Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Crisis Awareness

The man kept staring at Shen Muan, he stood up and walked toward Shen Muan looking him up and down.

“This is Mr. Shen Muan from the Rose Class. The children call him Teacher An An.” Seeing that the atmosphere seemed a little ominous, the principal interrupted to introduce them to each other, “This is Shan Liang, Mr. Shan, is the father of this new child, Shan Keke.” 

Laser beams seemed to come out as he watched Shen Muan: “I know your brother, Shen Fangqi.” Shan Liang declared.

Shen Muan seemed to not notice anything wrong, he nodded: “Yes.”

Shan Liang laughed heartily, he patted Shen Muan on the shoulder: “You and your brother are really alike, when I look at others like this, they almost get scared to death.”

“You shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance.” Shen Muan turned slightly to avoid Shan Liang’s hand. Although he didn’t think the other person was scary, it didn’t mean the force he used on him wasn’t painful.

Shan Liang’s hands were too strong.

Shan Liang also discovered this, and instead of patting Shen Muan’s back with his hands, he carried his baby girl over: “Come on, Keke, greet Teacher An An.”

“Hello, Teacher An An.” Shan Keke kept blinking her eyes. She looked a little bit shy when looking at Shen Muan, but she wasn’t really scared.

“Keke looks beautiful.” Shen Muan was attracted by the white and tender little bun in front of him and had the urge to pinch it.

“Yeah, Keke looks like her mother. She has inherited the genes of my mother and my wife perfectly.” Shan Liang couldn’t help but start screaming praises for his daughter.

Shan Keke has long been accustomed to the appearance of Shan Liang. Every time Shen Muan looked at Shan Keke, Shan Keke giggled.

Shen Muan felt that a child-like Shan Keke should be able to get along well with other children.

Who wouldn’t like a giggly and joyful kid?

“I’ll take you to the classroom, okay?” Shen Muan stretched out his hand and Keke nodded vigorously, she struggled to get out of her father’s arms to hug Shen Muan.

Shan Liang didn’t care and directly handed over his daughter to Shen Muan. He could see that the young man in front of him was very similar to his brother.

It wasn’t the similarity in appearance, but the similarity in the heart.

So he was at ease to hand his daughter to Shen Muan.

Shan Liang knew that he would easily frighten the children with his appearance, so he only talked to the principal in the office.

After Shen Muan hugged Shan Keke out, she wanted to put her on the ground, and walk by herself: “Coco, can you walk by yourself?”

“I want to hug the teacher.” Shan Keke coquettishly hugged Shen Muan’s arm, both her legs hanged mid-air, as if she didn’t want to hit the ground.

“Keke, walk by yourself.” Shen Muan repeated.

Shan Keke found that Shen Muan didn’t seem to indulge her, so she could only pull on her little skirt and walk by herself.

“Hold hands?” Shan Keke thought if she couldn’t hug, then at least they should hold hands.

Shen Muan wouldn’t refuse this kind of request. Holding Shan Keke’s hand, the two of them walked around the kindergarten unhurriedly. Shen Muan introduced her to the different places in the kindergarten from time to time.

Chu Siyuan, who was singing in the classroom, accidentally saw Shen Muan holding a little girl’s hand through the window, he poked the arm of the little girl next to him and let her look out the window.

Xiaoyi raised her head and saw Shen Muan leading another child outside, the alarm bell in her mind rang.

As a girl, her instinct told her that she had met an opponent. Chu Siyuan saw the expression Xiaoyi had in his eyes. He nodded in satisfaction and also told Zhizhi to look outside.

Zhizhi looked at the teacher in front of him, and then at Shen Muan holding the little girl outside. He suddenly became unhappy.

He had completely forgotten that on his first day, Shen Muan took him to the kindergarten in the same way.

“How could Teacher An An do this?” Zhizhi’s expression looked grave and his whole body froze. The teacher in class was startled, thinking there was something wrong.

No matter what, Zhizhi had to talk to Teacher An An. The teacher in the class had no choice but to have another teacher take Zhizhi to the office for a while, so as not to affect the other children and make them cry.

Chu Siyuan wanted to follow, but was stopped by the teacher, he was thinking about whether he should cry too. But he remembered Teacher An An say yesterday that a man cannot cry casually, so he gave up this plan.

He wanted to sneak out, but the teacher watched closely so he couldn’t sneak away.

He can only let Zhizhi play in the front line first.

Zhizhi was sitting in the office, as Teacher Xia poured him a glass of water: “You sit here for a while, Teacher An An will be here soon.”

“Woo, okay~” Xiao Ruzhi cried and talked. There was even a little trill sound as he talked, and it sounded like the eighteen bends on a mountain road.[1]Not sure about this but maybe it’s the song? 山路十八弯. Let me know if you have another idea v-v

Teacher Xia tried not to laugh, for the sake of the children’s face, she held back.

Although it was very hard to endure, she really couldn’t help it. Teacher Xia lowered her head and smiled secretly where Zhizhi couldn’t see it.

Zhizhi sat in a chair, he kept looking out, waiting anxiously.

Shen Muan originally planned to take Shan Keke to see the small “zoo” first, but he received a message from Teacher Xia that Zhizhi had been crying, so he rushed back to the office holding Shan Keke.

Seeing Shen Muan still holding someone else, Zhizhi’s tears welled up again. He wasn’t crying loudly and heartbreakingly, but sobbed quietly while staring at Shen Muan.`

Shen Muan felt distressed. He put down Shan Keke and handed her to Teacher Xia. He walked over and hugged Zhizhi, softly coaxing him, “Stop crying, what’s the matter?”

“Uuuuuu, there’s another new child, is it true that Teacher An An will not like me anymore?” Zhizhi cried and hummed softly.

“Why?” Shen Muan said, “Of course, I will still like you.”

Shen Muan whispered into Zhizhi’s ear: “There will be new children who will come, but you are the one I will always like the most, so don’t cry anymore. A man should learn to be stronger.”

“Okay…” Zhizhi wiped the tears on his face indiscriminately with his hands. He wanted to listen to Teacher An An’s words and stop crying.

Shen Muan took a few pieces of tissue paper and wiped the tears and snot off Zhizhi’s face. The little one’s face had become all red as he retracted into Shen Muan’s arms.

Shan Keke stood beside them, watching the good-looking brother comforting others, not hugging her.

Shan Keke ran over and grabbed Zhizhi’s clothes: “Come down!”

“You can’t do this.” Shan Keke said solemnly, “My father is very scary.”

“The last time he held me on the road, others thought he was a child trafficker!”

“He is terrifying!”

Zhizhi was dumbfounded in an instant.

Shen Muan: …

Shan Keke felt distressed as she stared at Zhizhi. What she wanted to express couldn’t be more obvious.

So, you come down!

TL Note: lololol she’s using her dad to scare other children (˃̣̣̥ ∀ ˂̣̣̥)

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1 Not sure about this but maybe it’s the song? 山路十八弯. Let me know if you have another idea v-v
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