Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – Hot Search

After Teacher Xia came home from kindergarten she turned on the video she took of Shen Muan and the children to watch it again, she couldn’t help but laugh happily on the sofa.

She felt that this happiness should not only be enjoyed by herself, so she posted it on her Weibo and went to take a bath.

Teacher Xia had many fans on Weibo. They follow her because of the photos she occasionally posts and the music recordings of the children.

This time, they saw that Teacher Xia posted a video on Weibo, clicked it curiously, and also couldn’t help laughing.


Must be forwarded!

This can’t be any cuter! And the teacher is so handsome! It would feel like a loss for others if they don’t forward it for them to see.

After forwarding, they didn’t forget to save a copy of the video to share with their friends and family.

Many people sent private messages to ask Teacher Xia about the youth in the video, asking if they could introduce them.

After finishing her shower, Teacher Xia looked at her mobile phone and found that her Weibo post had been forwarded nearly 5,000 times.

This speed was a bit scary.

It was the first time that Teacher Xia’s Weibo had such a large amount of reposts, and there were also many likes and comments.

Teacher Xia scrolled through the comments below. The netizens were still the sand sculpture netizens (TLN: silly, foolish), either commenting hahaha or saying that the teacher is handsome and the kids are cute.

The popularity of the video skyrocketed and instantly became a hot search when a verified Weibo account reposted it.

Teacher Xia looked at the number of reposts and the constant private messages on her phone, she somehow felt a little guilty.

After all, she didn’t get the consent of Teacher An An and the others.

It was too late to delete the video now. Teacher Xia could only send a link to Shen Muan and apologized deeply.

Seeing the video forwarded by many netizens, Shen Muan’s mentality collapsed instantly. It was embarrassing to find it all over the Internet. He only hoped that no one will notice him quietly holding his pants in the video.

If discovered, his original good image would collapse.

And the matter had already been blown up, even if he asked Teacher Xia to delete the post, it was useless, many copies had already been saved. There was no other way…

Shen Muan could only reply that it was okay, he also added a smiling emoji at the end of his message.

This scared Teacher Xia so much that she wanted to throw the phone out.

Teacher Xia sat cross-legged on the sofa and threw herself down. She was done. Judging from Teacher An An’s habits, he made this expression to prove that she might not have a good life in the future.

With a crying face, Teacher Xia used the phone holder to shoot a video of her apologizing, hoping Shen Muan could forgive her.

After receiving this video, Shen Muan couldn’t help but smile: “Hahaha, you, really it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Teacher Xia heaved a sigh of relief hearing that Shen Muan’s voice sounded relaxed and pleasant. But she was happy only for a few seconds when Shen Muan sent another voice message.

She clicked: “Remember to apologize and explain to the parents, I will not help you with this matter.”

“······” Teacher Xia felt that he was a really low-handed man. Isn’t it okay to just keep it to yourself? Why do you have to send it on Weibo? She is most afraid of dealing with children’s parents.

Some parents are easy to get along with, some parents are not. The second type of parents always feels that the teacher is going to abuse their children. They always have to send their children to kindergarten themselves, and they can be anxious about the most trivial things.

Shen Muan is usually the one who talks with parents, and Teacher Xia rarely does it. She still liked to get along with children the most. Suddenly having to explain to the parents, she couldn’t do it. Teacher Xia clicked on the parent group in WeChat, her heart beating wildly. Only to find that no one was mad about it, instead, everyone was laughing together.

Teacher Xia heaved a sigh of relief and edited a message to send to the parent group. Most parents even said that if they were the ones that had the video, they would also post it. Some felt it did not matter too much.

In fact, the perspective of parents is different from that of teachers. Although both are in consideration of the children, the parents could see that their children liked the teachers, and this makes them feel more at ease. Because this proves that the teacher is very good to the children.

After discovering that everyone didn’t mind, Teacher Xia was completely relieved. At the same time, she didn’t forget to remind herself that she should not post casually in the future.

Public Security Bureau, Criminal Investigation Brigade.

A policeman was eating instant noodles and swiping at his phone. He swiped this video at random. He watched it for a while and ran to his captain excitedly.

“Captain! Captain! Your brother is on the hot search! This is your brother, right?” The team member excitedly handed his mobile phone to Shen Fangqi.

Shen Fangqi first heard that his younger brother was on the hot search, and thought it was impossible. He took the phone and saw that it was indeed his stupid brother.

Seeing that so many children liked his younger brother, Shen Fangqi was very happy. It was great to know that An An was doing his best in his job.

The children were also very cute.

Shen Fangqi took his teammate’s mobile phone and returned it to him after watching the video. When his teammate returned with his mobile phone and continued to eat the noodles, he found that his instant noodles had already thickened.

At this time, Shen Muan was watching TV in a daze, the video filled his mind, lingering.

Shen Muan’s WeChat kept ringing, but he didn’t want to read it at all.

Even if he didn’t read it, he knew it was about the post. It is estimated that the most frequent message was ‘hahaha’.

Shen Muan felt a little irritated listening to the WeChat prompt, so he simply turned it off. Originally, he wanted to turn off the phone and throw it aside, but Shen Muan still couldn’t resist going to the comment area of ​​the video.

Netizen A: Oh my god, this is the legendary “Wan Hai Fan” teacher, right? (TLN: heartthrob teacher)

Netizen B: Hahahahaha, it’s so cute, these kids were all so confused in the end! I’m gonna laugh to death!

Netizen C: Damn, I saw my cousin, I have to send it to my family group!

Netizen D: I’m going, this little brother really looks good. Why did the good-looking little brother run to be a kindergarten teacher?

There were so many comments like this, Shen Muan felt a little happy when he saw them. But after he swiped some more, he saw some comments that were not very good, some even said that he was bullying the children.

Shen Muan’s face was full of question marks. What did he do to bully the children?

Shen Muan really wanted to go back to battle the one who commented, but as soon as he refreshed, he saw that there were more than 20 more replies below, all of which said that he was very good, the replies also spoke ridicule back to the poster.

Because of the existence of these netizens, Shen Muan’s mood improved a lot.

Parents in the parent group were all sharing their children’s feelings about watching the video, and their thoughts on why they did that at the time.

Almost everyone found the group of children extremely cute, many netizens also shared videos of their children when they were young and stupid. The previous depression from the negative remarks disappeared in the children’s laughter.

At the same time, in the corner of an Internet cafe, a man with a cigarette, disheveled clothing, and deep black circles around his eye slammed the mouse harshly.

It was him who had everyone’s attention previously!

He should be the focus of everyone!

The man gritted his teeth fiercely, ignoring the internet cafe manager behind him, he had to find a way to get the people’s attention back!

TL Note:
Oh no, what is this man planning??? \(º □ º l|l)/

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