Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible
Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible: Chapter 3

3. Dear Vampire Clan Prince

“I’m afraid there are too many things, Boss, and it’s inconvenient for you alone, so I called someone to drive. Later, I’ll help you move the stuff together. I’ll lend a hand.” Meng Baichuan incessantly chattered, leaning against the back of the front seat, trying to catch Qiu Rong’s attention.

Three years ago, Qiu Rong effectively confined Meng Jiadong and became the new leader of the Werewolf clan. Meng Baichuan was the first one to submit.

He was one of the witnesses of the “Battle for Alpha.” Qiu Rong and Meng Jiadong turned back into their Werewolf forms and fought fiercely in the chilling moonlight, tearing and biting each other in the most primitive way, with blood splattering and brutal violence.

The low, hoarse roar of the beasts demonstrated their dominance, making Meng Baichuan, who was watching from a distance, feel the natural pressure, shaking him to his core.

Since then, Meng Baichuan had become a believer, like an adolescent Werewolf willing to offer his heart, pursuing animated fantasies.

Qiu Rong temporarily ignored Meng Baichuan and asked Ruan Sijia beside him, “Where are the things?”

Ruan Sijia, who was driving the car, responded with two “Oh” sounds and reached into his pocket with one hand to retrieve a sealed letter.

Qiu Rong raised an eyebrow, “A letter?”

Ruan Sijia nodded, “I noticed you were infuriated by the Vampire Clan’s letter yesterday, so I had a sudden inspiration…”

Previously, Qiu Rong instructed Ruan Sijia to find something representative and leave it at the scene after secretly… moving the “granary” of the Vampire Clan, to indicate that it was the work of the Werewolf clan and prevent the driver from being implicated.

He didn’t expect Ruan Sijia to learn on the spot.

Ruan Sijia’s voice grew quieter as he tried to prove himself, saying, “The content is really peculiar, guaranteed to infuriate the Vampire Prince as soon as he reads it… infuriate him back to life!”

Qiu Rong: “…”

Vampires have no body temperature or heartbeat, just like dead people. So, being infuriated back to life makes sense.

At the forefront, the refrigerated truck was the first to enter a tunnel.

Meng Baichuan, seeing that Qiu Rong was ignoring him, pleaded from behind, “Boss, please let me go with you. I promise I won’t cause you any trouble!”

Qiu Rong glanced at the rearview mirror. There were no cars following them for the moment. He unfastened his seatbelt and instructed the person in the back seat, “Be quiet and don’t hurt anyone.”

Meng Baichuan let out an excited whistle, immediately dropped his cumbersome jacket around his waist, and followed Qiu Rong in pushing open the right side door.

The SUV blended into the dim environment, and a muffled sound of closing doors echoed as two figures swiftly darted out, faster than a car running at 60 miles per hour.

Taking advantage of a truck sandwiched between the refrigerated truck and the SUV to block the line of sight, the two individuals successfully climbed onto the cargo compartment of the refrigerated truck.

Meng Baichuan quietly unlocked the rear door’s safety lock, and Qiu Rong swiftly entered the cargo compartment, followed closely by Meng Baichuan.

The refrigerated truck driver felt a slight weight shift in the vehicle. He glanced at the rearview mirror and only saw the truck trailing far behind. Not noticing anything unusual, he continued to hum a song while driving.

Meng Baichuan, wearing only a vest, was stimulated by the cold air inside the cargo compartment, causing goosebumps to rise on his skin.

The cargo compartment was not large, and several dozen refrigerated boxes were neatly arranged on double-sided pallets. Qiu Rong’s eyebrows jumped when he saw a particular box that wasn’t too big.

He was familiar with this box.

Qiu Rong approached and, as expected, saw the logo of Rongsheng Biotechnology Company on the box.

…It was the company where he interned during his senior year.

Qiu Rong furrowed his brows slightly. Was it just a coincidence?

“This… group… of… blood…sucking… vampires…is really…aah-choo!”

“…They really have a sense of taste.”

Meng Baichuan took off his baseball cap and shook his head like a small animal. Two Werewolf ears accidentally peeked out from his curly hair.

As a precaution, Meng Baichuan stayed in the cargo compartment to help pass the refrigerated boxes, while Qiu Rong received them below and then handed them over to the truck at the back, one by one.

The two of them were fast, and the vampire reserves turned out to be less than expected. Before reaching the end of the long tunnel, they had emptied the refrigerated truck.

When the refrigerated truck driver once again felt that something was amiss and looked at the rearview mirror, Qiu Rong and Meng Baochuan returned to the SUV, carrying the last refrigerated box.

Meng Baichuan put on his jacket and noticed Ruan Sijia, who was driving in the front seat, frequently glancing at his head through the rearview mirror.

Meng Baichuan menacingly exposed his fangs and extended a pair of ice-cold frozen Werewolf claws, pressing them against Ruan Sijia’s neck.

“What are you looking at? This is just a freezing stress response! It’s not that I can’t control my transformation!” Meng Baichuan angrily exclaimed.

Ruan Sijia felt embarrassed to admit that he wanted to touch the furry ears he saw, even though he himself was a Werewolf with a bit of fur… 

Who doesn’t have some little quirks!

Ruan Sijia’s face twisted as Meng Baichuan’s hand froze him enough. He said, “I’m sorry, Meng ge. I won’t look anymore, I won’t look.”

Meng Baichuan didn’t let go yet, while Qiu Rong wiped off the sweat from his forehead and tapped Meng Baichuan’s arm, saying, “Open the boxes and take a look.”

Only then did Meng Baichuan sit back down.

He put his hat back on, covering his two furry ears, and leaned to the side to open the blue refrigerated box beside him.

A faint circle of white mist emerged from the box. Meng Baichuan lifted the lid and saw that it was filled with blood bags.

They looked like the medical blood bags found in blood donation vehicles.

Qiu Rong, who had turned his head, narrowed his pupils and his expression turned cold. He instinctively took out his phone, ready to take photos as evidence and report the illegal trade of human blood by the vampires to the Supernatural Control Center.

Meng Baichuan took out one bag and handed it to Qiu Rong. The blood bag was sealed in packaging similar to Cici Jelly, with a label that read, “Fresh Duck Blood, No Additives. Please consume promptly for a refrigerated taste.~ (It will spoil if not refrigerated)”

Qiu Rong: “…?”

Could this really be the packaging produced by Rongsheng BioTech Company?

Seems like a performance.

“Oh, there’s also pig blood.” Meng Baichuan flipped through the refrigerated box, revealing a variety of blood bags, including but not limited to duck blood, chicken blood, pig blood, cow blood, sheep blood… and even deer blood.

Without a doubt, this was the beloved Delightful 〇 Official Full Blood Gift Box for every vampire.

Meng Baichuan had become physically uncomfortable from seeing too many thick and dark blood bags. He was about to take back the duck blood from Qiu Rong’s hand and cover the refrigerated box when he saw Qiu Rong frowning and twisting open the seal of the cici… blood bag. He took a sip of what was supposedly additive-free fresh duck blood.

The blood stained his lips and teeth, and the taste of rust permeated his tongue and throat. Qiu Rong clicked his tongue and displeasedly said, “It’s actually not human blood.”

Meng Baichuan: …

Meng Baichuan: Are you only horrified when you drink human blood?!!

Meng Baichuan’s face turned slightly pale.

Long ago, werewolves also fed on fresh blood and flesh, but with the progress of time, werewolves had already shifted from being predominantly beastly to being more human-like.

Nowadays, most werewolves had habits similar to humans, so when Meng Baichuan, a Werewolf cub who grew up in the city, witnessed Qiu Rong sucking down fresh blood without any psychological barrier, he had a hard time accepting it.

…He truly deserves to be the leader!

The taste of blood lingered in his mouth, and Qiu Rong twisted the remaining half bag shut and tossed it to the backseat without much expression, then looked out the car window.

The blood provided specifically for vampires must have been processed, and the quality of the blood was very good. It was much better than the blood he had consumed in the past, filled with duck feathers.

Ruan Sijia and Meng Baichuan noticed Qiu Rong’s low mood and fell silent. The atmosphere in the car became heavy for a while.

Meng Baichuan slumped in the backseat, staring at the half bag of duck blood in his hand. He really wanted to try it like the boss did, but he lacked the courage. He was in a dilemma.

“Based on the quantity, this batch of blood is more than what the Merfolk anticipated. When we make the delivery later, you two should keep an eye out and raise the price a bit.” Finally breaking the silence as they approached the urban area, Qiu Rong spoke. Ruan Sijia and Meng Baochuan quickly nodded in agreement.

From Meng Baichuan’s reaction, it was clear how vegetarian and devout the modern werewolves had become. There was no point in the werewolves fighting over this batch of blood, and it would be a waste to discard it. It was better to make a profitable deal out of it.

The ones who provided the information about the blood vehicle were the Merfolk.

The Merfolk reside in the depths of the sea all year round, making it difficult for them to interact with the land. They are so impoverished that it evokes a sense of pity.

Last year, the Merfolk used all their strength to purchase a batch of fresh blood from the vampires, specifically sourced from land animals. Since then, they have been unable to forget about it, longing for it like mad…

Unfortunately, they ran out of money.

They couldn’t afford a single drop anymore.

As the Merfolk continued to suffer and gnaw on dried fish, coincidentally, the werewolves began secretly gathering information about the vampires. When the Merfolk clan leader considered the situation, they discreetly approached the werewolves.

The werewolves used the information provided by the Merfolk to deplete the vampires’ food supply, and then sold the blood to the Merfolk at a low price.

Since the werewolves’ intention was to provoke the vampires, and there was already some animosity between the two clans, the Merfolk didn’t have to worry about being betrayed.

Thus, a world where only the vampires suffered was established.

Qiu Rong had no sense of guilt for temporarily raising the price for the Merfolk, who were struggling to make ends meet. After thinking for a moment, he added, “Save a few packs of duck blood for me.”

Meng Baichuan’s pupils shook: …Has he become addicted to drinking blood??

Qiu Rong couldn’t hear the inner thoughts of his younger brother. He simply remembered that every time he went to eat hot pot with Yan Ling, the latter would always order a serving of duck blood.

Although Yan Ling had repeatedly denied enjoying the dark red blood cubes, Qiu Rong couldn’t help but notice that whenever he picked up two pieces of vegetables with his chopsticks, he would sneakily dip them into the pot to cook a small piece of blood. He cleverly saw through the little glutton’s lie.

The CEO of his household would always unexpectedly show a cute side in trivial matters.

Qiu Rong’s cold indifference was unconsciously replaced with tenderness.

He calculated the time and planned to go to the laboratory to check on the culture dishes before returning home to make duck blood vermicelli soup for his spouse.

Vincent, dressed in a well-tailored suit, stood silently in front of the suburban mansion.

Beside him was a trendy young man wearing a T-shirt and shorts, with a silver earring, sitting unpretentiously in the shade of the mansion’s steps, enjoying the coolness.

Just as the young man couldn’t wait to turn back towards the mansion, a small black car with an angel logo smoothly pulled up in front of the mansion.

Vincent stepped forward and opened the rear door, raising his hand to block the car’s edge. Yan Ling, with an icy expression and an air of coldness, stepped out of the car, his shoes spotless as they touched the ground.

Luo Haoxuan jumped up and exclaimed, “Big brother, you finally came! I want to report it! Vincent wouldn’t let me in! He’s trying to murder a vampire! He’s trying to sun-dry me to death! This is an assassination plan!”

Vincent, an old antique who had lived for many years and had smoked the formalities of the nobility into his lungs, slightly nodded to Luo Haoxuan and calmly said, “It is the most basic courtesy to welcome His Royal Highness outside the house.”

Luo Haoxuan: …

Bullshit welcome! This is a demolition zone!

The modern-day prince, who had no shame about his own privileges, asked indifferently, “Where is the letter?”

Upon learning the news that half of the Vampire Clan’s monthly rations had been stolen, Yan Ling decided to personally come over. On his way, he already knew about the letter left by the wereWerewolf clan in the carriage.

The driver of the refrigerated truck was frightened and lost the cargo. Vincent comforted him and assured that there would be no repercussions, allowing him to return.

From the pocket of his shorts, Luo Haoxuan took out the crumpled letter and handed it to Yan Ling, saying, “I advise you not to read it. It’s a form of psychological attack.”

Yan Ling glanced at him and scoffed at the suggestion.

As he opened the letter and walked towards the house, Yan Ling’s footsteps suddenly halted. The first line of the provocative letter from the Werewolf clan read: “Dear Vampire Clan Prince.”

Yan Ling: “…”

Yan Ling: “Who is dear to him??”

The obvious disdain in the Vampire Clan prince’s expression made Luo Haoxuan nervously touch his nose. He decided not to tell the prince that he had also addressed the letter to the wereWerewolf clan as “dear” yesterday.

The other party was most likely being sarcastic.

Apart from the opening line, the rest of the content wasn’t any better.

The writer of the letter was undoubtedly someone under the command of the wereWerewolf clan. They seemed like a nerdy bookworm, as the lengthy content resembled a pre-war proclamation, passionately enumerating the Vampire Clan’s crimes, as if the Werewolf clan was the embodiment of justice, aiming to eradicate the blood-sucking monsters for the benefit of humanity.

Overall, it made Yan Ling feel dizzy and disoriented.

Luo Haoxuan: “I warned you not to read it.”

Yan Ling: “…”

Yan Ling calmly folded the letter and tore it apart.

Vincent stepped forward and caught the falling scraps of paper with both hands.

In the rapidly advancing era of technology and improving legal systems, the Vampire Clan inevitably underwent changes in many of their habits.

Nowadays, most of the Vampire Clan members are “vegetarian,” only drinking animal blood.

While in other places there might be Vampire Clans forming contractual relationships with humans through blood pacts, in City A, strict adherence to the regulations of the Supernatural Control Center was enforced after Yan Ling took office, cracking down heavily on illegal blood-sucking activities.

In the present City A, there are hardly any incidents of vampires harming humans. (The last one occurred during the “tragedy” when the prince’s cousin came to ravage the food court.)

“I just spoke with the Glutton earlier, and even her family can’t provide that much blood in a short period,” Yan Ling pinched his brow.

The blood that the Vampire Clan drinks is high-quality blood that has been sterilized. For most Vampire Clan members, drinking one or two bags a week is sufficient for their own needs.

Except for the vampires who are still abstaining from human blood.

All those vampires who have previously bitten humans in City A have been captured by Yan Ling and are currently “glowing” in various departments of his company.

They have not fully adapted to drinking the tasteless animal blood yet. Apart from Yan Ling’s violent suppression, they also require a stable supply of high-quality blood to alleviate their anxiety of not being able to drink human blood.

Other Vampire Clan members can wait for the next batch of blood, but these people who are forced to work overtime in the company cannot wait…

Yan Ling lowered his gaze and looked at his own palm, where faint blue veins climbed up from his wrist, buried under his pale skin.

He clenched his fist and said calmly, “Notify everyone that tonight’s late-night snack in the company will be duck blood vermicelli soup.”


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