Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Expose/Exposed

Between Chu Yi and his brother-in-law, Fang Xu decisively chose to ask his brother-in-law why he suddenly changed his profile picture. He also wanted to look at the portrait, does it resemble Zhizhi.

Seeing the painting, it was very good, but he don’t recognize whose hand it came from.

According to his brother-in-law’s habits, if he wants to change his profile picture, he would change it to his wife, not his child. It would be normal for Fang Xu’s sister to change her profile picture to this. So he found it a bit strange that instead of his sister, it was his brother-in-law.

And Chu Yi changed to a similar-looking avatar. Fang Xu clicked and looked at the picture, at a glance he recognized that the drawing was of Chu Siyuan.

Wait…Why were the portraits of his brother-in-law and Chu Yi so similar?

Fang Xu went to see his sister’s, but it didn’t change, it was the same as before.

Now Fang Xu’s anger has been lit.

Fang Xu looked for his brother-in-law fiercely, he wanted to ask clearly. Why did he secretly engage in small tricks with Chu Yi behind his back?

His brother-in-law knew that he and Chu Yi were not on good terms anymore, and he still acted like this! Fang Xu felt betrayed!

So he called Xiao Qi, Fang Xu asked angrily: “Brother-in-law, what are you planning? How come you changed your avatar at the same time as Chu Yi, and the style of painting is also similar.”

“That… Teacher Shen sent me the picture yesterday. He said I could use it as an avatar, so I changed it.” Xiao Qi has become accustomed to Fang Xu’s convulsions that happen from time to time, “Aren’t you at war with Chu Yi? How come you noticed that he changed his avatar? You wouldn’t have a crush on him, right?” Xiao Qi deliberately used his words to irritate Fang Xu.

When Fang Xu heard this, he almost spat out.

“How much did you drink to get drunk like this?” Fang Xu said with great disgust. When he thought of Chu Yi’s face, Fang Xu felt like vomiting and his throat seemed to be blocked. “Even if I liked men, it would be someone like Teacher An An. It is impossible for me to like Chu Yi. It is too disgusting.”

Fang Xu felt disgusted with Xiao Qi. He felt that he couldn’t suffer so much by himself, so he hung up the phone and called his sister. He sold all the things Xiao Qi had done secretly before to his sister.

Fang Xu’s sister hung up the phone with a smile and directly blocked her husband.

It was too late when Xiao Qi found out, all the messages he sent were rejected, and the phone couldn’t be reached. Xiao Qi glanced at the unfinished business on the table, decisively handed it over to his deputy, and ran to coax his wife.

His wife ignored him inexplicably, Xiao Qi fully suspected it was his brother-in-law who made it like this.

It must be in revenge for the disgusting words he just said. Xiao Qi hurriedly returned home, making a note in his heart.

On the other hand, Fang Xu was holding his mobile phone, wondering what to say to Teacher An An.

Why did he not send it to him? Fang Xu’s brows scrunched together, he knew Shen Muan before Chu Yi.

Shen Muan woke up at this time, he saw the message sent by Xiao Qi, clicked on Fang Xu’s name, and saw that the chatbox kept showing that he was typing.

It stopped for a few seconds, but no message was sent. Then it continued to type and stopped again, but still, no message was sent. Repeatedly like this, Shen Muan could see how entangled the other party was. He was not in a hurry, so he went to wash first.

When he came back after washing, he finally saw an additional message on the blank chatbox.

Fang Xu: Are you there?

“…” Shen Muan didn’t know what to say, after half an hour, he only sent three words?

And to ask him if he was there?

If he replied that he wasn’t here, how would Fang Xu respond?

Shen Muan simply replied, wanting to see how Fang Xu would react next.

Sure enough, Shen Muan looked at the ‘typing…’ that appeared repeatedly on the chatbox, he shook his head helplessly. He set aside his phone to find something to eat.

Fang Xu didn’t know why he was so entangled. He sat cross-legged on the carpet, thinking of what he said to his brother-in-law from time to time.

‘If I liked men, it would be someone like Teacher An An. ‘

Fang Xu felt that his mind might be flooded, so he forced himself to forget that sentence. After struggling for a long time, Fang Xu just said that his painting was very cute.

Shen Muan was sitting on the sofa with a popsicle in his mouth, watching a newly released horror film on the TV, very leisurely.

As for Fang Xu, he has forgotten about him.

Shen Muan was watching a horror movie while eating and drinking. When he saw the bloody scene, he couldn’t help but sigh.


He showed no fear at all.

In addition to reading dog blood novels, Shen Muan’s other hobby is watching horror movies, but because of his years of experience in watching horror movies, he has become completely immune to it now.

Although sometimes it can be a bit awkward since he still didn’t dare to watch it alone at night.

But at least he wasn’t afraid at all when he watched it during the day.

Shen Man didn’t notice that he accidentally pressed on his phone, Fang Xu saw that Shen Muan returned a voice message, and clicked on it nervously.

“Ah! Help! There is a ghost!!”

“Ah—” The weird background music and the screams scared Fang Xu that he threw out his phone, with a perfect arc it fell into his father’s aquarium.

Fang Xu was in shock, he didn’t do anything! Why did Teacher An An treat him like this???

Fang Xu calmed down and fished out the phone from the fish tank.

The phone’s screen went black due to the water entering, Fang Xu tried to power it on but found that it couldn’t be used anymore, so he had to buy another one.

His phone hasn’t even been used for long.

Shen Muan remembered Fang Xu after he finished watching the movie. He took a look at his phone and found that he had sent a voice message to Fang Xu.

He didn’t remember making a voice message?

Shen Muan played the message and shocked himself a bit, but he easily calmed down. He put down the phone without being too scared. This one should have been accidentally recorded when he was watching the movie.

The thought that Fang Xu also listened to it, Shen Muan had a bad feeling. He hurriedly sent a message to apologize, saying that he accidentally pressed his phone while watching a horror movie and sent out the recording.

He waited, but Fang Xu never responded.

Shen Muan felt that the other party might’ve been angry, but there was no way Fang Xu could completely ignore him.

‘I’ll apologize again when I see Fang Xu in school on Monday.’

Shen Muan picked up the remote control and pressed it randomly, changing the channels one by one.

As he kept on pressing he chanced upon his brother on TV. Shen Muan stopped changing channels and watched the report about his brother.

Shen Fangqi helped Shen Muan to receive the pennant today. He dressed meticulously and looked very serious. He did not look like someone coming to get a pennant, it was more like someone coming out to work.

Shen Muan understood what his brother wanted to express. Shen Fangqi’s actions showed that he will protect his younger brother and lead on his behalf. This was also a good opportunity to promote the bureau.

After a lot of unnecessary speeches, Shen Fangqi accepted the pennant issued by the leader for Shen Muan and then accepted an interview.

When the pennants were being handed out, the leaders deliberately praised the policemen of the Public Security Bureau.

It also mentioned that Shen Fangqi received the pennant instead of his brother. So the reporters who came up were very curious.

“Hello, Officer Shen, why did you come to pick up the pennant today instead of your brother?” a reporter asked.

Shen Fangqi faced the reporter and responded in a very straightforward manner: “I’m afraid he is too eye-catching.”

His remarks made the reporters a little embarrassed because they thought it was cute how he complimented his brother.

Shen Fangqi paused for a bit and then said: “I’m from the Criminal Investigation Department. Many suspects already look upon me. I personally have arrested many criminals.”

“I’m worried about his safety.”

Shen Fangqi’s words made the reporters present very moved.

As the police, they are walking forward with a heavy load, and they have to pay attention to their rear all the time, worrying about the safety of their family members.

They can be fearless, facing any vicious gangster, they will not be afraid. But only if it concerns their family, would they be unwilling to take risks. No matter what the reward is, the safety of the family is most important.

Because the reporters who came this time were all official media, they quickly changed the subject and talked about the case.

Shen Fangqi said everything he could say, but if he couldn’t say it, he changed the subject and ignored what was previously said.

Shen Muan looked at his brother on the TV, and couldn’t help but burst into a bright smile.

His brother is still so cute.

Although in front of others, Shen Fangqi’s evaluations are all handsome, very powerful, and so on. But in front of Shen Muan, he would only think that his brother was very cute.

At such times, Shen Muan couldn’t help but draw commemorate it. He went back to the room to take a paper board and drew another picture, which he uploaded to his Weibo.

Shen Muan has always declared that he did not have a Weibo, but this Weibo is where he occasionally posts some of his paintings.

Although there were not particularly many fans, there were still 20,000 to 30,000.

They all liked Shen Muan’s style and content very much. In fact, they like Shen Muan for another very important reason. Shen Muan’s paintings are very healing and very positive.

When they are feeling depressed, they can regain some vitality from it.

After seeing the comments, Shen Muan slowly persisted in the habit of drawing a picture and uploading it.

The people he drew the most were the children in the kindergarten. If someone scrolled through his Weibo from beginning to end, he will find that most of the pictures were of different kinds of children.

Every child had their characteristics and is different. Those who see it would get their hearts transformed.

The remaining posts were his brother Shen Fangqi. He wanted others to see the efforts made by the police.

Up to now, Shen Muan still remembers a sentence he heard before, which should be the last thing that should be said to children.

“If you do not behave, the police uncle will take you away.”

Because of these kinds of words, Shen Muan had seen a lost child who was afraid to call the police. They are afraid of the people who protect them. Therefore, Shen Muan often instills some ideas into the children in the kindergarten. If you encounter something dangerous, you should go to the police uncle or firefighter uncle for help.

Of course, Shen Muan didn’t forget to tell them to distinguish who was the real police uncle.

Because some bad guys could impersonate the police.

After repeating it several times, the children remembered what Shen Muan had said, and had an easier time finding the police uncle. This effect made Shen Muan very happy.

Shen Fangqi’s interview was not very long, it ended just over ten minutes. Shen Muan searched for Shen Fangqi’s interview video on the computer so he could watch it again.

As he was watching, his phone suddenly vibrated. He clicked on it and saw that it was a message from Shen Fangqi.

Shen Fangqi: Why do you have a good citizen award?

Shen Fangqi: Helping the police fight the evil forces?

The phone slipped from Shen Muan’s palm and fell on the table, he was stunned. But Shen Muan didn’t care about the phone. What he cared about was that he… was exposed.

Now, it’s really over…

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