Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – New Children

Early in the morning, Shen Fangqi got back from his run with a soaked towel and sweat all over his body. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Shen Muan.

Shen Fangqi was startled, closing and opening the door again. Ah, why did his brother get up so early today?

Shen Muan looked at Shen Fangqi expressionlessly: “Do you have any comments on me getting up early?”

“No.” Shen Fangqi shook his head, “I haven’t made breakfast yet.”

“I’ve made it.” Shen Muan took two sets of breakfast from the kitchen. There were fried eggs and ham, and two glasses of milk were already placed on the table.

Sure enough, he felt that something was wrong… Shen Fangqi went to the bathroom filled with suspicion. While taking a bath, he wondered why Shen Muan’s behavior was so abnormal today.

Could it be that the head of the kindergarten is back?

If this was the case, then his brother’s behavior today could be explained.

When Shen Fangqi came out of the bathroom, Shen Muan had finished breakfast and was about to leave.

“…Be nicer to the principal.” Shen Fangqi couldn’t help but say as he looked at Shen Muan’s departing back, although it seemed like he said it for nothing.

Shen Muan arrived at the kindergarten very early. After putting down his stuff, he stood by the gate of the kindergarten.

Shen Muan knew that the principal would never enter through the front gate if he saw him, so he hid at the corner of the gate. He could still see the outside, but he ensured that the principal could not see him.

Before long, an energetic old man rode on his bicycle, he greeted everyone he saw on the way and finally stopped at the entrance of the kindergarten.

“Principal, you’re quite early today.” The security guard greeted the old man cheerfully.

“Morning.” The principal greeted him back, looked at his kindergarten, and nodded very satisfied. He then put away his bicycle.

The principal pushed his bicycle forward, then suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Principal, good morning.” Shen Muan looked at the director with a smile, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” 

The director wanted to run, he didn’t even want to turn his head to check who it was. Shen Muan didn’t know what he was thinking, but he still grabbed the principal’s clothes. “Principal, it’s great you came early. We can finally have a good talk.”

“The last thing was just an accident.” The principal found that he couldn’t run, so he vowed to Shen Muan, “I will talk to you about the correct information this time, so you can properly greet them.”

“This time?” Shen Muan noticed what the principal was implying. “Wait, is there a new kid coming?”

“Yes, it’s a pretty little girl.” The principal glanced at the time on his watch, “They will be here in about an hour, remember to welcome them!”

“…” Shen Muan felt a headache, “Can’t you tell me in advance? Last time it was a temporary notice. Then, this time…” He didn’t know how to complain anymore.

The principal waved his hand, and said casually: “You have to be considerate of the elderly, it’s  always easy to forget things when you’re old.”

Shen Muan laughed when he heard this, and he reminded the principal: “Didn’t you organize a mountain climbing event last time? Who was the first to climb to the top of the mountain?”

“This… how can I remember?” The principal took a step back with a guilty conscience. He couldn’t remember anything since he was old.

Seeing that Shen Muan was still holding onto him, the principal hurriedly grabbed his head: “Oh, my head is so dizzy, it must be hypoglycemia.[1]low blood sugar” The old man said this as he quickly walked forward. But it didn’t look like he was uncomfortable at all.

Shen Muan sighed helplessly, he was used to it.

“Wait, Principal, can you give me the information about the new kid?” Shen Muan suddenly thought of the kid who would be coming in an hour and hurriedly shouted.

The principal of the kindergarten yelled without looking back: “I will send it to your mailbox later.”

Shen Muan shook his head and returned to the entrance of the kindergarten to greet the children.

Almost every child would run to Shen Muan to say hello. The entrance to the kindergarten became a bit congested, since groups of children surrounded Shen Muan.

The teacher next to him really couldn’t stand it anymore, and drove Shen Muan back to his class, so that he wouldn’t make any more trouble here.

Shen Muan blinked his eyes, seemingly aggrieved, and said: “What do you mean I’m adding to the chaos? You are just jealous that so many kids like me.”

The teacher next to him didn’t want to eat up what he was saying. They have already developed resistance to this and were very disgusted: “Yes, yes, so you go in quickly, the children have gotten stuck at the entrance of the kindergarten because of you, do you want them to be late for class?”

Shen Muan shrugged, smiled, and led the two children inside.

As soon as Shen Muan left, the entrance became much less crowded. The other teachers let out a sigh of relief, there was no more need to worry about congestion.

Shen Muan sent the children to the classroom and continued to wait for the other children to arrive.

After a while, a small figure rushed over ignoring the shout of his father behind him. He threw himself into Shen Muan’s arms, and rubbed his head on him with excitement: “Teacher An An, I missed you so much.”

“I haven’t seen you in so long!” Zhizhi pitifully took Shen Muan’s hand, the little guys’ appearance looked extremely sad.

“It’s just two days off.” Shen Muan said dumbfoundedly.

Zhizhi didn’t think so. He looked at Shen Muan earnestly, “That’s a long time!”

“Uncle said it’s called…” Zhizhi tried to recall, and pulled out a sentence from his mind, “Look at one day… Wait, no, it’s like I can’t see a day for several autumns.” After speaking, Zhizhi nodded, feeling that what he said was right.

“It’s ‘one day feels like three autumns’.[2]a Chinese idiom used when you dearly miss someone, one day feels as long as three years” Shen Muan squeezed Zhizhi’s bun face, “Quickly go in.”

“Okay!” Zhizhi vigorously nodded his head and went in happily carrying his little school bag. As he went into the classroom, he seemed to remember something and soon ran out again. He waved to Xiao Qi who was standing not so far away, “Bye-bye, Dad!”

After speaking, he went back to the classroom to start sharing interesting things with other children.

Shen Muan acted like he didn’t see Xiao Qi’s slightly jealous eyes. He smiled at him and said hello.

Xiao Qi wasn’t actually upset. He found it great that his son liked the kindergarten teacher so much.

Finally, no one can snatch his wife’s attention from him anymore. What a delightful thing.

But this kind of happy emotion can’t be expressed to the public, he still had to control his emotions.

It is a pity that the kindergarten is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, otherwise, he would send Zhizhi over even on the weekends.

Without the little follower, Xiao Qi went back with his heart and body a lot lighter.

Shen Muan didn’t realize what Xiao Qi was thinking, he thought the dad was a little jealous since his child liked the teacher so much.

It seems that he has to teach the children to stick more to their parents.

After all, it’s not only children that need company, adults also need it too.

Xiao Qi naturally didn’t know that controlling his emotions like that, he pitted himself.

Zhizhi obediently sat in the classroom for a while but found that Teacher An An was still outside. He looked out the window and saw Chu Siyuan was pulling at Shen Muan’s clothes. He didn’t know what they were talking about.

If it was someone else, Zhizhi might’ve just let them be, but he couldn’t sit still if it was Chu Siyuan. He ran to the outside of the classroom and abruptly squeezed in between Chu Siyuan and Shen Muan.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan saw the little guy who came out suddenly, touched his head, and accidentally pulled out a few strands of hair. Shen Muan silently hid his hands behind him, pretending that nothing happened.

Zhizhi grabbed Shen Muan’s hand and rubbed his face on it: “Teacher An An~”, he said with a soft and coquettish voice.

“Be good.” Shen Muan didn’t hold back and squeezed Zhizhi’s face. It was so soft, he couldn’t help squeezing twice.

Chu Siyuan was originally unhappy because Zhizhi intervened, but he became even more unhappy when he saw this. He grabbed Shen Muan’s other hand and also placed it on his face, with a very high voice: “My face is softer! Last time his father even purposely squeezed mine and ran away !”

“No!” Xiao Ruzhi jumped up when he heard this, “My father only likes me and my mother, not you.”

“Hmph.” Chu Siyuan snorted. With a cry, he said unhappily, “Then why did he squeeze my face last time?”

“Isn’t it just a squeeze?” Xiao Ruzhi stuck out his waist and said, “I will let you squeeze his face back next time.”

Shen Muan’s eyes widened. Seeing Zhizhi selling his father, Chu Siyuan looked disgusted: “I don’t want it. Your father doesn’t even look as good as my uncle.”

“Although my father is a bit ugly, my mother is beautiful.” Zhizhi blurted out, it seemed this is what he really thought.

Shen Muan became a little curious about how good-looking Zhizhi’s mother was that he had complete confidence calling his father ugly. Shen Muan thought that Chu Siyuan would continue to argue at this time, but he didn’t expect that he would agree: “You are right.”

Then, Shen Muan witnessed how the two children who were just arguing, started to talk about how their dad hated them and how good mom was.

Shen Muan tried to hold back his laughter when he heard this. After sending the two little guys back to their classrooms, he counted the number of children with another teacher, and all the kids were finally there.

Shen Muan gave up the position to the teacher of the first period and went to the principal’s office by himself.

The principal of the kindergarten just sent a message saying that the new kid and her parents had already arrived in his office, so Shen Muan hurried over.

The door of the principal’s office was open. Shen Muan went to the door and looked inside. The first thing he saw was a little girl in a blue princess dress.

The little girl was very beautiful, with long black hair and big eyes, just like Snow White described in a fairy tale.

Shen Muan subconsciously showed a gentle smile to the little girl: “Hello, little princess.” The little girl’s eyes lit up, and she looked at Shen Muan happily: “Hello~”

Sitting opposite the principal, wearing a black suit, a man with a scar on his face has been staring at him since he appeared.

It felt like any second he would become violent and start beating people up…

TL Note: author judgemental la~ he may be handsome even with the scar tho ( ̄∇ ̄)
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1 low blood sugar
2 a Chinese idiom used when you dearly miss someone, one day feels as long as three years

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