Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 26.1

Chapter 26 – Trust (1)

Seeing the messages, Shen Muan didn’t dare to reply. He quickly thought about where he could sneak off to, but his brother knew all the places he could hide in.

Shen Muan was unwilling to give up, but his brother knew all his friends, there was nowhere to hide.

He knew that sooner or later he would be discovered, but he didn’t expect that this day would come so soon. Shen Muan had long forgotten what plan he had prepared before was.

When Shen Fangqi saw that Shen Muan still hadn’t responded, he had a general idea of what his brother was thinking in his heart.

He checked, Shen Muan was awarded the Good Citizen Award when he was studying in university in another province.

That period was the most difficult time he had lived in.

At that time, Shen Fangqi took over a very important case and was too busy. It was normal for him not to go home for a week. Almost all the team members lived in the Public Security Bureau.

He rarely had the chance to contact Shen Muan, he had to hang up after only two or three sentences each time he made a call.

Just as Shen Fangqi who only reported happy news to Shen Muan but not his sorrows, Shen Muan did so as well. He never told Shen Fangqi about things that he could solve by himself.

Shen Fangqi liked his profession as police, Shen Muan couldn’t be clearer on this. It was his brother’s dream since he was a child.

So when he received those threats, Shen Muan’s first thought was not to tell Shen Fangqi. He knew that Shen Fangqi was very busy. He didn’t want his brother to worry about him and the future. They both knew from the beginning that Shen Fangqi’s work would be full of dangers.

Shen Muan believed that even if his brother knew, he will make the right decision and will not be easily threatened.

But Shen Muan didn’t dare to bet that his brother wouldn’t be even slightly affected once he knew about it.

Even if it could only cause him a little hesitation, it might still end up hurting his brother.

This was the result that Shen Muan didn’t want to see, so he chose to solve what he could by himself. If he couldn’t do it, he would ask Shen Fangqi for help.

Fortunately, no problem came to him that could not be solved. With the cooperation of Shen Muan and the police, many small local forces were destroyed at that time.

Shen Fangqi expressionlessly found all the information and case records in the police station about Shen Muan and looked at them one by one.

A colleague from the other province who helped him check the information knew a little bit about this issue. Fearing that Shen Fangqi and his brother would have a conflict, he tried to persuade him with a few words: “Your brother was only worried about you, you guys should have a good talk, don’t get angry.”

Shen Fangqi hummed a reply and hung up the phone.

He hasn’t gotten off work yet, when he gets home in the evening, he will have a good talk with Shen Muan.

But Shen Muan didn’t want to talk to his brother at all. He thought about how to slip away so that he could hide for a while. He hasn’t figured it out yet on how he could explain to his brother.

When Shen Muan received a message from his brother saying that they would talk about it at night, he more so wanted to run away.

But where can he run?

Shen Muan hugged a pillow and leaned against the bed with his head down, feeling conflicted.

Maybe he should have a good talk with his brother?

But remembering the consequences of being discovered hiding things he wasn’t supposed to when he was a kid. Shen Muan felt dumbfounded. He has been an adult for so long, he doesn’t want to be chased by his brother for ten streets anymore.

Shen Muan felt that he should first find a place to hide, and talk to his brother after he calmed down a bit.

But it seems he really couldn’t think of anywhere he could go…

Shen Muan’s eyes flickered constantly and finally landed on the two concert tickets on the table.

Maybe he can ask Chu Yi for help?

Shen Muan asked with a try-it-out attitude and got a good reply. Shen Muan breathed a sigh of relief. It’s not that he didn’t want to find a hotel outside to stay in, but he needed to present his ID card to book a room. As long as Shen Fangqi checked, he would be caught in minutes. It’s more dangerous than going to a friend’s house.

Shen Muan slipped away. He didn’t bring anything, only his cell phone and keys. He didn’t even get his ID card.

In this way, it didn’t look like he was sneaking away. It will be fine, he will just send another message to his brother in the evening.

Shen Muan called a taxi, and after almost 20 minutes he arrived at the place he and Chu Yi had agreed on.

The place where Shen Muan lived was relatively close to this place, so when he arrived, Chu Yi hadn’t come yet. Shen Muan bought an ice cream and sat under the shade of a tree and ate while waiting.

“Meow~” A kitty with a dark body, white abdomen, and white gloves[1]The kitten will be regarded as for the rest of the chapter[2]its paws should have white fur, so it looks like it was wearing white gloves, sprang out from nowhere. It neared Shen Muan and sniffed him.

“Do you want to eat ice cream?” Shen Muan reached out and touched White Glove. White Gloves purred twice. Its eyes kept looking at Shen Muan and then meowed a few times as if to answer Shen Muan.

Shen Muan touched its head, found a disposable cup, and gave some to the little guy.

White Gloves ate happily right away, the long tail swept continuously behind him, it didn’t stop for a while. Seeing this beautiful little kitten, Shen Muan liked it very much.

After the kitty finished eating the ice cream in the cup, she stared at the ice cream in Shen Muan’s hand. Shen Mu’an quickly finished eating in a few bites and spread his hands: “No more, kittens can’t eat too much ice cream.”

“Meow! Meow~” The little kitty grabbed Shen Muan’s hand with its paws. It was very careful and didn’t take out its claws, just using the meat pad. After a while, the kitten continued milk-stepping.[3]During nursing, a kitten will knead the area around its mother’s teat to promote the flow of milk. A cat supposedly will knead when it’s feeling happy or content because it associates the … Continue reading

A little girl who also seemed to be waiting for someone sat next to Shen Muan, she looked a bit taken aback.

“Handsome brother, do you often come to feed it?” the little girl asked curiously. This was the first time she has seen a stray cat milk-stepping.

This surprised Shen Muan. He knew his affinity for animals was a bit high, but it was his first time seeing this kitten.

“No, it’s the first time I’ve seen this cat.” Shen Muan shook his head and carefully touched the belly of white glove. This little guy turned over boldly and allowed Shen Muan to pet it all over.

Upon hearing this, the little girl was a little jealous and wanted to come up and touch it, but white gloves hid away. The little girl stared dumbfounded. No, it was also their first time seeing each other. Why can this guy touch but she can’t?

The little girl’s mouth curved down, she was a little hurt.

Shen Muan quickly explained: “Stray cats are very vigilant. I’ve had good animal relations since I was a child, so they might like me more.”

The little girl didn’t feel comforted, she felt more heartbroken. She belongs to the kind of people who makes cats and dogs detour when they meet. But she liked animals very much. They have a cat in the house but the cat ignores her all day long. Originally when she saw this brother easily pick up a stray cat, she thought that this white glove would be easygoing. Unexpectedly, this brother’s physique was opposite to hers.

It’s so heartbreaking.

Shen Muan wanted to comfort the little girl with his words but she instead became more aggrieved and a little confused.

At this moment, his gaze fell on the white glove.

Shen Muan leaned to the ear of the white glove and said softly: “Can you go to that young lady and let her touch you? I’ll buy you canned kitty food later.”

“Meow~” White glove did not move, it faced Shen Muan kept meowing, seeming to dislike him for only offering a can.

“Then two cans?” Shen Muan stretched out two fingers, are the little cats so smart now? They have learned to bargain.

For the two canned kitty food and the person who smelled very good, White Glove reluctantly walked to the little girl, and condescendingly touched her with his paw.

In the next second, the little girl held white glove in her arms, extremely excited.

This is the first time a cat actively approached her!

“You are too cute! Go home with me!” After the little girl said this, white gloves in her arms struggled hard, it ran out of her arms, hid behind Shen Muan, and watched the human vigilantly.

Shen Muan stretched out his hands to hug white gloves in his arms and smiled apologetically to the little girl.

At this time, the white glove in Shen Muan’s hand suddenly became impatient, it desperately drilled into Shen Muan’s arms, with its paws resting on Shen Muan’s clothes.

Shen Muan hugged the cat and comforted it softly, but it became more frightened, its cry became worse, frightening the little girl next to it.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Shen Muan held white gloves and kept stroking its back. Shen Muan’s soothing was useful, white gloves slowly calmed down. It buried his head in Shen Muan’s arms, and his two paws held his clothes tightly.

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1 The kitten will be regarded as for the rest of the chapter
2 its paws should have white fur, so it looks like it was wearing white gloves
3 During nursing, a kitten will knead the area around its mother’s teat to promote the flow of milk. A cat supposedly will knead when it’s feeling happy or content because it associates the motion with the comforts of nursing and its mother. Source: google

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