Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Who is the Little Brother?

Shen Muan found that the newly-arrived Keke and Chu Siyuan seemed to get along very well, they even sat together in class.

As he watched the children sit and play together, they looked exceptionally harmonious.

But what Shen Muan didn’t know was that the four of them weren’t as harmonious as they seemed on the surface. They were all planning something in secret, each on their own.

Everyone stood in a different position and wanted to win over others.

But every time they saw Teacher An An, they acted friendly towards each other, when another teacher took over they went back to ignoring the other.

Contradictions between children usually only lasted for a short while, as long as they didn’t do anything excessive, the teacher would let them be.

Even adults who regularly play with each other could actually be on bad terms, but the children’s expressions were more straightforward.

‘The children often got together, it seems that the relationship was not as bad as he imagined, maybe they were playing a game?’

Shen Muan was not unaware that there was a little conflict between the four of them, but these kind of thing was normal, even conflicts could arise between family members.

Earlier, Chu Siyuan ran to find Teacher An An because he got scared of Keke, but he didn’t expect that this would cause Teacher An An to closely monitor them.

Xiaoyi originally wanted to take this opportunity to profit. But it turns out she thought wrong.

Because under the eyes of three people, there was no chance she could sneak away on her own.

Taking advantage of the children acting like this, Shen Muan took many photos and sent them to their parents.

Although the parents were very busy, they didn’t like missing news on their children in the kindergarten.

The parents who received the photos, seeing their babies’ smiles, felt their built up fatigue from working all day fade away.

Didn’t they work so hard to make money for the sake of a better and happier life for their children?

The days in the kindergarten were as usual, and not many differences occurred. Such peaceful days were to people’s liking.

Keke realized that she couldn’t go on like this anymore, she had already endured for several days, but she still didn’t have a follower.

Every time Zhizhi saw her, he felt a sense of fear, and basically remained frozen.

She couldn’t convince Chu Siyuan, it seems that he isn’t destined for her.

Let alone Xiaoyi, it’s impossible even if she thought about it.

Keke was a little worried. She turned her gaze to her other classmates, but she couldn’t find anyone else that she was content with.

Keke felt that she had to do something, so she found Shen Muan, and explained her troubles.

Chu Siyuan found that Keke ran to find Teacher An An alone, so he led the other two to follow him and they also went to find Teacher An An!

“Teacher An An, I want a little brother![1]Little brother here refers to a follower, usually a loyal friend or member of the group who is lower in status to oneself.” Keke stared straight at Shen Muan with a look of expectation. She felt that Teacher An An was very powerful and would definitely be able to help solve her problem.

Shen Muan wondered if he had heard it wrong: “What? Can you say it again?”

Keke repeated what she said.

“…Everyone is a classmate and a good friend, you can’t treat them that way.” Shen Muan was wondering what Shan Liang had taught Keke, that she didn’t feel what she said was wrong.

“But Dad has one,” Keke said.

Children most liked to imitate adults they are close with. They didn’t know how to distinguish between good and bad. Like a piece of white paper, others can easily dye them their own colors.

It is estimated that Shan Liang didn’t know that his daughter knew this.

Because in his eyes, Keke is just a little cute child who likes Disney princesses.

Keke doesn’t understand, obviously father has them, why can’t she have it?

Chu Siyuan and the others who followed, heard Keke’s words, they realized that for the past two days, Keke had been watching them, because she wanted to turn them into her little brothers!

Chu Siyuan had fury written all over his face, he was the one who was going to be the boss!

Shen Muan explained the issue in a good manner to dispel Shan Ke Ke’s idea. He breathed a sigh of relief as Keke nodded her head. He wiped the sweat from his head and wanted to send the child back to the classroom. As soon as he came out, he saw Zhizhi who stood frozen at the door.

“What are you… doing?” Shen Muan asked.

Zhizhi looked back consciously, Xiaoyi and Chu Siyuan, who had been with him, were gone. There was no one behind him.

Chu Siyuan and Xiaoyi hid in the corner, silently looking at Shen Muan and Zhizhi. They didn’t expect Zhizhi to still be there, and forget to run.

Shen Muan quickly noticed that there was someone else nearby. Based on the stickiness of the four little guys before, it was probably Chu Siyuan and Xiaoyi.

Xiaoyi was not as bold as Chu Siyuan, she wanted to go back to the classroom after hiding for a while, but Chu Siyuan wouldn’t let her just run away like that.

If he was to be discovered, they had to be discovered together, and if one was going to run, then they also must run together.

Xiaoyi wanted to get rid of Chu Siyuan’s hand, but she was not as strong as Keke, and she couldn’t get it off at all.

While the two people were pulling at each other, neither of them noticed one more person appear beside them.

“Are you two practicing tug-of-war here?” Shen Muan looked at the two little guys. After he made a sound, Chu Siyuan’s body instantly stiffened.

Xiaoyi smiled with a guilty conscience and kept silent.

Shen Muan wanted to see how they would explain the current situation, but Chu Siyuan remained silent as well.

They can’t say that they were following Keke , can they?

Seeing that he wouldn’t get an answer to his questions, he sent the four little guys back to the classroom.

The teacher in the classroom has long been used to it, Shen Muan would send at least two children back every day.

Some ran out to play secretly by themselves, while others couldn’t find the way to the bathroom.

Because the kindergarten had a lot of surveillance and children weren’t able to leave the premises. Sometimes they let children move around the kindergarten. As long as they could still watch them, they generally won’t be too restrictive.

Some children are often attracted by the toy slides outside and are reluctant to go to the classroom.

But they still have a natural respect for their teacher so they follow obediently.

There are many children who are very well-behaved at school, but are completely different when they get home.

“They ran to find you again.” The teacher in class patted the heads of the four children and told them to quickly return to their positions and so they could continue with class.

After Shen Muan sent them over, he didn’t rush to leave. He kept watching the situation of the children in the classroom through the window.

Chu Siyuan acted like he was attending class obediently, you wouldn’t even think he was the same child who sneaked away a while ago.

It is really getting harder and harder for children nowadays. Shen Muan couldn’t help but sigh.

After watching outside the classroom for a while, he returned to the office.

As soon as he walked over, he saw a box of strawberries on his table.

His name was written on it.

Looks like it was a gift for him.

Shen Muan was a little confused, who would give him strawberries?

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1 Little brother here refers to a follower, usually a loyal friend or member of the group who is lower in status to oneself.
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