Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27 – Three in One (1)

“I’ll take you back.” Chu Yi said to Shen Muan who was in the passenger seat.

“Thank you, I disturbed you today.” Shen Muan wanted to laugh but found that he couldn’t do it.

Chu Yi’s car drove slowly as if he was afraid of disturbing Shen Muan who continued to look out the window. Chu Yi didn’t know what he was thinking about.

The traffic policeman behind their car rode his motorcycle next to them: “Please drive at the normal speed.” The speed was so slow it could easily cause a traffic jam.

“Sorry.” Chu Yi nodded, stepped on the accelerator, and drove at a normal speed.

He glanced at Shen Muan from the corner of his eyes and found that the other party was smiling.

Not a fake smile, but a real one.

Chu Yi thought about the speed he was just driving at, and couldn’t help but laugh. The original heavy atmosphere became lighter just because of this little thing.

Although the two people stayed silent the whole way, the atmosphere felt very harmonious.

Soon they arrived at the community where Shen Muan lived. After mulling over his thoughts for a few more minutes, he thanked Chu Yi and got out of the car.

“By the way, Mr. Chu, are you going to the concert tomorrow?” Shen Muan suddenly asked after getting off the car.

“The ticket you gave last time, I still have one more.”

Chu Yi looked at the young man through the car window, he smiled and said: “Ah, that’s right, I already sent all the tickets out, then I realized that I forgot to keep one for myself.”

“Then let’s go together tomorrow.” Shen Muan smiled softly, it seems that because of Chu Yi’s company, he didn’t feel as flustered as before.

“Okay, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” Chu Yi agreed without hesitation.

Shen Muan nodded as he smiled, and then went back.

When Shen Muan returned home, he first took a shower and sat on the sofa.

The TV was turned on and an old idol drama was playing, but Shen Muan just stared at the table in a daze.

The show didn’t enter his ears. He just wanted some voices to sound around him.

It was six o’clock when Shen Fangqi came back from work. He carried a packed meal and put it on the table. Shen Muan still sat in front of the TV, motionless.

“Eat.” Shen Fang said.

Shen Muan obediently walked to the dining table and took the box of fast food that Shen Fangqi handed over.

The two of them ate seriously, with only silence in the air.

Shen Muan wasn’t in the mood to eat, he couldn’t even drink water.

He put down his chopsticks without eating much, he raised his head and leaned towards his brother in a daze.

After a long time, Shen Muan said, “I’m sorry.”

Shen Fangqi’s hand holding the chopsticks shook, he didn’t shake with a gun as much as he did today.

“You shouldn’t have kept it from me.” Shen Fangqi’s voice was low and deep. He looked at Shen Muan’s eyes, “You promised me that you will not hide anything from me.”

“…” Shen Muan did not speak. He had promised Shen Fangqi to tell him everything, it was his fault.

“I have never been afraid of those people.” Shen Fangqi said very firmly, “My belief will not change because of anyone.”

“But I’m afraid you will get hurt.”

“I know.” Shen Muan took a deep breath. Looking directly into his brother’s eyes, “But I can solve it by myself.”

“Then you should still tell me!” Shen Fangqi’s voice became louder involuntarily.

“How many times did you come back home during that time?” Shen Muan asked, “You were so busy that you didn’t even have time to eat. At that time, there was no meaning in telling you other than making you worry.”

Although Shen Fangqi didn’t tell Shen Muan what he was doing at the time, Shen Muan could perceive it. The time of the call, the tired tone, and the occasional messages sent late at night.

All this told Shen Muan that his brother had encountered troublesome things.

At the same period, he received threats, intimidation, and revenge. How could he add chaos to Shen Fangqi at this time?

“I can declare that I will protect you.” Shen Fangqi said. He wasn’t afraid of any threats, but he is afraid that Shen Muan will be hurt in a place where he can’t see it.

Shen Muan refused to accept this reasoning, “I am not alone, I sought the help of the police.”

“I’ve learned a lot, and I have learned to protect myself so that I don’t hold you back.”

“I want you to arrest criminals without any worries. I want you to deal with cases without being distracted by anything.”

Shen Muan said all this word by word, “Every time I see you find justice for those victims, I feel very proud. You love your job, and you have your own justice.”

“Then how do you know that I would be distracted?” Shen Fangqi stood up, his hands on the table, staring at Shen Muan, “Do you know how I’m feeling now?”

“I feel I am very useless.” Shen Fangqi said, “If I can’t even protect you, how can I protect the people.”

“Then why can’t I protect you?” Shen Muan said, tears welling from his eyes.

Shen Fangqi’s voice was a little hoarse, but he was very firm: “I’m your older brother!”

“Who declared that the older brother must protect the younger brother?” Shen Muan stared straight at Shen Fangqi’s eyes and asked, “Who determined that?”

“I am a policeman.” Shen Fangqi did not answer Shen Muan’s question, but stated a fact, “I am a policeman.”

“So should you take care of everything alone? Should I hide behind you like when I was a kid?”

“Shen Fangqi, sober up, I am not a child anymore. I can protect myself, and I can also protect you. Do you think I don’t know what’s in your heart?”

Shen Muan almost couldn’t control his emotions. He clutched the table tightly: “I promised to tell you everything. Didn’t you promise me the same thing? But every time you got hurt, did you tell me? Did you think I wouldn’t know?”

“You lived in the hospital for a month and didn’t mention it to me.”

“Every time you got injured, you would only say it’s a small injury.”

“Do you think I don’t know about the big cases you dealt with in those few years?

“How can you expect me to tell you anything in this situation?” Shen Muan didn’t want to speak anymore.

Shen Fangqi thought he had kept it well, but as a brother who grew up with him, how could he not notice it?

“I did hide some things from you, but I didn’t let myself get hurt, nor did I solve it blindly. Can’t you trust me more?” Shen Muan calmed down and told his brother.

Shen Fangqi was stunned. He didn’t rush to answer Shen Muan’s question, but asked another question: “You put a spy by my side?” He thought he had concealed all these things very well, so how did Shen Muan know all of it?

“The doctor called me as soon as you went to the hospital, and a friend of mine reported some news about you.” Shen Muan became angrier as he thought about it. It was his brother who was hiding a lot of things from him. Now, the situation seems to be the other way round.

Shen Fangqi recalled that Shen Muan’s friend was not that old.

“My classmate’s father.” Shen Muan wiped off the still wet corners of his eyes, why was he crying? He felt weak from the momentum of his outburst.

Shen Muan looked at other places, not willing to look at Shen Fangqi.

“I’m sorry I worried you.” Shen Fangqi stretched out his hand and hugged Shen Muan’s arms, “I know you are worried about me, and I am also worried about you. This matter, will you let it go?”

“I won’t keep anything from you anymore.”

“So, don’t keep it from me either.”

Shen Fangqi’s voice was very soft, and he rarely spoke so softly.

“Okay.” Shen Muan rubbed all the tears off his face on Shen Fangqi’s clothes very rudely, as revenge. (TL Note: Ahhhh—— I’m crying these two are so touching wuwuwu)

“Then don’t be angry anymore.” Shen Fangqi touched Shen Muan’s messy hair, “I believe you can protect yourself, so, starting tomorrow, let’s get up and exercise together so that I can be more at ease.”

“······” Shen Muan silently moved his feet, and then stepped on Shen Fangqi hard, “No, I think my exercise is enough.”

After all, playing with children is also a physical task. Even in kindergarten, the number of exercise steps per day reached 10,000+.

“Why don’t I give you another lesson?” Shen Fangqi seemed to not feel Shen Muan stepping on him. He was wearing special boots, no matter how hard Shen Muan tried, it was useless.

“If you have nothing to do, go back to the police station.” Shen Muan pushed his brother away disgustingly, “I have something to do. I have no time to talk to you.”

Shen Fangqi touched Shen Muan’s hair and was directly patted away. Shen Muan was like a cat with fried hair, it’s aggressive, but it’s actually very easy to calm down.

But this time, Shen Muan was not so comfortable. He didn’t bother to pay attention to Shen Fangqi. He sat on the sofa and hugged a pillow. It looked like he was watching TV intently, but he was still angry.

At first, it was Shen Fanqi who was supposed to be angry, but in the end, it turned out that the younger brother would be the one who was left angry.

In fact, if they counted it, Shen Fangqi was the one hiding a lot of things from Shen Muan. In this case, it would only be Shen Fangqi’s loss to continue arguing.

They both cared about each other and loved each other, but the methods were different.

“Why don’t I change my shift to accompany you to the concert tomorrow?” Shen Fangqi leaned over to his brother.

Shen Muan moved aside: “You told me you couldn’t before, so I have made an appointment, and there is no ticket left.”



Shen Fangqi doubted whether Shen Muan was fooling him.

“I made an appointment with Chu Yi. He sent out all his tickets and forgot to keep one for himself. Since you said you won’t go, I would be left with just one more ticket here.” Shen Muan replied.

Shen Fangqi was very suspicious of Chu Yi’s excuses. Does this guy…have any other purpose?

According to his observations, Shen Fangqi’s suspicion should be correct.

As soon as Chu Yi got home, he gave the remaining concert tickets to his assistant and then went to choose an outfit he would wear to the concert tomorrow.

Chu Siyuan watched his uncle not come out of the cloakroom for a long time, he curiously leaned over and asked, “Uncle, what are you doing?”

“Choosing clothes for the concert tomorrow.” Chu Yi looked at the dozens of clothes, ties, and other accessories, his face was full of hesitation.

“With whom?” Chu Siyuan asked.

“Mr. An An.” As soon as Chu Yi’s words fell, Chu Siyuan jumped up excitedly and ran to find the old butler.

“Grandpa butler! I also want to choose clothes!”

“No one said I will take you there!” Chu Yi said ruthlessly as he walked out and looked at the excited Chu Siyuan.

Chu Siyuan seemed to have not heard Chu Yi’s words, and happily followed the old butler to choose clothes for himself. As for not taking him, it was impossible.

Chu Siyuan thought, even if he has to leave alone, he must follow!

Early the next morning.

Before dawn, the quilt on the bed suddenly bulged.

Chu Siyuan was lying on the bed in a very strange posture, his butt cocked high, he squinted for a while without feeling tired.

After a few minutes, he slowly crawled to the side of the bed, and accidentally slipped directly from the side of the bed to the ground. Fortunately, the floors below are covered with carpets, otherwise, it would be painful for a while.

Chu Siyuan was a little dazed, he sat on the ground for a while.

Within a few minutes, someone came in and picked up Chu Siyuan.

“Grandpa butler is early.” Chu Siyuan fell into his arms and yawned, his big eyes were covered with a layer of mist, he didn’t seem to have woken up yet.

“Why did the young master get up so early today?” The housekeeper’s grandfather held the child and took him to wash up. “Breakfast is still not ready.”

“Today…I want to go to the concert with Teacher An An!” Chu Siyuan called out a little bit. Even with little energy, he still remembered what he said yesterday.

It was in Chu Siyuan’s memory, but Chu Yi never agreed to take Chu Siyuan with him.

In order not to be left behind by Chu Yi, Chu Siyuan specifically got up early, not allowing his uncle to sneak away by himself.

Grandpa butler shook his head and found it funny, the concert time was seven o’clock in the evening, and it was currently five o’clock in the morning.

“Young master, let’s go to bed for a while, it’s still early.” Grandpa butler persuaded, “You get up so early, what will you do if you fall asleep at the concert?”

“No.” Chu Siyuan promised. Said, “I’m in good spirits!”

“I will definitely not fall asleep at the concert.”

Seeing that it was useless to persuade him, Grandpa butler gave up. He put on the clothes he chose yesterday for Chu Siyuan and held his hands as they went downstairs.

Chu Siyuan sat on the sofa and played with the iPad obediently. His short legs wanted to rise like an adult, but it might be a bit difficult for him.

When Chu Yi went downstairs, Chu Siyuan had finished his breakfast, the little guy was holding a mirror and pulling at his hair. If you didn’t know anything, you would think he was going out on a date today.

“I didn’t say I’d take you there.” Chu Yi dropped a word when passing by Chu Siyuan.

Chu Siyuan blinked his eyes, tears rolling down, he grievingly called his grandfather, crying, and said that his uncle would not take him to go out.

The crying pierced their ears it clearly sounded heartbroken.

Grandpa Chu and Grandma Chu hurriedly comforted their little grandson and assured him that Chu Yi would take him wherever he would go today, which coaxed Chu Siyuan.

After coaxing Chu Siyuan, Grandpa Chu made a call to Chu Yi.

“What’s the matter with you?” Grandpa Chu asked angrily, “Isn’t it okay for him to hang out with you?”

“Wherever you’re going today, take him with you!” Grandpa Chu didn’t care about what he thought. It was an order.

If Chu Yi was an obedient person, he would not be Chu Yi.


Grandpa Chu tried to not get angry with his son: “You have to take him today, and your mom said the same.” He knew his son’s temper, so he could only pull out the banner of his wife.

Although Chu Yi didn’t deal with his dad very well, he still respected his mother. Under normal circumstances, he would agree to his mother’s request as long as it was reasonable.

But this time, Chu also had no intention of agreeing at all.

“It’s useless to talk mother into this. I’m going on a date tonight. Why do I need to bring a light bulb?” Chu Yi was sitting at the table with a bowl of seafood porridge in front of him. He didn’t like to eat anything else in the morning, but he was okay with drinking a bit of porridge.

This is a habit that Chu Yi developed when he was with his grandfather.

“Man or woman?” Grandpa Chu immediately became vigilant and warned his son, “I tell you, don’t mess around outside. If you want to talk, just talk. If you act like that kid from the Wang family, I will kick you out with no hesitation.”

“You are not allowed to learn from the Chen family, or engage in support agreements or something.” Grandpa Chu told his son that he has lived for so long and there wasn’t anything he hasn’t seen before. Regarding other family matters, if his son dared to mess around, he would be the first to stand up and break his leg.

“Man. I’m not them.” Chu Yi took a sip of porridge, and his dry throat felt a little more comfortable. “I’m not sure yet. If I’m sure, I will chase the person.”

“Okay, then I will go and persuade my little grandson.” Grandpa Chu immediately gave up playing his son and turned around to persuade his little grandson.

His little grandson was the same as Chu Yi in stubbornness. No matter what Grandpa Chu said, Chu Siyuan refused to agree and insisted on following.

“Why do you have to go?” Grandpa Chu couldn’t figure it out. It was obvious that Chu Siyuan didn’t like his little son very much before, so why did he become so sticky to him?

“I want to be with Teacher An An.” Chu Siyuan cried aggrievedly as he said.

Grandpa Chu’s mind turned and asked tentatively: “The person your uncle is going to date today is your kindergarten teacher?”

“It’s me who is dating Teacher An An. Uncle can only stay with him .” Chu Siyuan didn’t understand what his Grandpa was saying but he still immediately said that he was the one dating Teacher An An.

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