Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Jealousy

It was early morning when Xiao Ruzhi (Zhizhi) got up from bed to look for his parents, he shouted that he already wanted to go to the kindergarten.

This was the first time his parents saw him being this excited to go to kindergarten. Father Xiao glanced at the time.


“… Zhizhi, it’s too early, maybe the kindergarten hasn’t opened yet.” Father Xiao cuddled closer to his wife, wanting to sleep a little longer.

Using both his hands and feet, Zhizhi climbed onto the bed and squeezed into the middle of his parents. He said seriously, “But I want to see Teacher An An earlier today.”

“At this time, Teacher An An should still be resting. Go to bed. Mom will call you later, okay?” Mother Xiao said a little drowsy, she kissed Xiao Ruzhi’s forehead, covered the quilt, patted it, and went back to sleep.

Zhizhi thought, if Teacher An An was still resting, then he should also go sleep a while more!

Just thinking about it, made Zhizhi fall asleep holding his mother’s arm.

Zhizhi slept well, but his dad was a little upset. Did this guy come to steal his wife on purpose?

The most important thing is that he couldn’t drag him out… Thinking of this, FatherXiao felt a little bit sad.

What else can I do? You can’t throw out your child.

It was still better to send it to Fang Xu for a few days. Father Xiao thought it was a good idea. Anyway, Zhizhi liked his uncle. But the fact that Fang Xu sent the child to the wrong kindergarten made Father Xiao worry a little.

These two were unreliable…

Father Xiao thought for a while and decided he would go back to sleep. They came back late yesterday, and they have only slept for two or three hours.

After sleeping for another half an hour, Zhizhi woke up. He grabbed his father’s hair anxiously and asked, “Dad, what time is it? Is it time for kindergarten?”

“…Don’t be so anxious, the kindergarten won’t run.” Father Xiao yawned, a little helpless, but he got up anyway.

Mother Xiao was awakened by their actions, Father Xiao immediately pressed her down and said, “You can continue to sleep, I’ll take him to the kindergarten.”

Hearing these words, Mother Xiao nodded and went to sleep again.

Father Xiao was afraid to disturb his wife’s rest so he went and calmed down Zhizhi, and carried him to go wash.

Zhizhi acted very anxiously. This made Father Xiao curious about this Teacher An An, so he decided to send him to school today.

After washing they went downstairs. Breakfast was ready on the table. Zhizhi consciously ran to his place, trying to climb up, but found that his legs were still too short and couldn’t reach…

Father Xiao was amused he walked over and sat Zhizhi on his seat. As they sat, Father Xiao moved a plate of delicate little buns to Zhizhi.

Zhizhi suddenly picked it up using the chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth, not caring whether it was hot or not.

Father Xiao didn’t even have time to stop it, Zhizhi just stuffed it into his mouth but quickly spat it out, Zhizhi’s mouth immediately turned red. Father Xiao quickly handed over the milk, so that he could take a sip to ease the burn.

“Eat slowly. Don’t worry, the kindergarten doesn’t open till 8 o’clock.” Father Xiao said helplessly.

“Blow at it first, then eat.” Zhizhi nodded and blew at the bun. This time he learned how to do it. Remember to try the temperature first, and then you could stuff it in your mouth.

Father Xiao looked at the little buns being eaten one mouthful at a time, after a while, there was no more left.

“… Eat slower.” Father Xiao was afraid that Zhizhi would choke because he was eating too quickly.

After eating the steamed buns, Zhizhi also quickly drank a ton of milk, he drank it with just a few mouthfuls, he even asked for another cup.

Seeing that Zhizhi still ate so fast, Father Xiao couldn’t do anything about it, so he could only eat faster as well, otherwise, he would keep reminding him. To save himself from torture, Father Xiao felt that it was better to finish eating quickly.

After he was full, Zhizhi started to rush, wandering around trying to find his little schoolbag.

He must get there earlier than Chu Siyuan today!

Thinking of that annoying guy, Zhizhi was a little unhappy, but there was nothing he could do.

“Dad, where’s my schoolbag?” Zhizhi looked around in the living room and didn’t find his schoolbag. He unhappily grabbed his father’s trousers, “I can’t find my schoolbag.”

“Young Master, the schoolbag is here.” Grandpa butler came out from behind holding a small blue school bag. Zhizhi immediately ran over happily and carried his small schoolbag happily, he wanted to go to school.

Grandpa butler looked at Xiao Ruzhi’s excitement with a smile and was extremely happy. He had never seen him this happy going to other kindergartens before.

Children, it’s best to be happy.

Father Xiao grabbed Zhizhi’s schoolbag and prevented him from rushing out: “Don’t worry, dad will just change shoes and we’ll leave.” Zhizhi grabbed his waist and began to preach to his father. He followed his grandfather’s way. With a serious face, he said: “I told you to prepare earlies, and you wouldn’t do it!”

“Now you’re wasting time.”

“······” Father Xiao looked at Zhizhi but didn’t say anything. What did his father teach his child? what? But to be honest, his impression was quite similar.

“Okay, let’s go.” Father Xiao sighed, changed his shoes, and took him into the family car.

Zhizhi sat in the back seat and moved around restlessly. Father Xiao directly pressed him on the safety seat: “Be good, we will go to the kindergarten now.” Xiao Ruzhi calmed down when he heard this. He had a lot to say to Teacher An An.

Xiao Ruzhi was energetic along the way, and Father Xiao sat sleepily beside him.

It didn’t take long to arrive at Chuntian Huahua Kindergarten. At Xiao Ruzhi’s urging, they got out of the car. As soon as Xiao Ruzhi got out of the car, Chu Yi’s car also stopped by the side.

Xiao Ruzhi saw Teacher An An, whom he had been thinking of, getting off Chu Yi’s car, and Chu Siyuan followed him.

Xiao Ruzhi stood there motionless as if petrified. Father Xiao poked him, but there was no response: “What kind of blow is this?”

After Shen Muan got out of the car, he saw Zhizhi only a short distance away, he smiled and waved at him. Zhizhi raised a smiling face subconsciously but soon became pained.

The rapid change in his expression made Shen Muan a little confused. He took Chu Siyuan and walked closer, Zhizhi’s eyes fixed on the hands of the two people.

“…” Shen Muan suddenly felt like he was a scumbag and was discovered by his gong on a date with a third party.

Shen Muan shook his head and got rid of such unrealistic thoughts.

“Hello, Teacher An, I am Zhizhi’s father, Xiao Qi.” Father Xiao smiled and greeted Shen Muan.

“Hello, Mr. Xiao.” Shen Muan smiled.

“President Xiao.”

Chu Yi’s appearance surprised Xiao Qi: “President Chu is… sending his nephew to school?”

“Yes.” Chu Yi nodded.

Because Chu Yi’s appearance diverted Xiao Qi’s attention, Shen Muan looked at the two little guys standing face to face, showing no weakness, it looked like they were ready to fight each other.

Didn’t you just get along yesterday? Why is it like this again today?

Shen Muan didn’t know that he was one of the reasons for the conflict between these two little guys.

Zhizhi asked angrily: “Why are you with Teacher An An?”

“I went home with Teacher An An yesterday.” Chu Siyuan raised his head, his words couldn’t hide his intent to show off.

He saw that Xiao Ruzhi refused to leave yesterday and wanted to go back with Teacher An An, but it was him who went back with Teacher An An.

This alone was enough for Chu Siyuan to attack Zhizhi.

Hearing what Chu Siyuan said, Zhizhi felt more and more upset. He grasped Shen Muan’s trousers and couldn’t help but cry out.

“Teacher An An doesn’t like me anymore!” Zhizhi cried bitterly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Xiao Qi was taken aback, and quickly comforted his son, but the other party didn’t appreciate it at all.

Shen Muan took Zhizhi and hugged him in his arms: “Teacher An An likes Zhizhi very much, there is nothing he doesn’t like with Zhizhi” “But… Mr. An An won’t let me go back to *hiccup* with you, you won’t let me go back with you.” Zhizhi pointed at Chu Siyuan next to him, crying and hiccuping, feeling that he was wronged.

Very good…

Shen Muan felt more like a scumbag…

Xiao Qi didn’t know what to say. He thought something was wrong, but it turned out his son was just jealous???

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