Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Story-telling

While Chu Siyuan was still in shock, Shen Muan couldn’t hold back and squeezed his hands.

It was also soft.

Like a frightened little animal, Chu Siyuan subconsciously covered his face: “You can’t pinch it.”

Zhizhi heard these words and immediately pulled Shen Muan’s hand and put it on his face: “Teacher An An can pinch me, my face is very comfortable to pinch!” Zhizhi was very eager to attract Shen Muan’s attention, he was better than that annoying Chu Siyuan.

“Okay, okay, if you don’t go to the classroom, you will be late.” Shen Muan held the hands of the children and took them to the classroom. If he didn’t go, he would be late and have his salary deducted.

The kindergarten curriculum wasn’t that complicated, it was mainly basic things. But although it was basic, it had a lot of content.

After Chu Siyuan and Xiao Ruzhi entered the classroom, they ignored each other.

Zhizhi’s eyes lit up when he saw Xiaoyi, he wanted to sit next to her only to find that there was no more space left. Many children surrounded Xiaoyi.

These children! It was only yesterday when the ones they were surrounding were him and Chu Siyuan!

Zhizhi was a little upset, he dragged his small stool to sit down to the place closest to Teacher An An, but found a familiar figure already sitting there.

It was Chu Siyuan…

Although he wanted Chu Siyuan to go away and sit there himself, Xiao Ruzhi knew that who came first can claim first, and could only silently try and sit in the second seat closest to the teacher.

But the second seat was also already occupied. Zhizhi didn’t give up and tried to sit in the third seat, but it was also occupied. After a series of occupied chairs, Xiao Ruzhi could only sit in the middle seat.

He leaned his head on the table, with his hands drooping naturally. This reminded the little boy next to him of the TV series he watched with his father yesterday, he leaned over excitedly and asked in a low voice, “Have you broken your hand like Yang Guo?”

“Who is Yang Guo?” Xiao Ruzhi asked blankly, his attention was focused on the name, and he didn’t even notice the words ‘broken hand’ before it.

When the little boy heard that he didn’t know who Yang Guo was, he happily described what he had seen on TV.

“He won just like that!” The little boy used both his hands and feet, trying to show how powerful this person is, but the action was too big that he accidentally hit the little girl next to him.

After this incident, the little boy calmed down, and he didn’t move around anymore. Zhizhi was confused when he heard the descriptions of the little boy, he didn’t understand what the other party was saying.

Shen Muan clapped his hands, all the talking children in the class closed their mouths, dozens of small eyes stared at him.

There were not many children in Rose Class, because they are relatively young, and if there are too many children, the teacher will not be able to take care of them.

“Okay, children, sit down properly in your seats. This teacher will give you papers, and today we will draw together.” Shen Muan’s voice is very brisk. He always maintains a positive attitude when giving lessons to kindergarten children.

After sending out the paper, Shen Muan said again: “Do you guys have any paintbrushes? Children who don’t have paintbrushes come to the teacher to get them!”

Although he told them before school ended yesterday, children often forget.

“Brought it!” the children said in unison.

Only Chu Siyuan and Xiao Ruzhi did not bring them. Shen Muan took two boxes of paintbrushes and placed them in front of them. Chu Siyuan opened it and tried it, a little disgusted with the feel of the brush.

“Do you remember the story you were told yesterday? Today, everyone can draw the part that you like in that story, okay?” Shen Muan arranged the topic to be quite broad. He didn’t want to limit the children’s imagination too much, and he also wanted to see the children’s ability to express themselves through drawing.

Children’s paintings can sometimes give people surprises.

Everyone was very interested in yesterday’s story. So when the children started drawing, they were more excited, some were even having discussions of the story while they were drawing.

At this time, Shen Muan was watching from the side, trying not to disturb the children. Shen Muan needed to watch them, he had to make sure no arguments broke out.

Zhizhi was holding a black pen, biting the tip of it, he did not know what to draw. He didn’t even remember the story told yesterday. He only remembered that it seemed to be related to a princess…

Forget it…

Zhizhi didn’t bother to think about it anymore. He held the pen and kept drawing on the paper, attracting the attention of the little boy next to him.

The little boy looked at Zhizhi’s painting a little confused: “Zhizhi, what are you painting?”

“The evil dragon and the princess!” Zhizhi was very satisfied with his painting. He put down his pen and ran to Shen Muan holding his work.

Zhizhi didn’t hear the words uttered by the little boy.

“But there are no evil dragons and princesses in yesterday’s story!”

“Yesterday’s story was Chang’e’s journey to the moon.”

Looking at Zhizhi’s painting, Shen Muan knew that he didn’t listen seriously to yesterday’s story. The teacher who told the story was not Shen Muan, but a female teacher with a very nice voice, who just arrived in the kindergarten for less than half a year.

The children liked to listen to her telling stories, children such as Zhizhi, who didn’t listen to this teacher, were relatively rare.

Zhizhi noticed something was wrong. He held up the painting and asked: “Teacher An An! Does my painting look good?”

“It looks good.” Shen Muan took the painting. Although Xiao Ruzhi’s painting is quite abstract, he could still make out what he painted by looking at the crown and the fire.

“Although you painted very well, Teacher Chen told the story of Chang’e flying to the moon yesterday.” Shen Muan took another piece of paper to Zhizhi, “Has Zhizhi heard this story?”

Zhizhi shook his head, he had actually heard the story. But he felt that if he said he hadn’t heard it, Teacher An An might tell it to him again.

Chu Siyuan walked over with his painting. He saw that Zhizhi had come here and refused to leave, so he quickly finished his painting and came over to see what this little demon Zhizhi was doing.

“Then should I tell you about it again?” Shen Muan said.

Chu Siyuan immediately hid his work behind him, dragged his small stool, and went to sit closer to Shen Muan.

“Okay!” Xiao Ruzhi nodded vigorously, looking at Shen Muan his eyes gleaming.

Since Shen Muan was going to repeat it, he might as well narrate it to all the children again.

“Children do you want to hear the story of Chang’e flying to the moon again?” Shen Muan asked. The children in the class all raised their hands in excitement, agreeing.

Zhizhi originally thought that it would be fine if there was an extra Chu Siyuan, but he didn’t expect that what he thought of listening to the story alone would eventually become everyone listening together.

Just as Shen Muan was about to start telling the story, a white cat walked in from the door and laid down on Shen Muan’s feet, revealing her belly.

It looked at Shen Muan as if saying: Why don’t you touch me?

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