Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Home Visit

The messages sent by Shen Muan to Xiaoyi’s mother were like stones sinking into the sea, without any reply, it made Shen Muan worry.

Although Xiaoyi had taken time off before, it was never like this, there was no news at all.

Shen Muan considered it for a while and decided to go for a home visit. He found the address of Xiaoyi’s house from the computer and recorded it on his cell phone. He was going to check it out when kindergarten was over.

But the whole day, Shen Muan felt a little uneasy in his heart, he was often absent-minded during class. After realizing that his state was not right, Shen Muan quickly adjusted himself. Although he was a little worried about Xiaoyi, he couldn’t let it affect his work.

He was not a teacher for a single child, but a teacher for all children.

The children themselves need the attention of both their parents and teachers. Shen Muan looked at the children around him, silently pressing Xiaoyi’s matter to the bottom of his heart. For now, he devoted himself to teaching the children how to draw a squirrel.

As soon as the kindergarten was over, Shen Muan hurriedly asked the other teachers to watch the children and went to Xiaoyi’s house to take a look.

What Shen Muan didn’t notice was that there were two little guys following him.

One is Chu Siyuan and the other is Xiao Ruzhi.

The two didn’t know when they got together, but Xiao Ruzhi quietly whispered in Chu Siyuan’s ear: “Wouldn’t it be bad for us to follow Teacher An An so secretly?”

“Shhh, don’t you want to know why Teacher An An has been absent-minded today?” Chu Siyuan glanced at him, “If you are afraid, you can go back.”

Zhizhi immediately shook his head when he heard this, “I’m not afraid!”

“Teacher An An is walking too fast, we can’t keep up!” Zhizhi said awkwardly. Looking at his two short legs, then at the long legs of Shen Muan, who was walking hurriedly because of his worry for Xiaoyi.

“Let’s take a taxi.” Chu Siyuan dared to follow Shen Muan because he was prepared. There was always money in his schoolbag, and he also sneaked into the office and wrote down the address of Xiaoyi’s house.

This series of operations by Chu Siyuan made Xiao Ruzhi admire him, he thought that this annoying person was not as annoying as before.

“But will the kindergarten find out that we sneaked out?” Xiao Ruzhi asked.

“What do you mean by sneaking out? We came out with the adults openly and honestly.” Chu Siyuan said without fear, he had already arranged it, “Rest assured, no one will find out.”

At this time, several teachers in the rose class were having headaches because of the children running around.

Usually, they would sit in their seats obediently, waiting for mom and dad to pick them up.

But today was different, the children in Rose Class seemed to have been stimulated. Scurrying all around, the teacher had no way to make a proper count of the number of children.

“It would be great if Teacher Shen was here.” Teacher Xia felt that she was about to be driven crazy by these little guys.

“Teacher Shen had something to do today. He is going to visit Xiaoyi’s house.” A female teacher next to her said while comforting the children, “It seems he hasn’t heard back from Xiaoyi’s mother, so he is a little worried.”

“Well, he would surely go and see.” Teacher Xia nodded, if it was her, she would also go and take a look too.

“Did Xiaoyi take a few days off?” Teacher Xia asked.

“It seems to be more than a week.” The female teacher replied, “I don’t remember exactly why they asked for leave. But it seems to be because of family affairs.”

Shen Muan still remembered that Xiaoyi’s reason for asking for leave was because of family affairs. As for the specifics, he didn’t know.

Because of worrying about Xiaoyi, Shen Muan didn’t notice the two children following him.

When Shen Muan arrived at the door of Xiaoyi’s house, he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

An old lady in her 50s or 60s was sitting on the floor at the door, crying non-stop: “You are evil! Evil!”

“Why do I have an unfilial son like you!” The old lady kept wailing, full of energy. Not at all like a fifty or sixty-year-old woman.

Shen Muan was a little frightened when he saw this scene, not to mention the two children, Xiao Ruzhi and Chu Siyuan, who had been hiding nearby.

It was the first time they saw such a person outside of a TV series.

“Is this a vicious mother-in-law?” Xiao Ruzhi guessed based on the TV series he watched with his mother yesterday.

Because of Xiao Ruzhi’s question, Chu Siyuan seriously thought about it: “It’s possible.”

“Oh? What’s possible? Can you tell me?” Shen Muan suddenly appeared holding Xiao Ruzhi and Chu Siyuan in each arm, easily.

Shen Muan didn’t notice the two little guys behind him at first because of Xiaoyi’s matter, but he felt a little weird when he was on the road.

But because he wanted to go to Xiaoyi’s house as soon as possible to see what was going on, Shen Muan didn’t bother about it.

After getting here, Shen Muan found that the two little guys ran out to follow him, it made his heart feel bad.

He sent a message to his colleague, and then took the two children to stand at the door of Xiaoyi’s house, looking at the old lady who had been rolling on the ground, he said: “Excuse me, I am Xiaoyi’s teacher here for a house visit.”

The old lady glanced at Shen Muan, ignored him, and continued to cry about how unfilial her son was.

“My life is too bitter.”

“An unfilial son like you! You have forgotten your mother ever since you met daughter-in-law. You threw me aside and started ignoring your mother.”

The man inside the door was pale. He wanted to argue a few words back but the old lady kept on scolding.

Xiaoyi was so scared that she hid in her mother’s arms. She knew that Teacher An An had come, but because of the old lady at the door, she did not dare to go out.

She can’t get out either.

Shen Muan gently patted the two children holding his legs. They were a little scared facing such a person for the first time.

Shen Muan took out his phone and called 110.

Then he said to the old lady: “Old lady, you are so pitiful. Don’t be afraid. I helped you call the police. If you have any grievances, let the police decide for you.”

The old lady became angry when he said this. “We will handle the affairs of our own family, we don’t need the police!”

Hearing the word police, the old lady was scared. But she soon became tough again.

She wanted to point at Shen Muan’s nose and scold him, but Shen Muan took out his mobile phone and started recording.

“You can scold me, but I will sue you for slandering me tomorrow.” Shen Muan said very calmly.

Hearing this sentence, the old lady’s original curses were stuck in her throat, nothing came out.

“Anyway, you are in good health. It doesn’t matter if you get locked up for 15 days. If you pay the fine, you can even come out sooner.” Shen Muan smiled, he whispered the words next to the old lady’s ear.

Hearing the latter sentence, the old lady panicked. She could play tricks, but it was only useful for her son.

Some people would believe her act, but some don’t.

The young man in front of her obviously didn’t like her, and the other party said that he had someone in the Public Security Bureau, he could have her arrested if he wanted. Although she could only be detained for 15 days, he could arrest her a few more times, the effect would be the same.

Soon, the police arrived.

The one in the lead happened to be the newcomer policeman that Shen Muan met before.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Shen Muan and said hello: “Mr. Shen, good afternoon, why are you here?” Because it was a civil dispute, the youth was not in a hurry. He probably took a look and knew what the situation was.

He had seen a lot of things like this.

“I should be asking you that. Are you not on the same team as my brother?” Shen Muan was quite surprised to see the youth. Why is the criminal investigation team running over to take care of civil affairs?

The young man waved his hand and said, “Captain Shen told me to exercise and had me work at the police station temporarily. What’s the situation now?”

The old lady was a little discouraged when she saw Shen Muan’s familiarity with the police, especially what team she was talking about. Ah, a brother or something.

For the average policeman, she is stubborn and arrogant, others can’t do anything about her. But if the other is related to the police, it was probably useless for her to mess around.

“Does the exercise allow you to deal with the victim’s family?” Shen Muan suddenly felt blessed and understood something.

Shen Muan’s question abruptly blocked what the other wanted to ask: “…”

It seems that because of the arrival of the police, the closed doors of several houses next door opened. Two or three people went to talk to the police, they complained about the old lady, how she was disturbing the people here and so on.

The other policemen nodded while listening.

They have been upset with this old lady for a long time. Before, they could only endure as Xiaoyi’s family won’t call the police but this time they really couldn’t help but complain.

There were many people, policemen and there was also Shen Muan with a ‘background’. The old lady felt bad for a moment and wanted to leave, but was stopped by two policemen.

Shen Muan took this opportunity to bring the two little guys into Xiaoyi’s house.

“I’m really sorry to disturb you.” Shen Muan smiled embarrassed, he was being nosy today.

As soon as Xiaoyi saw Shen Muan, she let go of her mother and threw herself into Teacher An An’s arms.

“Teacher An An is amazing!” Xiaoyi said very excitedly. She has been scared these days.

Mom said that it was Dad’s biological mother, but Xiaoyi thought she was terrible.

Xiaoyi’s father looked at Shen Muan and then at the old lady who kept howling, thanking him very solemnly: “Thank you so much. I should have called the police long ago…”

Xiaoyi’s father was very bitter. He wanted to save face for his biological mother, but his biological mother never considered him and his family.

“You don’t think I’m being nosy?” Shen Muan smiled.

“Mr. Shen, you are here today…” Xiaoyi’s mother looked at the two little guys close to Shen Muan, a little puzzled.

“I’m here to visit…” Shen Muan looked at the two extra pendants on his legs, both of them were still a little confused.

Chu Siyuan felt as if he had watched a TV series. Zhizhi felt that way too.

Xiaoyi’s mother looked at the two children, and with some hesitation asked: “Bringing two other children for home visits?”

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