Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Gifts

Chu Yi agreed to make the call because Chu Siyuan begged him. With the child suddenly being so generous it made Chu Yi speechless.

He could clearly hear the conversation between the two, which made him a little bit dumbfounded. Teacher Shen should probably be as dumbfounded as he was. He didn’t expect Chu Siyuan to come out with such an offer.

“Your Uncle will be sad hearing that.” Shen Muan reacted after saying thank you. Chu Siyuan’s words were overwhelming, so he just answered helplessly.

Hearing this, Chu Siyuan looked at Chu Yi carefully, dragging his gaze from top to bottom the mobile phone still stuck to his ear, and said seriously: “Uncle is not angry.”

Shen Muan was silent, he realized that this call should be Chu Yi helping Chu Siyuan call him. He felt deeply embarrassed. After all, for Chu Yi to know that the first time his nephew would offer him as a shield, would be for the kindergarten teacher.

Chu Yi originally wanted to treat himself as if he didn’t exist, but in this situation he had no choice but to say hello to Shen Muan, also asking if he was okay.

If you wanted to define embarrassment, then you must look at Shen Muan’s face. Shen Muan said thank you again for worrying, as for Chu Yi…

Chu Yi found the whole exchange uncomfortable.

Because of Chu Yi making it awkward, Shen Muan quickly said a few calming words to Chu Siyuan and found an excuse to hang up.

He wanted to search the Internet for the video. As soon as he opened the homepage, he clicked on the video of subduing the suspect. The video was taken from far away, the phone pixels were not particularly good, so his face couldn’t be seen clearly.

Chu Siyuan recognized Shen Muan based entirely on his clothes and his intuition.

Recognizing Shen Muan with this kind of low-quality video, you could say it’s true love.

“Teacher Shen.” Fang Xu came out. He looked at Shen Muan and couldn’t help but sigh. Even though Teacher Shen looked like he couldn’t fight at all, his movements were very cool and skillful.

He seems to have been specially trained.

“Mr. Fang, are you okay?” Shen Muan asked concerned.

“This sentence… I should be the one asking you.” Fang Xu, indeed should have asked this, it was Shen Muan who was targeted by that pervert, not him.

Shen Muan smiled, “I’m fine.” He didn’t feel much for such an incident.

“Fortunately, the target is me.” Shen Muan thought about the group of children in the kindergarten who liked to mess with him, he felt very lucky. But this incident also taught Shen Muan a lesson. It seems that in the future, he should let people know that he wasn’t an easy target they could push around.

He could protect himself, but not everyone in the kindergarten had that ability.

The person has been caught, and Fang Xu’s statement has also been completed. He can finally go home.

“Mr. Shen, I’ll take you back.” Fang Xu’s cell phone rang, his house had sent a car and bodyguards.

Shen Muan shook his head. Without being able to say anything, a voice from the side intervened: “Wait for me, we’ll go back together.”

Standing under the light wearing his uniform, Shen Fangqi exuded a cold, particularly imposing aura. Only then did Fang Xu remember that these two people were brothers, “Then I’ll go first.”

“Okay, goodbye.” Shen Muan waved and watched Fang Xu leave, he found a place for himself and sat down.

As soon as he sat down, a young man went over and gave him a glass of water, talking to him.

“That… Mr. Shen, are you the younger brother of Captain Shen?” Several titles passed through his mind, and the youth finally chose one that he heard from Vice Captain Zhou.

“Yes, hello. Can I help you?” Shen Muan smiled politely. It was the first time he had seen this young man. It should be a newcomer to the police station.

The young man seemed to be very interested in Shen Muan, but he was a little shy. He smiled awkwardly, then talked with Shen Muan about the case.

Shen Muan answered the youth’s question calmly, but he did not talk about it too deeply.

Not long after, Shen Fangqi changed into casual clothes and came out. He glanced at Shen Muan, not speaking.

Shen Muan consciously leaned over, grabbed Shen Fangqi’s arm, and flatteringly called out: “Brother…”

Shen Fangqi took a step forward, and Shen Muan followed him. When he looked over, Shen Muan wore a pitiful expression. If Fang Xu was still here, he would find that Shen Muan’s current expression was six to seven points similar to Xiao Ruzhi’s pitiful expression.

It can be said that Shen Muan has learned and used it easily.

Because that’s how Xiao Ruzhi dealt with him.

Shen Fangqi originally wanted to give Shen Muan a cold look, but when he saw this expression, he couldn’t help but soften. He stretched out his hand and hugged his brother: ” There can’t happen again.”

“It won’t.” Shen Muan immediately assured.

“Let’s go home.” Shen Fangqi took Shen Muan’s hand, just like when they were children.

If it were in normal times, Shen Muan would shrug Shen Fangqi’s hand away, but today is different.

“Yeah.” Shen Muan said with a smile, “Let’s go home.”

Too many things happened tonight, they should go back and have a good rest.

When Chu Yi sent Chu Siyuan to school the next morning, Shen Muan asked to talk alone with him.

“I think you should limit the TV series that Siyuan watches.” Shen Muan had a nightmare because of Chu Siyuan’s words yesterday.

His dreams were full of the adult Chu Siyuan committing various acts of death, he targeted the male and female protagonists, framing and forcing them.

The plots in the novel took turns, everything repeating over and over.

Shen Muan who was dreaming almost had a heart attack.

Chu Yi nodded, he thought so too: “I will pay attention.” It seems that they have to set up a child lock on the TV so that he can no longer watch those messy idol dramas.

Because of that dream, Shen Muan paid special attention to Chu Siyuan the whole day, he took the opportunity to instill with him that many things in the TV series are deceptive, and it shouldn’t be like that in real life.

Although Chu Siyuan didn’t understand, he nodded obediently and agreed.

Shen Muan relaxed a bit.

Zhizhi found that Teacher An An’s attention had been on that pesky Chu Siyuan all day, he was jealous.

Another jealous person was Xiaoyi, though she did not act as obvious as Zhizhi. She touched the hairpin she brought out, especially for today.

Usually, Teacher An An would praise her good-looking hairpin when he saw it, but today, because of that Chu Siyuan, he didn’t even notice that she had changed to a new hairpin.

This made Xiaoyi feel a little unhappy.

“Teacher An An, does my new hairpin look good?” Xiaoyi couldn’t sit still, so she took the initiative to ask Shen Muan.

Only then did Shen Muan notice the hairpin on Xiaoyi’s head, a very beautiful bow hairpin with some diamonds studded on it.

“Very beautiful, did your mom buy it?” Shen Muan said with a smile.

“No, Dad bought it!” Xiaoyi happily turned in front of Shen Muan, “Mom has been busy with some stuff, so she hasn’t been home these days!”

“Dad bought a lot of gifts for Xiaoyi!”

Xiaoyi looked very happy. Shen Muan originally wanted to rub Xiaoyi’s head, but he put his hands back down because he was afraid he would mess up her hairstyle.

After returning to the office, Shen Muan sat in a daze. Speaking of which, he seemed to have never seen Xiaoyi’s father before.

The author has something to say: After more than ten days of class, I feel like I’m going to waste… I want to sleep for a whole day qwq

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