Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Give Me Another One

Shen Muan glanced at the rearview mirror and found that Chu Siyuan was staring fiercely at Chu Yi. But when Shen Muan turned around and looked back at Chu Siyuan, the child’s expression appeared to be completely different from before, he was just smiling at him.

Shen Muan turned to look at Ruirui, who sat there obediently, looking blank, as if his mind was completely empty.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Yi saw how Shen Muan kept looking back, he thought something was wrong.

“Nothing.” Shen Muan turned back to look upfront but glanced again at the rearview mirror. He saw Chu Siyuan’s expression change back to staring at his uncle fiercely, as if he was going to attack him any minute and find fault.

Chu Yi also glanced at the rearview mirror and found Chu Siyuan’s displeased appearance, he now knew why Shen Muan had been looking back just now.

After discovering this, Shen Muan glanced at the back from time to time. He kept turning to Chu Siyuan and smiling, in return, Chu Siyuan had to smile back .

After repeating this several times, Chu Siyuan felt tired, so he stopped staring at Chu Yi.

Ruirui watched as all of this happened. He had no relation with Chu Yi, so he couldn’t express his emotions as freely as Chu Siyuan. Ruirui quietly increased his vigilance in the bottom of his heart.

He knew that this man was not easy to provoke.

Ruirui noticed through the rearview mirror that Chu Yi was looking at him, he subconsciously dodged his gaze.

He didn’t like this man very much. Ruirui could feel a threatening air coming from Chu Yi. This intuition was like an animal’s intuition.

Ruirui felt that he had hidden his emotions well, but for Chu Yi, he could see through this kind of clumsy concealment technique at a glance. Though he didn’t really care. There were many people who hated him, even Chu Siyuan hated him.

Chu Yi didn’t care about these things.

The only thing he cared about was that Shen Muan couldn’t hate him. Of course, he won’t let there be an opportunity for Shen Muan to hate him.

Soon they arrived at the private restaurant that Chu Yi had booked. He parked his car and wanted to carry out Chu Siyuan, but was rejected.

Shen Muan put Ruirui down and said, “Siyuan?”

Hearing Shen Muan’s voice, although Chu Siyuan was a little reluctant, he obediently asked Chu Yi to get him down.

The place was just small simple house, the yard was full of flowers and plants, and the air was filled with the scent of flowers.

Ruirui grabbed Shen Muan’s hand and inched closer. He looked around curiously. He has never been to such a place before, it looked very different.

“You’re finally here.” A young man in casual clothes opened the door, he opened up his arms as if going to hug Chu Yi.

Chu Yi looked disgusted, and wanted to avoid it, but the other party passed him by. He saw that the other wanted to hug Shen Muan so he grabbed the young man by the collar.

“Hey hey hey, let go, what are you doing?” The young man hurriedly grabbed Chu Yi’s hand, as he was abruptly pulled back.

Shen Muan smiled and relaxed his clenched fists. If it wasn’t for Chu Yi stopping the opponent, he would’ve punched him already.

This was a conditioned reflex developed from many years of training.

“Don’t mess around.” Chu Yi let go of his hand, a warning tone laced in his words.

The young man rubbed his chin and looked at Shen Muan. It seemed he understood something as he nodded seriously. He stretched out his hand and greeted, “Hello, I am Wu Yang, the boss here.”

“Hello, Mr. Wu.” Shen Muan was holding a child so he couldn’t shake Wu Yang’s hand. He could only smile apologetically.

Wu Yang expressed his understanding and  bent down to touch Chu Siyuan’s head with his big hands: “Hey, it’s been a long time since I saw you, little friend Chu Siyuan, why are you suddenly so free and chose to come today?”

Wu Yang made Chu Siyuan’s hairstyle unrecognizable with only a few rubs.

Seeing that Chu Siyuan was about to cry, Shen Muan let go of Ruirui’s hand and stopped Wu Yang’s movements. He tugged Chu Siyuan closer to him and said, “Mr. Wu, Siyuan will be uncomfortable if you keep doing that.”

Without waiting for Wu Yang’s reply, Chu Yi stepped in: “You are bullying my nephew here. When my brother comes back, you will not be allowed to complain.”

When Chu Yi’s brother was mentioned, Shen Muan could clearly feel Wu Yang’s fear.

Ruirui looked at his hand that Shen Muan let go of and stood there in a daze, motionless.

Seeing that Chu Yi had suppressed Wu Yang, Shen Muan held Ruirui with his other hand.

Ruirui looked up at Shen Muan, wondering why Brother An An let go just now?

Why? Was it because of Chu Siyuan?

Ruirui’s gaze fell on Chu Siyuan, was it because he was younger than him?

“Okay, okay, no more talking and let’s go in.” Wu Yang waved his hand in displeasure, and walked back to the house.

“Let’s go.” Chu Yi said to Shen Muan.

Shen Muan nodded as they entered the house together.

As soon as he took a seat, Chu Yi found that Shen Muan was occupied by the two little guys on his left and right. Wu Yang almost laughed to death. It was really interesting that Chu Yi would also have this kind of day.

Usually Chu Yi showed an arrogant face towards everyone, whoever faced him would feel like they owed him 100 million yuan. Wherever he went, he was the center of attention, and others would’ve to accommodate him.

But when facing the two children, Chu Yi’s previous methods were all useless.

Wu Yang was afraid that he would be beaten if he laughed too loudly, so he roughly coughed twice: “I’ll go to the kitchen first, it will be served in a while. Please wait a moment.” After speaking, he quickly left and turned his back to Chu Yi, then began laughing.

As a good brother for many years, as long as Chu Yi was not happy, he would be happy.

With such a sincere friendship, Wu Yang even moved himself.

Ruirui sat on Shen Muan’s right, and Chu Siyuan sat on Shen Muan’s left. The two little guys threw themselves on Shen Muan as soon as they sat down. Their common goal against Chu Yi, made the two children able to live in peace for the time being.

Chu Yi poured water for the three. He felt that he made a mistake, they shouldn’t have brought the children with them. He should’ve asked his assistant to take the two little guys somewhere else and play.

“There is Lego here, do you want to go play?” Chu Yi tried to coax the two small light bulbs away with toys.

But these two small light bulbs were completely shameless. The two shook their heads at the same time and said in unison: “Don’t know how to play.”

This reason was really ingenious.

Chu Yi just wanted to coax the two of them away, he didn’t want to teach them to play, or have Shen Muan teach them.

“Isn’t it going to be dinner in a while?” Shen Muan said, “There’s no time to play, let’s go and wash our hands first.”

Chu Yi pointed to the direction of the bathroom, and watched Shen Muan take the two children to wash their hands. He felt more strongly that next time, he will surely schedule an appointment with Shen Muan alone.

Soon the three came back, the two little guys still had their hands raised, as if they were afraid of getting their hands dirty.

After a while, Wu Yang came out with two people carrying the food.

Wu Yang did not accept customers’ opinions in their orders here. He made the guests have whatever he serves them. They didn’t have a choice. Even if it was a good brother of his it was the same. However, as long as they told Wu Yang in advance what they don’t eat, he wouldn’t deliberately cook it so that food won’t be wasted.

Regarding the taste of his good brother, Chu Yi had already sent him a message before he came. Therefore, Wu Yang’s dishes this time were food that the people present would surely like.

As soon as he smelled the food, Chu Siyuan’s stomach began to grumble. Ruirui also raised his head to look at the food on the table, but Shen Muan and Chu Yi hadn’t started eating yet, so he obediently stayed still.

Wu Yang smelled his food and nodded in satisfaction. He sat down thinking he could join the group and have a meal but Chu Yi slapped the back of his hand with his chopsticks.

“I didn’t invite you to dinner.” There were already two small light bulbs here, Chu Yi didn’t want to add another light bulb, especially one so big.

“Hey, you, if you don’t finish everything here, the price is doubled today!” Wu Yang bounced up, put his chopsticks on the table, and left.

Shen Muan wanted to say that it was okay to eat together, but Chu Yi interrupted him: “You can start eating with the two children first. He is fine. He will be back in a while.”

“Ok.” Shen Muan nodded, not giving it much thought. After all, Chu Yi was more familiar with his  friend, so he didn’t need to meddle.

“What do you want to eat? Teacher An An can pick the food for you?” Shen Muan picked up the chopsticks and asked the children to choose what they liked to eat first.

Chu Siyuan wanted a little bit of everything, but Shen Muan was afraid that he would not be able to finish so much food, so he first picked a few dishes and asked him to eat slowly. Ruirui simply shook his head. He would eat whatever dishes Shen Muan wanted, he wasn’t picky with food at all.

Shen Muan rubbed Ruirui’s head with distress. It was rare for a child of this age to behave like this. Most children in this age were very naughty, and the more well-behaved Ruirui is, the more Shen Muan felt worried.

Such a young child, why did he have to go through such things?

Because Shen Muan was there, Chu Siyuan kept pestering him and asked him to help get the dishes for him.

Chu Yi couldn’t stand it anymore. He pulled Chu Siyuan over and asked him to sit upright: “I’ll give you what you want to eat.”

“I don’t want you to.” Chu Siyuan turned his head, wanting to continue sticking to Teacher An An.

Chu Yi wouldn’t let him be so spoiled: “If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat. If you keep sticking to An An, how can he eat?”

Shen Muan felt a little strange when he heard his name come out of Chu Yi’s mouth. To be honest, he was the only one who would call him An An directly. Now that he heard it from Chu Yi’s mouth, it felt a bit different.

Chu Siyuan was upset by this. Ruirui looked at him and wanted to comfort him, but he was ignored by Chu Siyuan.

“If you cry, you won’t be eating anything else tonight.” Chu Yi said coldly.

Shen Muan was taken aback, he did not understand how things suddenly developed like this.

“I want to call Grandma!” Chu Siyuan rubbed his eyes and said unhappily, “I want to complain to Grandma!”

Chu Yi sneered, he threw the phone to Chu Siyuan and said, “Go call.”

When Chu Siyuan heard this, he skillfully turned on the phone and dialed his grandmother’s number.

As soon as the call was connected, Chu Siyuan said full of grievance: “Grandma! I don’t want this uncle anymore. Give me another uncle!”

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