Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Maybe we can neutralize it?

Shen Muan squatted down and wanted to pull up the gas canister lying at his feet, but the other party refused. He looked at him with an expression saying ‘How can you be like this’. This made Shen Muan think he had done something extremely sinful.

“Teacher An An, why don’t you touch it?” Zhizhi looked at Shen Muan and patted his somewhat rounded belly. He has gained a little bit of weight recently, it was just a little bit, but his belly was soft, “My mother likes to pinch my belly very much recently, it’s very comfortable!”

When Zhizhi said this, Shen Muan suddenly realized that the child was much fatter now than when he first met him.

It seemed that he was really about to become a gas canister. Shen Muan went through the recent lunch meals of Zhizhi in his mind and found that he had indeed eaten a bit too much.

Shen Muan touched the belly of this small gas canister as he wished, and said very seriously: “It’s time for you to lose weight.” From the current point of view, he was almost definitely going to become overweight if Zhizhi continued like this. Although children with meat were very cute, being overweight could affect their health.

Zhizhi, who heard these words, felt like he had been hit by a bolt from the blue. His face was full of disbelief.

“Teacher An An is right, you are about to become a pig.” Xiao Qi looked at his son with disgust. Recently, this guy has not only gained weight but also always fights with him for attention from his wife. It really upset him.

Zhizhi was hit hard, he cried out in sorrow, crying heartbroken.

Xiao Qi didn’t expect that he would make Zhizhi cry with just a word.

“Stop crying, so many people are watching.” Xiao Qi couldn’t keep looking at this anymore. He pulled Zhizhi up from the ground and patted him on the back with a disapproving look. Fortunately, the door of the classroom was cleaned regularly. If they were on the road outside, his clothes would definitely turn out gray.

Children didn’t care much about such things. He originally thought he was getting cuter, but he didn’t expect that he was actually just getting fatter.

Zhizhi slowly started crying as he realized this.

Just as Zhizhi was crying, Keke carried her small school bag and ran to Shen Muan: “Good morning, Teacher An An! ”

Hearing Shan Keke’s voice, Zhizhi swallowed and stopped crying. He grabbed Xiao Qi’s trousers and wiped all his tears and snot on it, trying to pretend that nothing happened.

This speed of change was staggering.

Xiao Qi took a step back in disgust, his gaze fell on the little girl who greeted Shen Muan. Just now, his son was crying so badly, but as soon as this little girl appeared Zhizhi stopped crying.

He seemed to understand something, he took out his mobile phone with a serious expression, and sent a message to his family group.

Xiao Qi: There is a girl Zhizhi likes!

After dropping the bomb, Xiao Qi stuffed his mobile phone back, and got ready to meet this little girl.

Shen Muan touched the small braid on Keke’s head, it could be seen that the person who tied the braid was very attentive. Shen Muan asked curiously, “Did your mother tie the braid for you?”

“No, Dad made it for me.” Keke touched her hair, smiling very brightly.

Zhizhi looked at Keke and then at Shen Muan. He was very entangled in his heart. Finally making up his mind, he threw himself into Shen Muan’s arms and had the back of his head face Keke.

“Just what are you doing?” Keke asked, she hasn’t even started acting yet, how can her little brother start before her?

Keke hadn’t completely dispelled her plan to accept a little brother. Although she hadn’t said anything yet, she had already circled Zhizhi as a candidate.

“I didn’t do anything.” Zhizhi desperately drilled into Shen Muan’s arms. His behavior was a sign of shyness in Xiao Qi’s eyes.

Xiao Qi took a serious look at Keke. He felt that his son wouldn’t be able to catch up with the little girl,  he was about to grow as fat as a gas canister. But it would be great if he could have another daughter with his wife.

Xiao Qi fantasized for a while of having a daughter who looked like his wife, he would be very happy, much better than he is now.

Keke thought Zhizhi was weird, but she didn’t dwell on it too much. She took out a storybook from her school bag and held it up: “Teacher An An, I brought my storybook. Today I will tell stories to the other children!” Shan Keke was very excited. She has been looking forward to this for a long time.

“That’s great.” Shen Muan glanced at the cover of the storybook, which read Snow White, so he readily agreed.

Keke jumped up excitedly holding the book. She took Zhizhi’s hand and entered the classroom happily. Zhizhi looked at Shen Muan to ask for help, but Shen Muan didn’t notice this.

Xiao Qi touched his chin and nodded in satisfaction. His son still has a bit of his demeanor. Letting the girl you like take the initiative to hold hands.

Xiao Qi couldn’t help but think back of the past.

Keke took Zhizhi’s hand and made him sit together with her. Zhizhi looked out and suddenly asked, “Why didn’t I see anyone send you here?”

“My Dad sent me and asked someone else to take me in.“ Keke put the storybook on the table, and then put down her school bag, “My father said that he was afraid of scaring the other children, so he just sent me to the door.”

Keke looked accustomed to this, and continued: “My father can at least scare a kindergarten kid, but your father can’t.” Keke thinks her father is amazing, little stars seemed to appear in her eyes.

“!!!” Zhizhi was frightened by Keke’s description. He couldn’t imagine how terrifying Keke’s dad must be to be able to scare a whole kindergarten.

Zhizhi’s courage that had finally been ignited was thus dispelled. It was very dangerous.

He felt that it was better for him to stay quiet.

When Chu Siyuan came, his face was full of displeasure, but Chu Yi acted like he didn’t see it.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan asked, pinching Chu Siyuan’s slightly bulging face.

“Nothing, I just educated him a little.” Chu Yi thought of the clay doll that was still in his bedroom, and his expression became more gentle.

Shen Muan didn’t ask much, he patted Chu Siyuan on the shoulder: “Go in, only Keke and Zhizhi are there.”

“OK.” Chu Siyuan pursed his mouth and nodded unhappily. Even if he saw Teacher An An, it still couldn’t heal his injured heart.

Seeing that Chu Siyuan was so spiritless, Shen Muan was a little worried, so he asked again: “What did he do? How did you educate him?”

Chu Yi was not as soft-hearted as Shen Muan. If he needed to teach Chu Siyuan a lesson, he would not be merciful at all. But now it was Shen Muan that asked the reason, Chu Yi thought for a while, and still decided to tell Shen Muan truthfully about the event.

Shen Muan shook his head helplessly. He knew that Chu Siyuan would be easily taught by such ways. Chu Siyuan was usually a good child, but he was also a mischievous child who sold his uncle at a critical moment.

He didn’t know who the child had learned from.

Chu Yi observed Shen Muan’s expression, making sure that he was not angry because of this matter. He doesn’t have Shen Muan’s good temper and patience in talking with children, so he was a little afraid that his way of handling things will make Shen Muan feel unhappy.

But his worries seemed superfluous.

Shen Muan has never used his own habits as a basis for others, as long as it wasn’t a matter of breaching his principles, he could generally accept it.

Everyone had a different way of educating their children, and it was disrespectful of him to point fingers at others saying their way of education was wrong.

However, Shen Muan was still a little worried that this would affect the relationship between Chu Yi and Chu Siyuan.

But Chu Yi didn’t care about this: “I don’t expect him to like me, it’s better as long as you like me.” It sounded like a joke, but Chu Yi said it quite seriously. If this was possible, it would be great.

Chu Yi’s words amused Shen Muan. He smiled and said, “I do quite like you.” Shen Muan really liked Chu Yi. He thinks this person is interesting and suitable for making friends.

But what Shen Muan didn’t know was that people who he thought were easy to get along with were not like this at all in front of others.

Chu Yi understood what Shen Muan meant, but he didn’t care. The favorability could be accumulated little by little, it was impossible to fill it all at once. Chu Yi not only understood the truth of slowly boiling frogs in warm water, but also mastered it thoroughly.

Although Chu Siyuan had entered the classroom, Chu Yi was not in a hurry to leave. Instead, he stood next to Shen Muan chatting with him casually and also accompanied him in welcoming the children.

“You have to send Siyuan to school every day, is it tiring?” Shen Muan smiled and waved to a passing child from another class. He was a little curious, because in the setting of the book, the Chu family was one of the top consortia. As the future ruler of the Chu family, was he still so free he could send Chu Siyuan to kindergarten every day? Shen Muan felt quite surprised about this.

“Not tired, it’s just a trivial matter.” Chu Yi looked at the young man next to him, the corners of his lips slightly raised. Naturally, he could ask the driver to deliver Chu Siyuan, but he still thought it would be better for him to come himself.

“Children cannot be ignored.” Chu Yi said very seriously.

Hearing this sentence, Shen Muan couldn’t help but laugh: “You are right, but now few parents can accompany their children. Most of the ones who accompany the children are the elderly who stay at home.” Shen Muan couldn’t help but think of a child he knew before. It was sad thinking about Mom and Dad like this, parents just wanted to give their children the best things they could, but they forget that the most important thing to do is to accompany and spend time with them.

“I hope they can grow up happily.” Shen Muan looked at the group of children who were still ignorant, and said sincerely.

“They will.” Chu Yi said confidently.

No matter what words came out of Chu Yi’s mouth, there seemed to be a sense of conviction.

“By the way, do you remember White Gloves hiding in my arms when we met the other day?“ Shen Muan felt that he shouldn’t discuss too serious topics now, so he changed his words, “I took it back home.”

Of course, Chu Yi still remembered the little black and white cat: “I remember, it didn’t run away.” That was the first little cat who saw him and didn’t run, but instead drilled into Shen Muan’s arms.

“When you are free, do you want to go to my house to see it?” Shen Muan thinks that maybe his physique can neutralize Chu Yi’s physique, so that the small animals won’t be afraid of him, right?

“OK.” Chu Yi nodded, this was another opportunity.

At the same time, Xiao Qi’s phone has been blown up by the people at home. Everyone was asking which kid Zhizhi likes, is she cute? They also want to see it!

Xiao Qi: …..It was only now that he felt his family were really so gossiping.

He just… made a joke.

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