Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Why is it so difficult

“Xiaoyi asked for leave?” Shen Muan was a little surprised to learn this news from the other teachers. He checked his phone for a message from Xiaoyi’s mother.

Usually, Xiaoyi’s mother will send him a message if Xiaoyi needed to ask for leave, but today there’s nothing. Shen Muan sent a message to ask about it then proceeded to his class.

As soon as he entered the classroom, Shen Muan saw Chu Siyuan holding his mobile phone, showing the other children the video of the other night.

The children let out cries of amazement, when they looked at Shen Muan, their eyes shined brightly like little stars.

A bad premonition emerged in Shen Muan’s heart. He took a step back but the children took a step forward.

After taking two more steps back, Shen Muan felt something on his leg, he looked down and found that it was Zhizhi.

The child patted his chest and said excitedly: “Teacher An An! I want to learn how to beat bad guys!”


Shen Muan was silent, his premonition was right.

After Zhizhi started, all the children in the classroom screamed in succession.

“Teacher An An, I also want to learn to fight the bad guys!”

“Teacher An An, I want to see you fight bad guys! Show us!”

“Ah, Teacher An An teach me, OK?”

“Me too! Me too!”

The children one after another voiced out, making Shen Muan feel a bit proud.

“Okay, okay, can you all calm down first?” Shen Muan put a finger on his mouth making a quiet gesture.

Although everyone was very excited, they were still obedient and closed their mouths.

Parents would cry if they saw this scene, the children were not so peaceful at home, even their parents were dismissed by them.

When the children calmed down, Shen Muan walked to Chu Siyuan and asked, “Siyuan, why did you bring your phone to the kindergarten?”

“This is a gift my aunt bought me!” Chu Siyuan didn’t realize it was wrong, he was very excited to show Shen Muan his new phone. He likes this phone so much that he doesn’t want to put it down at home. Therefore, this time, he brought it secretly.

“Siyuan, children are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the kindergarten.” Shen Muan gently rubbed Chu Siyuan’s black hair, which felt very good, “So give the phone to the teacher for safekeeping, I will return it to you after school.”

Chu Siyuan acted stubbornly. He held the phone tightly, not wanting to give it. But when he saw Shen Muan’s eyes, he still ended up giving his phone.

“Then I’ll give it to Teacher An An first.” Chu Siyuan watched Shen Muan put his mobile phone in his pocket. Half lying on the table, his two big dark eyes kept staring and blinking at Shen Muan.

Shen Muan returned to the blackboard, looking at the curious and excited little faces below, a little helpless.

“What do you want to know?” Shen Muan said, “If you have any questions, raise your hand.”

Right after his words, more than a dozen hands raised in unison. Some children even felt that raising two hands was not enough, and tried to raise their feet.

Shen Muan hurriedly stepped forward to stop it. He was worried that they would throw themselves off their seats by raising their feet. But there were still some children who were unwilling to give up, so Shen Muan had no choice but to put them in order first.

“Each child can only ask one question.” Shen Muan started to organize them after speaking.

He already knew most of the children’s questions, they either want to learn from him, or have Shen Muan demonstrate it.

But when it was Zhizhi’s time to ask, the topic of the conversation suddenly changed: “Teacher An An, can you go back with me tonight?”

“Why?” Shen Muan was a little puzzled about the sudden mention of this issue.

“I’m afraid of sleeping alone at night,” Zhizhi said frankly.

“…If you are afraid, you can let your mom and dad accompany you.” Shen Muan replied with a smile on his face.

“But Teacher An An slept with Chu Siyuan last time, why can’t you accompany me?” Xiao Ruzhi looked at Shen Muan saddened, his face saying, if you refuse, I will cry.

When Zhizhi said this, everyone’s attention that focused on Shen Muan’s fight was attracted, the whole classroom went quiet.

They have never slept with Teacher An An either.

With this realization, the classroom became very lively.

A child raised his hand high and said loudly: “Teacher An An, go to my house to sleep! There are four cats and two dogs in my house, both of them are cute!” The child firmly remembered the temptation in his family. Friends of his parents often come to his house to see the cats and dogs.

Shen Muan cleared his mind and refused.

With this sentence, everyone immediately began to show the superior conditions of their own home.

The most generous one is the little chubby child who was made to cry by Chu Siyuan. He patted his chest and said to Shen Muan: “Teacher An An, my family recently had a baby, you can play with him!”

“The baby is not a toy… …” Shen Muan felt a little headache.

“Then Teacher An An can come to my house, my brother can do massage and step on your back!” A beautiful little girl said very proudly: “My father often praises brother’s skills when stepping on his back!”

Shen Muan suddenly felt a little distressed for the girl’s younger brother. He was still young and had to run for milk powder.

It’s really not easy to be born.

If there are younger siblings in the family, they will be pulled out, and those with elder brothers and sisters will be sold.

Zhizhi didn’t expect that he would have so many people arguing with him. He thought about it seriously. He had no older or younger siblings, and there were also no four cats or two dogs at home.

Zhizhi couldn’t help feeling sad when he thought of this. Why is his family so poor?

Zhizhi’s eyes started getting red, but he didn’t cry. At this time, he has to think about what can make Teacher An An go to his house? He can’t cry now.

Chu Siyuan expressed disdain for Zhizhi’s act of digging holes for himself. He wouldn’t be such an idiot like Zhizhi.

Although Chu Siyuan was still young, he often followed his parents, he sees a lot of things and learns a little bit from them.

Shen Muan declined all the children’s warm invitations.

If he agreed to even one, the others would not agree in being left out. If there is one, there will surely be another.

Shen Muan felt that he couldn’t go over and sleep in each child’s house, so it was best to decline everyone.

Chu Siyuan had already figured out the trick so he can go to Shen Muan’s house in the evening. But his mobile phone was no longer with him, so he couldn’t contact his uncle and prevent him from picking him up.


Chu Siyuan had just laughed at Zhizhi for pitting himself, and now he has fallen into such an embarrassing situation.

He can’t help but feel sad.

Teacher An An said that he would give it back to him after school, but his uncle would’ve already come by that time.

Chu Siyuan looked out the window with a sad look. Why is it so difficult to sleep with Teacher An An?

The author has something to say: I forgot to say, although there are only three villains written on the synopsis, there is, in fact, more than three orz I wrote too slowly…I don’t know what’s wrong.

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  1. midge e has spoken 2 years ago


    i am incorporating in my headcanon that the principal knew this and decided shen muan would be the best person to nip those problems in the bud. i am also asking the principal to give shen muan a raise.

  2. Anon has spoken 2 years ago

    So, you mean… this kindergarten is full of cute little villains?


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