Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – The Source of the Six Pack Abs

Shen Muan continued to walk forward, just like usual, not hurrying nor slowing his pace. He continued to pay attention to the person behind him, not clear about the other party’s purpose he couldn’t help thinking about the worst.

Shen Muan’s brother, the criminal policeman Shen Fangqi, has caught countless people. Most of the cases that could fall into his hands are stained with blood.

For many years, as a criminal policeman, Shen Fangqi was regarded as a thorn, in the eyes of many people. Among those were the people caught by his own hands and sent to prison, some of them couldn’t help but develop hatred for him.

When Shen Muan was in college, Shen Fangqi was at his peak, they found that it was difficult to attack Shen Fangqi, so they instead went to hurt Shen Muan as retaliation against Shen Fangqi.

Shen Muan received many threats. He has received spiteful text messages, ominous letters cut from newspapers, and rag dolls with unknown bloodstains that were split by five horses [1]pulled by horses and dismembered into five parts, 2 arms, 2 legs, head, and torso. Even worse, they began to send smelly mouse carcasses, dissected cats, and the internal organs of some animals.

But Shen Muan had never been afraid, nor did he tell Shen Fangqi, he called the police himself. He was very fortunate that he was not in Zijin City when he was in college, otherwise his brother would’ve found out.

It’s not that no one wanted to do something to him, but in the end, he found a way to solve it.

Shen Muan even won the Good Citizen Award for helping the police fight against evil forces.

But he hasn’t encountered this kind of thing for a long time.

Shen Muan deliberately turned around when he passed a corner, and bumped into someone face to face.

The man in sportswear bumped into Shen Muan’s body. Through the dim street lamp, Shen Muan could see the other’s face clearly, and asked in surprise: “Mr. Fang, why are you here?”

“Ah. Teacher Shen, good evening.” Fang Xu felt a little embarrassed. He thought Shen Muan’s back was familiar so he followed him, but now that he got. He doesn’t know what to do.

After Shen Muan discovered that Fang Xu was the one following him, he felt that he might have been a bit delusional just now: “Good evening, Mr. Fang.”

“Just call me Fang Xu.” Fang Xu kept thinking about how to explain this matter. It is not good if Teacher Shen regards him as a pervert.

The corners of Shen Muan’s lips curled up slightly as if seeing Fang Xu’s embarrassment, he asked, “Have you eaten? Do you want to go together? There is a great shop nearby. I often go there when I don’t want to cook. “

Fang Xu was a little embarrassed about what happened just now and was about to refuse, but his stomach grumbled.

Shen Muan couldn’t hold back and still ended up laughing.

“Okay.” Fang Xu’s cheeks were a little red, he walked forward with Shen Muan beside him.

Fang Xu felt that he just lost face. He felt really embarrassed today. Shen Muan tried chatting with him seeing that he was embarrassed. With the topic being about the children and the kindergarten, Fang Xu forgot about his embarrassment and stopped thinking about it.

The location of the shop Shen Muan often went to was a bit covert, but the shop was very clean. As the lady boss saw Shen Muan, she smiled and said hello: “Mr. Shen is here, what do you want to eat today?”

Fang Xu and Shen Muan found a well-ventilated position and sat down, Fang Xu looked around but didn’t find a menu.

“There is no menu here, but they can cook all the home-cooked dishes you want.” Shen Muan took the dishes and washed them with boiling water before placing them in front of Fang Xu, and then washed his own.

Fang Xu thought for a while, since there was no menu, he found it a bit hard to order.

“How about boiled pork slices?” Fang Xu asked.

“Okay, just order what you like, I’m okay with anything.” Shen Muan replied.

The boss came out of the kitchen and heard these words from Shen Muan, he nodded and said: “Yes, Mr. Shen is not picky at all, but just don’t put green onions, ginger, garlic, coriander, bitter gourd, celery…” Before the boss could speak any more words, the lady boss hit him on the back with her fist.

“You shut up!” The lady boss rolled her eyes in disgust. How could he betray a customer like this?

Now it was Shen Muan’s turn to feel embarrassed, but he had a thick-skinned face and quickly adjusted to let Fang Xu continue to order.

Fang Xu tried to remember what the boss said that Shen Muan couldn’t eat, then continue ordering, but it seems there was nothing that could be eaten?

After all, you usually have to put some vegetables, scallions, ginger, garlic, etc.

Fang Xu felt a headache. This was the first time he felt that ordering was so troublesome.

“It’s okay, you just order what you like, don’t worry about me.” Shen Muan glanced at the boss, the boss shuddered, he went back to the kitchen and didn’t dare to come out.

Fang Xu ordered another dish and refused to order anymore, so Shen Muan asked the boss to add two more vegetables.

The boss wrote the name of the dish in the notebook and told the kitchen of the order. After the order, she did not forget to add: “No coriander or green onions.”

“······” Shen Muan covered his face helplessly, his image has been broken in half today.

Fang Xu couldn’t help but smile and say, “In fact, I also have a lot of things I don’t eat. When I was in school, my dad often said that I was a picky eater, and he wasn’t.”

“That’s because adults choose to buy what they like to eat.” Shen Muan said with a smile while holding his chin, “but I cook at home, so I only cook what I can eat.”

“That’s true. Does Teacher Shen often cook at home?” Fang Xu asked curiously.

“Yes, I’m basically the cook at home.” Shen Muan nodded. He had learned to cook very early. “After all, my brother’s cooking… is not very good.”

Fang Xu found out that in their conversation when Shen Muan mentioned his family members, he only mentioned his brother, which gave Fang Xu a bad guess.

“I tried cooking once, but the kitchen was blown up.” Fang Xu pulled out his black material from his mind and shook it to Shen Muan, which immediately attracted the other’s attention.

Shen Muan was very curious, what could he have done that made him blow up the kitchen: “What did you do?”

“…” Fang Xu was silent.

After a while, he squeezed out a sentence: “I didn’t do anything, maybe it’s a talent.”

At this time, the lady boss came over with the vegetables and put them on the table: “Hey, it’s normal to mess up the kitchen. When I was cooking for the first time, I scared my mother-in-law to tears.”

“…” Fang Xu and Shen Muan went silent at the same time, and they suddenly panicked.

What did the lady boss do that she scared people into tears?

Isn’t it just cooking? How can it be as scary as blasting in demolitions?

As the only outlier among the three present, Shen Muan felt that it would be better to end this topic here, otherwise, it would be miserable if the blowing-up power spreads to him.

The lady boss put a container on the table, filled with rice: “You eat, call me if you need anything else.”

“Try it. Although the lady boss said she is terrible in the kitchen, the boss’s cooking skills are still very good.” Shen Muan took the chopsticks and started eating. Part of the reason why he decided to be a teacher in Chuntian Huahua Kindergarten was that it was close to here and also close to home.

He learned a lot of dishes from the owner of this shop.

Fang Xu took a sip and found that it tasted really good.

The two people were eating, saying a few words from time to time. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Shen Muan ate but felt a little uncomfortable, as if… someone was looking at him.

When he felt that way a while ago, he found that it was only Fang Xu, so he thought he was just being sensitive, and continued to chat with Fang Xu.

After the meal, as it was already late, Shen Muan ran to settle the bill and told Fang Xu that he had to go first.

Fang Xu nodded when looked at the soup in his bowl. He planned to leave after finishing the soup. The free soup in the store was delicious.

After Shen Muan said goodbye, he took his own and went to leave. After he left the store, Fang Xu looked up and saw a figure following Shen Muan.

He felt the person was strange… and it seems the person had something in his arms.

Fang Xu’s hand holding the bowl shook. He put it down and quickly walked to the door. Shen Muan and the man had already gone.

He told himself that the other party might just be passing by…

But Fang Xu felt a little uneasy, that person… was really weird.

Fang Xu ran forward anxiously, trying to catch up with Shen Muan.

There were so many alleys here, Fang Xu looked around and didn’t know which way to go. Good thing the lady boss came out to see the situation and pointed him the way.

Fang Xu immediately walked in the direction pointed. After making two turns, Fang Xu finally saw Shen Muan’s back.

He wanted to call Shen Muan, but then he saw that the man behind Shen Muan take something out of his arms and rushed towards Shen Muan.

“Be careful!” Fang Xu yelled, he ran over hard, but it would still be too late. The distance between them was too far.

But the development of the situation was somewhat different from what Fang Xu thought…

After Shen Muan left the shop and turned into the alley, the feeling of someone following him appeared again.

This time it definitely wasn’t Fang Xu. If it were Fang Xu, he would either call out to him or run over directly instead of following him quietly.

Shen Muan quickened his pace a little. He paid attention to his back as he walked. When he walked on a side road with only a single street lamp, the person behind him couldn’t hold back anymore.

He has endured long enough…

The man took out the knife from his arms and stabbed it towards Shen Muan without hesitation. He aimed at the position of the heart… At the moment the knife stabbed past, he imagined the beauty of the blood splashing on him. The touch and the sound of the knife cutting through the skin and piercing Shen Muan’s body.

Panic, fear, despair.

These are all things he wants to see.

This time, he will bring this emotion to more people and let himself be bathed in the eyes of everyone!

Shen Muan had been paying attention to his back, he heard Fang Xu’s words of caution and saw the knife coming towards him. Shen Muan ducked avoiding the man’s knife. He kicked the man’s knee, grabbed his hand, and twisted it hard. The knife fell to the ground.

With Shen Muan’s series of movements, it looked like he did it subconsciously, and the speed was so fast people who saw were stunned.

Fang Xu suddenly understood where Shen Muan’s six-pack abs came from. They looked gentle, soft, and weak, but like him, Shen Muan could deliberately kill three with one fist.

Shen Muan knocked the person to the ground, pulled the opponent’s hand to his back, and held his knees against the man’s back, immobilizing the opponent.

“What are you doing in a daze? Call the police.” Shen Muan shouted, his gaze fell on the knife on the ground, it seems that the other party came to kill him…

Zijin City Public Security Bureau.

“Captain Shen, someone called the police, there was an attempted murder.” A female police officer said hurriedly, “From the description, it looks a bit like that murderer!”

“Let’s go.” Shen Fangqi picked up his police cap and put it on his head, he moved very quickly.

A few minutes later, the police car arrived at the scene.

Seeing Shen Fangqi coming off the police car, Shen Muan waved his hand subconsciously and shouted: “Brother, here!”


The author has something to say: I feel like I’m already a dying salted fish [2]lazy person, and I only have games in my heart.


1 pulled by horses and dismembered into five parts, 2 arms, 2 legs, head, and torso
2 lazy person
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