Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – I Pulled it

“He fell asleep.” Although he was already outside, Shen Muan subconsciously lowered his voice.

Shen Fangqi breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, you are here. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I think he’s in better condition.” Shen Muan was still a little worried, but it was a good thing the child was finally able to cry and express himself.

Shen Fangqi nodded, and suddenly asked, “Would you like something to eat? I will make it for you.”

“I have no appetite, I will sit here for a while and look after him.” Shen Muan poured himself a glass of water. He hasn’t been able to take a sip of water for a while now.

“Has the murderer been caught?” Shen Muan took the cup and asked Shen Fangqi with his back facing him.

Shen Fangqi answered, “I caught him. The other killed the people due to his passion. So it was easy to catch him. He also confessed to what he did.” Thinking of the man crying bitterly, Shen Fangqi felt it was a little ridiculous.

No matter how regretful the other party was, no matter how painful he felt, it wouldn’t recover the lives of the people that had already passed.

And that innocent child…

What did he do wrong?

The matter has reached the point where it was irreparable, no matter how much the child apologized, no matter how much he wept, it was all useless.

It was a deliberate killing.

Shen Muan thought for a while and said, “Why don’t I take a day off tomorrow? It’s not good to leave him alone at home, and I can’t take him to kindergarten without the consent of the principal.”

“Is it okay?” Shen Fangqi asked.

“It’s okay.” Shen Muan shrugged his head, he was worried about the child.

After confirming their plans, Shen Muan asked for a day off. Although the principal said that Ruirui could be taken to the kindergarten, Shen Muan felt that he still had to observe the child’s condition first before considering this.

Although there were many children in the kindergarten, it was a new environment.

If he wanted Ruirui to adapt, he shouldn’t suddenly bring him to a new environment where the child could feel more estranged.

Moreover, Shen Muan was a little worried that Ruirui would be stimulated by the unintentional actions of other children.

So it was better to observe him at home first.

Ruirui slept soundly, but even in the state of sleeping, his brows were scrunched together.

Even as he slept, he couldn’t forget about it.

Shen Muan took a book and sat by the bed reading through it. From time to time, he checked Ruirui’s status.

Ruirui was still asleep but suddenly began to sob in a low voice. Shen Muan put the book aside when he heard this, and laid down next to the boy. He hugged him in his arms and patted him gently on the back.

Shen Muan hummed some nursery rhymes softly, trying to dispel Ruirui’s nightmares with his singing.

After a while, Ruirui calmed down. He curled up in Shen Muan’s arms, and held his clothes tightly, refusing to let go.

Smelling the faint scent of Shen Muan’s body, Ruirui didn’t have any more nightmares. He could feel that someone was with him.

Shen Muan continued to pat Ruirui lightly on the back, and slowly, he couldn’t help but yawn and fell asleep.

Shen Fangqi ran over in the middle of the night to take a look at the big and small people on the bed, he left after confirming that there was nothing abnormal.

After falling asleep like this, they slept until dawn.

Xiaoyi got up very early today. She asked her mother to change her into a beautiful little skirt and tie her hair into a beautiful pigtail, so that she could finally go to class and tell her story.

Yesterday, in order to find a fairy tale that no one has heard of, she went through all the storybooks in her family’s shelves. As a result, she still didn’t find a storybook that no one had heard of. For this reason, she was a little sullen.

After Xiaoyi’s mother learned of her daughter’s thoughts, she suggested: “Why don’t you think of a story by yourself, so that no one else has heard of it? ”

Xiaoyi thought this method was very good, she thought this would surely win over Keke. But what kind of story should she tell? This made Xiaoyi feel a little worried. She had never made up a story by herself. 

This was a great challenge for Xiaoyi. But she didn’t feel afraid, instead she felt excited.

Although she hasn’t thought about a story yet, Xiaoyi had already imagined what kind of expression Shen Muan would have after hearing the story she told! 

Teacher An An would definitely praise her for being very good and smart.

With this idea in mind, Xiaoyi discussed with her mother for a long time before making up a story. But when she arrived at the kindergarten, she learned from Teacher Xia that Teacher An An had asked for leave today…

After learning the news, Xiaoyi hugged the picture book that she and her mother had painted together, her eyes turned slightly red, and tears uncontrollably came out.

She had been preparing for a long time, but Teacher An An asked for leave. Xiaoyi didn’t cry hysterically, she sat in her place and cried in a low voice. 

Teacher Xia comforted her for a while, but it still didn’t work.

In the end, Chu Siyuan leaned into Xiaoyi’s ear and said a few words before she stopped crying.

Keke kept staring at Xiaoyi. She didn’t understand, Teacher An An had only asked for a day off. Why was Xiaoyi’s reaction so great?

Does Xiaoyi like to cry?

With this thought in her mind, Keke suddenly stretched out his hand and pulled Xiaoyi’s braids. Xiaoyi covered her pigtail in horror: “What are you doing? ”

“Won’t you cry anymore? “Shan Ke asked.

Xiaoyi wiped the tears that hadn’t dried on her face, she felt very awkward. How could she cry in front of Keke?

“You look pretty when you cry.” Shan Keke asked again very seriously, “Are you really not crying anymore?” ”

“Okay, okay, kids, let’s start class.” Teacher Xia heard Keke’s question and quickly diverted the children’s attention.

She was afraid that Xiaoyi would cry again if they went on like this. She was not as good as Shen Muan, she could still coax the child well if she said she could.

But in this kindergarten, only Shen Muan could coax the children quickly. He was the most patient person among them.

Shen Muan, who was at home at this time, didn’t know what had happened. When he woke up, Ruirui was already awake.

“Good morning Ruirui.” Shen Muan gave Ruirui a good morning kiss, his eyes were still covered with mist, and his voice was a little low.

Ruirui looked at Shen Muan, and then responded to him after a while: “Good morning.”

“Ruirui, would you like something to eat?” Shen Muan sat up and tried to sober up. He turned off all the alarm clocks yesterday, for fear of waking Ruirui up.

Unexpectedly, Ruirui woke up earlier than him.

“Eggs.” Ruirui replied.

“Okay, let’s wash first.” Shen Muan turned to change Ruirui’s clothes.

Ruirui was very obedient, obedient like a doll.

If you asked him to raise his hand, he would raise his hand, and if he asked him to raise his foot, he would raise his foot.

After this kind of thing happened, it was not easy to get out.

Ruirui’s condition today was much better than yesterday, at least Ruirui responded to him.

After changing Ruirui’s clothes, Shen Muan wanted to help him get a pair of slippers. As soon as he turned around, he felt a slight sense of resistance.

Ruirui grabbed Shen Muan’s clothes and looked at him nervously.

“Should I carry you to wash?” Shen Muan smiled. He opened his arms, and Ruirui obediently leaned over and hugged Shen Muan’s neck.

Shen Muan carried Ruirui to the bathroom. Ruirui hugged him very tightly, which made Shen Muan feel a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t say a word.

He knew that Ruirui was still in a state of alert, and wanted to gain a sense of security from him.

At this time, Shen Muan could only try his best to give this to Ruirui.

White Gloves found that Shen Muan and Ruirui were up. He ran to Shen Muan’s feet excitedly, meowing non-stop, as if he was trying to accuse Shen Fangqi of being too rough with him.

“This is White Gloves. He is almost one year old, so you can treat him as a younger brother.” Shen Muan squatted down with Ruirui in his arms and introduced him to White Gloves.

Children were curious about animals, and Ruirui was no exception. He reacted strangely yesterday because he was too scared.

But today, he had Shen Muan.

Ruirui looked at Shen Muan, and with his encouragement, he stretched out his hand and touched White Gloves.

White Gloves was very good today. At first, he asked the other to touch his back, but after a while, he turned over and asked Ruirui to touch his stomach.

Taking advantage of Ruirui touching the cat, Shen Muan quickly washed his face.

As soon as he splashed water on his face, he heard the screams of White Gloves.

Shen Muan wiped his face unscrupulously with the tissue paper. When he looked over, he found that White Gloves was hiding behind the door with its tail between his hind legs.

Ruirui looked dumbfounded, as if the cat’s reaction hadn’t registered with him yet.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan was also a little confused.

Ruirui pointed to White Gloves and said, “There are two round things under the cat’s as*. ”

“…” Shen Muan seemed to understand something, “Ruirui, did you pull it?”

“After I pulled, it ran away.” Ruirui looked at his hand as he spoke.

“…” Shen Muan didn’t know if he should feel sorry or laugh at White Gloves.

The cry of White Gloves became a trauma. As long as Ruirui approached, it ran away. This made Ruirui a little sad.

Shen Muan grabbed Ruirui and washed his hands, he then took the canned cat food, opened it and put it in Ruirui’s hand.

“It’s okay, just give White Gloves some food, and don’t grab those round things again. “Shen Muan said to Ruirui.

Ruirui nodded as if he understood, he held the food in his hand, waiting for White Gloves to be delivered to his door automatically.

With the support of the small group of cats he saw the other day, Shen Muan was already thinking about finding a time to neuter White Gloves.

Looking at Ruirui, who was gradually getting better, Shen Muan’s heart was finally able to let go a little bit.

He couldn’t change the results, he just hoped that his efforts would get Ruirui through this troubled time.

No one wanted to see a child ruin himself because of another person’s mistakes. And this was the only thing Shen Muan could do, he couldn’t do anything else. Sometimes, it was such powerlessness that made people feel frustrated.

But he will do his best to get this child out of the shadows…

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