Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Their Opponents

“What’s wrong with you?” Chu Yi poked Chu Siyuan’s face. Usually Chu Siyuan would’ve blown up by now with this level of teasing, but today he didn’t react at all.

Chu Siyuan was in no mood to pay attention to Chu Yi’s teasing, he felt that his self-esteem had taken a hit.

As soon as Shen Muan led Ruirui closer, Chu Siyuan subconsciously moved a few steps back, turning around so he wouldn’t face them.

Chu Yi saw this series of movements, and was a little curious about what happened today.

Shen Muan leaned into Chu Yi’s ear and whispered today’s events. As he relayed the story, Shen Muan almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing, but he was afraid that Chu Siyuan would be hurt more deeply, so he tried his best to hold back.

Children’s self-esteem was fragile.

After listening to what happened, Chu Yi wanted to laugh but Shen Muan grabbed at his neck and pulled him to the side. He did this because he didn’t want Chu Siyuan, who kept looking back and peeking, to see the expression on Chu Yi’s face.

Chu Yi was startled. He was left half leaning on Shen Muan because of the inertia. If he raised his head slightly, he would touch Shen Muan’s face. How should he react? He was not prepared for this.

He didn’t know if this was a good or a bad thing, but he knew that this was an opportunity. So Chu Yi decided to completely lean his head on Shen Muan’s shoulder, and he did this very naturally.

The warm breath blew over Shen Muan’s neck, making him shrink back subconsciously. He glanced at Chu Yi and asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable?” ”

“A bit.” Chu Yi said shamelessly. Displaying weakness was a good way to awaken the other party’s compassion.

Shen Muan touched Chu Yi’s forehead. There was no fever. He asked patiently, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m a little dizzy. It may be because I haven’t eaten yet and my blood sugar is low.” Chu Yi’s voice was a little low, he acted the feeling of discomfort really well.

Shen Muan had no suspicion that Chu Yi was pretending at all. He took a candy from his pocket, peeled it open and brought it to Chu Yi’s mouth. Shen Muan was used to taking care of children. He did these actions automatically. When he put the sugar in Chu Yi’s mouth, he realized that the other person wasn’t a child. Shen Muan was about to say that he would just give another one to Chu Yi, but he saw Chu Yi’s head lower, and put the candy directly in his mouth.

Shen Muan was surprised, but what happened after startled him more. Chu Yi wiped the saliva from his fingertips on his expensive suit.

“Very sweet.” Chu Yi smiled with the strawberry-flavored candy in his mouth.

“Your taste and Siyuan’s are really similar.” Shen Muan didn’t take what just happened seriously. When Chu Yi said it was so sweet, the first thing he thought of was Chu Siyuan.

“We’re not alike!“ Chu Siyuan has been awkward since the earlier incident. Seeing that his uncle kept sticking to Teacher An An, he couldn’t help but lean over and pull his uncle’s pants, “You let go of Teacher An An, Teacher An An belongs to me.”

After Chu Siyuan said these words, Ruirui immediately hugged Shen Muan: “Brother An An belongs to me.”

“No, he is mine.” Chu Yi also hugged Shen Muan’s waist. These children could really grab someone with such confidence.

Shen Muan sighed helplessly. He was very fortunate that most of the children around him had already gone home, otherwise what happened last time would most likely repeat, “Okay, let me go.”

“Uncle! You let go first!” Chu Siyuan said immediately.

“Why?” Chu Yi was not such a person who would easily give up. He would still do things that others would not let him do.

Chu Siyuan pondered for a while, but he could only come up with what he just said: “Because Teacher An An belongs to me. ”

“No.” Ruirui argued, “Brother An An belongs to me, we even slept together last night!”

“Even if you say that, I also slept with Teacher An An.” Chu Yi couldn’t help but laugh. He remembered the way Shen Muan sneaked away that day, he remembered it clearly.

Hearing this sentence, Shen Muan turned his head and looked into Chu Yi’s eyes fiercely: “How do you know?” He remembered that when he got up that day, Chu Yi and Chu Siyuan were both still sleeping!

Chu Yi smiled and kept silent.

Shen Muan’s calm mind was sent into disarray. He thought that he and his brother were the only ones who knew about this matter. He didn’t expect Chu Yi to have known since the beginning, and the other party never even mentioned anything about it.

Inexplicably embarrassing…

Shen Muan’s cheeks slightly flushed, his eyes were erratic, and his gaze wouldn’t fall on Chu Yi no matter where he looked.

“It was originally your room, so it’s normal to go back to your room subconsciously.” Chu Yi said as he read Shen Muan’s thoughts. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Shen Muan’s hair.

The black hair became a little messy, which made Shen Muan pat Chu Yi’s hand away in disgust: “My hairstyle’s going to be messed up by you. ”

Chu Yi smiled and said in a low voice, “Ah, sorry. It’s my fault. Let me invite you to dinner with this kid.”

Ruirui looked up at Chu Yi, then at Chu Siyuan, and nodded earnestly: “Siyuan and his father really look alike.”

“I’m his uncle.” Chu Yi looked down at this little guy. Why does he think that this kid said that on purpose?

When Chu Siyuan heard Ruirui’s words, he couldn’t help but dislike his uncle more: “My father is much more handsome than him, he is better in all ways than him. ”

“Grandpa said Uncle was a single dog.” Chu Siyuan crossed his arms, the disgust in his eyes was about to materialize.

Chu Yi also crossed his arms and asked rhetorically, “Aren’t you?”

“I… I’m still young!” Chu Siyuan’s expression turned worse but he finally found a perfect reason to counter his uncle.

Shen Muan shook his head. Everyone was single, why bother hurting each other here?

“Does Teacher An An have anyone he likes?” Chu Siyuan suddenly looked at Shen Muan pitifully, trying to get an answer from him.

This question from Chu Siyuan made Shen Muan the focus of everyone.

“None, I still prefer to play with the children.” Shen Muan hadn’t considered falling in love. Many people chased him in college, there were both men and women, but no one succeeded in tempting him.

Moreover, his reasons for rejecting them were different every time, some people even opened a special post to record down Shen Muan’s reasons for rejecting people.

Other students said they had learned it, but it didn’t come in handy for them.

Chu Siyuan consciously replaced the word children with his own name. He happily gave Shen Muan a hug: “I also like Teacher An An.”

Chu Yi found that his nephew was really shameless, which was exactly the same as his father.

Ruirui kept grabbing Shen Muan’s hand. He felt dislike for these two people very much. Why do they rob Brother An An’s attention from him?

Ruirui remembered what Shen Muan said.

“I’m here.”

“I will stay with you.”

“Ruirui don’t be afraid…”

Ruirui kept every word and the tone of every sentence firmly in his mind, it made him feel that he and Shen Muan would be inseparable.

“Okay, don’t make trouble anymore, let’s go eat.” Chu Yi picked up Chu Siyuan, regardless of his struggle. He looked at Shen Muan and asked, “Do you want to eat Chinese food or Western food?”

“Ask the two kids, I’m not a picky eater.” Even if it was debunked last time, when Shen Muan said this, he still didn’t feel guilty at all.

After all, that’s what he truly thought. Wasn’t it normal not to eat those scallions, ginger and garlic?

Chu Yi only wanted to invite Shen Muan to dinner. But still two little guys were hitchhiking, they had no choice.

“How about Chinese food?” Chu Yi suggested, “I know a shop that cooks dishes and dimsum very well, the children will like it very much.” ”

“Okay, what do you guys think?” Shen Muan had no opinion on this. After he agreed, he asked the two children for their opinions.

Needless to say, with Chu Siyuan, whatever Teacher An An said he would agree, and Ruirui was the same, focused on Shen Muan’s opinion.

It was supposed to be decided by everyone, but in the end it was solely based on Shen Muan’s decision.

“I sent a message to my brother.” Since he decided to eat dinner together, Shen Muan had to inform his brother first. Shen Fangqi would be embarrassed if he went back and found an empty table with nothing to eat.

“Then let’s go take my car.” Chu Yi took advantage of this opportunity to directly book the private restaurant he used to go to. It was opened by a friend of his, so when he needed he could reserve an exclusive place, and he could go at any time.

Chu Yi’s car was still the same one as before, but there was only one safety seat in his car which is Chu Siyuan’s exclusive position.

Chu Yi opened the trunk and took out another safety seat. He installed the safety seat very skillfully: “This one is adjustable. Children come and sit down. ”

Ruirui looked at the safety seat with some curiosity. He had never sat on this kind of seat when he was in a car.

Chu Siyuan usually climbed up by himself, but because Shen Muan was here today, he coquettishly asked Teacher An An to bring him up.

Shen Muan would usually agree with this kind of small request. He picked Chu Siyuan up and fastened the seat belts. He wanted to also help Ruirui up, but Chu Yi moved faster than him.

Ruirui felt a little uncomfortable sitting in the safety seat, but when he saw that Chu Siyuan, who was younger than him was also sitting in the safety seat, he kept silent and endured.

Because there were two safety seats in the back, Shen Muan sat in the front passenger seat.

As soon as he sat down, Shen Muan felt that the seat’s position was just right, and he didn’t need to adjust it.

“Fasten your seat belt and let’s go eat delicious food.” Chu Yi glanced at the message on his phone, but had no intention of replying.

Shen Muan fastened his seat belt and looked at the two children behind him through the rearview mirror. They seemed to be settled in, so he said to Chu Yi: “Let’s go. ”

Ruirui and Chu Siyuan glanced at each other. Both the little guys expressed dissatisfaction with their current positions. Why did Teacher An An sit in front?

The two looked in front at the same time, glaring at the man who was driving. They suddenly realized that their opponent should not be each other.

It was the weird pervert driving in front!

The author has something to say: Good night
TL Note: Good night to those who are off to sleep and good day to the rest! Nyaa~ Nyaa~

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