Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible
Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible: Chapter 55

55. A collection of random short stories(2)

On the forum section of the central official website, there’s a highly prominent post titled “Igniting Flames and Cooking Stoves!” A peach-shaped tail, happily waving in the air while cooking continues, as a mischievous succubus sits cross-legged in front of the computer, fingers tapping away to type a fanfiction piece about the Vampire Prince X Werewolf Chief.

It’s only a matter of time before Prince Kate catches wind of it and sends it to the Violation Processing Department for confinement. As Zhong Lishu passes by, he comments on the boundless quality of the content without revealing who the author is. 

The little succubus stretches lazily, turning around to nudge Zhong Lishu with its tail, “Big brother, you’ll protect me, right~?” 

Zhong Lishu remains noncommittal.

After finishing the meal, the succubus was in a great mood. They closed the computer and followed Zhong Lishu to the bedroom.

“Big brother~ you smell really nice today too~” The succubus hopped onto the bed first, sitting on the side, eagerly pulling back the covers with both hands, inviting Zhong Lishu to join them for a nap.

Zhong Lishu: “…”

The succubus was by Zhong Lishu’s side every day, not only to gain energy from his dreams but also to share the burden of his excessive mental power. The previous Head, Zhongli Ying, fell into a deep slumber a hundred years ago. Zhong Lishu, still in his dormant period, was forcibly awakened due to the ancient divine beast’s power that had nowhere to go, which resulted in a temporary sealing.

However, sealing temporarily didn’t mean sealing forever. The gradually recovering power burdened Zhong Lishu’s frail human body. The appearance of the succubus was unexpected; Zhong Lishu didn’t expect them to be of much use.

The succubus pestered Zhong Lishu, expressing a desire to enter his dreams, and Zhong Lishu went along. In the chaotic dream realm, a black circular sun hung high, accompanied by a faint, iridescent white ring on the distant horizon. In the vast and boundless space, a distant and ancient chant could be faintly heard, like the sound only a whale in the deep sea could produce.

Memories from ten thousand years ago were too distant for Zhong Lishu. He didn’t know what the succubus could see in his mind. Nevertheless, the succubus enjoyed his dreams. Each time the succubus entered his dreams, Zhong Lishu’s body improved considerably.

Awakening from a deep slumber, Zhong Lishu turned his head to find the succubus sleeping beside him. Their breathing was shallow, occasionally murmuring something, sometimes giggling, sometimes frowning.

After a satisfying dream, the succubus wiped the corner of their mouth, making contented sounds. They turned over, and the thin blanket slipped off.

Zhong Lishu sat back against the headboard, reading a book. The bedroom curtains were drawn, and he turned on the small bedside lamp.

“I feel like I could knock over a demon with a single punch right now~” The succubus snuggled up to Zhong Lishu, chuckling mischievously. 

When the succubus woke up after absorbing too much energy, they would be a bit groggy, similar to being drunk.

Zhong Lishu turned a page in his book, “Perhaps.”

“Definitely~” The succubus clung to a large pillow like a koala and draped themselves over Zhong Lishu, using their head to nuzzle Zhong Lishu’s waist, “Being able to eat well every day is so blissful~ Big brother, can you keep taking care of me forever~?”

Zhong Lishu glanced at them, “Aren’t you already full?”

“I’m not full~” The succubus patted Zhong Lishu, reassuringly, “I can eat a lot more~”

Their peach-shaped tail wrapped around Zhong Lishu’s waist, resembling a fox securing their stash of provisions.

The succubus: “Hehe, I really like you, big brother~”

Here is the translation of the text:

**[Rong Xiaoxin x Jiang Sheng]**


Rong Xiaoxin’s habit of taking a circle of black-clad bodyguards when going out was influenced by some movies from the end of the last century. For a period of time, when she went out, she would wear sunglasses and drape a large fur, resembling a certain big sister character.


Jiang Sheng, the CEO of Rong Sheng Group, not only didn’t stop his wife but also enthusiastically helped Rong Xiaoxin contact a security company. He also cooperated by wearing sunglasses, portraying himself as the man behind the powerful woman facade.

During that time, their business partners thought that Rong Sheng Group was involved in some shady dealings, so they were afraid that the other party might take out a gun from a drawer and slam it on the table during contract negotiations.


Later, Rong Xiaoxin changed her style to Lolita. CEO Jiang Sheng waved his hand and bought a whole room full of small dresses.

Due to his overly straightforward sense of aesthetics, he was punished by his wife for wearing them.

Wearing a maid outfit, Jiang Sheng was as formidable as a battle-ready Barbie: “…”

It really wasn’t the fourth favorite.


The little dream demon and Rong Xiaoxin touched foreheads to show her a memory.

Across several generations, the memories of the past were like a distant dream to Rong Xiaoxin.

Standing outside the gates of the afterlife, petals from a Mandala flower fluttered. She could only gaze from afar at the Yan Luo city beyond the Yellow Springs.

Through Uriel’s memories from the netherworld, Rong Xiaoxin caught glimpses of the dream realm’s underworld.

The busy Black and White Impermanences were nowhere to be found, the Ox-Head and Horse-Face who enjoyed frightening spirits were absent, and the Meng Po who stewed soup in three cauldrons was also gone.

The desolate and dilapidated Yan Luo city was empty, covered in yellow sand.

The old ways faded away, and the slumbering old fellows would never wake up again.

One day, she, Bai Ze, Zhong Lishu… those who relied on their dispersed energy to return to the cycle of reincarnation, would also dissipate, wouldn’t they?

As things change and stars shift, all things have an end.

Yet, the end is also a new beginning.


Here is the translation of the text:

[Yan Ling x Qiu Rong]


When Yan Ling picked up the little wolf cub and brought it to the hospital, of course, he could tell that the little fellow in his arms was a wolf, not a dog.

However, the mischievous nature of the blood clan’s young prince suddenly emerged, insisting on referring to the wolf as a dog.


Later, fearing his own blood wouldn’t work, he had Bai Ze prescribe medicine for the little wolf cub.

Bai Ze still didn’t ask a single question, yet the next day, he brought the pill.

Administered by Vincent.


During the time the blood clan’s young prince was recuperating in the hospital, the nurses inadvertently discovered that he had no heartbeat.

Later, Bai Ze found out that the pale and beautiful young man in the VIP ward with no heartbeat had become a hospital legend.

It was said that the boy who died of heart disease didn’t realize he was dead, and still wandered around the ward every day.

To prevent him from becoming a vengeful ghost due to stimulation, the hospital prohibited others from entering that room. They only dispatched the highly skilled doctor Bai Ze, who shared the same name as the auspicious beast, to deal with it.

In the end, Bai Ze, the auspicious beast, helped the pale and beautiful young man cross over.

Bai Ze: …

He just couldn’t be bothered anymore.


After settling things with the Institute, Yan Ling and Zhongxin finally escaped from their research institute lives. Yan Zishu also finally managed to convince Prince Kate to return home and visit his son, even receiving a photo of her son with cat ears.

Now that she was closer to her son, Yan madam wanted to give Yan Ling a gift.

Former interior designer Yan madam: “How about buying a suite for our son?”

Prince Moore Kate with a strange tone: “Sure, he’ll definitely love a big castle.”

A big castle was out of the question, but a small villa might do.

Taking into consideration Prince Morel Kate’s suggestion, Yan madam decorated a splendid classical interior design for their son with atavistic blood.

Yan Ling: …

Yan Ling was sure that the large coffin in the bedroom was his adoptive dad’s way of teasing him from afar.

However, Yan Ling actually thought the coffin looked pretty good. He said to Vincent, “When I get tired one day, just bury me in this coffin.”

Vincent, who didn’t really want to continue guarding the tomb: “…”

Vincent: “I hope that day never comes.”


After falling off the horse, the Crown Prince handed his phone to Vincent and then had a sudden realization while shutting himself in the coffin. He decided to transform into a cat to gather intelligence.

Worried that Qiu Rong wouldn’t bring him back home, Yan Cat sat on the roof and used a bit of hypnosis while staring at Qiu Rong.

Fearing that Yan Cat might not be carried back, Yan Ling used hypnosis to make Qiu Rong carry him onto the car.

Later, Yan Ling found out that this was totally unnecessary. Qiu Rong was so enthusiastic that he even took him to sweep through pet shops that day, and then invited him to the big villa.

Clearly, he was the one who wanted to turn into a cat, yet the Crown Prince had a touch of jealousy again.

This jealousy reached its peak when he heard Qiu Rong praise the cute cat and express the desire to raise it.

Yan Ling: “Not allowed.”

There’s no room for two cats. Don’t even think about it.


“But the cat I want to touch is you.” Qiu Rong reasoned with Yan Ling, “You’re the cat, and you’re you. I can touch you, so why can’t I touch the cat version of you?”

Yan Ling: “Put down the bowtie collar in your hand before you talk.”


At the end of August, Qiu Rong went to visit the graves.

This time, he bought plenty of flowers and introduced his family to the man he would spend his life with.

“They will like you.”

Yan Ling wiped off the dust on the photo and softly promised, “I will take good care of him.”


As he was leaving, he ran into Huo Zhixing.

Holding two baskets of chrysanthemums and a bundle of sunflowers, Huo Zhixing put down one basket when he saw Qiu Rong and switched the sunflowers to his other arm. He reached into his suit pocket, took out an envelope.

“Was hoping to run into you today.” Huo Zhixing handed the envelope to Qiu Rong. “Saw this while going through my family’s album yesterday.”

Qiu Rong opened the envelope, finding two photos inside.

One was a picture of their families at the amusement park together.

His parents were holding one of his hands each, while his older brother and Huo Zhixing stood together.

The other was a photo of his older brother smiling while holding him.

“The rest are photos of me and your brother, so you won’t get them.”

After a brief exchange with Yan Ling, Huo Zhixing picked up the flower basket again, saying, “I’ll be going up now.”

“Go have a chat with your brother.”


Author’s Note:

The short stories are done~ Also, the background setting of this story is entirely fictional, so please don’t delve too deep into it! (Runs away with a pot lid)


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