Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Self-love

Shen Muan only took one day off, the next day he took Ruirui to the kindergarten with him.

While Shen Fangqi went to help Ruirui’s grandparents deal with the aftermath of everything that happened. The old man’s eyes were flushed due to crying. If it weren’t for his grandson, they would probably have lost the motivation to live.

Shen Fangqi couldn’t bear to look at their painful appearances, no matter how others persuaded him into being resistant to these kinds of things, it was useless.

He just hoped they could become stronger, after all, there was still Ruirui.

Grandpa Gu had pale hair, he walked on crutches, stumbling. He was holding onto his wife. Although he didn’t cry, anyone could see the despair in his expression at a glance.

“What should we do with Ruirui?” Grandma Gu couldn’t stop worrying about her little grandson. She still remembered Ruirui’s state on the day of the incident. She and Grandpa Gu didn’t have many more years left. When they die, who would take care of Ruirui?

Grandpa Gu understood his wife’s worries, they were too old. But they were not at ease in handing over Ruirui to their other relatives.

“You said… Can Ruirui stay with Officer Shen from now on?” Grandma Gu asked in a low voice. Although she wanted to take care of Ruirui, they were old and powerless.

“How can we keep bothering Officer Shen.” Grandpa Gu immediately vetoed Grandma Gu’s idea, “Officer Shen we’ve troubled you with a lot of things now. We already owe you too much…”

It wasn’t that Grandpa Gu hadn’t thought about Grandma Gu’s idea, but how could they cause trouble to Police Officer Shen, who had been helping them all this time? Officer Shen was still so young and wasn’t even married yet. If he takes in a child, it will definitely affect his future.

They couldn’t do this.

But what will happen to Ruirui?

Grandpa Gu suddenly felt regret, he shouldn’t have been so stubborn when he was young, and quarreled fiercely with his relatives. It was unexpected that things would come this far, and now it was very difficult to find a relative for help.

He had already offended them all.

“Oh, it was all my fault…” Tears gushed from the old man’s eyes, he was now extremely regretful and kept on blaming himself.

“It’s not your fault.” Grandma Gu hugged the old man, “We have to work hard to live a few more years and take good care of Ruirui.” Despite this, Grandma Gu also knew that their health was getting worse and worse now, it’s unknown how long they had left.

She only hoped that before they die, Ruirui could find a home for himself and be able to live well.

Ruirui didn’t know all this happened while he was away. He was sitting in the back seat of a bicycle, holding Shen Muan’s waist with both hands. The breeze blew, and brought up some sand, but Ruirui still only looked at Shen Muan without even blinking.

Although he didn’t understand a lot of things, he knew that he had to hold on to this person tightly.

Because Shen Muan was different. This was his intuition as well as a premonition.

Soon, they arrived at the kindergarten.

After Shen Muan parked his bicycle, he carried Ruirui down.

Ruirui grabbed Shen Muan’s hand. He was a little nervous about this new environment, but because Shen Muan was here, he didn’t react excessively

Shen Muan took Ruirui’s hand and went to the Rose Class, all the children turned their heads in unison and looked at Ruirui.

Ruirui was more than a year older than the children in Rose Class. In addition, he was taller than children of the same age. Among the short children there, he stood particularly prominent.

“Do you want to be my little brother?” Keke suddenly stood up and said this. She noticed Ruirui as soon as he came in. She looked at him and saw that he was a good seedling to be a little brother!

Because of Keke’s words, the entire classroom fell silent in an instant.

Zhizhi moved to the side silently, and was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. It was the perfect time for this person to come!

Ruirui was a little confused, he subconsciously looked at Shen Muan and asked for his help.

Shen Muan thought that his last conversation with Keke had dispelled her idea of wanting to find a little brother, but he didn’t expect that not only did Keke not dispel the idea, but she even thought of compromising.

Keke firmly remembered that his father had told her that she couldn’t rely on superficial efforts to conquer a little brother, but she had to present some practical benefits.

“If someone bullies you, I can protect you, and I can also give you a little bit of my snacks. I still have…” Keke listed the benefits one by one.

Seeing that she still had plans to continue, Shen Muan quickly introduced Ruirui: “This brother will work as a little assistant for the teacher.” He is not for Keke to be a little brother.

“Eh…” Keke was a little disappointed, “Is he already Teacher An An’s little brother?” Keke liked Teacher An An, so she can’t grab Teacher An An’s people.

With that said, she nodded very seriously, and emphasized again: “Teacher An An, don’t worry, I will never rob a little brother if he’s with you!”

Shen Muan was a little speechless. Looking at Keke’s appearance, should he say thank you?

Shen Muan ended up not answering Keke’s exclamation. He changed the topic to another one. He felt that if he continued, his heart would not be able to take it.

The atmosphere in the classroom was very contagious, and Shen Muan spoke very well. All the children, including Ruirui, had their attention on Shen Muan.

This was the effect Shen Muan wanted to see.

Ruirui’s dependence on Shen Muan, coupled with Shen Muan’s special treatment of Ruirui, made Chu Siyuan a little jealous.

This person came out suddenly and snatched Teacher An An’s attention, Chu Siyuan felt threatened. His current thoughts were almost the same as Xiaoyi’s thoughts at the time.

Chu Siyuan felt that it shouldn’t go on like this, he needed to get the attention of Teacher An An!

“Teacher An An, I’m a little hungry.” After class, Chu Siyuan leaned next to Shen Muan and hugged his thigh. He complained using his soft voice.

Shen Muan touched Chu Siyuan’s hair: “You are hungry? Then the teacher will get you some fruit to ease your hunger first?” He touched Chu Siyuan’s belly with his hand, and was silent for an instant. 


“Could you bear it for a bit?” Shen Muan said with a changed mind, “Your belly is still a little bulging.”

Chu Siyuan realized that this wasn’t a good excuse, so he simply hugged Shen Muan’s leg and acted spoiled.

Ruirui had been watching from the side. He suddenly stretched out his hand and touched Chu Siyuan’s hair. Chu Siyuan stiffened instantly.

Ruirui felt it was quite comfortable to touch, so he continued to touch it.

Chu Siyuan became even more stunned, it was as if he had been petrified by Medusa. He hadn’t started trouble with this person yet, so why did he touch his head?

“You are not allowed to touch my head!” Chu Siyuan patted Ruirui’s hand away. They were not familiar with each other at all. Why would he touch his head!

“Why?” Ruirui blinked, somewhat puzzled why this younger brother was angry.

Chu Siyuan was speechless for a while. He couldn’t say that he hated him in front of Teacher An An, could he? Chu Siyuan thought for a while before he popped out: “My mother said that one wouldn’t when they are touched in the head all the time…”

As soon as Chu Siyuan’s words came out, Shen Muan looked at Ruirui subconsciously.

“My mother didn’t tell me that.” Ruirui retracted his hand, a little embarrassed.

Shen Muan was very surprised by Ruirui’s reaction. He thought Ruirui would give a big reaction, but it didn’t seem to be what he thought.

Ruirui’s attitude made Chu Siyuan a little lost. His previous plans were completely ruined. He ran back to his seat pretending that nothing happened just now.

Shen Muan looked at Ruirui’s expression and stretched out his hand to hold him. This was a strong child, but he didn’t want this child to be too strong.

“I’m here.” Shen Muan said these two words in Ruirui’s ear.

The two words completely shattered Ruirui’s psychological defense.

He hugged Shen Muan, and tears came out uncontrollably.

Ruirui knew that everyone was worried about him, and he didn’t want them to worry so much. So he kept fighting back and endured.

In any case, he was just a child.

Originally, he should be like other children, being happy and carefree every day.

But reality completely shattered this supposed happiness.

He still remembered his mother’s words before she left: “You can’t cry, you can’t be found.”

So until Shen Fang enlightened him, he didn’t cry, and was patient. After confirming his safety, he cried in front of Shen Muan at once.

And this was the second time.

Ruirui didn’t know why he cried so much, but he just wanted to cry.

The children in the classroom were a little confused, especially Chu Siyuan.

They didn’t know why Ruirui was crying.

Shen Muan asked another teacher to come over and watch the class for a while, then went out with Ruirui in his arms.

Chu Siyuan stood up, was it because of him that Ruirui cried? Chu Siyuan wanted to follow and have a look. He wondered if he should apologize to Ruirui.

But he didn’t do anything?

Could it be because he didn’t let him touch his hair?

Chu Siyuan’s was tangled and his face wrinkled together. He held a pen and kept scribbling on his notebook, thinking about the scene of Ruirui crying.

Seeing that Chu Siyuan kept moving, Zhizhi couldn’t help but poked his arm and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Leave me alone.” Chu Siyuan turned his head slightly and turned his back to Zhizhi.

Zhizhi scratched his hair, and didn’t plan to poke into other people’s business anymore, so he continued to play on his own.

Chu Siyuan had been thinking about Ruirui’s crying. He struggled for a long time, and finally found an opportunity to apologize to Ruirui.

“I’m sorry.”

Chu Siyuan suddenly apologized, leaving Shen Muan and Ruirui in a daze.

Ruirui’s crying eased a bit,  his eyes were already red.

Chu Siyuan apologized again: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made you cry… I didn’t expect you to be more childish than me.” Chu Siyuan’s words were much smoother this time.

Shen Muan understood what was going on. He smiled and pinched Chu Siyuan’s face and said, “Ruirui crying had nothing to do with you, it was because of other things. ”

“!!!!” Chu Siyuan was taken aback for a moment, then just now… why was he being affectionate???

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