Villain in the Kindergarten
Villain in the Kindergarten Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – No

Chu Siyuan’s words instantly made everyone present laugh. His small face looked very serious as if he really wanted Grandma Chu to give him another uncle.

Shen Muan leaned his head on Chu Yi’s arm and his face bloomed with joy. Children were whimsical.

Chu Yi was also amused by Chu Siyuan. He wanted to hear what Chu Siyuan would say next. He moved closer to Shen Muan’s side so that he could lean on him more easily.

“Siyuan.” Ruirui wanted to tell Chu Siyuan that this was impossible.

But Chu Siyuan only held the phone and didn’t notice Ruirui at all.

An elderly but energetic male voice could be heard through the phone, it was Grandpa Chu.

“If possible, I also want your grandmother to give birth to another uncle, but we can’t do it anymore.” Grandpa Chu sighed deeply, he wanted to continue talking but his little grandson suddenly responded.

“Grandpa, where’s Grandma?” Chu Siyuan asked.

Grandpa Chu was dumbfounded, what happened? Why do you only look for grandma? Can’t you come to find Grandpa at least once?

Although his inner emotions were in turmoil, on the surface Grandpa Chu was still the same as usual. He leaned back in his chair and said, “Your grandma went to the hot spring.”

“Oh.” Chu Siyuan hung up the phone in frustration. He failed to file a complaint this time.

Grandpa Chu, who was about to continue chatting with his grandson, found that the phone had already been hung up. He stared at the black screen of the phone, dazed.

Was grandpa only a tool for finding grandma?

Chu Siyuan returned the phone to Chu Yi. He wanted to lean on Shen Muan’s arms, but he failed to estimate the distance between himself and Teacher An An, so he fell directly to the side.

Shen Muan and Chu Yi grabbed Chu Siyuan’s arms at almost the same time. The two reacted very quickly. As Chu Siyuan was pulled up, he was still in a daze.

“Be careful.” Chu Yi pinched Chu Siyuan’s fleshy arm, it was quite comfortable to hold.

Ruirui leaned forward and patted Chu Siyuan on the back: “Brother, be careful.” 

Chu Siyuan awkwardly said thank you. Although his voice was very low, Ruirui still clearly heard it.

Wu Yang took out a piece of paper and wiped away his tears from laughing and said, “The four of you are somewhat like a family of four. ”

Chu Yi’s gaze fell on Shen Muan, which made him form a smile on his face, but when his gaze fell on Chu Siyuan, he was a little disgusted.

“Teacher An An~” Chu Siyuan clutched at Shen Muan’s arm, “I want a hug.”

Before Shen Muan could react, Ruirui also joined in on the fun. He hugged Shen Muan’s other arm: “Brother An An, hug.”

“Okay, eat first.“ Chu Yi pressed back the bodies of the two little guys who looked like they wanted to grow on Shen Muan’s body, “Eat quickly, don’t waste food.”

With that said, Chu Yi took the chopsticks and gave a lot of dishes to the two.

Chu Siyuan was reluctant to give up, he was not a child who would simply listen to Chu Yi’s words. Shen Muan smiled and pressed him back down.

Chu Siyuan clutched his head, feeling that his height would be reduced because of their pressing.

“Teacher An An, eat!” When Chu Siyuan tasted food that he liked, he wanted to share it with Shen Muan.

Looking at the child’s oily hand, Chu Yi immediately blocked it: “Just eat it yourself.”

Shen Muan nodded approvingly. Although he knew that Chu Siyuan meant well, he didn’t want to eat what Chu Siyuan had in his hand.

“Yo, your little nephew can give out food with his hands if he wants.” They didn’t know when Wu Yang appeared and sat opposite Shen Muan. He even had his legs crossed as if he was watching a play.

“50% off,” said Chu Yi as he looked at Wu Yang.

“…You can really bargain.” Wu Yang almost scoffed, he sat here and didn’t even have a bite of food. He actually wanted to cut the price of the meal in half.

Shen Muan silently praised Chu Yi.

“Believe it or not, I will increase the price for you.” Wu Yang stood up, it was amazing, there was no other friend like Chu Yi.

Chu Yi wiped his mouth with a tissue and said slowly: “Okay, I will only pay that much anyway. ”

While they were bickering, Ruirui gave Shen Muan food on his chopstick that he liked to eat.

Ruirui’s movements were very fast, Shen Muan smiled at him, and then ate the vegetables Ruirui had picked for him.

Ruirui was very happy and his eyes lit up. During the meal, he would pick vegetables for Shen Muan from time to time.

Chu Siyuan also wanted to pick vegetables for Teacher An An, but he was not very good at using the chopsticks, the food seemed to always fall from it.

Shen Muan picked the vegetables for him.

Chu Siyuan looked at Ruirui, then at Shen Muan, and felt that he should take advantage of this because Teacher An An had given more food to him.

For this meal, only Shen Muan and the two little guys were full, Chu Yi only had a little.

Shen Muan took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Shen Fangqi, asking him if he had eaten. 

Shen Fangqi, who had just come out of the Public Security Bureau, was about to return home and eat. After seeing this message, Shen Fangqi’s stomach began to grumble. He hasn’t eaten for almost ten hours.

It will be the funeral of Ruirui’s parents in two days. Shen Fangqi could still clearly remember Ruirui’s previous state. He was a little scared that Ruirui would go back to his previous state when they arrived at the funeral.

Shen Fangqi hesitated for a moment and replied to the message.

“The funeral for Ruirui’s parents will be in two days. I am a little worried about his state.”

When Shen Muan saw the message Shen Fangqi sent, the smile on his face slowly disappeared, and he subconsciously looked at Ruirui.

Ruirui saw Shen Muan look in his direction so he smiled at him. If Shen Muan observed, he would find that Ruirui’s smile seemed extremely similar to his smile.

Ruirui was subconsciously imitating Shen Muan.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Yi asked with concern. He felt Shen Muan’s emotional change, it was probably because of the message he received just now.

Shen Muan couldn’t immediately reply, he just glanced at Chu Yi showing him the message: “I’m a little worried.”

To be honest, Chu Yi didn’t pay much attention to Ruirui. If it weren’t Shen Muan who took the child with him, he wouldn’t even glance at him.

But Chu Yi could also see that this was a strong child. And his mind was more mature than children of the same age.

Ruirui was not as fragile as Shen Muan imagined. To some extent, he was much stronger.

“Don’t worry too much, he is stronger than you think.” Chu Yi rubbed Shen Muan’s head, just like what Shen Muan does to the children’s heads.

He didn’t know why, it was the same words but when it was uttered from Chu Yi’s mouth, there was a more convincing feeling.

Ruirui and Chu Siyuan were puzzled, neither of the two little guys understood what they were talking about.

The pleasant atmosphere slowly faded away.

It didn’t take long for Chu Yi to drive the people back home. He had the car park at the entrance.

Shen Muan took Ruirui’s hand and got out of the car. He saw Shen Fangqi waiting for them at the entrance.

Chu Siyuan waved his limbs to get out. But he was stopped by the seat belts of the child seat.

Chu Yi didn’t get out of the car. After saying hello to Shen Fangqi, he directly took Chu Siyuan home.

Chu Siyuan was completely restless in the child seat, struggling desperately.

“Why can Ruirui go to Teacher An An’s house?” Chu Siyuan was very unhappy. He thought it was unfair. Why can Ruirui go and he can’t?

Ruirui walked in the middle of the Shen brothers, bouncing as if he had never experienced such things.

After returning home, Shen Muan carried Ruirui to the bath.

Ruirui was a little shy. After he took off his clothes, he quickly went into the bathtub and buried himself in the water. He blew at the water and bubbles flew everywhere.

Shen Muan put a lot of bath soap in it, so a lot of bubbles were formed. After washing, it was estimated that it would be a little difficult to clean up the bathroom entirely.

But for the child, this was pretty fun.

Shen Fangqi had been sitting outside. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and put it in his hand. This was given to him today.

Although Shen Fangqi didn’t smoke, it wouldn’t stop him from pretending he did so. This action helped him to think.

After mulling over the thought a while longer, he figured it was better to just say it straight out. Ruirui would have to face this matter sooner or later, he only hoped that the child would be able to cope with it.

Today, Shen Fangqi had already spoken with Ruirui’s grandparents on the phone. They would take Ruirui home after the funeral.

The two people were too old and in poor health so how would they raise a five-year-old child?

Shen Fangqi considered this question, but he couldn’t ask them this.

Ruirui’s grandparents said that if they died, they would have to ask the family of Grandpa Gu’s brother to raise him. But would the other party be willing to raise the child of a relative who had a bad relationship with them?

During the investigation of the case, Shen Fangqi investigated the social relations of their family and found that there was hardly much contact between the Gu family and their relatives.

Shen Fangqi was worried.

As soon as Shen Muan came out, he saw Shen Fangqi with a serious face and a cigarette in his hand, looking much like a big brother.

“Brother?” Shen Muan shouted.

“Let’s talk later,” said Shen Fangqi who had recovered from his stupor.

Shen Muan said an affirmative reply and nodded. He first sent Ruirui to his room and waited for him to fall asleep before coming out.

Shen Fangqi still had the same posture he was in a while ago.

“What’s the matter?” Shen Muan could see at a glance that Shen Fangqi had something troubling him in his heart. His brother told him the issue in detail.

Shen Muan was stunned after listening.

“An An?” Shen Fangqi patted his brother, “Are you okay?”

“Brother! You can’t leave Ruirui to the care of his other relatives!” Shen Muan said excitedly, his hand tightly gripping Shen Fangqi’s arm.

“Brother! Absolutely not!”

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