Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – White Gloves and Gas Canister

There was a black and white cat. It didn’t look very big, but it moved flexibly.

The cat jumped off a tree and observed the surrounding environment with both eyes. It has always maintained a vigilant heart. As soon as there was a sudden wind or grass, it would immediately escape.

If Shen Muan was here, he would definitely recognize that this little cat was White Gloves. It was the cat he met at the market a few days ago.

White Glove has been staying in the place where it met Shen Muan. It continuously roamed around the area, but still didn’t see the person it was looking for.

The cat stretched out and ran to a corner to hide from the gazes of humans. It had already familiarized itself with this area in the past two days, he knew where to hide and also where he could bask in the sun.

It sometimes goes in front of the pet shop where Shen Muan bought canned food. People come and go inside, but it completely ignores them.

The pet shop owner saw White Glove come over from time to time. He thought of the young man who brought it to buy canned food last time. He originally thought that this little cat had finally found its owner, but it seemed they weren’t meant to be.

Just as the pet shop owner was considering whether to send an adoption notice, a young man walked in holding White Glove.

Shen Muan had just returned to the place where he encountered White Gloves with a go-and-see attitude, he didn’t expect he would encounter White Gloves as soon as he got out of the car.

White Glove rushed over as he saw Shen Muan, he was very happy. It showed an incredible jumping power and flew directly into Shen Muan’s arms. Shen Muan subconsciously caught the little guy. Fortunately, it was not very heavy, otherwise it would have been a problem for him to stay steady.

Shen Muan was here for White Gloves this time. He picked up the little guy and asked, “Do you want to go home with me?” ”

The kitty looked at Shen Muan with its big amber eyes and meowed, like it was answering his question. It kept patting Shen Muan’s arm with its paw pads, as if blaming him for only coming now.

Seeing all this, Shen Muan laughed. He adjusted his posture while holding White Gloves: “I’ll buy you something to eat first, and then let’s go home together. ”

“Meow~meow!” White Glove rubbed Shen Muan’s hand with his head, it acted nothing like a stray cat.

Shen Muan went to the nearest pet shop.

The store manager was very surprised when he saw Shen Muan. He originally thought that this young man would not come again.

“Hello, I want to buy some cat food.” Shen Muan touched the head of White Glove with a smile on his face.

Seeing the interaction between Shen Muan and the cow-patterned cat, the store manager was relieved. It seemed that this time he was really going to take this cat back.

The store manager didn’t recommend expensive cat food, but recommended some cheap ones. It was a good thing for a stray cat like this to meet a good owner and be adopted, but the conditions of each family were different. He was afraid that the other party would find that some of the goods were expensive and think that raising a cat was too expensive and uneconomical. And in the end he would likely abandon the stray cat.

The store manager’s attention was on White Gloves. He didn’t notice that since Shen Muan entered the pet shop, the little guys in the display cabinet who all looked lazy on a usual basis, kept staring at Shen Muan, and pawing at the glass.

White Glove felt the threat, and half of its body rushed to Shen Muan’s shoulders, it looked at the cats and dogs who wanted to hook up with its shoveling officer[1]cause you know, he’d be the one shoveling the poop of the cat lol, very unhappy, and barked threateningly.

Only then did the store manager notice the strangeness of the pets in the store. He tried to appease these somewhat overexcited pets.

“Wow, shop manager, what’s the situation?” The clerk who just came back from shopping outside was a little surprised to see the excited cats and dogs. Usually one or two of them would be lazy. Why have they all changed their moods today?

The store manager shook his head blankly. He didn’t know why the pets in the store were suddenly excited like this.

Shen Muan knew that these little guys were excited because of him. He took a bag of cat food from a brand he knew, plus a few canned goods and put it at the cashier’s counter: “Boss, I’ll also take a can of goat milk powder. How much is the total?”

The store manager hurriedly returned to the cashier’s counter, still muttering in his heart why the pets had changed like this.

After Shen Muan paid the money, he carried the bag and went out with White Gloves. When he left, the little guys in the shop were hyped, the cats and dogs barked together, which made the store manager and the clerk a little confused.

What is this situation?

After Shen Muan left, the little guys called out for a while. They found that the person still had not come back, so they calmed down and returned to their usual state.

The clerk touched his chin and made a bold guess: “Boss, do you think they were so excited because of the young man just now? ”

The store manager was taken aback: “No, when he came last time, the little guys in the store were quite normal…” He thought for a while, but still concluded it was impossible.

He had no idea that his clerk’s guess was correct. The last time Shen Muan came, he was stained with Chu Yi’s breath, so the little guys did not respond, but this time Shen Muan did not have Chu Yi’s breath on his body. The little guys fully showed their enthusiasm.

If it weren’t for their cages and display cabinets, they would probably be able to surround Shen Muan.

Shen Muan’s physique was a good thing for people who liked animals, but otherwise bad for people who didn’t. Fortunately, Shen Muan liked animals very much, even if this physique occasionally caused him some small troubles.

For example, this situation……

Shen Muan stood motionless on the side of the road with a bag and White Gloves. There were cats squatting in a circle at his feet, large and small, some were even as fat as a gas canister.

Looking at this group of cats, White Gloves exploded in an instant. It kept making a ‘ha’ sound. If Shen Muan hadn’t been holding it, it would’ve gone down and fought with these little elves.

“Okay, okay, don’t be angry. “Shen Muan quickly comforted the cat in his arms. He let White Gloves lie on his shoulders, he tried to open the cat food in his hand in a strange posture, and poured part of it out.

The other cats immediately began to eat the cat food on the ground, only the orange cat, which looked like a gas canister, stared at the canned food in Shen Muan’s bag.

Although it continued to stare at the canned food, it didn’t forget to pull some cat food on the ground and hide it under its body.

Seeing this, Shen Muan thought he probably wouldn’t be able to leave easily, so he could only open two more cans.

White Gloves got so angry he kept meowing, as if saying that the food was obviously bought for him, why should they be given to other cats.

Shen Muan felt that he had been robbed, and he fully suspected that these cats were touching porcelain maliciously[2]refers to tricking or scamming, ‘maliciously tricked him’. Shen Muan couldn’t suppress his desire to complain. He took two photos with his mobile phone and posted them to a group with his circle of friends, then went back home with White Gloves.

When Shen Fangqi got home, he saw that there was an extra cat in the house, and he couldn’t immediately react. He stayed rooted at the door and the two continued to stare at each other, one human and one cat. They looked extremely solemn, as if something very important had happened. 

Shen Muan sorted out the things he had prepared for White Gloves, and as he came out, he saw this scene: “What are you two doing? A one-on-one confrontation? ”

Seeing Shen Muan come out, White Gloves stepped toward him and rubbed against his feet.

“Come on, White Gloves, let’s go and recognize your cat litter box.” Shen Muan hugged the cat and placed him next to the litter box. Shouldn’t he need to teach him?

White Gloves walked to the litter box very confidently and went to do his business. Shen Muan was relieved. If White Gloves didn’t know how to do it, he was going to grab Pudding and have him teach White Gloves.

Fortunately, White Gloves was educated.

“White Gloves? “Shen Fangqi leaned over and took a look, looking at the four claws of the cat, quite literal.

“Yes, I made an appointment to send it for a physical examination tomorrow, and then deworming and vaccination.“ Shen Muan took out his mobile phone and looked at his memo, he went silent for a while, “I feel that my wallet is going to be empty.” ”

“Take my card.” Shen Fangqi took out a card from his wallet very generously. He has always had the habit of carrying cash and cards with him. Although mobile phone payment was now popular, sometimes he felt it was still necessary to have some onhand just in case.

Shen Muan waved his hand: “No need, it’s too troublesome.” It’s not that he feels embarrassed, but he didn’t want to bother taking a card, when he could just pay through a mobile phone. Why did he have to swipe his card? It’s so troublesome.

“Then I will transfer the money to you.” Shen Fangqi put the card back and took out his mobile phone. He transferred a sum of money to Shen Muan.

“Thank you big brother.“ Shen Muan raised White Gloves’ claws and waved them. “Thank you, brother.”

“Meow?” White Gloves squatted on the ground, looking at Shen Fangqi curiously, “Meow meow~”

Shen Fangqi smiled and asked, “Have you already cooked? Let’s go out to eat instead. ”

“OK.” Shen Muan stood up and wiped his hands. He took a step forward, and White Gloves followed him, just like a stalker.

As Shen Muan went out, White Gloves thought it didn’t want to stay at home alone, so he had to follow Shen Muan.

Shen Muan had no choice but to take it with him.

This was not okay…

Shen Muan looked at the slimy White Gloves. What should he do when he goes to work tomorrow? White Gloves hasn’t been vaccinated yet, so it can’t go to kindergarten with him.

During the meal, Shen Muan discussed this with Shen Fangqi in a low voice. In the end, he decided to put White Gloves in Shen Fangqi’s room to sleep at night, since Shen Muan left earlier in the morning.

White Gloves didn’t know Shen Muan’s plans at this time, he happily ate his own fish. As he ate, he didn’t forget to glance at Shen Muan periodically.

After discussing it, before going to bed, Shen Muan asked his brother to bring White Gloves back to his room. White Gloves that would act coquettish in his arms was much calmer in his brother’s hands.

It also seemed to know that the man holding him was not easy to provoke, so it was safer to be quiet.

Early the next morning, Shen Muan slipped out of the house while White Gloves was still in Shen Fangqi’s room. After he went out, White Gloves began to scratch the door desperately.

Shen Fangqi grabbed the neck of White Glove with one hand: “Don’t mess around.”

With only a simple sentence, White Gloves was suppressed in an instant. It hung its limbs and looked at Shen Fangqi with pitiful eyes.

But this was of no use to Shen Fangqi.

After Shen Muan arrived at the kindergarten, he waited for the children at the door of the classroom.

However, the development of things somewhat exceeded Shen Muan’s expectations. He looked at Zhizhi, who was lying at his feet, somehow looked like the gas canister cat that blocked the road and robbed him yesterday.

TL Note: Zhizhi so cute and chubby, I wanna pinch ai~

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1 cause you know, he’d be the one shoveling the poop of the cat lol
2 refers to tricking or scamming, ‘maliciously tricked him’
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