Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Little Bear Doll

It was a small restaurant. Although it wasn’t that large, the owner’s family lived happily every day.

No one would have thought that a simple quarrel would cause such serious consequences.

The usually clean restaurant was in a chaotic state right now. There were blood stains splattered on the ground and walls. If you went inside, you would find that the blood stains were concentrated at the door of the kitchen.

The couple in this shop were brutally hacked to death by the murderer at the entrance of the stairs and at the entrance of the kitchen.

Until they died, they fought to keep their eyes open, as if wanting to write down the appearance of the murderer.

When Shen Fangqi arrived with his people, the couple had already died due to excessive blood loss. They carefully inspected the scene and took pictures for evidence.

The forensic doctor carefully turned over the woman who died at the door of the kitchen, he found that the other party was holding a photo frame tightly in her arms, inside was a family portrait.

“There is also a child!” The forensic doctor had already seen the scene. They only found two corpses. Both corpses belonged to adults, there was no child!

Hearing the words of the forensic doctor, the police hurriedly searched the shop. They were very anxious, and eager to find the little boy in the photo.

Finally, Shen Fangqi found him in the trash can in the kitchen.

The little boy in the photo had broken black hair and big cat eyes. He didn’t cry, didn’t make trouble, and didn’t even make a sound.

Shen Fangqi carefully picked him up from the trash can. He hugged the child and patted the boy lightly on the back. The boy’s body was very stiff, even if the person holding him was a policeman, he was still very scared.

“Don’t be afraid, we are here to save you.” Shen Fangqi hugged the little boy and had him turn his back to the kitchen door to prevent him from seeing the corpses of his parents.

But the boy seemed to know something. Before he could turn to look back clearly, he was blinded by Shen Fangqi. Shen Fangqi was afraid that if the boy saw this scene it would become a nightmare for him for the rest of his life.

Because his eyes were suddenly covered, the boy was taken aback. He turned back and took Shen Fangqi’s hand off. Seeing that he could not see what was behind him, Shen Fangqi allowed the boy to move.

The boy took out a lollipop from his pocket, with a trace of blood on it.

Shen Fangqi’s heart felt extremely sad in an instant.

Overnight, this child lost his parents, his home, and everything else.

It seems that because Shen Fangqi was the one who picked him out of the trash can, the boy felt dependent on Shen Fangqi. Shen Fangqi temporarily served as the boy’s temporary father.

He handed over the task of investigating to the other police officers, and took the boy to the hospital for a physical examination to confirm that there was no problem except for being overwhelmed by fright.

But the boy resisted the psychiatrist very much, even his grandparents who came immediately, wasn’t given any attention.

Because the boy’s reaction was too strong, Shen Fangqi took the boy back to the Public Security Bureau. After discussions between the Bureau and the child’s grandparents, they agreed that Shen Fangqi could temporarily take him back to take care of for a period of time.

Seeing the little child in his arms, Shen Fangqi couldn’t help but feel soft.

He suddenly thought of his childhood.

At that time, he still had a younger brother, who was his support.

Who can this child rely on now?

“Don’t be afraid, would you be okay with staying at my house for a while?” Shen Fangqi said to the boy. Although the other party did not give him any response, Shen Fangqi did not feel unhappy, but became more gentle and attentive.

The boy sat on the co-pilot seat with his black eyes open and kept looking out the window.

In fact, he should’ve sat in the back, but Shen Fangqi was uneasy, so he let the boy sit in the co-pilot and fastened his seat belt.

Along the way, the boy still kept silent.

No matter what Shen Fangqi said, he still didn’t respond, which made Shen Fangqi very worried.

Crying was the most common way for children to vent their emotions. Parents weren’t that afraid of their children making trouble, but they are afraid that their children would endure it without saying a word, and it will affect their lives in the end.

When he was around ten minutes away from home, Shen Fangqi sent a message to Shen Muan.

When Shen Muan received the news, he was buying a change of clothes in a child’s clothing store for the boy Shen Fangqi mentioned. He ran to the mall after getting off work and bought some daily necessities that the child would need.

After buying the clothes, Shen Muan wanted to carry things back, but on the way he saw a light brown bear in the window of a toy store with a black bow tie around its neck.

He didn’t know why but Shen Muan thought buying the little bear was a good idea.

By the time he got home, Shen Fangqi and the boy had already arrived.

The boy sat on the sofa with his eyes looking at White Gloves lying in front of the TV, the cat looked very lazy. It twisted his body into a very strange posture and stared at the boy.

Shen Fangqi took a look, and simply put White Gloves directly in front of the boy: “This is White Gloves, my brother’s cat.” Although he does almost all the work of feeding, bathing, and shoveling shit, this cat was indeed raised by Shen Muan.

The boy subconsciously moved to the side. Even if White Glove was a cat, he had to keep a safe distance from it.

In this room, Shen Fangqi was the only one who could get close to him.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Shen Fangqi knew that Shen Muan had returned. He suddenly felt that the savior was here. But at the next moment, Shen Fangqi noticed that the boy’s demeanor was strange, as if it was caused by the sound of the door opening.

“Don’t be afraid.” Shen Fangqi stretched out his hand and patted the boy on the back, trying to comfort him.

Shen Muan put everything at the door. He noticed the boy as soon as he entered the door, but he didn’t go over to say hello or say anything first. As usual, he put down his things and went to the kitchen to wash his hands. When he came out, he held two bottles of soda in his hand.

Shen Muan sat on the sofa very naturally. He put the soda on the coffee table and turned on the TV, as if he hadn’t noticed the boy.

His series of actions made the boy who had been nervous relax a little bit. He had been staring at Shen Muan. Shen Fangqi understood Shen Muan’s plan, and kept quiet the whole time, watching him make contact with the boy.

“Do you want to drink?” Shen Muan suddenly picked up another can of soda and handed it to the boy. He looked at the boy without impatience.

After about three or four minutes, the boy stretched out his hand, grabbed the soda, and took a sip very carefully.

This was a breakthrough, whether it was Shen Muan or Shen Fangqi, they were aware of this.

Seeing the boy’s movements, Shen Fangqi knew that he was right to bring the child back. Since the incident, the boy hadn’t said a word, and he also hadn’t eaten or drunk a mouthful of food and water.

The boy seemed to be really thirsty. After a few gulps of the soda that Shen Muan had given him, he put down the bottle with only a little bit left. Shen Muan brought him a glass of cold water.

The boy continued to hold the cup and drink water.

After about half an hour, Shen Muan suddenly said, “I’m hungry, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

The boy still didn’t answer. He touched his stomach and began to mutter.

Shen Muan didn’t care if he was willing to answer his words, and continued: “Shall we cook noodles today?”

The boy nodded without any comment.

“Then do you want one egg or two eggs?” Shen Muan asked again.

This time, the boy thought for a while and stretched out two fingers.

“Two eggs, do you want poached eggs or boiled eggs?” Shen Muan continued to ask.

The boy was taken aback for a moment. He gestured twice, but found that Shen Muan looked at him suspiciously, so he didn’t continue.

Shen Muan was not in a hurry, he went straight to the kitchen and started cooking noodles.

The boy could smell the scent from the kitchen while sitting on the sofa, which made him even more hungry. Shen Fangqi watched from the side, feeling a little more relaxed.

Thinking of his two eggs, the boy didn’t know if Shen Muan would make them for him. After struggling for a while, he quietly went to the kitchen.

Shen Fangqi wanted to stop him. He was afraid that the boy would recall what happened yesterday when he went to the kitchen, but the situation didn’t seem to be as bad as he thought.

The kitchen in their home was different from the kitchen in the restaurant.

Especially when the boy was very hungry.

The boy padded his toes, took a look, and found that Shen Muan was just cooking noodles, not eggs.

He grabbed the corners of Shen Muan’s clothes, looking a little eager.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan asked knowingly. He wanted the child to speak, so he deliberately pretended not to understand what the boy was talking about.

The boy gestured for a long time and found that Shen Muan still didn’t understand. In the end, he couldn’t bear the feeling of hunger and said the first word of the day.


The boy’s voice was a little dry. Although he had already drunk a lot of water, he had been thirsty for a long time, which made his throat a little uncomfortable.

“Ah, do you want eggs?” Shen Muan suddenly realized, and asked again, “Do you want poached eggs or boiled eggs?”

“Poached eggs.” The boy had become much more fluent in speaking this time. He resisted speaking at first because he was afraid. Now it seems that because of this his fear had been reduced, and…This person gave him a different feeling.

Seeing everyone in the kitchen White Gloves also wanted to go thinking that there was something delicious there. He wanted to drill inside, but Shen Fangqi grabbed his tail so he could only watch Shen Muan and the boy in the kitchen.

Shen Muan gave the boy a large bowl of noodles with two poached eggs on, it smelled delicious. Before Shen Muan could bring it to the table, the boy grabbed it with his hands and took a bite.

After a mouthful of noodles, the boy was stunned. He looked at the gentle young man in front of him, and suddenly… remembered his mother.

Tears gushed out of his eyes, and they fell on his body to the ground drop by drop.

From crying silently at the beginning to crying loudly at the end.

Hearing the boy’s cry, Shen Muan breathed a sigh of relief. He hugged the little guy in front of him: “It’s okay, Don’t be afraid, just cry… I’m here.”

“Don’t be afraid anymore, uncle and I will protect you. ”

“Don’t be afraid…”

The boy cried for a long time, he became very tired from crying, and still felt hungry. In the end he cried while eating noodles.

Shen Muan and Shen Fangqi had been watching from the side.

After eating, the boy fell asleep directly on the table.

Shen Muan carefully carried the boy back to his room and put him on the bed. He remembered the bear he bought today. He took it out of the bag, and put it next to the boy.

“Ruirui, good night and have a good rest.” Shen Muan gently kissed the boy on the forehead, and then quietly left the room.

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