Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23 – This May be the Real One (2)

Chu Yi and Fang Xu were waiting for Shen Muan and the children at the entrance of the community. The two of them had been in a stalemate from the kindergarten to here, not saying a word to each other.

Fang Xu unilaterally ignored Chu Yi. And Chu Yi has never been a good-tempered person, and would not do anything with a hot face and cold buttocks.

Seeing the other party so indifferent, Fang Xu became even more upset. He was only a few months older than Chu Yi, so they were often drawn out for comparison. Especially in junior high and high school where they ended up in the same school. Chu Yi and Fang Xu, always compared with a child of someone else’s family.

Coupled with years of contradictions, Fang Xu felt unhappy every time he looked at Chu Yi.

But Chu Yi didn’t feel it at all, he didn’t feel the need to bother about it and he felt that the other had a child’s temper.

They waited a while before Shen Muan led the two little guys out.

Chu Siyuan saw Chu Yi as he got downstairs, his first reaction was to turn around and return to the elevator, but he was caught by Shen Muan.

Shen Muan felt that Chu Yi had to teach Chu Siyuan a lesson. This time he was too bold, what he did was dangerous. If he could, he wanted to put these two little guys on his lap and give them a spanking.

Although he couldn’t, Chu Yi and Fang Xu agreed to it.

Shen Muan felt that he should help these two children, let them know the dangers of society, letting them have a complete childhood.

But in this matter, their teacher was also wrong, they didn’t pay enough attention to the child.

Fortunately, nothing happened, otherwise Shen Muan would be guilty for a lifetime.

After pushing the two little guys into the arms of their guardians, Shen Muan apologized to them first, saying he didn’t take good care of the children.

Chu Yi shook his head. After going to the kindergarten, a chaotic scene greeted him, adding the news that other teachers had told him, he knew that this matter must have been done by Chu Siyuan.

Chu Yi directly stared at Chu Siyuan who had a guilty conscience. He wanted to run back into Shen Muan’s arms and get shelter. But found that his Teacher An An not only didn’t plan to shelter him but even went to watch on the sidelines.

His mood turned cold.

This was different from what he imagined!

“Teacher Shen, I’m sorry, Chu Siyuan caused you trouble.” Chu Yi pressed Chu Siyuan on the head and asked him to apologize, “This matter was done by Chu Siyuan.”

“Still not going to be honest?” Chu Yi glanced at Chu Siyuan again.

Chu Siyuan explained everything he had done, including buying snacks to deal with the other children.

“······” Shen Muan was speechless, he knew that children nowadays were very smart. Being smart was not terrible, but being smart and cunning was scary.

Chu Siyuan is a typical example.

Compared to Chu Siyuan, Zhizhi’s condition was much better, after he shoots a pitiful light wave at his uncle, he then tries to pass the stage cutely.

Fang Xu had no resistance to these kinds of things, so he chose to tell his sister about it.

He was soft-hearted, but his sister was not.

Although Xiao Ruzhi’s mother is usually easy to get along with, when it’s time to educate, she would never yield.

Zhizhi tried to not cry on the spot. He felt wronged as he hugged his uncle’s neck. He wrote Chu Siyuan’s name in a small dark notebook at the bottom of his heart.

The old enmity disappeared, but new ones were added.

Shen Muan saw that it wasn’t that late yet, so he proposed to have a meal together.

Zhizhi promised the fastest, right after Shen Muan finished speaking, he immediately said “Okay!”

The answer was extremely loud.

Zhizhi thought that if he could go back to face his mother a little later, he would do it. He didn’t want to experience the feeling of his butt cracking.

Chu Siyuan also quickly agreed, but the two small promises were of no use.

Fang Xu didn’t want to have dinner with Chu Yi, but if he refused he would look a little stingy. After struggling for a while, he heard that Chu Yi agreed, so he did so as well.

Chu Yi glanced at Fang Xu in surprise, he was a little astounded that Fang Xu would agree.

Fang Xu snorted, he felt that he could not avoid Chu Yi, so he should have Chu Yi avoid him.

Scene: Three adults and two children sat in a KFC together.

A few minutes ago.

Shen Muan asked what they wanted to eat, and the two little guys were very excited and expressed that they wanted to eat either KFC or Golden Arch[1]McDonald’s Chinese name.

When there are children, adults tend to be more accommodating to them, and Shen Muan himself hasn’t eaten fried chicken for a while, so he agreed.

It didn’t matter to the other two adults, eating such food once in a while is still okay.

However, the two little guys were very excited because they agreed.

They went to the nearest KFC. Looking at the items on the menu, Chu Yi instantly lost his appetite and simply ordered a cup of coffee.

As Chu Yi raised his eyes, he saw Shen Muan who was discussing with the two children. He thought this person was very interesting and completely different from himself.

Chu Yi still remembered that when he was picking up Chu Siyuan, he saw a chubby bird on Shen Muan’s body. The bird was not afraid of people and was very close to Shen Muan.

But as soon as he walked over, the little bird flew away without looking back.

Shen Muan has gotten used to this situation, if this kind of thing happens, he thought Chu Yi must’ve come.

For this, Chu Yi was very helpless.

Fang Xu looked at Chu Yi and then at Shen Muan. Why did it feel a bit weird? But he couldn’t tell what was weird about it.

Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi wanted to eat everything they saw. If it weren’t for Shen Muan’s pressing, they would probably have to order them all.

Fang Xu didn’t care much about this kind of food, he could eat anything anyway, so he let the kids order it.

When it was time to pay, Fang Xu and Chu Yi took out their cards at the same time.

“Swipe the card.”

The two glanced at each other, neither had any intention of backing out.

The lady at the cashier didn’t know what to do. Shen Muan calmly took out his phone, and said to the lady: “Scan here, Alipay.”

The lady habitually scanned the QR code, and Shen Muan paid the money.

“Okay, let’s find a place to sit.” Shen Muan held the two children with each hand, they looked like an older brother coming out with his younger brothers.

Chu Yi put the card back and followed Shen Muan.

Because Shen Muan’s paid, Fang Xu had no intention of continuing his fight with Chu Yi.

As Shen Muan sat down, Chu Siyuan and Zhizhi consciously occupied the positions on both his sides. Because of today’s affairs, Chu Siyuan originally wanted to sit on Shen Muan’s lap, but when he saw his uncle, Chu Siyuan gave up this plan and decided to settle down for today.

Chu Yi sat directly opposite Shen Muan.

At this time, Fang Xu felt conflicted, except for Chu Yi’s side, he had no other place to sit. It would be too embarrassing if he forcibly added a seat next to Zhizhi.

Fang Xu thought for a few seconds and decisively hugged Zhizhi. He let Chu Yi sit at the place where Zhizhi was sitting before.

Chu Yi sat down without any comments.

Zhizhi fluttered his two short legs clearly not happy about this. But because Fang Xu was hugging him tightly, it was useless no matter how hard he struggled.

Shen Muan wanted to change positions with Chu Siyuan and let him sit between him and Chu Yi, but Chu Siyuan refused.

“I’m an older child, so I can sit and eat by myself.” Chu Siyuan grabbed the corner of the table and refused to let go.

“Okay then.” Shen Muan thought that Chu Siyuan and Chu Yi’s relationship had improved, but it seemed that there was not much progress…

The meal was quickly served, and as an older child, Chu Siyuan was the first to attack his food.

Chu Yi took the coffee he ordered, and took a sip, he felt a little tired. He put it aside and watched the people at the table eat.

Chu Siyuan who was eating his hamburger had it all over his face, he ate like a little cat.

Although Zhizhi was very excited when he found out they were eating here, it was the first time he would try it. After a few bites, he didn’t find it that good. He didn’t understand why other children in the kindergarten liked to eat this kind of food so much.

After the meal, Fang Xu and Chu Siyuan were the happiest ones.

Shen Muan helped Chu Siyuan wipe his face from time to time, he looked a little afraid that Chu Siyuan would stuff it directly into his nose. After watching for a while, he found that besides the hamburgers, Chu Siyuan was still very clean when eating the other food, so Shen Muan let him eat by himself.

After a while, Shen Muan felt a weight on his legs. He looked down and found that Chu Siyuan, who still had french fries in his mouth, had fallen asleep with his head on his lap.

“He slept little at noon, it seems that he is too sleepy.” Shen Muan whispered to Chu Yi.

Chu Yi also nodded, wanting to take a picture of Chu Siyuan’s appearance with his mobile phone, and save it for him when he becomes an adult, as a coming-of-age gift.

But when the camera pointed at Chu Siyuan, Chu Yi secretly took a shot of the young man near him who was smiling happily.

Chu Yi looked at the photo on the phone and quickly took another photo of Chu Siyuan alone. This time Shen Muan’s face was not in the photograph, he then sent it to the family group.

The group was fried in an instant, Chu Yi’s brother-in-law, who was still busy abroad, felt much better when he saw this photo.

“It seems that Siyuan is doing well.” Chu Siyuan’s father smiled and set this photo as his screensaver. His son looked so cute.

Mother Chu felt the same way.

For a while, this photo of Chu Siyuan became a screensaver for the whole family, only Chu Yi used a different one.

Seeing Chu Siyuan asleep, Zhizhi thought about pranking him. But his uncle caught him before he even touched Chu Siyuan.

“Be good.” Fang Xu took a sip and vaguely warned his nephew, “Your mother is still at home waiting for you to go back.”

“……?” Zhizhi who had completely forgotten about this matter slid down from his chair, he drilled to Shen Muan from under the table, clutching the hand of his teacher, “Teacher An An, can I go back with you tonight?”

“No, it’s a holiday tomorrow.” Shen Muan refused without hesitation. He wanted to take a break on the weekend and didn’t want to play with the children.

No matter how cute the children are, he has to take a good rest.

Speaking of tomorrow’s holiday, Chu Yi suddenly remembered the concert tickets his friends had given him before. “My friend gave me some tickets for a concert this Sunday. If you are interested, Teacher Shen can go and see them.” With that, Chu Yi took out two tickets from his wallet and gave them to Shen Muan.

“Ah, thank you.” Shen Muan originally wanted to refuse but found that the ticket was for a concert he wanted to attend before, so he took it.

“You’re welcome, I’ll take Siyuan to the car first, come follow and I’ll take you back.” Chu Yi glanced at Fang Xu, who was still in a stalemate with Zhizhi, this was an opportunity.

“Then I will trouble you.” Shen Muan didn’t hesitate anymore, agreeing directly. As soon as he wanted to pick Chu Siyuan up, he saw Chu Yi lift Chu Siyuan’s arms and gracefully walk out as he carried the child on his shoulders.

Shen Muan couldn’t help but sigh: “Maybe this is what real life is…”

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1 McDonald’s Chinese name
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