Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible
Vampire Race and Werewolf Race Are Impossible: Chapter 56

56. The Wolf Clan Chief and His Cat Majesty

As the scorching summer came to an end, the mysterious case that had been circling around City A for over a month finally came to a conclusion. The day after Qiu Rong and Yan Ling submitted their reports, the official statement was quietly released after much consideration:

“Recent escape of experimental animals from a certain research institute in City A resulted in casualties. All animals have been captured and disposed of, and the institute has been closed.”

The discussion about the related case had been closely monitored by online regulators, and when the announcement was made, it didn’t cause much commotion, ending rather peacefully. It was considered an explanation to the public and satisfied the curiosity of some individuals.

Upon seeing the news from the other side, Yuan Shang even called: “It turned out to be real experimental animals! The speculations from anonymous posts were right. It’s no wonder the forum was blown up on the second day… How many animals had to run away for this long to be captured?”

Qiu Rong: “…Well, at least we’ve captured all of them now.”

“True.” Yuan Shang sighed, “I had some weird dreams not long ago, and I actually thought there was some supernatural event. Turns out, it was all about getting closer to science again.”

After half a month of recuperation, Yuan Shang had completely shaken off the influence of Uriel, and he was in high spirits. He quickly pushed aside thoughts of mutant animals and strange dreams, and asked, “Have you and Chief Yan made up?”

Qiu Rong lowered his head, stirring the soup in the pot, and smiled at the question. He answered gently, “Better than ever.”

Yuan Shang: “…”

Through the waves of the internet, he detected the scent of a homemaker.

He gently reminded, “Brother, cherish it. Sister-in-law said that she’ll be back from her business trip soon, and the lab is open 24 hours. She’s welcoming you.”

Qiu Rong: “…”

The diligent “little housewife” temporarily decided to overlook the laboratory that was a one-way ticket. He meticulously prepared today’s nourishing soup, poured it into a thermos, and went to deliver lunch to the President.

In order to seal Uriel and to compensate for the loss of his lifespan, Yan Ling’s once-white hair still hadn’t returned to its original color.

Recently, Qiu Rong spent every day at home, simmering various nutritious soups in hopes of quickly restoring his wife’s pale and fragile appearance to good health.

In truth, CEO Yan in his white form was also quite attractive, especially since he matched the color of the cat. Whenever Qiu Rong looked at the white CEO Yan, he would be reminded of a lion-headed cat with a tilted head, which only intensified his affection.

However, compared to his affection, he still hoped Yan Ling would recover sooner.

“I really don’t mind at all.”

During the lunch break in the President’s office, Qiu Rong, who was pouring soup from a lunch box, said to Yan Ling, “I bring you lunch from home every day, and you never find it troublesome.”

After placing down the ladle, Qiu Rong handed the bowl to Yan Ling, saying, “It’s not a bother. How could making food for you be considered troublesome?”

Puppy Qiu wagged an imaginary tail and attentively said, “Hurry and drink it while it’s hot.”

CEO Yan glanced at Qiu Rong, who had a silly expression on his face, held the small bowl, and slowly sipped the soup. He muttered softly, “… Silly dog.”

Being able to drink warm soup every day was indeed a happy thing. Qiu Rong was afraid that Yan Ling might get tired of it, so he made different soups every day.

With such dedicated efforts from his boyfriend, Yan Ling should be quite pleased.

Though pleased, President Yan had some happy worries as well. 

When he returned home in the evening, the dining table was set with a feast of dishes, the level of detail comparable to confinement meals from a maternity center.

After changing his clothes, Yan Ling came out and sat in front of the sumptuous dinner. He paused for a moment, then raised his head to propose an idea to Qiu Rong, who had brought the replenishing soup: “… How about opening a bottle of red wine tonight?”

Qiu Rong placed down the soup, hesitatingly said, “Isn’t it better to wait until you’ve fully recovered before drinking?”

Yan Ling and Qiu Rong exchanged glances for a while. In the end, Qiu Rong gave in under Yan Rong’s concerned gaze.

That’s the point of contention.

His boyfriend seemed to have become overly worried about his physical health.

Worried to the point that their recent pre-bedtime activities had been canceled.

President Yan, who had been drinking nourishing soups for days on end: … was starting to feel a little feverish.

After silently finishing another health-conscious meal, Yan Ling put down his chopsticks, closed his eyes, and spoke as if he was ready to face death: “Earlier… you said you wanted to see me wearing cat ears.”

Qiu Rong: “…?”

The tips of CEO Yan’s ears, concealed within his white hair, turned slightly red. Yan Ling gazed at Qiu Rong, and a pair of fluffy white cat ears emerged from the soft strands of hair. He gently twitched them.

Qiu Rong: “…”

He was feeling a bit dizzy.

Yan Ling tilted his head slightly and whispered, “And there’s also the tail. Don’t you want to see?”

For a moment, it wasn’t clear if Qiu Rong’s face or the boiled prawns on the table were redder.

Overwhelmed by embarrassment, Qiu Rong, who couldn’t decide between the two, struggled to regain his voice, “N-No, you’re still recovering…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a drop of blood fell from his nose.

Qiu Rong: “…”

Yan Ling: “…”

It wasn’t entirely Puppy Qiu’s fault for lacking composure.

After all, the nourishing meal was meant for both of them.

CEO Yan’s cat ear temptation finally ended with Qiu Rong rushing to the bathroom to wipe away his nosebleed.

The alluring atmosphere dissipated completely, and CEO Yan didn’t have the courage to repeat the question, “Do you want to see my tail?”

Yan Ling didn’t lie to Qiu Rong. His body was truly fine. After another two days, the snow-white hair had finally returned to its original color.

With CEO Yan in good health again, he wasn’t really inclined to face his little boyfriend.

At this point, if they were to get into bed again, Qiu Rong would undoubtedly want him to conjure cat ears.

Perhaps even a cat tail.

Yan Ling’s striking white hair drew too much attention before, making it inconvenient for them to go out. So, today, Qiu Rong had reserved a restaurant and taken Yan Ling out for dinner to change things up.

They were at an aerial restaurant with a view overlooking the entire city. Candlelight illuminated the dazzling crystal chandeliers, and the gentle and enchanting melody of F major played in the background. A glass bottle with water droplets held a vibrant red rose.

Qiu Rong raised his tall wine glass and gently clinked it against Yan Ling’s.

With such a romantic and melodious beginning, how could Prince Charming not notice the big bad wolf’s tail?

Finishing the glass of red wine in one gulp, Yan Ling thought to himself that for just one night, he could indulge in some cat ear play.

With the highest-quality wine package, Yan Ling had also become a bit tipsy after consuming seven or eight glasses.

Qiu Rong was going to drive, so he stuck to drinking juice.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Yan Ling opened the window and let the night breeze blow on him for a while. His earlobes turned burning red. He couldn’t tell if he was drunk or nervous.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Qiu Rong took out a delivery box from the trunk.

Yan Ling looked at Qiu Rong’s hands holding the box with suspicion. “What did you buy?”

Qiu Rong’s gaze shifted away. “Um… didn’t you promise me that you’d wear cat ears? Didn’t you add them to the shopping cart… and then you looked at a few other things…”

Yan Ling: “…”

It probably wasn’t something good.

For now, they waited until they got into the elevator and entered their home. Yan Ling waved his hand, motioning for Qiu Rong to bring over the box he was holding.

After opening the plain packaging of the delivery box, Yan Ling emptied out a pile of colorful and extravagant items.

Inspecting them one by one, Yan Ling picked up a pink package with his fingertips and pulled out something that could be called a “clothing” item.

The pure white gauze was translucent like mist, and the delicate butterfly bow tied around the waist elegantly outlined a graceful figure.

Yan Ling: “…”

He looked up at Qiu Rong, stunned, and exclaimed, “Is it you who’s gone crazy, or is it me?”

The next morning, His Highness, who was nursing a hangover, kicked the Wolf Clan leader off the bed with one foot.

Qiu Rong was lying by the bedside, his two wolf ears drooping pitifully. “Wife…”

“Who’s your wife? I’m not your wife.”

Prince Charming’s cat ears on top of his head hadn’t been put away yet. His fluffy cat tail swayed behind him, producing a clear “ding-dang” sound.

Yan Ling was even more furious.

He untied the bell from the bow on the tail and flung it at Qiu Rong. In a calm tone, he said, “From now on, don’t even think about getting into bed.”


Before the end of the vacation, Prince Charming finally calmed down. He took Qiu Rong’s passport and sent Vincent to arrange the visa. Through Daniel’s several attempts to mediate, he managed to convince Yan Ling to take Qiu Rong to Europe to see Sue.

As for Prince Moore Kate, it was best to ignore him.

Sue personally came to the airport to pick them up. She wore a fluffy fishtail braid and a long dress, giving off a warm and relaxed vibe. She chatted with Yan Ling and Qiu Rong while driving. Yan Ling wasn’t good at dealing with such situations, so he briefly responded a few times and left Qiu Rong to chat with Sue.

Sue didn’t blame him; she continued to chat with Qiu Rong in a gentle and friendly manner.

Qiu Rong thought that if his mother were still alive, she would probably have become good friends with Sue.

Prince Kate and Sue lived in a small town, quite a distance away in a detached villa with a yard, where they also kept a golden retriever.

As soon as Qiu Rong entered the house, he heard Prince Kate “hmph” in response. 

The man had a strong resemblance to Yan Ling in his eyebrows and eyes, with the remaining seven parts filled with arrogance. Qiu Rong had pinched the neck of Yan Ling before, his future father-in-law, so he wasn’t particularly fond of him. He politely greeted him.

Sue prepared dinner, consisting of tender red wine-braised beef with crispy vegetable pies, and sweet pumpkin soup. Perhaps she had made some arrangement with Prince Kate, as they chatted at the table. Prince Kate attempted to interject a few times but, after glancing at Sue, he let out a light snort and swallowed his words back.

He resembled a child who hadn’t fully grown up.

Their brief interaction was harmonious. Sue prepared a bedroom for Yan Ling and Qiu Rong and said that she would take them around the town the next day.

As night fell, the small town was nearly silent, occasionally interrupted by the sound of insects, breaking the tranquility of the night.

Leaning against the windowsill, Yan Ling looked up at the night sky. Seeing that Qiu Rong had finished drying his hair and entered the room, Yan Ling turned and asked, “Do you want to go out?”


Vincent stayed at New Moon Media to handle work and didn’t come with them. However, he had told Yan Ling the location of that grave.

It wasn’t far from the small town.

Yan Ling held Qiu Rong and stood before the compassionate statue of the Virgin Mary. The crescent moon hung low behind the statue, casting a gentle light over this vast expanse of grass.

The wind rustled the purple clover, creating a “rustling” sound as if greeting them.

Qiu Rong draped his coat over Yan Ling’s shoulders. Holding hands, they walked through the rows of tombstones and found the one that belonged to Andrei.

Yan Ling placed the sprig of sage he held onto the grave, offering his regards to Vincent.

“At first, when I thought you were just an ordinary person, I was certain that in the future, I would turn you into one of my kind,” Yan Ling suddenly said. “I believed you would accept this proposal because you love me enough.”

Qiu Rong looked at him. “And what about later?”

“Later, I hesitated again.”

They strolled in the moonlight.

“I felt that what you wanted was a simple and warm life, not to be entangled in the curse of immortality,” Yan Ling continued. “So, I decided to keep the secret of the vampire bloodline hidden and accompany you through your life like that.”

Qiu Rong tightened his grip on Yan Ling’s hand.

Yan Ling continued, “After you left, I returned here. I came back to the final resting place of all the ancestral bloodlines.”

They stood before the statue of the Virgin Mary once again.

Qiu Rong held onto Yan Ling and stopped. “But this isn’t your resting place.”

Yan Ling turned around, a playful smile forming on his lips. “Well, I know.”

“During this time, I’ve been able to feel the life that sealing Ulyel consumed slowly coming back, even though the speed is slow. Perhaps that’s the reason our ancestors chose to rest under this land.”

“The curse of the bloodline seems endless.”

Yan Ling looked up at Qiu Rong and whispered softly, “So, I really still have plenty of time left to spend with you.”

They gazed at each other, and Qiu Rong didn’t need Yan Ling to ask again. He simply said, “I’m willing.”

Yan Ling smiled.

Under the bright moonlight, the shadow of the statue of the Virgin Mary fell upon them.

Yan Ling took a step forward, raising his hand to embrace Qiu Rong.

The first embrace of a vampire involved the exchange of blood.

Five years ago, the injured little wolf cub, unable to let go, clung to Yan Ling’s wrist. Sharp fangs pierced through the blood vessels as Qiu Rong held the little bat in his arms.

… Five years later, the immortal vampire prince granted his puppy’s first embrace. It was the continuation of life, the sharing of a curse.

It was their bond, becoming intertwined in each other’s bones and blood, forever inseparable.

(End of the story)

The author has something to say:

“Your love is my turning page,

Where only the sweetest words remain.”

(“Turning Page” by Sleeping at Last)

I had been wondering what song to listen to while writing the ending for a long time. I originally thought it would be the dance tune from “The Addams Family,” but as I got to this point, the song “Turning Page” came to my mind. It’s a very tender theme song from “Twilight.”

We have to say a temporary goodbye to Little Dog Qiu and Little Cat Yan, but as the lyrics say, this is their new page. This understanding couple will continue their sweet and occasionally quarrelsome life. I believe they can break the curse of the bloodline and be forever happy, forever in love, forever each other’s destination.

Looking at the time, around this time last year, I was writing the first three chapters of this story. Back then, I didn’t even have confidence in getting signed, but with the thought of giving it one last try, I sent out this story. It went very smoothly, got signed, made it onto the charts, and became popular.

Unfortunately, shortly after becoming popular, due to various reasons, I wasn’t able to update for a long time after entering the VIP section.

A huge thank you to the readers who kept following, leaving comments, and encouraging me even during these unstable updates. Without your company, I might have had to suffer for a long time before picking up the keyboard to continue writing.

I’m also very grateful to every reader who enjoyed this story. Your enjoyment motivates this little pigeon to tell more stories, one after another.

Little pigeon sends heart~!( / ^_^ ) (/ ^_^ ) (/ ^_^ )

Thank you all for accompanying Qiu Rong and Yan Ling through a busy and fulfilling summer~

Until we meet again in the next story~

Wishing you immortality,



Honest Review :

I had a lot of expectations for this story. I don’t know if it’s coz it was too short but it didn’t really fulfil what I hoped it would. It’s such a good premise. Don’t get me wrong the story is good it’s just not explosively good. Those who can’t do critique 🙈. I know damn well I can’t do what the author did, but I feel like there could have been so much more to the story. The whole premise of the wolves vs the vamps could have been fleshed out more but it felt a bit childish? Like why would you steal people’s food and sell it to someone else?!! WHAT IS THE REASON?! The conflict with Uriel also seemed a bit rushed and like he was beaten too easily for someone apparently so powerful. I was also confused about some parts, probably a translation thing. Machine translations are whack, if I do say so myself. But I guess this is me projecting my needs on the author. It’s a feel good story not an action borderline horror story. And I was probably looking through a filter from all the Western Vamp vs Wolf shows and novels I’ve seen and read. Plus the Mr and Mrs Smith bit. Which is wrong, coz the author wasn’t trying to recreate these stories but bring to life a new one, which they did. So don’t be biased like me children. I loved the relationship between the cat and his puppy. I’m a sucker for simps. They didn’t drag out the misunderstandings(I don’t like angst😅) and I like how their love was stronger then their race. And their reconciliations are cute. They’re also so whipped for each other my tooth aches just reading about them

And that’s a wrap. Well, well, well, look who made it to the end! You’ve survived the twists, turns, and those “wait, what?!” moments. Now, go forth, spread the saga, and remember, life’s just a bunch of stories we tell ourselves. Until our next rendezvous, keep those eyebrows raised! 😉📖

If you loved the story of the little puppy and his royal cat, then consider buying me a caffeine boost to fuel our next adventure🫣. 

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