Turns Out, My Husband Is The Real Young Master
Turns Out, My Husband Is The Real Young Master Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Choosing a Man

Chi Yizhen didn’t expect this variety show to be so entertaining; he felt like a miserable laborer.

However, shooting short videos was still better than the intense work of being an online model worker. Chi Yizhen had a change of heart.

He didn’t actually interview with Qi Tianda; instead, he sat outside, reading the script.

Just now, with a casual glance, he felt that none of the men inside were to his liking; he thought the man at home was better.

But this script.

Chi Yizhen made a sound of dismay after reading just one page.

It was too cheesy, too melodramatic. How on earth was he supposed to deliver these lines?

“I, from the beginning, had a pure and unwavering heart; why bother proving my innocence?”

“Master, I’ve always loved you in your pure and flawless state; how could you do such a dirty thing?”

“You simply find me less handsome than him!”

“Oh, come on…”

Chi Yizhen read and muttered, simultaneously inhaling sharply.

The live broadcast later synchronized with the script Chi Yizhen was reading, even providing helpful paragraph divisions.

[Melodramatic love triangle! Substitute literature! Can this short video cover it all?]

[I thought there was only one stray dog, but apparently, there are two more in relationships—one domesticated, so they got a new one?]

[Is the master the aggressor? So much subtext!]

[This kind of bottom character is intriguing!]

He hadn’t been reading for long when a stylist arrived to take Chi Yizhen for a costume change.

Chi Yizhen asked, “Do we still need to shoot posters?”

[I can’t shake the feeling that Chi Yizhen just doesn’t like taking pictures… the kind taken with a camera.]

[Does he have some kind of trauma?]

[I hope the show will feature an interview; I really want to hear him speak!]

The stylist replied, “I don’t know, the director told me to take you for styling first.”

Chi Yizhen: “Alright.”

Chi Yizhen himself had filmed several ancient costume dramas, but it seemed the original owner hadn’t. The original owner mostly appeared in campus and urban dramas, and the few fan-made style reviews didn’t involve any ancient costumes. Recently, there had been a surge of archaeological dramas, but not a single ancient costume style featuring Chi Yizhen was found. Especially in the episode where they bought pajamas at the market, it was hard for everyone to find a comparison.

[It must be intentional, Xiao Zhang is really cunning.]

[Could there really be fans of You Yuxing watching this variety show?]

[You Yuxing is okay, but when the real deal arrives… I seriously suspect that Chi Yizhen is being deliberately sidelined because You Yuxing wants to shed the substitute label. After all, without Chi Yizhen around, people forget about him, and the continuous influx of new fans won’t be informed about this.]

[I still believe in karma.]

The photos Chi Yizhen posted kept He Tao awake, but he couldn’t blatantly open the live stream, so he could only respond with a question mark.

Chi Yizhen didn’t reply immediately.

He Tao felt a bit annoyed, so he decided to get up and clean. From the bedside table to the cutting board, he was like a modern version of the industrious Cinderella.

[E-God, you get jealous too?]

[Folks, be dedicated; this is Boss He, the barbecue seller.]

[Can a handsome barbecue-selling boss also worry that his wife will outshine him?]

[I can sense E-God’s frustration from the frequency of him wiping the table. Watching this show, it’s obvious he’s quite clean. He even tidies up this small room so well, while Chi Yizhen just throws out the trash, and you can count those instances on one hand, haha.]

[Haven’t you seen someone who cares for his wife?]

[It’s not that Chi Yizhen doesn’t want to cook; He Tao doesn’t let him. Chi Yizhen wants to mop the floor, and He Tao insists on doing it.]

[Did anyone consider that He Tao might think Chi Yizhen doesn’t clean properly…]

In the variety show live stream, He Tao’s camera position completely transformed into a household management and organization segment, even being shared by a blogger on Weibo with somewhat unethical titles:

>> One hundred life hacks: How to organize your shoe cabinet > Click to see the handsome guy organizing the kitchen > Renowned gaming guru transforms into a lifestyle content creator with extraordinary results

Zhang Miya personally poured a cup of tea for Wen Chanjuan, glancing at the large screen in their company and smiling as she asked, “Do you think our new screen is in high definition?”

It happened to show He Tao frowning while organizing the wardrobe.

Wen Chanjuanwas a bit dizzy from the rapidly scrolling barrage, but she took the tea from Zhang Miya and said, “Very high definition.”

Zhang Miya asked, “So, how do you feel about my invitation?”

This was the private office of the president of  Xianggua Entertainment, with a floor-to-ceiling window offering a view of the city’s night skyline.

The building where Xianggua is located is not far from He Tiao’s company, and now there is a wide field of view, where you can also see the top mark of He Game Technology, a golden arrow.

Wen Chanjuan glanced at the live stream, and the man inside looked about the same age as Sheng Xin.

He was sitting on the sofa, folding the wardrobe and taking out clothes.

Both He Tiao and Chi Yizhen are homebodies, but there are obviously differences between them. Chi Yizhen used to be used to having household help with everything. Even if he is recording a program now and doesn’t have a fixed character, he still plays himself.

Without household help, He Tiao planned to tidy up every two days.

Sometimes when Chi Yizhen looked for clothes and found ones he didn’t want to wear, he didn’t hang them back up immediately, but threw them inside, resulting in more and more clothes piling up. When He Tiao opened the wardrobe, the clothes almost hit him in the face.

He simply carried all the clothes out and put them on the sofa, completely unaware that he had also brought something else out.

Now, He Tiao picked up one of Chi Yizhen’s coats, and a cardboard box fell out.

Inside, there were some heavy things that rolled twice and revealed the words on top:

“Spending day and night with you.”

The barrage went crazy.

He Tiao: …..

[Hahaha, why didn’t Chi Yizhen notice this for so many days? And why didn’t they send it to him even though he became the model for the love words!]

[What does he need this for if he has a boyfriend!]

[It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s only one person, there could be others!]

[President He… your expression is so funny.]

Wen Chanjuan still didn’t understand.

She looked very young, and it was clear that she was a beauty with red lips and white teeth since her youth.

But now Wen Chanjuan didn’t have time to understand, because she clearly saw He Tiao’s face.

He was a very handsome man, with a cold and stern look, but it was evident from his behavior in the live stream that he wasn’t an icy person.

He had beautiful eyes, a high nose bridge, and thin lips tightly pressed together, as if he was contemplating how to deal with this thing.

Zhang Miya glanced at the live stream of He Tiao, then looked at Wen Chanjuan.

She thought to herself: They do look quite similar when it comes to their eyes.

On one hand, she was certain that Wen Chanjuan would definitely participate in this variety show.

Wen Chanjuan appeared to be a cold beauty. Even though Zhang Miya didn’t think she looked very similar to He Tiao at the moment, their overall temperament was quite similar at first glance.

Zhang Miya had also met Sheng Xin. That guy would always act like a good grandson in front of his parents, wearing a caring facade, but in reality, he considered himself above everyone else and was quite arrogant.

Generally, arrogant people have some capital to support them, but what exactly does Sheng Xin have? In the past, it was the family’s wealth, but now it seems…

Even the family’s wealth is gone.

Zhang Miya smiled softly and asked, “Will Teacher Wen participate?”

Only then did Wen Chanjuan withdraw her gaze. Her hands were fair and delicate, indicating a life of luxury. With her long eyelashes drooping, she gave Zhang Miya a strange feeling.

They really looks alike.

That day, when Zhang Miya and He Tiao had dinner together, He Tiao was also at this angle.

Wen Chanjuan: “What is your purpose?”

Last week, she received a call from Zhang Miya, who didn’t beat around the bush and mentioned this variety show request, followed by a sentence.

“I know you are looking for your biological son.”

Wen Chanjuan originally wanted to refuse, but hesitated.

Although she didn’t meddle in the entertainment circle much, Zhang Miya’s mother had social connections within the circle. Even if they didn’t interact frequently, they were acquainted.

Wen Chanjuan was not as gentle as her name suggests. When she was young, she was known as a cold beauty. Even after having a child, she remained cold-hearted and didn’t conform to the traditional image of a mother who lovingly cares for her child according to universal values. She still had her own career and wouldn’t interfere with her son’s life.

Zhang Miya: “My purpose?”

Known for her astute insight, her eyes gave Wen Chanjuan a feeling of being seen through.

Zhang Miya smiled again, her tone sugary sweet: “Because your son has offended me now, you must be aware, right?”

Zhang Miya: “The choice is yours, and coincidentally, he…”

The woman raised her chin, and the screen still showed He Tiao’s image. Even in such a scene, he looked exceptionally pleasant while folding clothes, truly living up to the netizens’ description of a wasted treasure.

Wen Chanjuan didn’t know what came to her mind, suddenly revealing a cold smile, as if she had discovered something extremely disgusting.

She nodded: “I will participate.”

“But,” Wen Chanjuan raised her eyes and asked Zhang Miya, “What am I supposed to do on this show?”

Zhang Miya smiled confidently: “Of course, it’s for you to have more exchanges with our Mr. He.”

Her tone was overly cheerful.

“I can even introduce a mother and son on the show.”

“For the parent-child identification segment, it seems like you’re hinting at something. I believe you feel a sense of familiarity when you see him, right?”

Chi Yizhen played a variety of games, but his favorite was still strategy games.

There was a feeling of delving into someone else’s life, and playing games helped fill the loneliness of his years of living alone.

So, when the media asked him during online interviews if living alone without dating would be boring, Chi Yizhen’s voice exuded countless joys: “Not at all, I have plenty to do.”

Others thought he was immersed in studying scripts or diligently practicing martial arts for a role. In reality, he was just…

Strategizing with different men.

Buying skins for paper-cutout men was equivalent to changing outfits, but he couldn’t resist doing the same for himself.

This company is just too unprofessional.

Other film and television companies, even if they outsource costumes, usually have pre-designed ones that just need a few modifications, right? Why does it seem like you’ve made a ton of clothes and are just trying them on people?

The production team is beyond ridiculous, creating a miraculous floral logo for Chi Chi on the screen and shamelessly adding extensive post-production, taking advantage of Chi Yizhen not being able to see it.

I don’t know if they’re playing tricks, but the first few outfits were casual wear. The highly anticipated ancient costume, similar to You Yuxing’s, which everyone is looking forward to, is likely saved for last.

[I’m so anxious! I’m waiting for Chi Yizhen’s pictures to compare!]

[The previous outfits were also nice. It’s only been a few days, and Chi Yizhen has changed so many clothes. I hope he doesn’t wear anything at home.]

User ID 9289389 has been banned for three hours.

[What kind of cool and reserved master is this? Criticizing the master! He’s just a stray dog collecting disciples, fundamentally a sea king.]

[You might as well say it’s a cultivation setting for running a dog farm.]

[Oh, here it comes!!]

[I can’t articulate! Clearly, there’s no filter, why! I have a feeling… I’m speechless!]

Ancient costumes are already demanding on the physique, requiring both male and female actors to lose weight. The layered clothing can make anyone look heavier on camera.

Chi Yizhen is naturally slender, and the fact that he hasn’t acted in ancient costumes before adds a refreshing touch to his current image.

Changing clothes also seemed to change his soul; he directly immersed himself in the role, exuding the feeling of a rare and precious beauty.

[Someone! Bring me a lamp! This king wants to see more clearly!]

[E-God is so miserable; he can’t even see his wife changing clothes, hahaha.]

[I suggest that after the variety show concludes, they release an episode where everyone gets to watch their own behind-the-scenes moments for the past fifteen days. I’m so looking forward to it!]

[I really want to curse those who hyped up You Yuxing as the new star top. I’ve never heard such nonsense.]

[I understand that auntie now… At first glance, it’s like Vision, but upon closer inspection, it’s the difference between the original and the knockoff.]

Just as this was happening, Qi Tianda finished his audition and came out, letting out an exclamation.

Even the stylist was admiring, and Chi Yizhen was about to take a picture to send to He Tao when Qi Tianda suddenly rushed over, tearfully saying, “Brother Chi, you’re too into the role.”

His unexpected enthusiasm made Chi Yizhen a bit uncomfortable. Meanwhile, He Tao, who was busy arranging today’s ingredients and secretly watching the live broadcast in a hidden corner, accidentally skewed the chicken feet he was stringing.

His sudden bout of perfectionism kicked in, and he tossed the chicken feet aside.

Originally, Chi Yizhen had thought of leaving, but considering the cameras overhead, he suddenly sat back down and worked at double speed, as if he had switched to fast-forward.

[E God is going crazy.]

[I didn’t turn on double speed, did I??]

[Truly a professional gaming guru; this speed is incredible!!]

Chi Yizhen: “Thank you.”

He asked Qi Tianda, “Have you decided on your choices?”

Only two people were left out of the remaining five, and Qi Tianda pushed them forward, saying, “How about these?”

He didn’t carry the air of a director and boss; instead, it seemed like he was presenting showgirls to Chi Yizhen.

They both looked like college students—one with a robust style, and the other with a delicate youthful appearance, both with attractive facial features.

They were the cost-effective choices selected by Qi Tianda after much effort, and they fit the roles perfectly.

He let the two guys go sign the contract, eagerly awaiting Chi Yizhen’s response.

Chi Yizhen: “Can I be honest?”

Qi Tianda nodded, curious.

Chi Yizhen: “None of them are as good-looking as my boyfriend.”

[That’s right, he’s really the best-looking!]

[Who’s swooning from sweetness? Oh, it’s me…]

Author’s note:

Qi Tianda’s impression of He Tao went from “monastic” to “married”;

Just need one variety show, hahaha;

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