Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Children’s face is also very important

“Uncle hit me!” Chu Siyuan grieved while sitting on the bed. He was clearly just sleeping, why did his uncle suddenly beat him.

“I didn’t. You did it yourself.” Chu Yi looked baffled. Before he could do anything earlier, Chu Siyuan already slapped his face, and now he blamed him.

He will not carry this pot. (TL’s note: shouldering the blame)

The more aggrieved Chu Siyuan was, the more he wanted to cry. He slipped off the bed like a koala, crying harder trying to find Teacher An An.

Shen Muan was awakened from shock. He had a nightmare. He dreamed of a headless child clutching his head, saying that he wanted to shoot balls with him. Then he heard Chu Siyuan’s cry. Before he could get up, Chu Siyuan grabbed his hand and said that his uncle had beaten him.

“???” Shen Muan was taken aback, and he asked, “Where did he hit you?”

“He hit me in the face, look it’s all red.” Neither his father nor mother has ever beaten him, but his uncle actually hit him. When he goes back, he will surely complain!

Shen Muan looked at the small handprint on Chu Siyuan’s face. From the looks of the size of the print, it didn’t look like Chu Yi did it.

It’s more like Chu Siyuan slapped himself.

“Okay, okay, stop crying, shall we go outside?” Shen Muan got up from the bed and took Chu Siyuan to the living room barefoot.

Chu Yi stood in the living room and watched Shen Muan lead Chu Siyuan out. When he felt the other person’s gaze fall on him, he immediately explained: “He slapped himself.” He did not care much for Chu Siyuan, even if he was stricter, he will not slap the child for no reason.

“I can see that.” Shen Muan comforted Chu Siyuan and smiled patiently. This looked like Chu Siyuan was confused while sleeping, and accidentally slapped himself.

“I didn’t!” Chu Siyuan refused to admit, he felt that Chu Yi was the one who hit him.

Shen Muan silently brought a mirror, so that Chu Siyuan could see the marks on his face clearer. He grabbed Chu Siyuan’s hand and placed it on his face for comparison, it fit perfectly.

Chu Siyuan tilted his head, “Why would I hit myself?”

This question was very good, but Chu Siyuan needed to answer it himself.

“Does it still hurt?” Chu Yi stretched out his hand and gently touched the mark on Chu Siyuan’s face with his thumb. Although the mark had begun to gradually become lighter, he could still see how much force Chu Siyuan had used before.

At such a young age, his hands were quite heavy.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Chu Siyuan turned his body at Shen Muan awkwardly. He knew he had misunderstood his uncle, but should he apologize?

Chu Siyuan’s fingers were entangled together, his big round eyes looked around, but he refused to look at Chu Yi.

“Mr. Chu, the medicine box is in the cupboard over there, can I trouble you to bring it over?” Shen Muan asked Chu Yi.

Chu Yi nodded and went to get the medicine box.

After pushing Chu Yi away, Shen Muan poked Chu Siyuan’s at the side of the face where was uninjured, and whispered: “You misunderstood your Uncle, shouldn’t you apologize?”

Chu Siyuan wanted to apologize, but he didn’t want to lose face. They just fought yesterday, if he apologized today, he would feel that it was his loss.

The face of children is also very important.

“Won’t you go apologize?” Shen Muan asked.

Chu Siyuan nodded stiffly, he hugged Shen Muan and refused to lift his head.

“Your uncle would apologize to you for doing something wrong, so Siyuan should apologize to his uncle since you misunderstood him.” Shen Muan whispered in Chu Siyuan’s ear, “This is fair, right?”

Chu Yi returned with the medicine box, he saw Chu Siyuan twitching and reluctantly said sorry to him.

This was the first time Chu Yi heard Chu Siyuan apologize. He touched Chu Siyuan’s head: “It’s okay.” Chu Yi gave Chu Siyuan medicine, and Shen Muan went to wash. He would go to work after they eat.

Shen Fangqi returned from his exercise, he found that the atmosphere seemed to be a little different. Did something happen while he was away?

But it was none of his business.

“Here’s breakfast, because I didn’t know what you like to eat, I bought a few more.” Shen Fangqi put the breakfast on the table.

Chu Yi was not picky, he could eat whatever Shen Fangqi bought. But Shen Muan and Chu Siyuan were completely different from him. Shen Muan remembered the rice noodles he wanted, but Chu Siyuan wanted to try everything.

Especially the noodles as he watched Shen Muan eat it so deliciously.

Shen Muan clamped his chopsticks on the rice noodles and brought it to Chu Siyuan’s mouth, Chu Siyuan immediately opened his mouth with an ‘ah’.

But Shen Muan put the food into his mouth rather than Chu Siyuan’s mouth, smiling at him: “Children can’t eat spicy food.”

Shen Fangqi’s eyelids twitched, he kicked Shen Muan under the table telling him to pay attention and not go too far.

This was someone else’s child.

Chu Yi noticed the following movement, and his eyes fell on Shen Muan.

Only then did Shen Muan remember that this was a kid from the kindergarten, he couldn’t tease him too much.

Chu Siyuan vigorously turned his head, he didn’t want to talk with Teacher An An anymore, Teacher An An was too bad!

Shen Muan poked Chu Siyuan’s waist. Chu Siyuan twisted abruptly as if he had been hit at an acupuncture point, he turned his head and looked at Shen Muan in shock.

Shen Muan was a little puzzled when he saw it. Why did he have such a big reaction after poking? He didn’t respond to it when we were in the bath yesterday.

Chu Siyuan sat next to him, unhappily poking the chubby buns on his plate with his chopsticks.

The soup seeped out from the steamed buns, and Chu Siyuan poked it fiercely with the chopsticks again.

The three adults next to him leaned back, the soup from Chu Siyuan’s buns spilled on his body and the table.

Chu Siyuan was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen. He put down his chopsticks with a guilty conscience and wiped the table with a paper towel.

The warm soup slipped from Chu Siyuan’s chest, leaving a very obvious mark.

Originally, Shen Muan wanted to say that he could just take Chu Siyuan with him when he went to work, but judging from the current situation, he might have to go back and change his clothes.

Chu Yi took out his mobile phone to call his assistant and asked him to send two more sets of clean clothes over, just in case.

After all, Chu Siyuan is a ruthless person.

Chu Siyuan wiped the traces on the table, regardless of his clothes, this approach made people very helpless.

Shen Muan wiped off the soup on his clothes with paper, but some traces remained on it.

“I have asked someone to bring clothes here.” Chu Yi said lightly, still holding chopsticks in his hand.

Shen Muan was still worried about the marks on Chu Siyuan’s clothes, and when he heard what Chu Yi said, he stopped worrying.

Chu Siyuan sat on the stool and found that no one bothered with him. He shook his leg and stretched out his hand for other food. Chu Yi stopped him before he could reach any of it.

“Don’t you want to eat?” Chu Yi grabbed Chu Siyuan’s hand, his tone a little cold.

Shen Muan took a sip of soy milk and focused his attention on the two. Seeing that the atmosphere was not good, Shen Fangqi wanted to pacify them, but before he could, Shen Muan tugged him and told him not to speak for the time being.

“No, I don’t want to eat it.” Chu Siyuan shrank his hand, trying to take it out, but found that he couldn’t move, he became a little anxious.

“Then why did you poke with chopsticks just now? You can’t use food for fun, you know?” Chu Ye didn’t plan to let Chu Siyuan go. In this case, what else would there be to eat if he spilled all his food.

Chu Siyuan felt guilty because of this incident, coupled with Chu Yi’s words, he narrowed his mouth as if he wanted to cry.

“Why do you like crying so much?” Chu Yi said helplessly.

Although people in the family have always said that Chu Siyuan is very similar to him, Chu Yi doesn’t think that he didn’t cry so much when he was a child.

“Little crying bag.” When these words came out, Chu Siyuan shrugged his nose and suppressed his crying: “I am not a little crying bag, I didn’t cry at all.”

“……” Shen Muan spread out his hands, who was the one that ran to him crying in the morning? But for the sake of the little guy’s face, though the main reason is that if he said it he was afraid the child would truly cry again.

Shen Fangqi sat as an onlooker while eating his steamed buns. He still thought children were too difficult, and it was not easy for his younger brother to deal with so many children every day.

After Chu Siyuan apologized and promised not to do this next time, Chu Yi let him go.

Shen Muan glanced at the time and said to his brother: “You will be late if you don’t go to the police station.”

At this reminder, Shen Fangqi with a bun in his hand, took his bag and went out. So quick as if someone was chasing after him.

“What kind of policeman is Mr. An’s brother?” Chu Siyuan asked curiously.

“Criminal police.” Shen Muan thought that the child might not understand what a criminal police was, and added, “Just like the one in Black Cat Detective.”

Chu Siyuan looked dazed, he didn’t know what a black cat detective was.

Shen Muan was silent, the children now don’t seem to watch the old cartoons anymore: “It’s like solving cases and catching bad guys.”

“Oh~ I see.” Chu Siyuan realized something and nodded very seriously.

“……” So, what did you understand?

After breakfast, the clothes were delivered. Chu Yi took Chu Siyuan to change his clothes. Shen Muan sorted out his things, Chu Yi said he would take them to the kindergarten.

In the car, Shen Muan looked at Chu Siyuan next to him in a daze. He was thinking of the words in the novel he had read. Can such a little guy really do those things in the future?

Chu Siyuan was a villain who was very bad from the beginning to the end. He was cold-blooded and ruthless, adding all kinds of obstacles on the road of love between men and women.

Shen Muan couldn’t imagine that this kid who stuck to him, acted like a baby, and liked to hold his thigh would be the villain in that book.

The villain who died tragically in the end.

Although he is a bit fickle, he would apologize when he knows that he did something wrong; and although he looks bad-tempered, he will treat small animals gently.

So, what exactly did this child go through before he became the way he was in the book?

Shen Muan was a little lost. He didn’t know why the world had changed like this, but this child in front of him was alive, not fictional, but an extremely real existence.

Shen Muan thought a lot. His mind was very confused, but when he met Chu Siyuan’s eyes, he wanted to try.

Try not to let this child become what he would be in the future; becoming cruel, hurting himself, and finally getting burned.

He couldn’t accept it…

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