Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Pushing Out

Two hours ago, Shen Fangqi received the information from the next city, as well as a surveillance video.

The criminal police in the next city suspected that the person in the video was the murderer of the serial homicide. And from the appearance, it matched what the witnesses described.

This person had arrived in Zijin City in a black car, they fully suspected that the target of the next case was in Zijin City.

But Zijin City is big, a person deliberately avoiding surveillance was not easy to find, and judging from the surveillance video, the person’s mood was very unstable he seemed to be gradually collapsing into madness.

To ensure the safety of citizens, they must catch this person early.

The police in the station couldn’t do anything else but guard the surveillance until their eyes hurt. Fortunately, Fang Xu’s call broke the stalemate.

When he arrived at the scene, Shen Fangqi looked at the young man suppressing the criminal suspect, his face turned almost as dark as dripping ink.

Shen Fangqi walked quickly to handcuff the suspect and handed him to his colleague. He pulled Shen Muan and looked him up and down, but finding that there was no injury, the frown in his brows slightly loosened.

Shen Muan looked at his brother’s expression and took a step back guiltily. His years of experience told him that his brother was angry.

Shen Fangqi’s breathing was a bit short, as he watched Shen Muan silently, bad scenes kept flashing in his mind.

What if Shen Muan was injured?

What if the suspect successfully stabbed him?

“Brother?” Shen Muan looked at Shen Fangqi with some worry. If Shen Fangqi was angry like normal, he wouldn’t worry, but Shen Fangqi’s current appearance made Shen Muan a little uneasy.

The new police officer next to the wanted to ask his senior what was going on. But another Senior immediately covered his mouth and took him away from the ‘danger zone’.

Shen Fangqi didn’t say anything, he stretched out his hand to hug Shen Muan, and said in a deep voice, “It’s okay as long as you’re fine.”

“I’m fine, he can’t beat me.” Shen Muan hugged Shen Fangqi back, he made his brother scared… After realizing this, Shen Muan felt more guilty.

He knew his brother was powerful. Shen Fanqi had never been afraid of facing a rain of bullets, but now he got scared because he was worried about him.

Shen Muan could feel Shen Fangqi’s hands shaking.

“Captain Shen, Teacher An An is fine, shall we get in the car first?” Deputy Captain Zhou Jianjun looked at the curious residents nearby, plus the criminal suspect in the car who kept struggling and cursing. If this continues, the headlines tomorrow would certainly be this event.

Shen Fangqi let go of Shen Muan, he looked at Fang Xu and said, “Please cooperate with the procedures, and go to the police station to make a statement.”

Although Shen Fangqi did not continue to hold Shen Muan, his hand was holding Shen Muan’s collar, he was afraid that the other would run away.

“Can’t we do the statement in the car? I want to go back home.” Today’s game hasn’t been played yet.

Shen Muan didn’t feel much about this incident. He didn’t know that the attacker was a suspect in several homicides. He thought it was just an ordinary attempt at retaliation.

“This matter is a bit complicated, you have to go to the police station.” Shen Fangqi didn’t give Shen Muan a chance to refuse anymore and directly dragged him into the police car.

Fang Xu followed and sat in the back row, accompanied by a beautiful police lady.

Shen Fangqi sat in the driver’s seat, Shen Muan fastened his seat belt obediently.

Shen Fangqi’s driving skills were very stable. He didn’t speak all the way, and Shen Muan looked out the window in a daze.

The two people sitting in the back row were motionless, not even daring to break the atmosphere.

The atmosphere in the car was very strange.

It didn’t take long to arrive at the police station.

When Shen Muan got out of the car, the man on duty at the door greeted him.

Fang Xu watched Shen Muan confidently walk in, saying hello to the people inside, it seemed that the people in the public security bureau were familiar with him.

If it hadn’t been for Shen Muan calling the captain brother, he would have wondered if Shen Muan had already experienced going in and out of this place.

Because he was a relative, Shen Fangqi could not take Shen Muan’s statement, so he went to interrogate the suspect.

Zhou Jianjun sat opposite Shen Muan and said with deep emotions: “I didn’t expect that one day you would be sitting opposite me.”

“Brother…” Shen Muan originally wanted to call out Brother Zhou but remembered that he was making a statement, so instead, he said: “Deputy Zhou, I’m here as a victim to make a statement. Don’t make it as if I committed a crime, okay?”

Zhou Jianjun laughed embarrassingly. He straightened his attitude and asked Shen Muan according to the normal process.

Shen Muan told the whole story from beginning to end and explained how he subdued the suspect in great detail.

“Fortunately you know how to defend yourself.” Zhou Jianjun exhaled, “This man is a criminal suspect in several serial homicides.”

“Serial murder?” Shen Muan was very surprised, “I thought it was my brother’s… ” Shen Muan shut up in the middle of speaking.

Even if he didn’t finish what he was saying, Zhao Jianjun understood what he meant.

Shen Muan’s words made Zhou Jianjun a little puzzled. A guess appeared in his heart. Could it be that Shen Muan had been retaliated against by those who had been offended by Shen Fangqi before?

Otherwise, why is his first reaction thinking that this person was related to his brother?

Although Zhou Jianjun had questions in his heart, he didn’t ask directly. He had to find time to secretly ask Shen Fangqi.

Shen Muan changed the topic, and Zhou Jianjun cooperated.

“But why did that person act on me?” Shen Muan didn’t understand. There must be a motive for the killing. No matter what the motive was, he had never seen this man and he hadn’t provoked him. Why did he become a target?

This matter made Shen Muan puzzled.

“Because he thinks you have robbed him of the limelight.” Shen Fangqi had already come out of the interrogation room. He came here to see Shen Muan and found that they were not over yet.

“Captain Shen, you finished so soon?” Zhou Jianjun asked in surprise. This speed is too fast, right?

“He was originally a person who wanted to get attention. Now that he’s caught, he immediately said everything.” Shen Fangqi said lightly.

“His words make me sick.” Shen Fangqi’s voice was cold, full of disgust for the murderer.

Shen Muan looked up and asked, “Is it because of the hot search before?”

“Yes.” Shen Fangqi nodded.

“Fortunately, his goal is me, not the children.” Shen Muan heard Shen Fangqi’s words, he felt a little afraid. He didn’t expect a video to cause such big trouble.

“Shen Muan, what are you talking about?” Shen Fangqi got angry when he heard these words, “What do you mean, fortunately, it’s you?”

“Only me and the children are in the video.” Shen Muan looked at his brother’s eyes and said calmly, “I can protect myself. I have the ability to resist, but those children don’t.”

“You know what I mean, if we switch positions, you would say the same.”

Shen Fangqi’s hand clenched slightly. Shen Muan was right, if they exchanged places, he would feel the same way.

“It’s our fault. We didn’t catch him earlier.” Shen Fangqi’s voice was very low. He turned around after saying this and left.

Shen Muan looked at Shen Fangqi’s back and did not speak.

Zhou Jianjun kept silent, his instinct told him not to get involved.

As soon as Shen Muan got out of the interrogation room, he received a call. It was from Chu Yi.

“Calling so suddenly…” Shen Muan answered the phone suspiciously.

A naive voice sounded from the phone.

“Teacher An An! Are you okay? My uncle and I saw the online video.” Chu Siyuan sat on the sofa with a serious expression on his face, “If you are scared, I can lend uncle.”

“Although he is very annoying, you can push him out when you are in danger!” Chu Siyuan said very seriously.

Shen Muan hesitated for a few seconds: “…thank you?”

TL Note: Wasn’t Shen Muan supposed to pick up his bicycle? Did the author forget? ఠ_ఠ

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