After you get the monthly silver, you can also buy a lot of goodies from the city and send them back to your child. The child will be very happy. “

“If you are willing to take care of our Ninth Miss, dress our Nine Miss well, it is not impossible to come back. The Ninth Miss is compassionate and can give you a day of rest. When the time comes, you can come back to see your family and children, but if you don’t serve well, it’s hard to say. “

Steward Chu said for a long time, Li Mo still remained motionless, her eyelids did not move.

He was completely angry and pointed at Li Mo: “I’m telling you, to give you face, we kindly persuaded you. If you dare to be so uncooperative, if you cause trouble for our Ninth Miss, don’t blame us for being unkind to your husband and son! “

Li Mo still closed her eyes and didn’t move, as if she couldn’t hear it.

The woman on the side said to the angry Steward Chu: “Steward Chu, I think this little b * tch was too ignorant of what was good or bad for her. We have to teach her a lesson so she can behave. It’s not good to be polite to her, so she needed to be convinced like this! “

Steward Chu also wanted to beat her up, but if the Ninth Miss was given a wounded person, how would he serve the Ninth Miss by then?

The old woman’s eyes rolled, seeming to know what the butler was worried about, and immediately said: “Steward, this beating will not necessarily hurt people in the open. As long as you can use the thinnest and the longest one, the lesson can be taught, and the injury can’t be seen. Leave it to me; I have trained many maids. “

When Steward Chu heard this, his eyes brightened, and he remembered how the old woman trained the maids. He laughed, and touched his beard, and said, “Okay, I’ll leave it to you. Give her good training, let her be obedient and sensible. “

The old woman immediately rolled up her sleeves, took out a bag of things from her sleeves, and opened it as she said: “Don’t worry, just leave it to me.” She said At the same time, a row of needles was revealed. She picked out the thinnest and longest one, pinched in hand, laughing, fiercely stabbed towards the body of Li Mo.

“Ah—” Li Mo could not help but yell out, only feeling a piercing pain in her arm.

The woman laughed, “See how you dare to be insensitive, so you can see what the rules are!” Said, then stabbed again.


The Steward Chu also laughed., looked at Li Mo, and asked again: “How is it? Are you obedient now? As long as you take care of our Ninth Miss, there will be plenty of good days to live, so why suffer this sin? “

Li Mo was trembling. She closed her eyes tightly, still silent.

The old woman was angry, and without waiting for the Steward Chu to speak, she immediately drew out a thicker needle and stabbed Li Mo again fiercely, and after Li Mo let out a miserable scream as expected, she grinned hideously and raised her hand.


With a loud bang, the carriage came to a sudden halt, and Steward Chu and the old woman were so unstable that they hit the wall of the carriage and rolled down, shouting for a moment.

Li Mo also rolled off her seat and fell on the carriage board.

“How did you drive the carriage? How did– ” Before Steward Chu could finish his words, the carriage curtain was lifted, and a knife was pointed at his throat, making it impossible to utter any words.

In the next second, a man covered in blood rushed in, picking up Li Mo from the ground with his eyes wide open, and he was trembling as he shouted. “Li Mo! Wife! Are you all right? “

Li Mo slowly opened her eyes, seemingly not believing that she could see Song Dashan at this moment. She blinked her eyes, and after a long time, when she finally identified the person who came, she immediately burst into tears, “Dashan, Dashan, why are you here?”

Song Dashan was trembling as he untied the rope on Li Mo’s body, and after untying it, he hurriedly checked if Li Mo’s body was injured. Just outside the carriage, he heard Li Mo’s screams and knew that Li Mo must have been injured.

Li Mo’s injuries were all over her body, and all the needles were there. It can’t be seen at the moment. She could only reach out and hug Song Dashan’s head to soothe him, “It’s okay, don’t worry, don’t worry, the injury is on your body, it’s not an injury. I was just stabbed by a needle. “

When Song Dashan heard the words, his eyes turned red for a moment, and his eyes looked at Steward Chu and the old woman as if they were going to thwart their bones and ashes.

But Steward Chu was also scared by Song Dashan, who rushed in, and his eyes widened in disbelief, pointing at Song Dashan, “You… You… You are not….”

He couldn’t finish his words. There was a sudden pain in his neck. The tip of the knife stabbed into his neck, and blood flowed out.

“Don’t mess around. Have a good talk, “Steward Chu immediately begged the young man who stabbed himself with a knife in front of him.

The man laughed and looked at Song Dashan and Li Mo, who were in a mess, smiling on the surface but with fire in his eyes, “Talk nicely? Fine, let’s talk about it later! Come on, tie them up for me! “

As soon as the words fell, several guards immediately came up and tied up Steward Chu and the old woman and then dragged them off the carriage like dead pigs.

Sima Haoran looked at Song Dashan, who was looking closely at Li Mo, and said, “Dashan, don’t worry, let’s go to the city to see the doctor. Your wife will be fine. “

Song Dashan nodded and hugged Li Mo. In his arms, rubbing his cheek against Li Mo’s cheek.

At that moment, the carriage turned around and headed towards the city.

Li Mo shrank in Song Dashan’s arms, looking at Song Dashan’s face and his body, full of wounds. Her heart was in pain for him. She could not stand it, and her eyes were wet with tears again, “Dashan, are you in pain?”

Song Dashan shook his head, “No, I’m not in pain.”

What was hurting was his heart. His heart hurts to the point of dripping blood when he sees Li Mo being taken away, and his heart hurts to the point of death when he sees Li Mo being hurt.

Li Mo’s eyes were wet, knowing that there was nothing she could do at this time. She waited for them to arrive at the hospital before going to see the doctor. Then, she turned her gaze to the young man in the car.

Looking at him, her eyes widened.

Isn’t this man the Captain they met in the city before? How did Song Dashan know the Captain? And he even brought someone to save her?

Seeing Li Mo looking at Sima Haoran, Song Dashan just remembered and hurriedly introduced to Sima Haoran, “Sima, this is my wife, Li Mo. Thank you so much today. If it weren’t for you, I really wouldn’t be able to save my wife. “

Song Dashan finished his speech and introduced him to Li Mo, “Li Mo, this is Lord Sima, this is the Lord Captain we have met.”

Sima Haoran smiled and arched his hands towards Li Mo, “Hello sister-in-law, I am Sima Haoran. Dashan and I are brothers who are willing to risk life and limb. You can call me Sima, just like Dashan. “

Li Mo was stunned for a while. How could this dignified Captain and Song Dashan be brothers?

Li Mo looked at Song Dashan incomprehensibly. Song Dashan gently stroked Li Mo’s back, “This is a long story, and I will explain it to you slowly later.”

Li Mo nodded and did not ask anymore.


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