Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – This is Yours

The white cat moved skillfully and naturally, not afraid of the crowd.

The children were very familiar with this cat. As soon as it came in, someone shouted: “Pudding is here!”

“Pudding is no longer with a baby!”

“Pudding is always lazy!”

Looking at Pudding lying on his feet, Shen Muan helplessly squatted down and touched its belly twice: “I’m still in class, can you go accompany the kittens first?”

“Meow~meow~” Pudding seemed to understand Shen Muan’s words, meowing unhappily.

Chu Siyuan remembered the kittens he saw in the ‘zoo’ yesterday, and with what he just heard, he asked: “Teacher An An, was the kittens yesterday Pudding’s babies?”

“Yes, Pudding gave birth to 3 kittens.” Shen Muan wanted to pull out his hand, but Pudding hugged his hand with its two front paws and refused to let go.

“Okay, okay, Student Pudding, please sit down at your place and don’t make noise.” Shen Muan pushed Pudding’s belly helplessly, deliberately putting on a serious look.

Pudding looked at Shen Muan, and heard a child shouting, “Pudding come to me let’s listen to the story together.” Pudding turned over and got up, found a place that satisfied him, where he can get some sunshine, sat there obediently, and continued to stare at Shen Muan.

Both Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi were curious about Pudding. The other children were used to Pudding occasionally visiting them in class, so they were not as interested as Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi.

Although Zhizhi sat a bit far away from Teacher An An, it was very close to the cat. When Shen Muan was telling the story, he kept getting distracted from looking at it.

Although Chu Siyuan wanted to watch it, he only glanced at it occasionally, and most of the time he was still listening to Shen Muan’s story in earnest.

Shen Muan found that Zhizhi had been looking at Pudding, so he picked up the cat and put it on the floor outside the classroom. Pudding was very dissatisfied with this, Shen Muan touched her head: “You go to see your babies first, and I will bring you something to eat later.”

With Shen Muan’s words, Pudding who was not willing to take care of her children went back obediently. As for whether he would go to find her children, that was another matter.

Pudding’s nest was in the principal’s office. Normally, the kittens should be in that nest, but Pudding was not willing to take care of her children, she often threw them to others.

There were several times when Shen Muan was walking on the road, and suddenly a figure flashed past, leaving a little kitten on the ground. Pudding dropped the kittens one by one and Shen Muan picked them up. When they were all handed over, Pudding would run away happily.

Dumbfounded, Shen Muan could only take the three kittens and go to class first.

It was already a tradition in the kindergarten for cats to accompany classes. Especially after Shen Muan came to Chuntian Huahua Kindergarten, Pudding would go to accompany his class from time to time. Occasionally, some passing animals will also stand outside the window, curiously watching the children inside.

The children in the classroom will also look back at them curiously.

At this time, Shen Muan would take the opportunity to tell the children that they should be friendly with animals, not to hurt them deliberately, but also to make sure to protect themselves from them. That was a prerequisite.

After Pudding left, Shen Muan continued to tell the story. Without the cat, Zhizhi’s attention finally returned to Shen Muan.

He was gradually attracted by the story being told by Shen Muan.

Although the other children had already heard it once, they still listened very seriously.

After the story finished, Shen Muan asked the children who hadn’t finished painting to continue their works. The children who finished wrote their names on the paintings and gave them to him. Children who couldn’t write their names brought them over and let him write it for them.

Chu Siyuan carefully wrote his name stroke by stroke on his painting, and then handed it to Shen Muan. After handing it to Shen Muan, he did not leave directly but looked at Shen Muan expectantly.

Shen Muan carefully read Chu Siyuan’s painting and touched his head: “Siyuan’s painting is awesome.”

“Teacher, look at mine!” Xiaoyi held up her painting and wanted to show it to Shen Muan.

After a while, there was a circle of children surrounding Shen Muan. Everyone wanted to show their paintings to Teacher An An and be praised by Teacher An An.

“Everyone has to line up, it can’t be like this.” Shen Muan saw that they were all around him. No matter who came over, he didn’t take it. Instead, he asked them to first line up one by one.

After listening to Shen Muan’s words, everyone remembered that they should line up. Because Chu Siyuan and Xiaoyi gathered around the teacher, they also walked around as soon as they were finished, completely forgetting to line up.

Shen Muan finished class after receiving every painting. He hadn’t forgotten what he promised pudding, he was going to find some food and bring it over.

“Where is Teacher An An going?” Zhizhi saw that Shen Muan was about to leave with the painting and immediately ran over to hold Shen Muan’s legs, not letting him leave.

“Just… let go, there will be another teacher’s class later, this teacher has to go back to the office.” Shen Muan found that this little guy was leaning all his body on him, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was because Zhizhi was not tall enough and can only hold his legs and rely on his weight.

Seeing this, Chu Siyuan ran over to pull Zhizhi down.

The other children thought they were playing some game, so they leaned forward one after another. Those who could hold Shen Muan would grab him, and those who couldn’t, held onto other kids’ clothes.

Teacher Xia, the music teacher, saw this scene as she came over, she was shocked at the sight.

“Teacher Xia, help me.” Shen Muan tried to ask his colleague for help, but the other party not only didn’t help, she even took out her mobile phone and started recording them.

The boat of friendship quickly overturned.

Shen Muan had no choice but to speak in a good voice and asked the children to let go.

But no one wanted to let go first, in the end, there was no other way, Shen Muan could only pretend to be angry. Finding that Teacher An An was angry, Chu Siyuan subconsciously let go of his hand, and the children who were pulling his clothes fell back because of inertia. Some children rolled on the ground like balls, while the others were frozen. They had to let go of their hands, but they forgot to stabilize their bodies.

Puff, puff, puff, one after another.

In just a few moments, except for Zhizhi who was on Shen Muan’s lap, the other children were all on the ground.

None of the children cried, they were all a little confused and didn’t know what exactly happened.

Shen Muan found this amusing, he held back a smile and helped the little guys on the ground stand up, urging them to pat their clothes and go wash their hands.

After Teacher Xia saved the video of the incident, she hurried over to help. She seemed to be unable to see Shen Muan’s eyes and took the children to wash their hands.

Shen Muan tore Zhizhi from his lap and put him aside: “Be good, go to the classroom.”

Zhizhi turned his head and took one step at a time, reluctantly, as if he was parting with life itself.

Shen Muan’s face was full of black lines.

After seeing Zhizhi finally enter the classroom, Shen Muan left, ready to find Pudding to pay the ‘protection fee’.

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