Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27 – Three in One (2)

Grandpa Chu felt curiosity rise from the bottom of his heart. He coaxed Chu Siyuan and learned a lot about Shen Muan from his mouth.

From the description of his little grandson, the teacher was quite good. Grandpa Chu nodded in satisfaction. He didn’t expect his son to be reliable with this.

Grandpa Chu coaxed his grandson again and happily went to his wife to share this matter.

Chu Siyuan was stunned by his grandfather, he waited for a long time before he snapped out of his daze. He then went to his uncle, held his thigh tightly, and refused to let go.

Today, regardless of whatever his uncle said, he will definitely go with him.

“I just want to go.” Chu Siyuan directly hugged Chu Yi’s leg with no shame.

“I have no more tickets.” Chu Yi looked at Chu Siyuan holding his thigh and refusing to let go. He told him a cruel fact.

Chu Siyuan thought this was incredulous: “Don’t you have a lot of those?”

“All of them were given away, I didn’t even leave one for myself.” Chu Yi answered.

“Then how will you go to the concert with Teacher An An?” Chu Siyuan asked, how can they go without a ticket?

“His brother is not going, so he made an appointment to go with me instead.” Chu Yi tore Chu Siyuan from his legs and asked him to stand beside him.

Chu Siyuan felt aggrieved, he wanted to call Teacher An An and ask why he didn’t ask him instead of his uncle. Picking up the phone, Chu Siyuan found that he didn’t remember Teacher An’s phone number.

But if he went to find his uncle now to ask him, he will definitely not tell him Teacher An’s phone number.

Chu Siyuan sat on the carpet and thought for a while. He remembered that Teacher An An said that if he encountered difficulties, he could ask the police uncle for help, and he also remembered that Teacher An An’s brother was a policeman.

Chu Siyuan picked up the phone and dialed 110.

The policeman was a young lady: “Hello, this is the Zijing City 110 Emergency Center, do you need any help?”

“Hey, Sister wuwuwu[1]crying sounds in Chinese, I’m looking for my teacher.” Chu Siyuan said with tears in his eyes.

“Huh?” The policeman was taken aback for a moment. “Where are you, kid?”

“Where is your guardian?”

“No…” Chu Siyuan was a little tired from crying, he calmed down and continued slowly, “They… they went out without taking me. I want to find Teacher An An.”

“Mr. An An?” The police officer felt very familiar when he heard this name, so she asked, “Is it Teacher An An from Chuntian Huahua Kindergarten?”

“Yes!” Chu Siyuan replied immediately.

The police lady summarized: “So there is no one at home with you. And now you want to find Teacher An An? Kid, can you tell me the address of your home?” The police lady picked up her mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Shen Muan. What should she say? This was a coincidence. The children of her family studied in Chuntian Huahua Kindergarten, and they were also taught by Shen Muan.

“Little friend, what’s your name?”

“Chu Siyuan.”

“Okay, let me contact him, don’t cry, okay? Do you remember the phone number of your family?” The police lady asked again.

“I don’t remember.” Chu Siyuan stopped crying when he heard the sister ask for the contact of his family.

When Shen Muan received the news from the police, he was still thinking about what was going on, he didn’t expect Chu Siyuan to call the police just to find him?

Moreover, the other party said that there was no one at home with him, Shen Muan was so scared that he immediately called Chu Yi.

Chu Yi was very happy when he received Shen Muan’s call: “Hey, Teacher Shen.”

“Mr. Chu, are you at home now?” Shen Muan asked bluntly.

“At home.” Chu Yi seemed to realize something.

Hearing Chu Yi say that he was at home, Shen Muan instantly felt relieved: “Siyuan called the police to find me, saying that there is no one at home, so please go and take a look at him.”

Hearing what Shen Muan said, a trace of fury appeared on Chu Yi’s face. His smile disappeared in an instant, he took the phone and went to see Chu Siyuan.

Chu Siyuan was still talking to the police officer, he didn’t feel the danger approaching at all.

Chu Yi took the phone and apologized to the police officer. The police officer hung up the phone when he found that someone was at home.

As soon as the phone hung up, Chu Yi’s eyes fell on Chu Siyuan.

He must give Chu Siyuan an unforgettable childhood memory[2]is someone going to get spanked ai~ today… Shen Muan listened to Chu Siyuan’s cry on the mobile phone. Although a little distressed, he did not stop him.

“Why did you call 110?” Chu Yi carried him to the sofa, hitting his butt twice, he then forced Chu Siyuan to look into his eyes.

“Teacher An An said that you can call 110 if you have difficulties and you need help.” Chu Siyuan was a little frightened by Chu Yi. He stepped back but was blocked.

“Teacher An An said that you can call only when you have difficulties and need help. Then why did you call it?” Chu Yi asked, “There is someone at home. If you want to find Teacher An An, you can tell me and I can help call for you. There is no need to call 110 for such things.”

“I…” Chu Siyuan was speechless, he didn’t know how to say it, so he could only cry.

“It’s useless to cry.” Chu Yi would not give in to Chu Siyuan crying.

Shen Muan kept listening. He heard Chu Yi’s voice getting louder and louder, so he shouted to the mobile phone loudly: “Chu Yi, put me on speaker, let me talk to Siyuan.”

Chu Yi did what he was told with a cold face. After turning on the speaker, he placed the phone in front of Chu Siyuan.

“Siyuan, stop crying.” Shen Muan tried to comfort Chu Siyuan through the phone, “You wipe your tears dry and listen to the teacher, OK?”

“···Yes···” Chu Siyuan narrowed his mouth and used his sleeves to wipe away the tears and snot on his face, he kept twitching trying to calm himself down.

“Why is Siyuan looking for the teacher?” Shen Muan didn’t rush to preach to Chu Siyuan, but first asked the cause of his call.

“I… I want to go to the concert with Teacher An An, but uncle won’t let me.” Chu Siyuan stopped crying, his eyes were red and his breath was uneven.

After crying so loudly, Shen Muan was a little bit afraid that Chu Siyuan would cry until he ran out of oxygen.

Hearing his current voice, Shen Muan was relieved.

“…” Chu Yi kept silent. When he found out that Chu Siyuan dialed 110 to look for Shen Muan, he already guessed why he did it. But he didn’t expect Chu Siyuan to make this move in order to follow them.

“Oh, so that’s why.” Shen Muan roughly understood, “Then did you properly ask your uncle? Or did you just declare to him that you wanted to go, expecting him to directly agree with you?”

Chu Siyuan recalled for a while, he indeed didn’t specifically say anything. He really didn’t tell his uncle properly, he only said he wanted to follow him.

When Chu Siyuan didn’t speak, Shen Muan understood.

“If you have something to say, you can’t just throw a tantrum and you also can’t lie. 110 is not used when you can’t win a fight, you should call based on the situation, if you really need help.” Shen Muan said, “You can’t just play casually. Because there are people who really need help, they may not be able to get in the call because you are busy delaying the police.”

Chu Siyuan clasped his hands together, he nodded, and remembered that Teacher An An wasn’t here so he said: “I see, Teacher An An I’m sorry.”

“You should apologize to your uncle.” Shen Muan didn’t feel that Chu Siyuan needed to apologize to him. In his next lectures, he had to explain to the children carefully, make sure that the children will not call the police based on their whims.

“Uncle I’m sorry.” Chu Siyuan apologized pitifully.

“It’s fine if you know you are wrong.” Chu Yi stuffed Chu Siyuan with two pieces of paper, “Wipe your face.”

While wiping his face, Chu Siyuan didn’t forget to ask Chu Yi: “Uncle, Can I talk to you? Shall we go together to the concert?”

Although Chu Yi didn’t want to agree, he could only nod his head while looking at the phone who was still on a call.

Seeing that Chu Yi agreed, Chu Siyuan immediately became excited. He took his cell phone and said to Teacher An An, “Teacher An An! Uncle agreed! Let’s go to dinner later, OK?”

“It’s still early, and the concert is at night.” Shen Muan glanced at the time, a little dumbfounded.

“But I miss Teacher An An.” Chu Siyuan whispered.

“I also miss Siyuan, but it’s too early right now.” Shen Muan was still on his bed at this time. If it weren’t for Chu Siyuan, he should still be lying down. It really was too early, he didn’t want to go out yet.

Chu Siyuan lowered his head in frustration: “Well…”

Shen Muan softened a little when he heard Chu Siyuan’s disappointed voice: “Why don’t you ask Uncle, let’s eat together at noon and then take you to play in the afternoon?”

“Okay!” Chu Siyuan’s eyes lit up and he looked at his uncle expectantly.

“Then you have to promise, you are not allowed to do this kind of thing in the future.” Chu Yi did not rush to agree. Although he wanted to have lunch with Shen Muan, there was a small bean in the middle. The probability of him having a good day with Shen Muan went down.

Chu Siyuan nodded, he followed the TV show he recently watched and stretched out three fingers, vowing to say: “I swear!”

With this assurance from Chu Siyuan, Chu Yi agreed.

Then Chu Siyuan excitedly told Shen Muan where he wanted to go.

Chu Yi poured him a glass of water, Chu Siyuan was so thirsty, he drank it all at once. He got another cup, and Chu Siyuan drank it again in one breath. Chu Siyuan drank three consecutive cups before stopping.

The troublesome uncle pressed his nephew’s swollen belly, Chu Siyuan almost spit out all the water he drank.

“You draw the picture again, the one in the picture is thinner.” Chu Yi said suddenly, looking at the current Chu Siyuan.

Shen Muan naturally knew that he was referring to the painting, and smiled, “Has Siyuan become a small ball?”

“No!” Chu Siyuan shook his head quickly, he was not like a small ball at all, “Zhizhi is the one like a small ball.”

“It’s indeed like a small ball.” Shen Muan thought of the little belly that Zhizhi had when he returned that day. He didn’t know how he ate at home, and it didn’t feel like he had eaten a lot. But it was still soft and fleshy.

Chu Siyuan was very happy that someone agreed with him. He forgot he drank a lot of water, when he patted his stomach, he almost vomited out again.

“Well, Siyuan should take a rest first, shall we see each other at noon?” Shen Muan asked.

Although Chu Siyuan didn’t want to hang up, he still listened to Teacher An An’s words obediently.

After dealing with Chu Siyuan’s affairs, Shen Muan relaxed, letting himself fall on the soft bed. Shen Muan rolled on the quilt twice, his sleepiness surging up. He blinked, unable to hold it, and fell asleep for a while.

When the alarm clock went off, Shen Muan got up from the bed, washed, changed clothes, and went out. The sun wasn’t that bright today. Shen Muan waited for a while at the gate of the community and saw Chu Yi’s car.

Before the car even stopped, Chu Siyuan couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to greet Shen Muan.

Shen Muan’s eyelids jumped up and down, the children didn’t understand anything, he should teach them little by little.

The car stopped in front of Shen Muan. Because Chu Siyuan was here, Shen Muan sat in the back seat.

Chu Siyuan threw himself into Teacher An An’s arms with excitement. If he didn’t see Chu Siyuan’s eyes and nose were still red, he wouldn’t be able to tell that Chu Siyuan was crying so sad today.

With Teacher An An, Chu Siyuan was so excited that he kept talking, he didn’t give Chu Yi a chance to interrupt.

In the whole car ride, only Chu Siyuan chattered non-stop.

Shen Muan was used to it, and he listened patiently to Chu Siyuan’s words. The more he acted like this, the more Siyuan talked. After a while, he automatically told Shen Muan all the things that had happened at home.

In fact, Shen Muan didn’t want to listen to these things, but there were always children who pulled at him to share things at home.

They even tell the teacher about things like a family member shaving their legs.

The teachers felt very helpless and didn’t want to listen to these kinds of details, but the children wanted to say it, they even explained it thoroughly.

Some children even asked: “Teacher, do you want me, if you want, I can give you mom and dad.” At this time, the teacher can only refuse with an awkward smile.

But it was the first time Shen Muan saw a child say there was no family member at home in front of their own family member.

Chu Yi seemed to not hear what Chu Siyuan said. He had already booked the restaurant, he wanted to drive over, and directly eat without waiting.

Shen Muan thought that Chu Siyuan would let him go when eating, but he never expected that Chu Siyuan would continue to talk even while eating. Chu Siyuan didn’t want to leave Teacher An An’s side, he wanted to lie in his arms and whisper to him.

Chu Yi tried to save Shen Muan, but Chu Siyuan ignored his uncle and stuck to Shen Muan. This is one of the reasons why Chu Yi didn’t want to bring Chu Siyuan with him.

Chu Yi admired Shen Muan for being so patient.

If it were him, he estimated that he wouldn’t be able to hold on for this long. He would already want to throw this little kid somewhere.

After dinner, the three of them roamed around the vicinity, Chu Siyuan walked in between them, one hand holding an adult, not forgetting what his teacher told him: “Do not let go, you cannot get lost.”

He didn’t let go no matter how far they got, Chu Siyuan was practically hugging Shen Muan.

Of course, Chu Yi wouldn’t let Chu Siyuan continue hugging Shen Muan, he picked up the little cub and held him in his arms. As a result, within five minutes, Chu Siyuan fell asleep.

He slept very deeply.

“He cried several times today, and is probably too tired.” Chu Yi said twice with a loud voice, Chu Siyuan still slept through this.

“Should we send him home?” Shen Muan poked Chu Siyuan’s cheek with his finger, it was really soft.

“If we send him back, he will just cry again when he wakes up, I have no problem holding him.” Chu Yi didn’t need to think much, he knew how Chu Siyuan would react.

When Chu Siyuan woke up, the concert was already over.

It was dark, Chu Siyuan shrank into his uncle’s arms and asked in a low voice: “Teacher An An, has the concert begun?”

“It’s over.” Shen Muan replied with a smile.

Chu Siyuan was stunned, like a wooden person. He tried to endure it but couldn’t help crying, “Uncle, why didn’t you wake me!”

Chu Yi: ???

He had yelled at him many times before the concert started, but Chu Siyuan slept very deeply, he couldn’t wake him up with all his yelling.

At this moment, Shen Muan’s cell phone rang suddenly.

It was a message from a colleague in the kindergarten: The principal of the kindergarten was back!

The author has something to say: They (Chu uncle and nephew) have been quarreling in my mind since yesterday. orz even in my dreams the two quarreled.

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1 crying sounds in Chinese
2 is someone going to get spanked ai~
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