Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – It is very similar!

Teacher Xia looked at the well-packed strawberries on Shen Muan’s table, she leaned over curiously and asked, “Who gave it to you?” ”

“Could it be a new suitor?”

Teacher Xia had a big word written on her face ‘gossip’, it easily showed how she couldn’t suppress her curiosity.

Shen Muan ignored Teacher Xia’s gossipy ways and looked at the box of strawberries. He thought for a while, he seemed to remember where he had seen this kind of box before.

Teacher Xia found that Shen Muan ignored her and didn’t care. Shen Muan’s coldness wasn’t able to quench her fiery heart for gossip.

Shen Muan thought for a while, and finally remembered that Chu Yi had given him a box of strawberries exactly the same as this one. He picked up his mobile phone, photographed the strawberries on the table, and sent it to Chu Yi.

Shen Muan: Did you ask someone to send me these strawberries?

Chu Yi, who was processing documents in his office, saw this message and let go of the papers in his hands. He originally planned that he would stay quiet about it for a few days then give Shen Muan a surprise. How could he be discovered so quickly?

Chu Yi thought for a while and admitted it.

After confirming that it was from Chu Yi, Shen Muan was relieved. He had always felt uncomfortable with things from an anonymous source and remained vigilant of it.

Chu Yi: Last time I ate yours, this box can be regarded as a replacement for your share .

If Chu Yi didn’t mention this, Shen Muan wouldn’t have a recollection of the incident.

Shen Muan: Didn’t you send a box last time?

Chu Yi: It’s different.


Shen Muan didn’t understand Chu Yi’s words. What’s the difference?

He asked, but did not get an accurate answer from Chu Yi.

Because the situation was different.

Chu Yi was playing with a fountain pen in his hand. He often thought of Shen Muan’s face recently. Even if he was only thinking about him, it would already make him feel much better.

Chu Yi also realized that Shen Muan had a special influence on him. In their last contact with each other, he realized that he did not resent the closeness of this person at all.

Shen Muan was different.

After realizing this, Chu Yi suddenly felt a little fortunate that he had sent Chu Siyuan to kindergarten that day, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten to know Shen Muan.

Chu Yi changed the subject, and made an appointment with Shen Muan to come out for dinner.

Shen Muan thought about it for a while and agreed, he also wanted to invite Chu Yi to dinner by himself.

After confirming the time and place, Shen Muan looked up and found that Teacher Xia was still staring at him, and laughing.

“What are you laughing at? “Shen Muan asked blankly.

Teacher Xia looked like she wanted to say a lot of things, but she only said she understood and patted Shen Muan on the shoulder with a serious face: “I will support you! ”

“???” Shen Muan became even more dazed, what was she supporting him for?

Shen Muan felt that he didn’t understand the minds of women. Fortunately, the minds of children were easier to guess.

Shen Muan stopped caring about Teacher Xia. He took the strawberries and went to wash them. When he came back, he found that the office was empty. He didn’t know where everyone had gone.

Pudding[1]the kindergarten cat a few chapters back came out at this moment, as if it had been waiting a long time. It stared at the strawberry in Shen Muan’s hand. Shen Muan took one for it, and placed it beside Pudding.

Strawberries were very sweet and tasted good to eat.

Shen Muan was very happy to eat, and the pudding was also very happy. It lay on the table next to Shen Muan, licking its paws. For some reason, Shen Muan suddenly remembered White Gloves[2]the cat he saw with Chu Siyuan in the vegetable market who he had encountered the other day.

Because of his and his brother’s work, Shen Muan felt that he wouldn’t have time to take care of them, so he never had a pet. When he had free time, he would just go to feed stray cats or something. The stray cats in the community and the kindergarten had already become familiar with Shen Muan.

Those who could be adopted had already been adopted, and the rest were some little guys who were relatively independent and not particularly liked by others.

Looking at Pudding that rolled casually next to him, and thinking of White Gloves that would still drill into his arms even as he noticed Chu Yi’s breath that day, Shen Muan suddenly had an urge to pick him up.

But will it still be there?

Shen Muan was a little uncertain.

Just as Shen Muan watched the rolling Pudding and fell into contemplation, it suddenly rained outside.

The children who were originally active outdoors hurriedly ran back to the corridor. They smiled and talked, and started watching the rain together.

Zijin City hasn’t had rain for almost half a month now, so this rain came very suddenly.

The children were quite happy to see it raining. Shen Muan took an umbrella and ran out to take a look. They found that the children were all crowded in the corridor, lined up in a row, watching the rain together.

Children’s fun was sometimes so strange, they could find such small things interesting. Generally, adults would think there was nothing to see when it rained, but the children would always show a little interest.

Because it was originally an outdoor activity class, the teacher called all the children inside to not let them be drenched from the rain. He let the children watch the rain for a while. After discovering that the wind was blowing harder, they hurriedly asked them to go back to the classroom to prevent them from catching a cold.

Even if they went back to the classroom, they couldn’t dispel the children’s mood of watching the rain.

Some children went to play with toys after watching for a while, and some children ran to listen to the teacher telling stories. In the end, only Xiaoyi and Zhizhi were left sitting there.

When Shen Muan passed by, the two of them were holding their chins in their hands, looking at the sky, as if they were thinking about some important life event.

Shen Muan did not disturb these two, he only observed them for a while.

The two of them propped their faces with their left hands at first, but when the hand started getting tired, they changed to their right hands. After repeating this several times, Zhizhi finally had enough. He yawned, and changed to lying on the table.

After Xiaoyi discovered that Shen Muan was here, she didn’t continue to look out the window. She obediently sat down in her place, looking at Shen Muan with both eyes.

When she got a smile from Shen Muan, she was very happy.

Chu Siyuan also discovered Shen Muan. He ran to Shen Muan without hesitation and showed him his handmade works today.

A handmade clay doll.

After Chu Siyuan gave the doll to Shen Muan, he seemed to find that the clay doll was a bit ugly. He originally wanted to say that it was Teacher An An, but immediately changed his words and said, “This is Uncle. ”

“Doesn’t it look similar? “Chu Siyuan asked.

Shen Muan was silent. The clay doll in his hand looked a bit weird, it didn’t look like Chu Yi at all, but under Chu Siyuan’s gaze. Shen Muan succumbed, he nodded, and praised: “Great job.” He really couldn’t answer whether it looked similar or not.

“I’ll show it to my uncle when I get back tonight!” Chu Siyuan said confidently.

Shen Muan imagined Chu Yi’s expression when he sees this clay doll later.

It would probably be very exciting….

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1 the kindergarten cat a few chapters back
2 the cat he saw with Chu Siyuan in the vegetable market
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