Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible
Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible: Chapter 1
  1. Dear Werewolf Clan Leader

The dismissal bell hasn’t rung yet, but the students wearing white lab coats are eager to escape the laboratory. They bid farewell to the scattered mice lying on the desks.

Today’s animal experiment is over, and suddenly the professor asks everyone to try euthanizing the experimental mice themselves. After a chaotic uproar, not many mice died, but quite a few students screamed in fear. If you didn’t know better, you would think the mice had turned into spirits.

Qiu Rong and Yuan Shang, two graduate students, were recording data in the adjacent laboratory when the professor grabbed them to help clean up the aftermath for the younger students.

The two of them acted swiftly, and the mice were gone in an instant, sparing them from further suffering.

After dealing with the mouse in their hands, Qiu Rong handed the limp-necked mouse to a group member to be bagged, and then moved on to the next group to provide their final service.

Suddenly, a cry rang out from behind, and a white figure flew past. In the instant Qiu Rong turned around, he reached out and accurately caught the small mouse flying towards him. With a clatter, a bottle of iodine that hadn’t been put back on the tray overturned from the table. This time, Qiu Rong didn’t have time to catch it and ended up getting splattered with the brownish liquid.

“I’m sorry, senior!”

Qiu Rong raised his eyes and saw the two students who were just blaming each other while holding the mouse, now nervously apologizing to him, bending down to pick up the glass shards on the floor.

“Don’t move,” Qiu Rong stopped them. “Be careful not to cut yourselves. Leave it there, I’ll clean it up later.”

Glancing at the small mouse that was already unconscious in his hand, Qiu Rong firmly grabbed its tail with his right hand and exerted force upward and backward.

While the mouse was still unconscious, it was gone.

The surrounding students looked at Qiu Rong with admiration in their eyes.

“With a little more practice, you’ll find a way. Acting quickly can reduce their suffering and alleviate any psychological pressure,” Qiu Rong said gently. He looked at the two boys who had thrown the mouse earlier and said, “They are all living beings; don’t make jokes about them.”

The two boys lowered their heads and apologized once again, feeling ashamed.

“It’s okay, just remember to put back the used chemicals next time. Luckily, it was only iodine this time. If any dangerous reagents were spilled, it could have caused a serious accident.”

The group of students nodded obediently.

After dealing with the experimental mice, just as the dismissal bell rang, Qiu Rong found a mop and began cleaning up the mess on the floor.

Yuan Shang came over to help him after returning from the adjacent freezer where the small mice were stored. “You have a really good temper. You’re not even angry about this.”

Qiu Rong didn’t respond, getting up to wash the mop.

Putting away all the cleaning tools, Qiu Rong closed the classroom door and as he saw that the other students had all left, Yuan Shang whispered to him, “Hey, several female students were secretly praising your handsomeness just now.”

Seeing no reaction from Qiu Rong, Yuan Shang continued, “And someone boldly asked me for your WeChat.”

Qiu Rong looked at Yuan Shang speechlessly and said, “I can’t accept friend requests from strangers.”

Only then did Yuan Shang smile and say, “I know, so I didn’t give it to her. I even said you were already married.”

Qiu Rong was momentarily taken aback, a hint of a smile appearing on his lips. “Alright, thanks. It’s true, I am married.”

“I’ve finished entering my data. I’ll leave first,” Qiu Rong said, glancing at his watch.

Yuan Shang stretched lazily and asked, “I’m done too. Wanna go play basketball?”

“I’m not going. I need to go to the supermarket today,” Qiu Rong replied.

The vegetables at home had run out, and he urgently needed to restock the supplies in the bedside drawer as well. He truly didn’t have time to accompany the single guys to play basketball.

Taking off the dirty white coat and carrying it in his hand, Qiu Rong went back to the adjacent laboratory to grab his phone. Yuan Shang followed behind him, humming, “Yes, our married classmate Qiu is a qualified househusband today.”

“I’m happy to be one,” Qiu Rong raised an eyebrow.

The medical school laboratory building was newly constructed and equipped with central air conditioning, so it was still relatively cool inside. It wasn’t until they reached the lobby on the first floor that a wave of hot wind blew in.

Yuan Shang followed Qiu Rong, still attempting to persuade him to go out and sweat under the sun, but Qiu Rong remained unmoved.

As the two of them made their way, when they reached the entrance of the lobby, a neatly dressed young man with glasses came running from under the nearby shade of a tree.

Under the bright sunlight, the young man’s cheeks were slightly flushed from the heat. He hastily took out an envelope that was sandwiched between the pages of a book and handed it to Qiu Rong, saying, “Senior, here’s your letter.”

The envelope, in a pale white color with embossed patterns and a golden border, caught the attention of Yuan Shang as he leaned over to take a closer look. Well, it was even sealed with wax.

The dark red wax glistened with tiny specks of light under the sun, and it seemed to have gold foil mixed in it.

A faint fragrance emanated from the subtly luxurious and tasteful envelope. Yuan Shang couldn’t help but sigh, “Junior, your confession is so formal.”

“No, it’s not like that!” The junior blushed deeply and looked at Qiu Rong in a state of confusion, eager to prove himself, “Boss, I’m innocent!”

Qiu Rong: “…”

Qiu Rong couldn’t be bothered to carefully read the invitation with a vampire’s clichéd tone. Without any expression on his face, he tore the letter and envelope together into shreds. Since there was no trash bin nearby, he stuffed the paper scraps into the pocket of his white coat.

Ruan Sijia: “…”

Ruan Sijia: “Um… Clan leader, the Supernatural Control Center is still waiting for a response…”

This letter paper had some unknown craftsmanship, as even touching it would leave a fragrant scent on one’s hand.

Qiu Rong slightly frowned and disgustingly rubbed his fingers. He concealed the coldness in his eyes and said gloomily, “Tell them to get lost.”

New Moon Media Company Headquarters.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, the sunset was about to descend, and a crescent moon faintly hung in the sky. Porcelain-white, slender fingers glided over the paper, finally stopping on a forensic autopsy photo.

The fingertips lightly tapped the two puncture wounds on the photo, and Yan Ling’s eyebrows slightly raised as he murmured, “Something’s not right.”

After flipping through the autopsy report in his hand once again, Yan Ling closed the “Accusation Letter” meticulously organized by the Supernatural control center with great effort and tossed it aside. He picked up his gilded pen and continued to review documents with an indifferent expression.

After a while, there was a knock on the office door. “Knock, knock” came the sound as Vincent entered.

Yan Ling didn’t look up. He reached out and tapped the nearby autopsy report, saying, “There are no signs of the bite marks healing, so it wasn’t a vampire’s doing. Return the report to the Supernatural Control Center.”

Vincent didn’t respond. He walked to the desk and placed a freshly printed report in front of Yan Ling, saying, “Another person has died.”

“Still from blood loss?” Yan Ling glanced over it quickly, and Vincent chose a report with an image and placed it on top. It was similar to the previous reports, with the blood holes on the body still showing no signs of healing.

“Yes, the Supernatural Control Center also noticed the issue with the wounds. They said there’s no need to return the report and suggested you keep it to see if you can find any new leads,” Vincent said.

Yan Ling didn’t bother to look at the new autopsy report. He leaned back in his chair, hands folded in front of him, and said casually, “Busy, no time.”

Vincent knew his temper and didn’t say much, just reminded him, “The Supernatural Control Centre is preparing to establish a task force. The suspicion of the vampire clan has been temporarily cleared. They will definitely invite you to join the team.”

Impatiently, Yan Ling replied, “We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

Since last month, there had been a series of incidents in City A where ordinary people experienced anemia shock. At first, nobody paid much attention, thinking it was a common illness. It wasn’t until someone died from excessive blood loss, with the only wounds on their body being two puncture marks on their neck.

The Supernatural Control Centre immediately sealed off the information, and the supervisory team immediately suspected the vampire clan.

Due to the fact that under Yan Ling’s management, the vampire clan had all behaved well for the past few years and had been the moral model for the supernatural world for five consecutive years, the centre didn’t want to be too forceful. They only ordered all supernatural organizations to conduct internal investigations.

The first victim’s family refused an autopsy and had the body cremated the next day, providing little useful information to the centre. However, not long after, another victim of blood loss appeared, and this time the news spread online. The web monitoring team urgently deleted the posts, but as soon as they finished deleting in one place, another person died elsewhere.

Upon hearing the news of the puncture wounds on the victims’ necks, the wereWerewolf clan immediately reported to the Supernatural Control Centre, demanding that they send a supervisory team to investigate the vampire clan, who were the prime suspects, to clear the air.

The Supernatural Control Centre did consider it, but Yan Ling was not someone to be trifled with. Hence, the thick stack of autopsy reports, which were all indirectly demanding an explanation from the vampire clan.

As the reports were placed on Yan Ling’s desk, the Supernatural Control Centre realized belatedly that vampire saliva had a calming and healing effect. Normally, when their fangs retracted, the wounds on human skin would heal, leaving only faint red marks.

It turned out that the vampires had been behaving well for too long, and the authorities had accidentally forgotten about this detail.

Seeing that Yan Ling was in a bad mood, Vincent thought for a moment and had to say, “We received a response from the Werewolf clan.”

Yan Ling looked at him and asked, “What did they say?”

The suppression of their bloodline made all vampires involuntarily feel awe in the presence of Yan Ling. Vincent lowered his gaze, avoiding Yan Ling’s cold stare, and continued speaking in a straightforward manner: “Get lost.”

Yan Ling: “…”

Yan Ling couldn’t help but laugh at the response from the Werewolf. He knew very well that those two words were the reply from the Werewolf clan.

The new leader of the Werewolf clan took office three years ago, rumored to be a young Werewolf cub who had recently come of age. The first thing this young alpha did after taking office was to accuse the vampires of murder. And now, history was repeating itself, with the vampires being accused once again.

The result was the same as last time—the accusation was ineffective.

Yan Ling was genuinely curious about what the vampires had done to earn such resentment from the young Werewolf leader.

He had intended to invite the Werewolf leader to sit down and have a calm discussion. But since the young Werewolf cub didn’t know how to show respect, Yan Ling decided to let it go.

“From now on, there’s no need to pay any attention to the Werewolf clan,” Yan Ling said coldly.

As the sky darkened, the moon became a bit brighter. A tinge of blood color appeared in Yan Ling’s eyes as he asked, “When will the next shipment of blood arrive?”

“Tomorrow,” Vincent replied. “Including the ten boxes that were ordered, they will all be delivered in one trip.”

“You will personally handle the registration tomorrow, and let those with a criminal record continue to stay within the company’s surveillance range until this matter is resolved.”


“…We urge the general public to be vigilant against various sensationalist rumors, to not believe or spread rumors, to discern online information rationally, and to develop the ability to see through falsehoods in the new era…”

The living room television played the local news as background noise. Qiu Rong was in the kitchen, preparing ingredients for dinner.

The tightly tied brown apron outlined his smooth waistline. From behind, Qiu Rong had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and long legs. The summer fabric was thin, unable to conceal the contours of his strong back muscles. As the sound of the knife hitting the cutting board echoed, his arm muscles faintly revealed themselves.

A handsome guy cooking was truly pleasing to the eye.

But as they turned around, two round bear ears protruded from the shoulders, and the front of the brown apron featured a blank cartoon bear face.

Qiu Rong as a bear, adding a unique flavor, was Yan Ling’s peculiar taste.

According to Yan Ling, Qiu Rong was like various animals. When cooking, he was a diligent little bear. When acting coquettish, he was a scheming puppy. In bed… he would reveal his fangs and carefully lick his partner like a Werewolf cub, both obedient and fierce.

Every time Qiu Rong was scolded by his husband in a hoarse voice, he would become particularly excited, experiencing a thrilling sensation of having his disguise peeled off.

Hearing the sound of the door, Qiu Rong wiped his hands and came out of the kitchen.

His esteemed CEO had just taken off his suit jacket and was in the process of loosening his tie.

Qiu Rong approached and embraced Yan Ling from behind, like nesting dolls. He gently sniffed the cool, distant fragrance around the CEO’s slender neck and let out a contented sigh.

His husband’s scent was still delightful.

The fragrance from the letter earlier lingered on his fingertips, unable to be washed away even with hand soap. Qiu Rong had been chopping vegetables and peeling garlic for a while before it subsided.

Yan Ling, being held by him, reached back and gently rubbed his head, smiling. “Let go, I’ll go change my clothes.”

Qiu Rong didn’t loosen his grip. He rested his chin on Yan Ling’s shoulder, taking over the task of untying the partially loosened tie.

“You came back so late today.”

Yan Ling relaxed and leaned against Qiu Rong behind him, allowing him to continue undoing the collar buttons of the white shirt. “There have been a lot of things to handle at the company these days.”

When Qiu Rong thought about the recent news reports of the recent incidents of blood loss deaths circulating online, he felt worried about Yan Ling. Yan Ling, being a beautiful and fragile human, was like a delicate cat that could easily attract the attention of bad people. Whether it was staying vigilant or being overly anxious, Qiu Rong was determined to protect the person he cared about the most.

He whispered to Yan Ling, “Can I pick you up from work in the future?”

His little boyfriend was being cute again.

Yan Ling’s heart melted, and he turned his head to kiss Qiu Rong’s cheek, agreeing, “Sure, I’ll wait for you at the office tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, the soup was still stewing in the kitchen. Qiu Rong only unbuttoned two of the president’s buttons, leaving a kiss mark on Yan Ling’s beautiful collarbone, before restraining himself and letting go to allow Yan Ling to change clothes.

Yan Ling was already accustomed to Qiu Rong’s affectionate behavior.

He took his jacket and tie into the bedroom and immediately noticed the unopened box on the bedside table, shaking his head and smiling at the youthful energy.

With his keen sense of smell, Yan Ling caught a familiar scent in the bedroom. He changed into loose home clothes, hung back his suit, and was about to leave the bedroom when he hesitated. The lingering fragrance in the air felt so familiar, but he couldn’t recall what it was, which piqued his curiosity.

Yan Ling looked towards the half-closed door of the bathroom, realizing that the faint fragrance was emanating from there.

He walked straight over and furrowed his brow as he opened the bathroom door, revealing a dirty white coat hanging over the edge of the sink.


Disclaimer: I’m a MTLer. What does that mean? It means that the level of accuracy in this story is not at par with original language. I won’t be able to capture the nuances or artistic flare the author may have. As a result the output will end up being robotic and at times awkward. I also miss some minor discrepancies like pronouns and such, so if in the course of reading you find any mistakes, kindly inform me in the comments and I’ll fix it. It’s not only limited to pronouns but other things like sentence structure and flow. I’m not a native English speaking or language major so any feedback would be much appreciated.

Guys, gurls, non-bs, that b, Come one, come all. New universe unlock: check! This is a feel good story with little to zero angst. A tale as old as time depicted in the great classic Twilight, Vampires vs Werewolves but with a twist and best of all, no Bella🙄


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