Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Dilemma

Zhizhi didn’t care about what Keke was saying. He completely ignored the little girl next to him and clung to Shen Muan’s neck tightly. It almost made Shen Muan angry.

Shen Muan hurriedly pulled Zhizhi’s hands off his neck, which he regarded as saving his own life.

“You can’t strangle someone’s neck like this, it’s possible to suffocate them.” Shen Muan put Zhizhi on the ground and said very seriously, “You must pay attention to safety, understand?”

Zhizhi looked at Shen Muan’s red neck and wiped his tears: “I’m sorry, Teacher An An.”

“You can’t do this again in the future.” Shen Muan admonished.

“Yes.” Xiao Ruzhi nodded vigorously, obediently listening to Shen Muan’s words.

Keke watched as all of this happened. She pulled Shen Muan’s sleeves and said very seriously: “Teacher An An, my father knows martial arts! He said when someone strangles your neck, you can go like this!” As Keke said this she gave Shen Muan a demonstration on how to break free. Although the action wasn’t the standard, the overall movement was correct.

Shen Muan looked at Keke who was wearing a princess dress, carefully teaching him how to break the hold on his neck and beat the attacker strangling him. He was speechless for a while and could only listen carefully and applaud Keke’s knowledge.

Zhizhi silently distanced himself from Keke and was a little scared.

This girl obviously looks like a doll, but why is she so… scary?

Thinking of Keke saying that her father was even scarier, Zhizhi’s heart became even more disturbed. He hid behind Shen Muan and suddenly wanted to go back to the classroom.

Shen Muan’s mood is a bit complicated now. He originally thought Shan Keke was the kind of princess who could be captured by an evil dragon and needed a brave knight to save her. He didn’t expect that she’s a princess that could subdue the dragon in minutes.

This huge gap in her image made him feel… it was quite cute, the contrast of the image made it even cuter.

As a father, Shan Liang taught his daughter how to protect herself from an early age.

Not every parent would ingrain in their children that it was bad to harm other children, so Shan Liang can only try his best to teach his children to protect themselves. Although Keke was still too small to be able to do anything, it was still better to know a little bit of something than nothing at all.

Shan Liang has seen all kinds of things and all kinds of people. He knows that the world was not as safe as it seems, he was at least grateful that the domestic knife control here[1]In certain cities in China, purchasing kitchen knives is strictly controlled due to an increase in stabbing incidents. Some of the cities require a special permit to buy one. is very strict.

Shan Liang wanted to give his daughter a complete childhood, but he couldn’t let her be ignorant of what is happening in society.

You shouldn’t trust others too easily.

After waiting patiently for Keke’s display to end. Shen Muan decided to praise her seeing her expectant eyes.

Keke felt satisfied with this and raised her head high. She was full of confidence in herself.

‘I am professionally trained, my father said I learned well.’ This seemed to be written on her face.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the classroom together.” Shen Muan led the two little children, “You are the only one who is absent from class, so you have to be obedient and go back to class with the teacher.”

Teacher Xia remembered Zhizhi’s crying appearance and laughed a little, the scene was still vivid in her mind.

Now because of the appearance of Shen Muan, Zhizhi looked much better.

This makes Teacher Xia love and hate Shen Muan.

Sometimes she was a little bit jealous of Shen Muan. Everyone was a teacher and played with the children in the kindergarten, but the kids just liked Shen Muan better.

Is it because Teacher An An is good-looking?

After Shen Muan left with the two children, the office became quiet. Hearing the fan’s creaking sound, Teacher Xia felt a little melancholy.

Her class is the next one, he didn’t have much time left for her break.

After a while, Teacher Xia heard the sound of the door opening.

Shen Muan took a bottle of yogurt and put it on Teacher Xia’s desk: “Here, you forgot to buy it today.”

Teacher Xia was taken aback, and then laughed: “Is this your treat?”

 “Of course.” Shen Muan sat back. It’s a habit of his to start writing his weekly plan on his desk.

Although he had no general plans in life.

Teacher Xia looked at Shen Muan, who was working hard. Although she knew their relationship wasn’t that close, her heart couldn’t help but be moved for a moment.

Teacher Xia held the bottle of yogurt in her hand. This was her favorite brand and she buys it every day. She had to rush this morning so she forgot to buy it. She didn’t expect Shen Muan to notice this small detail and buy it for her.

It seems she now knows why everyone liked Teacher An An, who wouldn’t like such a caring teacher?

Chu Siyuan waved to Zhizhi and asked him to come over.

Zhizhi looked at the little girl next to him, remembering what he saw in the office, no… I dare not move…[2]baby is scared la~

Chu Siyuan found Zhizhi deliberately ignoring him, so it made him a little unhappy. He took advantage when the teacher wasn’t paying attention, and ran to the side of Zhizhi, trying to drag him.

Keke grabbed Zhizhi’s hand and refused to let Chu Siyuan pull him away. Not to be outdone, Chu Siyuan took Zhizhi’s other hand.

Sandwiched in the middle, Zhizhi didn’t know what to do.

A dilemma.

“You let go.” Keke blinked her big beautiful eyes and said with a serious face. She was a bit like her father at this moment.

“You’re the one who should let go!” Chu Siyuan pulled Zhizhi toward him but found that the girl was quite strong, and he couldn’t pull Zhizhi by even a little bit.

Chu Siyuan hadn’t considered this at all. It might be because Zhizhi was heavier and Keke’s weight was also added, so he couldn’t move them.

Zhizhi looked at the left and then at the right. He felt that this was too difficult…

“You…you both let me go.” Zhizhi wanted to withdraw his hand but found that he couldn’t get out at all. His eyes slowly reddened, and his hands were aching, making him feel wronged.

Neither Chu Siyuan nor Keke notice Zhizhi’s strangeness. They continued to exchange blows, ‘you let go then I’ll let go’ and so on.

But it can’t be said to be a quarrel.

After all, the emotions of the two children were quite stable.

In the end, the teacher found out and separated the three of them. Zhizhi decisively carried his small chair, and obediently sat down in the place closest to the teacher.

In this way, he felt a bit more secure.

But Zhizhi felt that there were three pairs of eyes looking at him from behind, which was extremely awkward. He sat on the chair, wriggling, like a caterpillar.

Chu Siyuan looked at Keke, who was significantly thinner than himself and made up his mind to exercise.

As a boy, how can he be less powerful than a girl?

But Keke was thinking about who to choose as her follower.

Zhizhi… seemed to be fine, but the boy who tried to rob her seatmate just now seems… not bad?

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1 In certain cities in China, purchasing kitchen knives is strictly controlled due to an increase in stabbing incidents. Some of the cities require a special permit to buy one.
2 baby is scared la~
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