Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Attention

At the police station, a policeman received a call saying that someone was making trouble at the Internet cafe, and the person seemed to have some mental problems, so he immediately rushed to the Internet cafe with his colleagues.

The scruffy man in the Internet cafe was pushed to the ground by several people. He struggled desperately, trying to get something in his pockets. He felt a strip-like object and held it in his hand.

When a person’s fist hit him on the head, he took out the knife and fiercely stabbed the man beside him. The injured person felt pain in his abdomen, he tried to cover his wound and couldn’t help taking a few steps back. He fell to the ground, blood pouring from the wound, it frighted the people nearby.

With this opportunity, the man ran away.

“Ah– murder!”

The scream awakened everyone in a daze. The owner of the Internet cafe called the emergency number with trembling hands, while the person next to him called the police.

The scene became very chaotic.

The man who ran away was not afraid that he just hurt someone. He looked at the blood on his hand and silently returned to the dangerous building where he lived. He took a bath and changed into clean clothes.

The man opened a drawer, which contained several wallets, there were both men’s and women’s wallets.

Some still contained IDs and money inside.

The man took the money and hid the IDs under the floor tiles under his bed.

Holding a very old mobile phone, he found the young man mentioned in the hot search, noted his appearance and the address of the kindergarten.

The old cell phone was thrown into the water, its screen flickered a few times before blackening, ending its lifespan.

The man put all the CDs on the table in a bag and then took out a tightly wrapped object from the closet.

Only after all this did he go out to find a black car [1]unlicensed and illegal taxi to drive him to Zijin City.

Shen Muan became even more eye-catching in the kindergarten because of the hot search, even the parents who came to send their children couldn’t help but joke with him.

Zhizhi, one of the leading figures of the incident, was not embarrassed, but his father saw it clearly.

When Xiao Qi saw the video, he knew that it was his son who started it. He held Teacher Shen and didn’t want to let go. This resulted in the incident.

Xiao Qi felt very helpless, he pressed Zhizhi to apologize to Shen Muan, but Shen Muan just waved it off. He felt that there was no need to apologize because Zhizhi himself did nothing wrong.

When Zhizhi saw the video, he was very happy. He felt that he was a special match with Teacher An An.

“Teacher An An, did you see? We are quite photogenic.” Xiao Ruzhi said to Shen Muan excitedly while holding his father’s phone and playing the video. They were standing outside the classroom, and the parents who heard this immediately laughed, praising Zhizhi who was boasting.

Zhizhi didn’t know about true praise or about teasing. When others praised him, he accepted it very happily.

There was a weird smile on Xiao Qi’s face. Shen Muan knew that the other party was forcing a smile, but at this time, what else could he do besides that?

Xiao Qi’s face was becoming stiff from this smile, but his mouth continued to remain curved. Shen Muan notice this, so he interrupted Zhizhi and told him to go inside the classroom.

After seeing Zhizhi enter, Xiao Qi was finally relieved. Then his expression changed and showed a real smile.

Chu Siyuan took his uncle’s hand and saw Xiao Qi’s smile, he hid behind Chu Yi in horror, he was as fast as a frightened rabbit.

“…” Chu Yi glanced at his nephew with some doubts, then at Xiao Qi, did something happen to the two that he didn’t know about?

Xiao Qi was also confused when he saw Chu Siyuan’s reaction. Although his face was not handsome or earth-shattering, he was still somewhat good-looking. Why was he so scared to see him?

“Siyuan.” Shen Muan called out Chu Siyuan’s name, the little guy poked out half of his head from behind his uncle and greeted, “Teacher An An.”

As he glanced at Xiao Qi’s face, Chu Siyuan’s attitude instantly became extremely unfriendly.


Xiao Qi didn’t remember how he provoked Chu Siyuan.

Shen Muan leaned into Xiao Qi’s ear and whispered: “You pinched his face last time, he still remembers it.”

Xiao Qi finally realized, so it was because of this!

“Oh, don’t be angry, didn’t I just lightly pinch your face? Here you pinch Xiao Ruzhi’s face in return.” Xiao Qi said very generously and instantly sold his son.

“Even if you let me pinch I won’t pinch it.” Chu Siyuan said with a look of disgust, he threw a sentence at Xiao Qi, “Strange Uncle!” He continued to hide behind Chu Yi, he felt more courageous if someone supported him.

This surprised Chu Yi. Although he often heard that Xiao Qi from the Xiao family was a little childish, he didn’t expect him to even make trouble with children.

Sure enough, childish indeed.

It’s just that at work, you wouldn’t see a childish Mr. Xiao anymore.

“I’m don’t want to be pinched by you!” Xiao Ruzhi heard Chu Siyuan’s words at the door, and ran out angrily, sticking out his waist and saying to his father, “Dad is a bad guy, I will go back and complain to mother! You will sleep on the floor tonight!”

Xiao Qi hurriedly covered Xiao Ruzhi’s mouth. This child talked so much, why did he have to say everything?

Chu Yi thought that sometimes the rumors were not just rumors, they could also be true.

“Okay, go to the classroom.” Chu Yi touched Chu Siyuan’s head and said to him.

Chu Siyuan vigilantly looked at Xiao Qi, then quickly moved from behind Chu Yi to behind Shen Muan, he almost glued his whole body to Shen Muan. But remembering what his uncle said yesterday, Chu Siyuan didn’t hold onto Shen Muan’s pants anymore.

Shen Muan breathed a sigh of relief, and ushered the two small ones into the classroom, taking them to other teachers.

Xiao Qi and Chu Yi exchanged a few words outside with straight faces. The two sides tested each other and found that the other party didn’t get in the oil and salt [2]remained stubborn, which was not very easy to engage with, so they settled it by casually passing a few laughs.

Xiao Qi was too lazy to spend time trying to get along with Chu Yi, so he said goodbye and left.

Chu Yi didn’t rush to leave, he waited for Shen Muan to come out of the classroom.

“Mr. Chu?” Shen Muan raised his head in wonder, looking at the tall man in front of him. Was he waiting for him?

“Just call me Chu Yi.” Chu Yi stared into Shen Muan’s eyes for a few seconds, apologized, turned, and left.

Shen Muan was left confused.

Shen Muan thought for a while until another child came. He smiled and led the children in. After all the children in the class arrived, he returned to the classroom.

Shen Muan stood with the roster, he checked if the number of children was correct, before writing a few lines on it and putting it aside.

The first thing children do when they arrive every morning was to share what happened at home the day before, just as they will share with their families what they did in kindergarten.

The classroom was full of various voices. Shen Muan didn’t interrupt them or tell them to stop.

After some conversations died down, Shen Muan asked the children to put the chairs away and start moving their bodies together.

Zhizhi touched his bulging belly, then looked at his classmates bouncing next to him, waving his hands looking lost. He had eaten too much in the morning, and now he couldn’t jump up properly.

Shen Muan saw Zhzihi who was fishing in troubled waters. [3]involving oneself in a difficult situation

Xiao Ruzhi found that Shen Muan was looking at him, he smiled sweetly at him, trying to pass the test using his cuteness.

Looking at his chubby belly, Shen Muan felt that it might be really difficult for him to jump up, so he acted as if he hadn’t seen it.

Observing the mixture of children, Chu Siyuan was very serious in imitating the children in front of him, but what he didn’t know was that the children in front of him had been making mistakes, which caused him to do it wrong as well.

However, the meaning of this activity was to move the body, so it doesn’t matter if they did it wrong. As long as it is not too strange, and position will not hurt their body, Shen Muan generally maintains a wait-and-see attitude.

He also found it interesting.

And it couldn’t be cuter.

At the same time, the atmosphere at the Zijin City Public Security Bureau was very serious. They received a notice from the city that a murderer had fled to Zijin.

This murderer was extremely cruel. Every time he violated his victim, he would record a video and put it on the Internet to attract attention, causing the public to panic.

The above has ordered them to catch the murderer as soon as possible. But this murderer has a strong anti-detection ability. All the corpses have been carefully handled, the murderer’s DNA and other relevant information were nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, there was once an eyewitness that saw the back of the suspected murderer. Although it was only a slight hint, it was still a breakthrough.

Judging from the information received and some photos of the crime scene: “This murderer seems to enjoy attracting attention.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Director Gao, who was sitting in the head seat.

Shen Fangqi put several photos of the victims side by side: “The murderer likes to let the victim look at him. He uploads the video because he wants netizens to see him.”

“So, the purpose of this person is not necessarily about killing but to attract the attention of others.” Shen Fangqi analyzed based on the data and his own experience.

“Your analysis is correct. The criminal psychology professor in the next city also said the same thing, but for fear of causing panic among the general public, the news on this matter was suppressed and the video was erased.” Director Gao flipped through the pages of the information in front of him.

“This may make the other party commit crime even more crazily!” Shen Fangqi heard this and stood up directly, “What was the bureau thinking, he will continue to commit crimes for more attention!”

“But…” Director Gao hesitated. “What do you think we should do?”

“Not only should it be suppressed, but you should also have the media brag to stimulate him into showing up.” Shen Fangqi quickly gave a plan.

This plan was immediately rejected by Director Gao.

Shen Fangqi wanted to continue speaking but the Director stopped him.

“I will think about it…” Director Gao said.

Because of this murderer, the police station began to deploy personnel to investigate traffic routes such as bus stations, train stations, airplanes, etc. However, Shen Fangqi felt that this might not be effective.

At 8 p.m., Shen Fangqi was still working overtime. Shen Muan had just come out of the kindergarten. This morning he found his bicycle broken, so he sent it for repairs. Now he is going to get it back before going home.

As he walked, Shen Muan felt that something was wrong. He looked back and didn’t see anyone…

But Shen Muan’s intuition told him that someone was following him.


1 unlicensed and illegal taxi
2 remained stubborn
3 involving oneself in a difficult situation
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