Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible
Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible: Chapter 2

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Yan Ling leaned against the kitchen doorway, holding a piece of shredded paper between his fingers. He shook it and asked, “What’s this?”

Qiu Rong tilted his head, holding a spatula and wearing an innocent expression. He replied, “What? I don’t know.”

Yan Ling narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t play dumb.”

On the way to the supermarket, Qiu Rong had disposed of the shredded paper in his pocket to destroy the evidence.

… It seemed there was a fish that slipped through the net.

In the afternoon, Qiu Rong only glanced briefly at the paper, vaguely remembering something about the leader of the Werewolf clan and the prince of the vampire clan written on it.

Let’s just assume he has a touch of chuunibyou.

With appropriate words arranged in his mind, Qiu Rong put down the spatula, embraced Yan Ling’s waist, and brought him closer. He took the paper from Yan Ling’s hand to confirm which fish had slipped away.

Qiu Rong paused and said, “…”

Coincidentally, the fish that slipped away was the one addressed to “my dear.”

Yan Ling looked at him, a faint smile playing on his lips. He said, “Start explaining.”

It was as if he was saying, “Please begin your performance.”

Qiu Rong hesitated and then said, “Well, it’s just that…”

Suddenly, an inappropriate joke came to his mind, and Qiu Rong’s thoughts became clear. He quickly kissed Yan Ling on the forehead and began his performance, “Darling, don’t be angry. I promise I won’t randomly accept things from others anymore.”

“I truly didn’t expect to receive a love letter. I swear, I only glanced at it before tearing it up.” Qiu Rong looked aggrieved and continued, “I didn’t mention it because I was afraid you would misunderstand. But it seems I didn’t destroy the evidence completely…”

In his mind, Qiu Rong cursed the vampire prince a hundred times upon seeing Yan Ling’s displeased expression.

“Indeed, nothing good comes from getting involved with the blood clan.”

“Tch, what bad luck.”

Qiu Rong racked his brain, trying to cheer up Yan Ling. Yan Ling pretended for a few seconds before breaking into laughter.

If his boyfriend had a tail, it would surely be drooping right now. Yan Ling thought to himself.

“Alright, I’m not angry, I just wanted to ask,” Yan Ling took the crumpled paper that Qiu Rong was secretly trying to throw away from his hand and said, “This stationery is from a niche foreign brand. The person who sent you the letter must have put some thought into it.”

Qiu Rong thought, what kind of thought could the blood clan have? He continued fabricating, “I didn’t look closely, and I don’t know who gave it to me. They just handed it to me and ran off.”

Yan Ling wasn’t sure if he believed it or not, and he said, “Next time, don’t tear it up. After all, it’s someone’s well-intentioned gesture.”

Seeing Yan Ling being so forgiving, Qiu Rong felt a bit displeased. He pinched Yan Ling’s waist and grumbled, “Aren’t you jealous?”

Yan Ling laughed and evaded, “I’m not jealous of you kids.”

“I’m not a kid anymore!” Qiu Rong grabbed Yan Ling and messed up his hair, then muttered, “Fine, even though you’re not jealous, I won’t receive this kind of letter again in the future. Don’t worry, my dear~.”

Anyway, the blood clan definitely wouldn’t be sending him any more letters.

Gripping Qiu Rong’s misbehaving hand from behind, Yan Ling turned his head and stared at Qiu Rong for a while before helplessly confessing, “Actually, seeing you being so popular, I do feel a bit insecure.”

Qiu Rong lowered his gaze and carefully examined Yan Ling, the flawless and smooth skin with no visible pores, the slightly profound and exquisite features due to his mixed heritage, the straight and well-defined nose… His CEO looked so beautiful, like a doll in a showcase.

He leaned down and pecked Yan Ling’s thin, pale lips, smiling, “Clearly, I’m the one who should be feeling insecure.”

Qiu Rong first met Yan Ling two years ago when he was a senior in college, interning at a pharmaceutical company.

At noon, he went downstairs with his colleagues to find a place to eat, and I ran into Yan Ling, who was personally escorted downstairs by the CEO.

The CEO, dressed in a suit, was surrounded by a group of people. When shaking hands with the CEO, a glimpse of fair skin showed from the cuff, and Qiu Rong keenly noticed a small birthmark on the person’s wrist.

Qiu Rong’s colleagues called his name several times, but he stood still in place.

As he snapped out of his daze, his gaze coincidentally met Yan Ling’s.

The elegant and beautiful doll-like cat smiled curiously at him, and Qiu Rong’s heart skipped a beat.

Yan Ling was the CEO of an entertainment company, and with so many attractive stars in New Moon Media, each with their own unique beauty, including many mixed-race individuals who looked like exquisite dolls on the same level as Yan Ling, how could Qiu Rong not feel a sense of crisis?

He had always portrayed a sunny and cheerful image in front of others, and coincidentally, Yan Ling liked that type of guy.

So Qiu Rong suppressed the increasing hostility that came with his newfound authority and returned to being an inexperienced student, constantly clinging to Yan Ling, acting cute, and pretending to be an innocent little puppy.

He enjoyed this current state of life. Yan Ling might appear aloof and cold on the outside, but he was actually a very gentle person, and every moment spent with him made Qiu Rong happy.

Since the age of eight, he hadn’t experienced ease and happiness anymore. He only survived and returned to City A by relying on his inner hatred.

That’s why Qiu Rong cherished the hard-earned happiness even more.

The next morning, Yan Ling rubbed his waist as he came out of the bedroom, and Qiu Rong had already prepared breakfast.

The atmosphere was good yesterday, and they had opened a bottle of sparkling wine during dinner. They even opened the new set of… well, you know.

However, for some reason, Qiu Rong got a bit carried away with the alcohol yesterday and teased Yan Ling for quite a while. Yet, Yan Ling didn’t scold him as a little Werewolf cub, but said he was like a puppy.

Qiu Rong, the little Werewolf cub, wasn’t entirely satisfied and doubted if he didn’t perform well enough.

After finishing their congee, Qiu Rong went inside to change clothes and came out.

“Last night, you stayed up too late. I’ll drive you to the company.”

Taking the tie from Yan Ling’s hand, Qiu Rong lowered his head and earnestly tied it for him. As he casually brushed against the faint trace of a hickey on the CEO’s collar, mischievous Qiu Rong didn’t remind him.

In front of Yan Ling, Qiu Rong portrayed the image of a hardworking student. As the esteemed leader of the Werewolf Clan, he had money but couldn’t use it. The car was bought by his spouse. Fortunately, both of them didn’t mind this small matter. Qiu Rong drove the SUV bought by his spouse flamboyantly every day, which had made Yuan Shang jealous for a long time.

Yan Ling wasn’t sleepy at all, but he didn’t want to disappoint his considerate boyfriend, so he closed his eyes and pretended to rest in the car.

During a break at a traffic light, Qiu Rong glanced sideways and saw Yan Ling closing his eyes, taking advantage of the time to catch up on sleep. Qiu Rong felt a bit guilty.

Yan Ling was always cooperative in bed, overly obedient.

His spouse was just too adorable. Anyone would lose their composure, let alone Qiu Rong, who was a Werewolf…

They seemed naturally compatible, and Qiu Rong would easily lose himself in it, forgetting that his beloved CEO was just an ordinary person who would definitely feel the physical toll the next day due to their activities.

Next time, he needed to learn restraint. He shouldn’t deliberately tease Yan Ling just because he knew Yan Ling had a soft heart.

Delicate kittens should be cherished in the palm of one’s hand.

Repeating the pledge that had been said 10086 times in his heart, Qiu Rong parked the car downstairs at New Moon Media. He drove steadily all the way, and Yan Ling leaned his head to the side, appearing to be sound asleep.

Entering the underground parking lot, Qiu Rong turned off the engine and felt a bit reluctant to wake Yan Ling. He quietly watched Yan Ling for a while, his heart filled with sweetness and tenderness.

He stealthily approached and stole a kiss from the CEO. Seeing that it was almost time for work, Qiu Rong had to softly wake Yan Ling up.

Yan Ling gradually woke up, hiding the smile in his eyes. He asked in a drowsy tone, “We’re already here so quickly?”

“Yes,” Qiu Rong sat in the driver’s seat like a large obedient guard dog and advised, “Remember to rest after lunch, I’ll come to pick you up in the evening.”

“Do you have no classes today? If the lab isn’t busy, you can go home and take a nap.” Yan Ling unbuckled his seatbelt, turned his head to Qiu Rong with a playful gaze, and said, “I’ll be waiting for the little puppy to pick me up tonight.”

Qiu Rong watched Yan Ling enter the elevator. If his Werewolf tail was outside right now, it would definitely wag in textbook fashion, expressing the joy of a happy little dog.

The SUV merged back into traffic, but it didn’t take the same route as before.

Qiu Rong rolled down the window and took out a sugar-free mint tablet from the storage compartment. With one hand, he tore open the plastic packaging and chewed the whistle candy inside a few times.

Since living together with Yan Ling, Qiu Rong had quit smoking and always kept mint candies on hand. Whenever he felt the urge to smoke, he would chew a piece as a substitute, better than nothing.

The SUV drove through the A University campus, and the surrounding cars gradually diminished until they finally entered the highway.

The car stopped at a suburban gas station. Qiu Rong got out of the car, still chewing the mint candy in his mouth.

Ruan Sijia arrived earlier than Qiu Rong. He held a cup of instant milk tea and waved at Qiu Rong from the convenience store at the rest area.

“Where’s Meng Baichuan?” Qiu Rong put on a baseball cap before getting out of the car. There weren’t many people in the convenience store, so he sat opposite Ruan Sijia and asked.

Ruan Sijia gestured outside the window. “Brother Meng said it’s about time. He went to the car first.”

A small truck emerged from the gas station and stopped at the convenience store entrance. Sitting in the passenger seat was a curly-haired young man wearing a baseball cap, who turned out to be Meng Baichuan.

The driver should also be from Meng’s family. Qiu Rong vaguely remembered, perhaps having seen him before when he visited Meng’s house.

Meng Baichuan’s cap was pressed down low, and it seemed like he was chewing gum. He was boredly staring at the road, but in an instant, his Werewolf-like eyes lit up when he saw Qiu Rong sitting in the convenience store.

Qiu Rong waved his hand to stop Meng Baichuan from getting out of the car. Meng Baichuan looked at him pitifully for a moment, then sat back and continued to gaze at the road.

After a while, Meng Baichuan made a gesture in the direction of the convenience store. Qiu Rong and Ruan Sijia stood up at the same time, ready to go to the gas station and drive.

At that moment, Meng Baichuan waved his hand at them again.

The bright sun shone on the pine and cypress road, giving it a sparkling glow. In the distance, a small refrigerated truck appeared, swaying like waves as it approached the end of the road and turned into the gas station.

The middle-aged driver got out of the truck, still holding his hat to fan himself. He exchanged a few words with the gas station attendant before turning towards the convenience store.

Meng Baichuan, outside the convenience store, jumped down from the truck. He took off his coat and tied it around his waist, wearing only a white tank top. He raised his hand, pushed his cap to the back of his head, and casually wiped some engine oil on his face that he had just smudged from the gas station.

Qiu Rong and Ruan Sijia returned to their original positions and watched as Meng Baichuan followed behind the truck driver and entered the convenience store together.

Meng Baichuan and Ruan Sijia were around the same age, with a wheat-colored complexion. At the moment, Meng Baichuan looked like a young apprentice who had come out with his master on a long journey.

As he entered, he glanced at Qiu Rong, grinned foolishly, and walked to the cashier’s counter to order a grilled sausage. In no time, he struck up a conversation with the truck driver who was cooking instant noodles.

The senses of the Werewolf clan were keen, and even from a distance, Qiu Rong could hear what the two were talking about.

Meng Baichuan, with his youthful appearance and clever tongue, successfully gathered some small pieces of information from the truck driver.

For example, the ultimate destination of this truck was a suburban villa area.

The refrigerated truck that Qiu Rong had been keeping an eye on today was actually the “food truck” of the vampire clan.

The Werewolf clan had put in a lot of effort to find out about the vampire clan’s “blood supply chain” from elsewhere.

The place of origin hadn’t been discovered yet, but this transport truck had previously delivered fresh blood to other clans. Following the trail, they figured out the delivery time and the route into the city for this truck.

Three months ago, there was a mixed-blood child born from a Werewolf and a human who was bitten by a vampire from abroad.

The boy had just turned eighteen, and because he didn’t have obvious Werewolf characteristics at birth, both of his parents unanimously decided to keep it a secret from the Werewolf clan and let the child have a normal childhood. If nothing unexpected happened in the future, they would continue to keep it a secret and let him live happily as a regular person.

It was until that foreign vampire wandered around the food court in the mall that the two of them crossed paths.

That day, the boy went out with his classmates to celebrate his birthday. Accidentally, he scratched his hand, but the wound was not big, and only a little blood flowed. However, despite the aroma of barbecue, hot pot, and seafood noodles, it managed to attract the sensitive nose of the vampire on the other side.

The vampire, in their charming manner, deceived the boy and managed to feed on him a few times before leaving without a trace. Due to the healing ability and hypnotic powers of the vampire clan, this foolish young Werewolf didn’t even realize he had been bitten. It was only when he started running a fever and grew a pair of Werewolf ears that his parents discovered what had happened.

Close contact with a vampire can trigger the latent Werewolf bloodline, turning a person into a half-Werewolf.

For a newly adult student, whose worldview and perspective on life had been shattered and reassembled, can parents really avoid getting angry?

When a vampire arrives in City A, they are under the jurisdiction of the local vampire clan. Qiu Rong found the Supernatural Control Center and requested that the vampire clan take responsibility.

A week later, the Control Center replied, stating that the vampire prince had personally communicated with the parties involved and confirmed that both sides had engaged in the blood-sucking act based on the principles of “knowledge, consent, and voluntary participation,” making it difficult for the vampire clan to be held accountable.

They claimed ignorance while asserting that it was all voluntary, each side holding their own version of events.

In the end, the vampire clan sent a check and a set of health and blood-replenishing gift packages, implying that the matter should be considered resolved.

Precious medicinal ingredients were packed in a suitcase and delivered directly to Qiu Rong by the Control Center staff.

This act of spending money to cover up the incident only fueled Qiu Rong’s disgust towards the vampire clan.

The cold storage truck driver finished his instant noodles and bid farewell to Meng Baichuan, who had already finished three skewers of sausages beside him, before continuing on with his delivery.

The small truck parked at the entrance waited for a while, then followed the departing cold storage truck at a moderate distance.

Meng Baichuan discarded the three bamboo skewers in his hand and walked up to Qiu Rong, calling out loudly, “Boss!”

Qiu Rong nodded lightly.

Ruan Sijia drove Qiu Rong’s SUV over from the gas station, and the two of them got in the car.

Qiu Rong had long been fed up with the dominance of the vampire clan, even the Control Center treated that so-called vampire prince as if he were a revered ancestor, constantly suppressing the wereWerewolf clan.

The other side even had the audacity to send an invitation letter claiming “sincere invitation” and “friendly exchange.”

The same rhetoric, Qiu Rong had heard it three years ago.

Looking beyond the truck at the cold storage vehicle not far away, Qiu Rong couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.

Ha, no need for any exchange this time. Let’s have a good meal first.

Author’s Note:

Qiu Rong: Empty the blood clan’s food warehouse!

Yan Ling: ?

Qiu Rong: Bring it home to make duck blood vermicelli soup for my spouse~

Yan Ling: …


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