Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23 – This May be the Real One (1)

Looking at the little guys who were still hugging his legs tightly, Shen Muan couldn’t find any good explanation so he just nodded directly.

That’s right, he brought two cubs to visit another cub’s house.

Xiaoyi released Shen Muan, grabbed his hand, and walked him to the sofa.

Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi still held onto Shen Muan’s legs and refused to let go, causing Shen Muan to have difficulty moving.

“Can you two let me go?” Shen Muan pulled the two on his legs. Although he was not immobile, they restricted the movements of his legs.

Only then did Chu Siyuan react, he let go and stood aside obediently.

Zhizhi still wanted to climb up Shen Muan but was dragged down by Chu Siyuan.

Because there were guests at home, Xiaoyi’s mother went to pour water, and Xiaoyi’s father went to deal with his biological mother.

For his biological mother, Xiaoyi’s father didn’t know how to face her at all.

A disagreement had disappeared from his life, but another one came to replace it. This completely broke his peaceful life.

If it’s just him, it wouldn’t have mattered. But thinking of his wife and young daughter, Xiaoyi’s father felt that he shouldn’t let it go anymore.

He should have resolved this matter long ago, he shouldn’t let this matter affect his wife and children.

With the determined will of Xiaoyi’s father, things were solved much easier.

The old lady found that no matter how she cried, it was useless. Her son’s eyes were extremely cold when he looked at her. At this time, she realized.

She lost…

Shen Muan sat on the sofa, Xiaoyi is sitting on his right, and Chu Siyuan is sitting on his left.

Xiao Ruzhi looked left and right and finally threw himself into Shen Muan’s arms, letting him hug himself. He successfully sat on Shen Muan’s lap.

The same idea appeared in Chu Siyuan and Xiaoyi’s minds.

‘How cunning! ‘

Neither of them expected this because they usually sit next to Teacher An An obediently, but they didn’t expect Zhizhi to come out like this.

This kind of non-traditional path almost broke the superficial peace of the three children.

Before Shen Muan’s butt even became warm, he saw two messages received on his mobile phone.

One was from Chu Yi, asking where they were as he came to pick them up.

And the other was Fang Xu, also telling him he was on his way.

These two messages were only sent five or six minutes ago.

Shen Muan wanted to quickly reply, but he saw that Chu Yi sent another, “on the way”.

Within a few seconds, Fang Xu also sent the same message.

Looking at these two restless little guys, Shen Muan felt a little tired.

Xiaoyi felt upset that Xiao Ruzhi was sitting on Shen Muan’s lap, so she tried to take the topic into her own hands.

“Teacher An An, what did you tell her the old lady that made her so scared?” Xiaoyi asked curiously.

“I scared her, saying that I knew someone in the Public Security Bureau, and the policeman who just came knew me. Her own thoughts frightened her.” Shen Muan said briefly, he touched her head and said to Xiaoyi, “Although lying is bad, sometimes lies can protect yourself.”

Xiaoyi nodded her head in agreement. Both the family and the kindergarten taught her that they are all good children, and they shouldn’t lie.

Shen Muan’s remarks seemed to contradict what he said before.

“Xiaoyi doesn’t need to care too much, Xiaoyi just needs to be herself.” Shen Muan said with a smile while looking at Xiaoyi.

Xiaoyi’s mother felt a lot more relieved when she saw Xiaoyi’s relaxed and happy state when she talked to Shen Muan.

After Teacher An An came, it was different.

The atmosphere at home became more lively, especially with the three children.

The children were already very active, but when the three children got together, they got even more energetic, they forgot what had just happened in an instant.

Seeing that they were in good condition, Shen Muan thought they probably didn’t take the matter of the old lady to heart.

A big heart is quite good, you would forget bad things quickly.

As the three children were busy playing, Shen Muan took advantage of this opportunity. Shen Muan chatted with Xiaoyi’s mother, she probably knew the effects and consequences this matter could cause.

After learning more about what happened, Shen Muan wanted to tell Xiaoyi’s mother that she should be hard-hearted. But this is after all a family affair, so Shen Muan should not talk too much.

But he didn’t understand how people can tolerate others that harm them.

And it could also affect the children. Fortunately, nothing was wrong with Xiaoyi, and there seemed to be no psychological shadow left by the affairs of the old lady.

Otherwise, the child would become very upset.

When Shen Muan was talking with Xiaoyi’s mother, he specifically talked about how this matter might affect Xiaoyi, and hoped that their family could resolve the matter soon.

Children are the most innocent.

Xiaoyi’s mother knew this too, and she felt that she shouldn’t tolerate this anymore.

“I will have a good talk with Xiaoyi’s father.” Xiaoyi’s mother clasped her hands on her lap, her eyes gradually became firmer. She didn’t want Xiaoyi, who had always been cheerful, to be affected by the affairs of adults.

Although she can’t protect Xiaoyi from the wind and rain her whole life, she would at least want to give her a complete and beautiful childhood.

Even though this castle may not last long, Xiaoyi’s mother still wants to give her child the best she could.

After confirming the attitude of Xiaoyi’s mother, plus the words of Xiaoyi’s father before, Shen Muan felt better.

After chatting for a while, Shen Muan’s mobile phone received news from Chu Yi and Fang Xu that they were already at the gate of the community. Shen Muan was here to determine the situation of Xiaoyi, now that he confirmed she was okay it was enough.

“I should go.” Shen Muan said, “I need to send these two children to their family.”

Xiaoyi’s mother originally wanted Shen Muan and the others to stay for dinner, but after hearing these words she didn’t stop them from leaving.

Xiaoyi reluctantly grasped Shen Muan’s hand, and looked at him grievously: “Teacher An An, will you stay with me?”

Shen Muan almost relented when he saw Xiaoyi’s look.

Fortunately, he often receives cute attacks like this and has already developed some resistance.

“This teacher still has things to do. Xiaoyi should be obedient at home. I will wait for you in the kindergarten, okay?” Shen Muan touched Xiaoyi’s hair.

Xiaoyi nodded pitifully, even though she was reluctant, she let go of Shen Muan.

After Shen Muan left with the two children, Xiaoyi grabbed her mother’s hand and said, “Mom, I’m going to kindergarten tomorrow!”

“But tomorrow is Saturday…” Xiaoyi’s mother gave her a fatal blow ruthlessly. “The kindergarten is on holiday.”

Xiaoyi was taken aback, she turned on her mother’s cell phone, which showed it was Friday today.

Is it too late for her to chase after Teacher An An now?

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