Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Lollipop

The children were all sitting in their seats, two or three of them got together and talked about what happened yesterday.

Every day they share a lot about things at home, just as they share things about kindergarten at home.

It’s time for class.

Shen Muan clapped his hands and attracted the attention of all the children. He asked knowingly: “Which child’s turn is it to tell a story today?”

“It’s my turn!” Keke held the storybook in one hand and held her other hand high. Her eyes were bright, as if there were small stars in it.

Keke has been looking forward to this day for a long time. Just for today, she had gone through the books in her bookcase several times. She liked to listen to her father tell fairy tales the most. Every night, her father would tell her bedtime stories, so today she also wanted to tell bedtime stories to everyone!

Keke wanted to share with everyone what her father told him.

She also wanted everyone to know that although her father looked a bit scary, he was actually a very kind person.

“Then, let’s have Keke to tell us a story today.” Shen Muan’s voice was relaxed and pleasant, he could mobilize everyone’s attention very easily.

“Okay~” the children said in unison, and their eyes all fell on Keke.

Keke happily walked to the middle of the blackboard with the storybook in her arms, and Shen Muan sat down in Keke’s place.

Keke could feel that everyone’s eyes were focused on her, but she was not shy at all and was even generous. With her gestures, you could sense her high level of self-confidence.

Zhizhi moved the stool and wanted to get closer to Shen Muan, but Chu Siyuan beat him to it.

“Stop playing, Keke is going to start telling the story.“ Shen Muan stretched out his hand and patted the two of them on the top of their heads, “Be attentive.” ”

Keke opened the storybook. Although she had heard the story about Snow White many times, she still liked to look at the book. If only the pictures in the book weren’t too small, she would also like other children to see the pictures with her.

“The story I am going to tell today is the story of Snow White that my father often tells me.” Keke said, “My father tells me a bedtime story every day. Today I want to tell this story to everyone.” ”

Shen Muan immediately took the lead in applauding, and the children applauded together.

After calming down, Keke began to tell the story of Snow White.

“A long, long time ago…there was a king…”

Although everyone has heard the story of Snow White, the children in the entire classroom listened to Keke’s story very quietly, and no one interjected or made any noise.

The whole classroom could only hear the voice of Keke telling a story.

Keke spoke very seriously, and everyone listened attentively. The entire classroom was in a very harmonious atmosphere.

“In this way, the prince and Snow White lived happily together.” After Keke finished telling the story, she closed the storybook, feeling a little more happy.

“Keke is great.”

There was applause in the classroom, and everyone was very excited.

Shen Muan stood up and gave Keke her seat back. He walked to the front and clapped his hands: “Isn’t what Keke said great?”

“Great!” The children replied in unison.

“Then let’s look forward to it next time. Will Keke tell us a new story again? “Shen Muan said.

“Okay~” The children were very enthusiastic.

Shen Muan took out a small star hairpin and placed it on Keke’s head. This was a reward for the children. The rewards for boys and girls are different, and the kindergarten will change different rewards every month.

Although it wasn’t a valuable thing, the teacher’s rewards and affirmation made the children very happy. This was completely different from the feeling of being rewarded by mom and Dad at home.

Keke touched the little star hairpin on her head, and happily returned to her seat holding the storybook. She felt as if she was a bit taller.

She had a different feeling!

Keke was very satisfied with the storytelling this time, and she had already begun to consider what story to tell next time.

Xiaoyi looked at the hairpin on Keke’s head with some envy. When Shen Muan asked which child would tell the story tomorrow, Xiaoyi stood up directly, holding her hand high, for fear that Shen Muan would not see her urgency. .

“Then Xiaoyi, okay?” Shen Muan looked at Xiaoyi’s appearance and chose Xiaoyi.

Other children wouldn’t be upset even if they weren’t selected. They were happy to tell stories, but they were more willing to listen to the stories. 

Chu Siyuan looked around him. He rarely listened to bedtime stories, and there were no story books at home. Teacher An An said that all the children would take turns to tell. Should he ask his uncle to tell him a bedtime story?

He couldn’t imagine Chu Yi telling him a bedtime story. He felt that his uncle would stay sitting at his bed and he wouldn’t be able to sleep. In fact, Chu Siyuan could usually fall asleep no matter who sat next to him.

After Xiaoyi got this opportunity, she immediately began to think about what story she should tell. She must tell a different one! When facing Keke, Xiaoyi had an inexplicable sense of crisis. She always felt that if she let it go like this, her position in Teacher An An’s mind would not be preserved.

Shen Muan probably didn’t expect that a kindergarten child would think so much, but children always had some inexplicable intuitions.

Although it was impossible to say that people’s hearts could be completely unbiased, in Shen Muan’s heart, every child was unique and no one could replace them.

After the storytelling, Shen Muan took them to play games together.

The whole classroom was full of laughter, and everyone had a great time.

The Principal secretly watched through the window. Sure enough, he didn’t read wrongly. Shen Muan was really suitable to be a kindergarten teacher.

Responsible, attentive, and had a natural affinity for children.

The Principal of the kindergarten took a fancy to these qualities, and tried to invite Shen Muan to be a teacher. After all, Shen Muan’s original major was not a kindergarten teacher.

He feels very proud that he was able to dig him over.

For this reason, he also specially paid Shen Muan a higher salary.

Shen Muan found that the Principal was outside, he smiled and said hello to him, then continued to play games with the children.

Children always seem to have unlimited vitality. After charging for five minutes, they can stand by for a long ten hours.

This kind of excess energy gives the parents an extreme headache.

Since they are tired from working all day and when they go home, they don’t have much energy to play with their children.

Even if the children play in kindergarten for the entire day, you can’t completely drain the children’s energy.

After having the children consume a little more energy, Shen Muan began to teach them some simple knowledge.

Although everyone lived in the city now, Shen Muan didn’t want the children to eat only rice, and not even know where it came from.

He remembered that there was once a child who thought that vegetables grew in the supermarket and strawberries grew on trees.

Although it may be that the children themselves made it a little fantasy, Shen Muan felt that this should not be the case.

At the very least, he should let the children know more about common things.

After speaking, Shen Muan arranged a homework assignment for the children to bring a seed and grow them.

Every child could choose a plant they want to grow and keep them next to the small zoo.

The children became very active. They had not grown anything by themselves so they were excited and eager to try.

If it weren’t for the lack of seeds and tools now, they wouldn’t even be able to wait to do it.

Shen Muan spent most of the day in class, and the rest of the time was handed over to Teacher Xia.

Shen Muan returned to the office, and as soon as he sat down, he sent a message to Shen Fangqi.

Within two minutes of the message, his brother called.

“Who did you invite over?” Shen Fangqi held the mobile phone in one hand and a lollipop in the other. It was given to him by a child they rescued at the scene of a murder. The wrapping paper was still stained with blood.

“Yes, what’s wrong with you?” Shen Muan heard a sense of exhaustion in Shen Fangqi’s voice, and was a little worried. Did something happen again?

Shen Fangqi leaned back in the chair, looked at the police badge on the computer screen, and his tone was a little low: “I saved a child at the scene of a murder today, and he gave me a lollipop.” Shen Fangqi didn’t get into too much detail. This is not the first time he has seen such a crime scene, but every time something like this happens, he always feels distressed.

He still remembered what the child looked like when he found him. He was hiding in the trash in the kitchen.

The entire storefront was destroyed and out of shape, and the child’s parents were also tragically killed.

The murderer’s motive was because of a quarrel with the child’s father. The more he thought about it after returning, the angrier he became, so he took a knife, killed the husband and wife, and then ran away.

The child was hidden in the trash can by his mother, he didn’t make a sound or even cry as the police found him.

“He’s only five years old, I want to take him home first…” Shen Fangqi hesitated, but he couldn’t help but worry about the child.

“Bring him back.” Shen Muan agreed without hesitation, “You found him, and he will definitely feel safer following you than following others.”

“Does he have any other family?” Shen Muan asked.

“There are still his grandparents.” Shen Fangqi looked at the information on the table. He could never understand why some people could kill others for such ridiculous reasons.

Life was so heavy and important.

Why was it so unworthy in the eyes of some people?

It was just a simple quarrel, but it ruined two families.

What about the child?

Because Shen Fangqi wanted to bring the child back, Shen Muan temporarily postponed his invitation for Chu Yi.

He had never been in contact with children who had experienced these things before, and Shen Muan didn’t know how to treat the only survivor.

Such a young child, after going through this, how scared and helpless would he be feeling at this time.

Shen Muan understood the truth very early.

You could treat the world with kindness, but the world may not repay you the same way.

We are all human beings, please be kinder…

TL Note: The child is so pitiful (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) Imagining the lollipop with traces of blood on it makes me even sadder (つд⊂)

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