Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – This is the so-called adult

“Yesterday…” Shen Muan wanted to explain. Before he finished speaking, Zhizhi covered his ears and started shaking his head saying, “I won’t listen, I won’t listen, I won’t listen.”

“… Are you filming an idol drama or what?” Xiao Qi was speechless looking at his son. What TV drama did he watch at home? This was the same as a breakup scene.

Zhizhi looked at his dad blankly, forgetting to cry. The last time he watched TV with his mom it was like this. As soon as the sister in the TV series acted like this, the brother who was with her coaxed her.

Did he do it wrong?

He blinked his big watery eyes, small head, and wondered why Teacher An An hadn’t come to coax him. He just wanted to see how Teacher An An would react, but he felt that he had lost after seeing it, so Zhizhi stood there in a very strange posture.

Chu Siyuan hugged Shen Muan’s leg and held Shen Muan’s trousers tightly with both hands. He was not as stupid as Zhizhi. The important thing is to occupy people first. He remembered his uncle saying that he must seize the opportunity.

Although Chu Yi didn’t refer to this in the beginning, Chu Siyuan was able to learn and apply it flexibly.

“Okay, it’s time to go to the classroom.” They have been standing here for a while, and Shen Muan could only respond with a smile to the parents passing by that greeted him.

He didn’t want to stay here any longer, it was too eye-catching.

I have to say that good-looking people will be the focus of everyone no matter where they are, and with the two little guys next to them, it was even more eye-catching.

Shen Muan even spotted someone secretly taking pictures, and running away after taking them, not giving them a chance to react.

Chu Yi also found this but didn’t care. He patted Chu Siyuan’s head: “Let go.” Do you think I don’t see you quietly pulling Teacher An An pants? Chu Yi also felt that he should find time to talk to Chu Siyuan to let him get rid of the problem of holding people’s thighs.

Chu Siyuan felt the threat and silently let go.

In the next second, Zhizhi stuck closer to Shen Muan, it was so fast that Xiao Qi didn’t have time to react.

Although Xiao Ruzhi is usually sticky, he especially likes sticking to his mother, this is the first time he had seen him be sticky with a teacher. Xiao Qi’s impression of Shen Muan was not bad. He was good-looking, has a gentle personality, and Zhizhi likes him.

Xiao Qi doesn’t have high requirements for kindergartens, it was okay as long as Xiao Ruzhi likes it. He didn’t expect this accident to have a good result.

It’s just that… his son was not so sticky to him, which made Xiao Qi a little bit jealous.

“Okay, let go of your teacher, it’s time to go to the classroom.” Xiao Qi patted Xiao Ruzhi’s small schoolbag and reminded him.

Although Xiao Ruzhi didn’t want to let go, he still let go of Shen Muan’s legs obediently. Zhizhi stepped on Shen Muan’s feet, trying to reach his hands.

Shen Muan bent over and held Xiao Ruzhi’s hand. When Chu Siyuan was about to occupy the other side, a little girl with a double ponytail ran over excitedly and grabbed Shen Muan’s other hand: “Good morning Teacher An An!”

“Oh, Xiaoyi, Good morning.” Shen Muan was surprised to see the little girl.”Weren’t you supposed to come back next week? How come you’re here today? “

“Goodmorning Teacher Shen, we came home earlier. I originally said that she could take a day off and come back tomorrow, but Xiaoyi kept insisting to come to the kindergarten. I thought that she would be fine at home, so I sent people there.” A woman in a white dress came over with a smile on her face. Her gaze that fell on the child was very gentle, “Are these two kids new here?”

“Yes, this is one is Zhizhi, and this is Siyuan.” Shen Muan introduced them to each other, “This little girl is Xiaoyi, you are in the same class, so get along well.”

Xiaoyi’s mother was a little surprised when she saw Chu Yi and Xiao Qi, but she simply said hello and focused her attention on the children. When Xiaoyi’s mother saw them, she recognized their identities. Although she was able to meet such people in this kindergarten by accident, she didn’t even think about deliberately seeking friendship. As for whether the children can, it was their own business to be friends with each other.

The world of children should be simpler, and should not be complicated by adults.

Zhizhi was interested in the beautiful little girl who looked like a doll next to him. He wiped his face with his hands and then talked to Xiaoyi with a smile.

Xiaoyi took a step back vigilantly, hiding behind Shen Muan, she didn’t want Zhizhi to touch her little skirt with his snotty and tearful hands.

Chu Siyuan pouted and looked at the little girl who had taken his place. He didn’t know any gentlemanly manners at his current age. He just broke out with a pure sense of territory and was unhappy, he couldn’t help it.

Xiaoyi ignored Zhizhi and kept talking to Shen Muan about what she had seen and heard when she returned to her hometown. Shen Muan patiently listened to Xiaoyi’s words, although the other party said some things that didn’t match the beginning, she was still talking about her hometown, though ​​the next second she jumped to the duck, and then there were eight horses. She changed the topic too quickly Shen Muan couldn’t catch up.

Chu Siyuan deliberately made some actions to attract Shen Muan’s attention. Teacher An An didn’t notice him, it made Xiao Qi beside him laugh.

“Your child is really interesting.” Xiao Qi said to Chu Yi with a smile. He originally thought that Chu family members were all like Chu Yi, but he didn’t expect this child named Chu Siyuan to be so lively.

Hearing the laughter, Chu Siyuan looked at Xiao Qi very angrily, but what he got was a bigger laugh from the other party.

Shen Muan patted Xiaoyi’s head: “Will you go to the classroom with your mother first? This teacher has something to do. Let’s talk about it later in class.” Xiaoyi nodded obediently, returned to her mother’s side, revealed a sweet smile, and then followed her mother away.

She snorted to Chu Siyuan as she left.

Chu Siyuan exploded instantly, this girl did it on purpose!

She must have watched as he was about to hold Teacher An An’s hand, and then rushed over.

“Why are you angry again?” Shen Muan was helpless, he lightly poked Chu Siyuan’s bulging cheek, “You almost looks like a little pufferfish.”

“Nothing.” Chu Siyuan grabbed Shen Muan’s hand. His mouth was pursed but he acted like it was nothing.

“Just leave the children to me, Mr. Chu and Mr. Xiao, you can leave first if you have something to do, I will take them to the classroom.” Shen Muan glanced at the time and found that he had consumed too much time here. He would almost be late with punching his card in.

Chu Yi nodded: “I’m troubling you, Mr. Shen. Mr. Xiao, I will go first.”

After Chu Yi left, Xiao Qi took the opportunity to squeeze Chu Siyuan’s face and ran away quickly without hesitation. Yes, he didn’t even say goodbye to his son.

Chu Siyuan held his pinched face and was stunned. What kind of adult was this?

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